Schweiss Industrial Overhead Hydraulic Doors

Before You Buy, Know More Than Most

Hydraulic Doors

A building or hangar is only as good as it’s “Door” The door you choose is a huge decision, let Schweiss help you make the right choice. Do you want or need a one piece hydraulic door? — It pays to explore the different hydraulic door designs. Schweiss is willing to share with you the detailed door comparison of each hydraulic design so you can make the correct decision and select the hydraulic door that works best for you. If you’re thinking about buying a hydraulic door we are happy to educate you on many important features and decisions you have control of. There are no insider secrets with Schweiss Hydraulic and Designer doors — we put all our cards on the table.

Building manufacturers sometimes do not offer you choices in doors. Did you know that a custom-built hydraulic door for your building or aircraft hangar does not cost as much as the structure itself? The word custom can be deceiving. Some major building manufacturers quote the price of the door they happen to sell included in the overall building quote. Knowing about different door and building designs can save you thousands of dollars. Have your building company separate the door package prices from the building quote.

Schweiss wants you to have an affordable new hangar or building with a beautiful automatic hydraulic door of your choice. We don’t want you to find out later that you could of bought the exact same building from the same manufacturer less the door and saved thousands. If someone overcharges you thousands of dollars for the door alone you should at the very least be given a choice in doors. It pays to do your homework and do some door shopping on your own.

Some building designs may be under-built and end up costing the end-user of the hydraulic door and building more money. Schweiss will work with you, your architect, contractor or building supplier to ensure a perfect fit on your building. We supply a full set of detailed Spec Sheets that provide the weights, engineering data, windload specifications and design specs to make certain you have all the necessary information needed for the design of your building. It’s important to build the building endwall or sidewall to accept the hydraulic door of your choice. Thinking about headroom and planning for the future can also save you big money down the road. If you max the building out and need more headroom at a later date, you’ll find it hard trying to elevate the building because your rafters are not high enough  from the start.

Don’t forget about safety features. Schweiss hydraulic doors are built with safety in mind and contain many standard safety features like velocity fuses in the hydraulic cylinders to prevent the door from closing in the event of a hose or line breaking. We also offer safety devices such as top override jiggle switches, electric photo eye sensors, door base safety edge, warning lights and horns and emergency backup systems to name just a few.

Let Schweiss Doors explain how you can save money on installation or the many advantages and facts about our hydraulic doors. Putting a high quality hydraulic door on your aircraft hangar or building could save you thousands on your prefabricated building cost alone! Schweiss Doors holds no secrets … everything is explained up front.