First Impressions: How Retail Store Entrance Design Influences Customers

Commercial Doors / Retail Doors

Commercial Doors & Retail Doors

Think back to your last walk through a shopping district — which businesses stood out to you?

The stores with attractive and accessible storefronts tend to draw the most attention from shoppers. In some commercial areas, there are hundreds of businesses within a few square miles. Plain and nondescript retail store exterior doors can easily fall into the background — leading to slower sales.

A retail or commercial door doesn’t have to serve a single purpose — there are endless ways to design this crucial element. Beyond looks, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a storefront door, and a hydraulic door checks most of the necessary boxes for business owners. Read on to learn the advantages of hydraulic doors for retail businesses.

Stay Secure

When you choose a one-piece or bifold hydraulic door for your business, you’re also purchasing peace of mind. That’s because it’s possible to build hydraulic doors using a wide range of strong materials, including steel, wood, stucco and even stone.

A solid door design wouldn’t be possible without a sturdy frame, and most hydraulic doors use one-piece steel frames for support. Heavy-duty hinges connect the frame to the door itself, for a stable and secure barrier that’s built to last. Even when your store is closed, the extra strong materials that support hydraulic doors never stop working.

Turn Heads

Massive retail store entrance design at athletic apparel business.

One of the main reasons to choose a hydraulic door for a retail location is customizability. It’s easy to create a doorway solution that makes sense for your location and branding.

No two hydraulic doors are exactly the same & every detail is accounted for with a hydraulic door.

The door size, style and material choices you make infuse brand personality into your store — before a shopper even sets foot in your business. The doorway gives your customers an idea of what to expect when they enter.

Imagine how a tiki-themed one-piece door or ultra-modern steel bifold door can affect the perception of people who walk by. First impressions matter, and an attention-grabbing hydraulic door ensures you provide a positive one.

Choose Predictability

A door that doesn’t open every time isn’t worth installing in the first place. If you’ve ever run into a situation where a door or other part of the business stopped functioning unexpectedly, you know how frustrating these types of situations can be.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. This type of hassle could be an off-putting experience for them, and they may choose not to visit your location in the future. Hydraulic doors are engineered to reliably perform just as you expect for decades.
In the rare event that the door does not open, Schweiss doors incorporate backup systems to ensure your business stays operational.

  • A reliable DC Battery motor keeps hydraulic doors moving in the event of a power outage.
  • Overnight storms may wreak havoc on the electrical grid, but they won’t stop you from opening up shop in the morning.

With a hydraulic door, you can expect to keep foot traffic moving every day!

Find Your Door

Want to learn more about installing a hydraulic door that sets the tone for an amazing customer experience? Read our blog post, “Main Entrance Door Designs for Innovative and Established Businesses” to find inspiration for your store’s main entry point. With the Schweiss Doors team by your side, you can create a door that more people want to pass through.