Hydraulic exterior barn door at a farm

Getting More Done with Hydraulic Exterior Barn Doors

Agriculture Doors / Applications

In the agricultural industry, a barn is more than just a place to keep equipment; it’s a facility that supports a person’s livelihood. During the growing season, farmers expect their barns to function predictably, allowing them to access and move their equipment as efficiently as possible. If an exterior barn door tends to get stuck or is difficult to open and close, the downtime may be a costly hindrance. See what makes hydraulic doors for agricultural buildings a much more reliable option for your tractors, loader and more.

Larger Doors for Massive Equipment

There’s no question that agricultural machinery becomes more capable by the year, but there’s a catch — farm vehicles are also getting bigger. If you don’t have the proper doors for this type of equipment, it is impossible to make an upgrade. Manual barn doors often do not have enough width to house machinery that will make your farming more efficient.

Automatic hydraulic doors can be built nearly as wide as the barn itself, giving you much more room for equipment storage. Moving such a large manual door would be a massive hassle, but hydraulic technology does all the hard work with the push of a button. It only takes a few seconds to lift or close these doors, which are large enough to meet modern farming needs.

Dependable Design

Predictability is a farmer’s best friend. While you can’t always rely on the weather to keep your farm productive, you can depend on a hydraulic door. The key to a hydraulic door’s dependability lies in its relatively simple design. There are less moving parts with a hydraulic system, which means there is less that can go wrong. It only takes a doorframe, a few hydraulic cylinders, support rods and a motor to lift and lower a hydraulic door.

Of course, it takes strong materials to ensure that a barn door will last. Hydraulic doors utilize large hydraulic cylinders that resist bowing over time. The hydraulic motors lift these cylinders smoothly and efficiently, leading to a lower level of stress on the door. Over time, farmers with hydraulic doors enjoy minimal wear and tear on their doors. With predictable door functionality year after year, hydraulic doors become an important part of a farmer’s daily life.

Retrofit Options

One of the greatest advantages of hydraulic doors is that you don’t have to build an entirely new structure to get them. Existing barns may be retrofitted with a hydraulic door, which cuts down on construction costs. Hydraulic doors are customized to meet a farmer’s needs, so the installation process begins by studying the existing structure to see how a hydraulic door may be incorporated.

As hydraulic doors are massive pieces of equipment, it’s important to be sure that barns can support them. The good news is, even barns that cannot support the added stress of a hydraulic door may be able to incorporate a freestanding header for added support. This addition increases barn stability, making it possible to incorporate a hydraulic door into nearly any structure without a total renovation.

Get Moving

If you’re a farmer who’s in need of a barn door or a replacement door, we’re here to help. Learn more about our agricultural door solutions to see what a hydraulic door can do to help you improve your farming operations. When you’re ready to take your barn to the next level, contact our team to get a doorway solution that works for your farm.