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Understanding where your door mounts and understanding headroom can change your Door Decision.

Mounting Options…Above or Under…Building Header/Rafter

    • Schweiss manufactures two styles of great doors, we would like to explain the mounting styles of both door styles.
    • Each door style differs on how it mounts onto the building structure, how much above, how much below?

understanding headroom different, but similar buildings

understanding headroom on steel buildings vs headroom on wood buildings

Mounting Hydraulic Doors Vs Bifold Doors on a Wood Structure

Mounting Hydraulic Doors Vs Bifold Doors on Steel Buildings

Two Places to Mount Overhead Doors

most bifolds are mounted above the header, while most hydraulics are mounted below the header

90% of bifolds are mounted above the header, while 80% of hydraulics are mounted below the header

bifolds lose no headroom, while hydraulics lose 6 inches of headroom

bifolds are attached above the header and lose no headroom, while hydraulics are attached below the header and lose 6 inches of headroom

Schweiss says,”It’s not a matter of which door is better but… what door works best for your application.”

Different Mounting Styles for each door…

You need to understand how each door gets mounted to obtain the “Same Clear Opening.”
Does the door get mounted “Above” or “Below” the building header?

  • Hydraulic doors typically mount “Under” the building header… Sacrificing valuable headroom.
    80% of all hydraulic doors are flush mounted under the building header giving you a cleaner look!
  • Bifold doors mount “Above” the building header “0” No loss of headroom!
    Distance above the header varies with each size door.
    90% of all bifold doors attach above the clear opening for more clearance!

Which Door Style… Requires Less building support?

  • Hydraulic doors form a canopy when in the open position hanging straight out off the building!
    Lifted by two powerful cylinders exerting forces onto the door subframe and building structure.
  • Bifold doors fold in the center when opening… hanging out half the distance!
    Multiple lift straps spaced evenly throughout the entire width of the doorframe distribute the door weight
    evenly onto the building structure.

Schweiss provides Specification Sheets that clearly state the forces of each style door so your building engineer / designer will work with actual door loads to structurally design the best building!

The Choice is up to you