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Hydraulic Door Backups that Shut the Door on Failures

Hydraulic Doors

At Hydraulic Doors, we take every possibility into consideration from the very beginning of the design process — including scenarios involving a hydraulic door failure.

Our main goal is to prevent your hydraulic door from getting stuck in the first place, but we also include a number of redundant fallback options to get things moving again if your hydraulic door is stuck. Learn how to fix a stuck hydraulic hangar door with these backups if the unexpected happens.

1. DC Battery Backup

The first hydraulic door backup option to consider in the event of a jam is the spare 12-volt DC battery we include with our doors. Events like power outages are unpredictable, so our DC battery backup control stations provide extra assurance — even when neighborhood power lines go down. Operating these backup DC batteries couldn’t be easier. With the push of a button on a backup controller, you can open or close your jammed hydraulic door just as you would normally. The DC battery backup comes with an auxiliary self-contained pump and motor, giving you everything you need to get out of a jam.

2. Standard Hydraulic Tractor Fittings

If you’re using your hydraulic door for agricultural purposes, a stuck hydraulic door is more than an inconvenience, it hurts your productivity. While the DC battery backup nearly always works as intended, we have incorporated an alternative fallback option for farmers to use their tractor to open or close a hydraulic door. Standard tractor fittings can be found on every Red and Green Power Pump, giving you the means to connect your tractor hydraulics to the door’s power source. Simply make the connection with your tractor and revive your door.

3. Drill-Driven Backup

In the highly unlikely scenario that the above options fail, our products feature another solution for stuck hydraulic doors. If you own a handheld cordless drill, you can use it to instantly power your auxiliary pump, which is gear-driven. Even if the power is out, your battery is dead, and your tractor is out of commission, you can place your drill at the top of your DC motor and make a connection with a 7/16” hex head. Just start drilling to activate the motor quickly and easily.

4. Hydraulic Pump Unit Fallback

Let’s say the power goes out, you don’t own a tractor, your cordless drill won’t hold a charge, and you don’t know where to turn to get your door moving. We provide yet another backup option for ultimate protection. There is a screw on our hydraulic pump units that you can simply turn to get your equipment working again. What’s more, turning this screw doesn’t lead to a messy situation — all of your oil will drain back into the tank and not onto your floor. Your hydraulic door will open or close at a controlled speed, adding safety to this backup measure.

5. HYDRAULIC Door Design Quality

Building a reliable hydraulic door involves expert engineering and detail-oriented design. Our team strives to create reliable hydraulic doors that don’t fail in the first place, so you don’t have to worry about fixing a problem that could have been avoided. With advanced door features such as powerful pumps, standalone control boxes, strong cylinders, and stress-reducing spherical bearings, the chances of an operational failure are low. If your door stops working, it will most likely be due to external factors like power outages. Even in these frustrating situations, our fallbacks provide the peace of mind you need.

Find a Reliable Door

At the end of the day, you just need a hydraulic door that works. It always pays to prepare for the worst, and our team has already done that for you. You never have to worry about getting stuck inside or outside of your building with our hydraulic doors.

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