How Hydraulic Doors Attract Customers for New Business

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Under Armour storefront in Baltimore, MD using a Schweiss Hydraulic door

First impressions are everything. This is the case for job interviews, meeting people, and it’s especially true for businesses. Potential customers walk by your store every single day, and it only takes a few seconds for them to decide whether or not they want to check it out. That means that your store has but a few precious moments to make a good enough impression to pique their interest enough to come inside. How can you make such a strong impression in such a short amount of time?

Funnily enough, one of the best ways to get customers in the door is by having a hydraulic door that attracts customers in the first place. Although we are told not to do it, everybody judges a book by its cover. So, when people see a plain building with a standard hydraulic door structure, they are less drawn to it than buildings with more enticing entrances. Throughout the years, many business owners that care about standing out have adopted hydraulic doors as their door of choice.

Don’t believe us? Read how hydraulic doors attract customers and see why you should be hopping on this trend.

1. They show innovation

Most people associate hydraulic doors with large storage sheds found deep in the countryside. But those that are ahead of the game have taken this innovation and brought it to the world of business. They are always aware of emerging trends and lead the way in new innovations that keep them ahead of the curve. Having an innovative hydraulic door for an urban business shows that you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there and be different.

2. Brand vs. store

Nowadays, visiting a business isn’t just a transaction, and a brand isn’t just a brand. Brands have become experiences, and every interaction that people have with your brand adds to that total experience. This is why there has been such an influx of people and money in the UX (user experience) industry. Brands are paying tons of money to figure out how to position their brand experience in the best way possible and to make each visit memorable. You can associate positive memories with your brand by having a store that stands out and amazes people every time they see it. A feature that is unique, like a hydraulic door, can be the extra wow factor that makes people fondly remember your store and your brand.

3. They function as more than just a door

Perhaps the biggest benefit to using a hydraulic door for business is that it’s more than just a hydraulic door. When opened, a hydraulic door can act as a canopy that provides shade and comfort to customers. This is an especially beneficial feature for restaurants with outdoor seating. Offering a shady canopy (especially in southern climates) can provide people with an escape from the summer heat. This shade will automatically attract people to your business and act as a magnet to get people inside your store. Customers will praise the dual-functionality of your door and remember the relief that it brought them.

4. They make your store seem welcoming

Many people spend their days window shopping. If they see a store that interests them, they’ll pop in. Smart stores play to this window shopper demographic by lining their windows with their best items or by advertising low prices and great deals. But you only have so much window space available. This is where a hydraulic door comes in. An open hydraulic door exposes the entirety of your store to passersby, which means you have an expanded amount of space to advertise and display. It also makes your store seem more welcoming.

No matter what your industry is, you likely have a good amount of competition. Every business is looking for a way to stand out in the crowd. Why not break from the mold and create a memorable look that will keep people coming back to your store? It might be time to try attracting customers with designer exterior hydraulic doors. With a hydraulic door from Schweiss, you can ensure that you’ll be giving your customers an experience they won’t forget. Contact us to get a quote today!