Schweiss Red Power Pump

If your power Goes Out, Schweiss Hydraulic Doors Have A Backup For You

Hydraulic Doors / Hydraulic Pump

Power outages seem to always happen when you least expect them. If you are a farmer wanting to get your expensive equipment in or out of your machine shed, a pilot who needs to hangar his plane or maybe you don’t even have electricity to your structure, Schweiss Doors has the answer to getting your hydraulic door moving. It’s as simple as using a Schweiss battery backup system and you are ready to go. All you have to do is simply pick up the battery power backup remote, press “Up” or “Down” and your Schweiss hydraulic door opens or closes.

This simple, clean, reliable design puts you in control. The DC battery backup includes battery operation — it’s all in its own auxillary self-contained pump and motor. Schweiss hydraulic doors offer three other backup systems. Standard Hydraulic tractor fittings, drill-driven backup using a 7/16” hex head, or you can still close your large or small hydraulic door with just a turn of a screw on the hydraulic pump unit — it’s that easy! And there’s no mess, all oil drains back into the tank closing your hydraulic door at a safe and controlled speed.