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Schweiss Easy Access Container Unit with Hydraulic Doors


“New” Let Your Imagination Run Wild! | Schweiss easy access container unit with hydraulic doors

If you need a really easy access storage unit, Schweiss Doors has the answer. These newly designed Schweiss containers are perfect for a number of uses such as safe and secure portable sheds, workshops, a mobile office, storage for farm seed and chemicals, hunting shack, band stage, food and beverage stands; it can be used for most anything you can imagine. Custom-built from the bottom up, the new Schweiss Container with hydraulic doors and specially designed cylinders for Schweiss Doors only, is unlike any other container opening system you’ll run across, and it’s portable.

When the glass hydraulic door is open, customers can sit right up to the edge, look out and see the other diners outside.


Doc B’s Kitchen compares Schweiss designer door to driving a convertible

The Gold Coast location features a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic glass designer door which opens wide at the entrance to the outside where customers can also enjoy their dinners sidewalk style. “What’s unique about the door is when it’s open it creates this natural canopy. You can sit right up next to the window. So if its rainy or misting outside you get the benefit of the outside visual and still have the advantage of that outdoor/indoor feel,” explained Bernstein. Once I saw this door, I was attracted to it and knew it was the right fit. I fell in love with it at first sight,” said Bernstein. “My customers love the door. They are very enamored by the hydraulic arms. We get a ton of compliments on the functionality and usefulness of it and the aesthetics and operation of it as well. We try to use it as much as possible. It’s like driving a convertible, putting the top down and then blasting the heat,” chuckled Bernstein.