Not Your Average Storage Unit: Preview The New Schweiss Hydraulic Container

Hydraulic Doors
The new Schweiss Hydraulic Show Container Door.

The new Schweiss Hydraulic container is easily accessible with a large hydraulic door, and it can be made into the perfect large custom storage unit or office space.

The Large Schweiss Hydraulic Container Doors

Schweiss has new interlocking insulation panels, which give the inside of the hydraulic doors a fresh, clean look.

Looking for a large custom storage unit or office space?

Schweiss hydraulic door storage containers are the answer you may be searching for! Our hydraulic door containers can be used for just about anything you can think of. We can work with you to build the ideal container customized to meet your unique needs.

Uses for a Schweiss Hydraulic Door Container:

  • Workshops
  • Portable Sheds
  • Mobile Office
  • Storage for agricultural equipment, chemicals, or seeds
  • Hunting storage
  • Mobile Home (join the tiny home movement!)

There’s no limit to what our safe and secure containers can provide. The Schweiss Container is unlike any other opening container on the market. Our containers are portable, custom-designed, and built to last.

Have a use for a custom Hydraulic door? Learn more about our hydraulic door design!

Schweiss custom Linear Actuators on Container Doors

Schweiss custom ball screw electric linear actuators require no oil to open or close the hydraulic door. Each motor is strong and provides a cylinder with 5,000 lbs of lifting power.

Accessibility & Mobility

Where did the idea for a hydraulic door container come from?
As our CEO Mike Schweiss would say, “Accessibility is what drove this. We noticed a common inconvenience when it came to other storage containers and units. They were incredibly inaccessible, anyone using semi truck trailers or shipping containers for their large storage needs were only able to access the contents from one end. Consider grabbing materials from the other end of your storage container? Have fun digging that out!”
With our hydraulic container doors, we took that issue to task and provided the solution — full access to the storage container contents.
Hear it from Mike himself,
“As you drive through the countryside you’ll often see unsightly temporary storage units such as empty semi-trailers or shipping containers sitting in backyards or beside the road as a result of factories overrun with places to store them. Everybody has a real common problem with these as they can only be entered from the back. Now, when you stack it full, how do you get to the front? It’s almost impossible. The beauty of this is the large side hydraulic door that opens up the entire container changing the way people will store their things. It’s a much more friendly option…”
-CEO Schweiss Doors, Mike Schweiss

About the new Schweiss Container

The Schweiss hydraulic door system provides a longer-lasting and safer door to ensure your container does the job. Our “green doors” are not powered by electric power pumps, hydraulic fluid, or oil lines, but rather a motor that works with the cylinder to open and close the hydraulic door.
The Schweiss hydraulic door container is equipped with maintenance-free nylon wear-resistant bushings and removable hinge pins. Hinges are not visible from the outside of the door when it is in the closed position, providing a fresh look.

The Hydraulic Door Details

  • How it works: The motor attaches at the top end of each container door cylinder
  • The Motor: [pictured below] is rated to lift 5,000 lb
  • Powered by: a DC drive that utilizes 110 volt AC power supply
  • Limit Switch: Each of our cylinders have a limit switch in place to stop the movement of the hydraulic door when it has reached the wide open or closed level of motion
  • Tech Specs: Hydraulic Doors are constructed with 2″ x 2″ strong steel tubing with a built-in truss system for added strength
Schweiss Custom-Built Motor

Our custom-built motor

Additional Information & Special Features

Our containers are custom built to fit the specific and sometimes unique needs of our clients.

Additional Features Include:

  • Fitting for a Speaker System or LED Lighting
  • Fitting for a smaller/closed off room inside the container for sectioned storage, small office, etc
  • Access to Electricity
  • Manually run generator setup
  • Built up to 50 ft in length
  • Built-in support edge to prevent bowing.

Interested in other accessories or your very own Container? Contact Schweiss and start building your custom hydraulic container today!

Insulation Panels line Schweiss Hydraulic Doors Container.

Each wall in the container is lined with 1 1/2″ insulation and coated with 3/8″ corrugated plastic, ensuring an R-Value of 14.

Safety Matters

Schweiss installs various safety features because safety is a top priority for us and our clients. Our enhanced safety feature, the linear activated 90:1 ratio worm drive, is in place to prevent issues with the closing and opening of the hydraulic door. It will keep the hydraulic door from running backward, and will not allow the hydraulic door to close if there is no power running. The gear works to prevent any movement of the door until activated by the remote control Schweiss provides.
All of our Hydraulic Doors are equipped with other safety features including:

  • Weathertight Doors
  • Photo Eye Sensors
  • Door Base Safety Edges
  • Warning Horns
  • Warning Lights
  • Windows
  • Built-in side door entrance
Schweiss Container Doors Control Station

Schweiss Hydraulic Container Doors two-button control station opens or closes the door quickly from the control station or by a remote opener.

Large Schweiss Container Doors

Open Hydraulic Container doors can provide access to the entire container allowing easy access to its contents and also provide a canopy for workers or company!

Nice-looking Schweiss Hydraulic Container Doors

A clean look and feel sure to impress anyone who views your Schweiss hydraulic door container.

Installing Schweiss Container Doors easily with telehandlers

Our door installation is made simple with the use of telehandlers.

Custom Made Container door with ManDoor inside

Walk-in door feature [above] provides secondary access to the container, it can be built with or without a window. Containers are ALL CUSTOM MADE to fit our customers’ needs.

40 feet Schweiss Hydraulic Door on Show Container

Clear, wide, and clean openings on our custom-made 40 ft. Schweiss container provides ultimate accessibility on both the sides and ends.


This Schweiss Show Container has been customized with Speakers. LED light, and Aluminum Diamond plate.

LED lighting feature [above] – The stereo speaker system & aluminum diamond plate flooring will add light to the container and provide unique customization.


Schweiss Container Doors are functional and look great!

Ever seen a container look this good and be this functional? Schweiss Doors’ new containers built with easy access hydraulic doors on multiple sides are exclusive in quality and craftsmanship.