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Stucco hydraulic hangar door perfect for Arizona heat

Dave Sirota, President of Bassuk Brothers Property Management firm in Oro Valley, AZ went to Oshkosh specifically with the intent of ordering a hangar door. He even took his blueprints with him and ran into Mike Schweiss. He said Mike took the time to talk in depth, looked at his blueprints and made some recommendations for structural enhancements that would make the door work better.

Mike told him if he wasn’t in a real big hurry Schweiss Doors would deliver the door when they had a truck going that way to another jobsite in the southwestern states and wouldn’t charge him anything for delivery. That wasn’t all that sold him on the door. He gave Sirota some ideas on windows and didn’t charge him for modification needed for the windows to go in.

“It was just an incredible experience, he probably spent more than a half hour with me. “He was generous with his time. I just hit it off with him. I never considered anything else after I spoke with Mike,” said Sirota.

Sirota decided on a 44×12 ft. Schweiss stucco hydraulic door for his hangar which houses a 1946 Cessna 140 and also provides for a small workshop in the corner of the hangar where he does car restoration.

“I love the door. It gets pretty warm here in Arizona. I chose the hydraulic door because I like how it provides shade from the hot sun if I want to work outside my hangar,” said Sirota. “We used a synthetic stucco. If you put a regular stucco on I don’t think it would work because it is so brittle and about a half-inch thick. We applied it with a trowel, it’s like a super thick paint, it flexes and does not crack and is lighter in weight for the hydraulic rams to pick up. This stuff is maybe an 1/8 to a 1/4 inch thick. It comes in 5-gallon buckets.”