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Translift Dock & Door knocks it out of the park with Birmingham Barons Stadium hydraulic doors

Translift Dock & Door in Pelham, Alabama is used to filling tall and unique door orders. Translift is not a newcomer to Schweiss Doors. Translift knocked it out of the park at the new Birmingham “Barons” Regions minor league baseball stadium park. Robins-Morton Construction selected Translift Dock & Door to install 60 overhead doors and grilles in the new baseball complex on Birmingham’s south side. Included in this project were four Schweiss bifold liftstrap photo eye sensor doors ranging in size from 30 ft. to 12 ft. 9” wide.

“We had not installed bifold doors this large until this project, noted Vernon Yawn, owner of Translift Dock and Door. We had installed 30 ft. wide and 16 ft. high bifold doors at other locations. The large doors were very easy to install for us with the proper equipment to move the sections in place for assembly before hoisting the doors in place. We have some very experienced installers that do extraordinary work and have installed almost every type of door in the industrial market. We do more doors than loading dock equipment.”

“Regions ballpark has an outfield bar that is surrounded by four Schweiss doors, two 30 ft. x 12 ft and two 15 ft. x 12 ft. high. The doors acted as a canopy and a security structure for the bar. It looks very cool and works great,” said Yawn.

2. Birmingham ball park doors

The Birmingham Barons Regions Field minor league baseball stadium in the heart of downtown has 8,500 seat capacity and was named Field of the Year. The field features a variety of unique attractions for fans of all ages including 23 fully-furnished luxury suites, banquet room, a Youth Sports Zone, which houses a mini wiffle ball field, family fun park, batting cage and outdoor gathering area.

Even more recently, Translift Doc & Door installed Schweiss bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors for Consolidated Pipe & Supply Company at their Bessemer, Alabama location. Four of the seven engineered doors were each 85 ft. in length by 25 ft. tall. Two 76 ft. 10” x 25 ft. and one 47 ft. x 23 1/2 ft. door made up the rest of the order.

A few other notable projects were done for the General Electric Aviation facility in Auburn, Alabama; D1 Sports Training facility doors in Birmingham; doors for the new SSAB recycling steel mill in Mobile and about three dozen schools, hangars and universities throughout the region.

Translift is a success story in itself. Ned Jones and Yawn bought the company in 2006, since then it has grown by over 600 percent. With a full-time staff of 14 and a couple of part-timers, they service all of Alabama, Mississippi, the Florida panhandle, West Georgia and Central Tennessee. They also have a sales location in Michigan where they sub out work.

5. Barons Regions_yghdrf24_u2i5f664.JPG

“We are offering Schweiss doors as a value-engineering alternative on certain aircraft hangar projects as well as steel manufacturers. A project in 2011 we did in the Mobile, Alabama area for a steel recycler specified Schweiss doors. Liftstraps seem to work fine, we have had no return service calls on these. Autolatches to lock the doors are the only way to go for doors over 25 ft. x 12 ft. high. Without autolatch, it can be difficult on large doors. We recommend Schweiss doors for alternates in large openings where other doors are not a good fit.” said Yawn.

Yawn praised the staff at Schweiss Doors and said they have been excellent in responding to Translift’s questions and resolving issues.