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Lake Lillian farm has big 45’ Schweiss hydraulic door

When Lake Lillian, MN farmer, Brad Schmoll, built a new 80’ x 102’ machine shop on his farm last year he needed a big door to get his machinery in and out so he called on Schweiss Doors to install a 45’x20’ hydraulic door for farm equipment storage.

Schmoll said he chose the hydraulic door style because he thought it would be better for heating the building. The hydraulic pump is mounted out of the way about 9 feet off the floor and the door is equipped with a remote opener with two handhelds. Three windows, which are 7 ft. to the top, allow a good amount of natural daylight in and a place to look outside when opening the door.

Schmoll also has a Schweiss 35’x15’ bifold door on this farmsite quonset building.