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The Proven Benefits of Hydraulic Doors for Farm Equipment Storage

If you were to go just three miles north of Glencoe, Minnesota, you would find Stoney Creek Farms. This 2,500 acre spread of land produces corn, soybeans, and a herd of 60 dairy heifers. The man that tends to this land is Chad Hoese, a 29 year old new-generation farmer.

Hoese grew up learning the art of farming from his father, Terry Hoese. Terry passed away five years ago, and ever since then, Hoese has been running the entire operation himself. Hoese has taken the farm and made it his own, expanding his machinery line and his buildings in an effort to modernize. Hoese said that this expansion has kept him busy seven days a week.

His latest addition? Hoese recently put a Schweiss One-Piece Hydraulic 29.10’ x 14’ clear door onto his wood frame cold storage building. This door helps to protect his two beloved semi trucks, along with some other equipment. Hoese knew the benefits of hydraulic doors for farmers, and he knew the time to make the change was now.

“The sliding doors that were on there were a bear in the winter and these particular ones were a bear in the summer too,” Hoese explained. Whenever Hoese would try to raise or lower the doors, they would either hit the frame at the top or they would drag on the floor. He knew that it was time for an upgrade.

“I asked Mike Schweiss if he took trade-ins,” Hoese joked, “He said he didn’t want them old doors.”

This isn’t Hoese’s first run-in with Hydraulic Doors. Nine years before he installed the hydraulic door, Hoese installed a 44’ x 16’ Schweiss bifold door on a large machine shed. This bifold door gives the machine shed a nice, clean look when it’s closed.

Hoese says that he has had nothing but good experiences with his Schweiss doors. A few years ago, he had Schweiss do the strap conversion in order to use an autolatch rather than having to use cables. The bifold door now has a 16’ height and lifts quickly and trouble-free. It also provides a nice shaded canopy when it’s open.

“We had trouble with springs breaking and cables winding up. The straps are so much superior to the cables,” Hoese said. He knew that the strap conversion was the way to go.

Hoese first encountered Schweiss Doors when his father first got his big shed built back in 2006.

“We had good luck with the bifold door we have, so that’s why I came back to Schweiss for the hydraulic door,” Hoese said, “Schweiss has a good product and gives good service, so why not get another one?”

When asked what he likes most about hydraulic doors, Hoese praised their simplicity. It also doesn’t hurt that the door can be opened in less than 30 seconds.

“There aren’t many moving parts, so hardly anything can go wrong — it’s just up and down. My hydraulic door is smaller, and it goes up a little faster than my big bifold,” Hoese said. “I think if I had the opportunity to put another door on another building endwall, I’d probably go with a bifold, because there is a little bit less stress on the building, and bifolds go up so you don’t have to move the snow.”

Hoese was even able to partially help with the installation of the hydraulic door. He measured the opening, did some welding work, and pre-hung the door. After that, he got the tin off of the old door in order to prepare for new exterior cladding. Finally, the Schweiss Door crew came out to finish the job. All in all, the entire installation took about eight hours.

“On the inside, we ran some braces back to the headers. [Mike] encouraged me to get the new wrap-around hinge. It works really well,” Hoese exclaimed, “I’m not a door expert, but it looks good and works smooth; the grease zerks are really great and the pump works good.”

All in all, Hoese was happy. “I would recommend Schweiss doors to others.”