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Doc B’s Kitchen, Chicago, Illinois

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen in Chicago was established to become an extension of your own kitchen. The Gold Coast location features a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic glass designer door which opens wide at the entrance to the outside where customers can also enjoy their dinners sidewalk style.
The custom-made Schweiss Designer Door is 16.2 ft. wide x 7.9 3/4 ft. tall. It is equipped with electric photo eye sensors. The door opens to an outside dining area which seats 20 customers.

“What’s unique about the door is when it’s open it creates this natural canopy. You can sit right up next to the window. So if its rainy or misting outside you get the benefit of the outside visual and still have the advantage of that outdoor/indoor feel,” explained the owner. Once I saw this door, I was attracted to it and knew it was the right fit. I fell in love with it at first sight.”

“We researched operable storefronts and operable window systems previously on the Internet. We started thinking about how they could be applicable to some other projects we were working on. Schweiss doors really caught our eye. I think we looked at every conceivable door type available. We looked at bifold, horizontal and vertical, scissor type systems, and overhead glass garage doors as well. We mostly wanted a strong connection to the outside street energy of Doc B’s. The single piece storefront that moves was the most dramatic option. It’s a great door, the simplicity of it is one of the nicest features of it.”