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Helicopter hangar door is everything Harlan Rohner asked for

Harlan Rohner has a classic garage in Willmar, MN. His aircraft hangar home, the ultimate man cave, is home to an Enstrom 280FX Shark helicopter and various other “beauties.” Piloting a helicopter is just one of Rohner’s many motorhead hobbies. When Harlan was growing up he always wanted to learn to fly. Now he can land his Kitfox Experimental airplane on a stretch of lawn beside his garage that is home to his many toys.

Like many pilots, Rohner’s love of flying began at an early age, long before he bought his first airplane, a Piper Cherokee 140. Today he can take it out, or one of his many other pieces of motorsports equipment, whenever he wants. He can taxi right to the entrance and use an automatic remote-control to open or close the door without having to exit the cockpit.

Rohner has piloted and fixed-up Quicksilver ultralight aircraft throughout the years and is licensed to teach ultralight flying lessons. He also finds time to build and fix many motorcycles and smowmachines from his business; Harlan’s Snowmobile Parts & Accessories and Harlan’s Motorcycle and Salvage.

When Harlan was 17-years-old he began collecting snowmobiles. Today he stores more than 700 snowmobiles packed into a snowmobile museum. The museum is like a sled Hall of Fame for the enjoyment of the public. Being a snowmobile enthusiast himself, Rohner is happy to lift up the hood on a 1996 Arctic Cat ZRT 600 that he built and competed on, racing at speeds of up to 123 mph over a track of 660 feet.

Rohner had no other doors in mind for his hangar than a Schweiss Hydraulic Door. “After looking over all the different styles of doors, I chose a Schweiss door because it is well engineered; they use a lot thicker metal than anyone else and by buying a Schweiss door you are buying a lifetime door — you’ll never have to replace it,” noted Rohner, “I like the hydraulic door because I like it for the shade in the summer and if it’s raining outside I can be standing underneath it and the pump is trouble-free.”

“Schweiss did a custom paint job on the doorframe for me. I had it painted the same color to match my building. Jeremy at Schweiss was good to work with and gave me some helpful advice. He sent down a blueprint showing how to reinforce my rafters and he talked to my contractor to get everything the way it was supposed to be to accept the doors. it was really good dealing with Schweiss; everything they said, they did to meet my expectations. I’m 100 percent happy with them and the door,” said Rohner.