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Koehn Construction Services is the kingpin in Kansas and Missouri farm country

Fredonia, Kansas is a city of 2,482 and the county seat of Wilson County, Kansas. The quiet picturesque city is in the southeast corner of Kansas farm country at the junction of US Highways 400 and 47 within 150 miles of Wichita, Kansas City and Tulsa Oklahoma. It was founded in 1868, and saw considerable expansion in the early 20th century, with a fossil fuel boom.

Fredonia bills its city as “In the Heartland . . . Where Pride Flies High. Where The Flag Flies High.” You could call it a good ole’ American city with deep roots and noble values.

Along those same lines is a successful company which emerged out of Fredonia; Koehn Construction Services, LLC (pronounced “Cane”) a full service general contractor. They specialize in commercial and agricultural markets, specifically, pre-engineered metal buildings and grain storage systems.

Their website boasts: “We are not a company that just designs or sells, or for that matter just erects them! We take care of ‘you’ our customer from the design until you move into your completed project, ‘competitively.’ It’s that simple, our customers are our sales team. They sell 90 percent of our new projects, if you need a new building or bin give us a call, we will not only ‘try to make you happy,’ we will! Our mission is; 100 percent satisfied customers.

“From the frames to the last screw, we use only the best in building products regardless if ‘everyone else’ is satisfied with a little less. We will not compromise the building integrity for the dubious ‘honor’ of having the cheapest building package available. We are confident that we provide the best value for your dollar, every time.”

Koehn Buildings, Inc. became a metal building contractor in 2004. Over the years, going back to the companies founding, Koehn Construction Services has been a loyal customer of Schweiss Doors and uses only our innovative machine storage hydraulic doors on their buildings.

“Ag buildings is where we started; they comprise 40 to 50 percent of our business. All our building projects are custom in nature and unique to each customer. One of our farm shops here is a 100’x300’x20’ building; 80’ to 100’ farm shops are probably the most common sizes that we build,” said Owner-General Manager Lyle Koehn.

Corn, double-crop soybeans and winter wheat are the primary crops in the Fredonia area.

“We are also doing lots of commercial manufacturing projects. Most here seem to prefer hydraulic doors — they understand hydraulics and how that works. We also prefer the hydraulic one-piece doors. The main reason is simplicity, they are a little more expensive than a bifold door, but they have less moving parts. Most of the doors we do are 40’ to 50’-plus wide and 16’ to 18’ tall.

“We’ve been using Schweiss Doors for about eight years now and haven’t used any other manufacturers door. Most of the hydraulic doors we put in are on farm buildings. After we put in our first Schweiss Door we knew it was a quality product and we’ve stayed with them ever since. Our customers are very happy with how they work. We also do the installs, which is fairly easy. We don’t sell or install any sliding doors. Schweiss doors are very good quality doors; heavy and well built. There’s no door out there that is as heavy as a Schweiss door. Everybody else uses lighter gauge materials,” said Koehn.

He commended Schweiss Doors for on-time delivery and noted that the staff at Schweiss Doors has been very helpful over the years.