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Lifting porch may be the coolest ever hangar-home

It’s a house. No, it’s a hangar. No, it’s a hangar with a house inside. No, it’s …

Well, it’s all of the above for Daniel Shaw, a plumbing contractor at Geneva, Fla. Who has given new meaning to the term “hangar home.”

The structure is 50’ wide x 60’ deep x 30’ tall, all metal. However, a 45’ x 15’ hangar home hydraulic door sporting a wrap-around porch with decorator railing, table and chairs, a “walk through” door with stylish window, and veranda “roof” gets your attention. Even more so when this big door opens and entire patio deck lifts with the hangar door.

Traditionally Schweiss designs an 18-inch reinforcing truss for their hydraulic doors. The Schweiss team wasn’t initially aware of Shaw’s full-width veranda porch being built into his hangar door.

Schweiss Doors got excited about the unique challenge. “If you think it, we can build it,” has become the working mantra of the Minnesota-based firm which thrives on the business theme that the customer drives the deal.

“We wanted to make certain that our door helped bring Dan Shaw’s dream alive,” said Mike Schweiss, CEO of Schweiss Doors. So they juggled computer-driven templates and welding dynamics (including a larger hydraulic system for the heavier door) to better facilitate the unique ideas incorporated into his remarkable hangar home.

The owner endorsed the design strength of the Schweiss doors saying the extra-weight of the wrap-around porch posed no problem for the powerful hydraulic system.