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Art Studio/Guesthouse built to be different

Film maker/artist/author,Travis Wood, appears to be adding architectural design to his intriguing resume. Evidence of this new dimension is a most unique structure, a combination studio/guest house that he and his father constructed on their vacation property on Martha’s Vineyard, hugging the south shore of Massachusetts.

Surrounded by Martha Vineyard’s greenery and the beckoning waters of Buzzards Bay, the Woods decided this structure should be an open invitation to readily view Mother Nature at her best, regardless the season.

Relating to the engineering pledge of Schweiss being able to fit the customer’s needs, the aluminum framework of this Schweiss hydraulic ‘window wall’ measures 25′,9″ wide by ll’, 4 1/8″ tall. 

With framework designed for six windows the Schweiss door weighed 1,439 lbs. ’empty’. With the special combination (MacroLux) polycarbonate and glass siding, finished weight is 1,743 lbs. One battery easily handles the door. But they have backup batteries just in case, indicating that backup energy is almost a necessity when living in the unpredictable weather hazards of Martha’s Vineyard.

Two circular ‘porthole’ windows rather conspicuously dominate the window wall. When the door is closed, it provides a glass background for a bar counter occupying 6′ of the window wall. The two ‘porthole’ windows center above the bar, that wraps into a U-shaped configuration inside the studio. The ‘presentation wall’ that abuts the Schweiss window wall is slotted mahogany. “It’s a system we designed to make it easy to hang art work without having to drill.