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The Budweiser Bar Pod Makes Its Debut With a Schweiss Door

On a hot summer day, nothing is as refreshing as a cold beverage. Unfortunately, depending on your location, getting a cold drink served to you may not always be a realistic opportunity. If only there was some way to bring the bar to you…

Michael Manion turned this vision into a reality when he created Bar Pods. The idea first came to life when Manion was in Las Vegas one summer. He wanted to find a way to serve cold beer outdoors without the complications or health hazards typically caused by scorching temperatures. Manion would take this idea and turn it into fully operational bars located within “pods”. These pods could be located anywhere, but ideally they would be set up outside large sports stadiums. The idea received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and just like that, Bar Pods, LLC was born.

Bar Pods are solid steel-framed structures that are built with either wheels or holes for forklifts to lift them into a flatbed trailer. They also come with a self-leveling system that makes sure that no matter where they are located, the floor will be level and drinks won’t be spilling randomly. The pods can be custom-built to any size that the vendor desires. Inside the pod, you would swear you were in any other bar. Stylish bar tables and barstools, beer on tap, multiple televisions, and all the other aesthetic pieces that you would come to expect from a bar can be found in a Bar Pod.

When it came to building the Budweiser Bar Pod, the company turned to Schweiss to make their door. They ended up ordering a 23.1 ft x 8.10 ft. one-piece hydraulic side mounted container door to complete the pod. The end result was the Budweiser Bar hydraulic door: a compact hydraulic pump unit that can be mounted anywhere on the pod (while also providing a nice shaded canopy when open).

“It’s an amazing door,” explained Terry Oneil, General Manager for TurboTaps and Bar Pods. “I would say that it has lived up to everything we imagined, plus more.”

Hydraulic doors work well for projects like this due to their adaptability and ease of use. This mobile bar hydraulic door opens and closes in a matter of seconds. Owners like Oneil love to see “5,000 pounds of door opening effortlessly.” Although these Bar Pods can be built with multiple types of doors, Oneil has stated that the hydraulic door has quickly become the company preference.

“Schweiss Doors offers a container door kit making it very easy for the customer to install,” said Mike Schweiss, President of Schweiss Doors. “We sell thousands of doors for all applications — ranging from hangar doors to doors for agriculture, commercial, industrial, and residential uses that our customers often install themselves all over the world. This door is no different, only that the size is smaller, which actually makes it easier to install with our step-by-step instructions.”

Bar Pods, LLC currently has one thing on their mind: growth. They are working to build as many units as possible so that they eventually have an entire fleet of pods at their disposal. The units are currently all rentals, but mass-selling these pods is the end goal.