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Hydraulic door is perfect for Paul Lux farm repair shop

Around these parts Paul Lux is known as a “Jack Of All Trades” and master of many. He’s one of those guys who can and has fixed everything from refrigerators to airplanes and everything in between, which is why he’s chosen to utilize Schweiss Hydraulic Doors for his repair shop.

After retiring from full-time as a mechanic, Lux decided he needed a good size shop at his Cosmos farmsite to carry on the Mr. Fixit type work that he does. A sign on the wall refers to it as “The Busted Knuckle Garage.”

Lux grew up in Sleepy Eye and bought the building site just south of Cosmos, MN from his dad, Joseph, in 1991. He owns a little farmland with it that he rents out.

His Perkins metal building from Willmar is a 54’ x 96’ that has a 45’ 9” x 17’8” Schweiss hydraulic door with remote opener on it and two 48” x 36” windows. The shop portion of it is 54’ x 56’ with the rest of the building used as a machine shed. The shop has in-floor heat.

“The hydraulic doors seal a little better as far as air leaks, they are a little tougher with less moving parts and I think they open and close faster,” said Lux. “I think the bifolds with straps now open a lot quicker than the old cable doors did, and you can park closer to them, but with the hydraulic door you have a big awning for shade when the door is open. The install by Schweiss went good. I went to work in the morning and when I came home it was done. I was looking at a trade-in door that would have needed shortening, but Mike and I figured it would cost just as much as a new door to have it fit right.”

He said his brother has a different make hydraulic door on his building and says that door was built very cheaply. The hydraulic unit wasn’t anywhere near a Schweiss hydraulic pump and metal in the door was lighter gauge with bracing placed farther apart. He said it was all-around lesser quality.

“I use the shop for repairs. I fix everything from soup to nuts; chain saws, four-wheel drives, tractors, skid steers, lawn mowers, dehumidifiers, belly mowers, cars, trucks and a lot more,” said Lux.

Lux said he uses his door a lot, especially during the summer and hasn’t had a lick of trouble with it.

He recalled a bad storm that came through on July of 2011. It took half his grove down and he had trees down on the west side of the building, but the door came through fine. He definitely recommends Schweiss doors to others and said every once in a while people come out to see his door and ask how he likes it.

“One thing about the Schweiss doors is Mike keeps improving them all the time,” noted Lux. “He went from an ‘L-line’ to the wire they now use to weld them, bigger frames, a better hydraulic unit, better cylinders so they can’t twist or have one side get ahead of the other. I see Schweiss now has new wrap-around hinges that are welded to the door better.”