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RiverEdge Park & Music Garden

The new RiverEdge Park and Music Garden is a venue that many people in the United States are flocking to. It has becomie the centerpiece in a 10-year master plan for the city of Aurora, Illinois, that state’s second largest city with a population of close to 200,000 people.

The park connects neighborhoods on both sides of the river and projects a sophisticated, energetic image while celebrating the Fox River, promoting redevelopment, recreation and resource restoration; not only for recreation and community events, but also to developers and businesses.

Schweiss Doors in Fairfax, Minnesota was called upon to construct the RiverEdge Park bifold door by the architectural firm of Muller+Muller, Ltd of Chicago which excels in architecture, planning and interior designs to provide four Designer doors on the stage building and at a concession stand below the guest services building.

“As we started thinking about it, it’s a public building, so when the place is closed down we figured we needed some kind of security that was attractive, said David Steele of Muller+Muller.

“I’d seen your bifold doors around on restaurants in Chicago. I thought it might be an interesting way to deal with large openings. On Division Street in Chicago there’s a restaurant (bifdoor) that has glass applied to it. When opened, it creates a sunvisor area in the service area and when they close it, it’s like they disappear. It was an interesting architectural thing to look at. I’d seen Schweiss Doors around at a couple of places.”

The designer style Schweiss doors have an exterior cladding of cedar slats 3 1/2” x 3/4,” with spaces between them. Extra steel was added at the Schweiss factory for extra support. Pressure treated wood was also added to screw the cedar slats to.