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Schweiss Designer Doors make debut at elegant China hotel

There are no boundaries when it comes to Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors — they’re sold worldwide. The advent of the Internet years ago has expanded the name of Schweiss Doors and orders for these quality doors go to every edge of the earth.

Case in point: Schweiss Doors successfully filled an order for three 12×20 ft. hotel hydraulic designer doors for the new $250 million five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Shanghai, China.

The architect and a project coordinator from China assigned to this lavish hotel wanted to see firsthand the workings of Schweiss Doors, so they boarded a plane in the middle of the winter to tour the Minnesota factory where their three doors were built.

They stated they wanted their new hotel to have a look of elegance. By definition, the word “Ritz” means ‘luxury and glamour.’ The hotel people wanted to build something nobody else had, and that included glass-front, sophisticated looking doors opening to the hotel’s plaza-level restaurant.

Shipping three 12′ x 20′ hydraulic doors via shipping containers required some special packaging. Shipping logistics involved a time frame of three days transit from Schweiss Manufacturing to Los Angeles, then 25 additional days across the Pacific Ocean to Shanghai.

The three Schweiss hydraulic doors were fabricated from galvanized steel and specially painted. Once delivered to the hotel site, unique thermopane windows were installed on site along with a final silver-gray paint scheme. On the outdoor veranda area, three gleaming Schweiss ‘window wall’ hydraulic doors provide shade and shelter plus 24-hour security for the Ritz-Carlton dining adventure.