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‘Star-shaped’ hangar home is designed for optimum use

Any pilot with a square or rectangular shaped hangar will attest to the fact that there will always be some unusable space within it. Tom Green of Marcelona, Michigan, not only put significant thought into his Lakes of the North Airport hangar home, but meticulous attention was paid to his unique two-plane hangar.

From the air you can see that Green’s hangar home is shaped like a big star; it has two Schweiss 42×12’ clear private plane hangar hydraulic doors. Looking at the hangar home from the outside you’d be amazed there is even a hangar there. The hydraulic doors, both at about a 45 degree angle from the elevated taxiway, and the hangar itself blend magnificently into the home.

His planes enter the hangar three feet up suspended in the air on ramps allowing the entire floor of the hangar to be completely open — the planes never get lowered down, they go out on ramps. He chose hydraulic doors over bifold doors because he needed the clearance. Using heavy sheeting on the outside in addition to the bump-outs, he needed a very strong door. Because of the added weight of cladding and bump-outs on each hydraulic door, Schweiss Doors supplied a larger beefed up cylinder lift system that handles the heavy doors smoothly. He chose a hydraulic door because it swings straight out. With this alcove, the door closes around it.