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When you think of farms, it is unlikely that the first thing that comes to mind is technology. Most people think of farms as humble businesses without the need or desire for technology beyond farming equipment such as tractors or combines, and back in 1968 when Sullivan Farm began, that was very much the case. However, this family-owned and operated farm has become more than equipped to handle the latest technology with Schweiss agriculture doors.

“To be honest with you, back in 1968 you hardly had any money to farm,” Mike Sullivan recalls.

“You just kind of put a package together that you could live with trying to expand a little at a time so that you didn’t go broke doing it. It was probably just as tough back then to get going as it is now.”

Mike’s great grandfather, Dennis Lorden, started farming with just 80 acres of land in Morton, Minnesota with his father, Jim Sullivan, farming north of Franklin. The Sullivan farm gradually evolved into the large acreage establishment it is now, growing exclusively soybeans and corn with the help of several full time and many seasonal workers.

Now Mike’s sons Tim, Pat and Joe are key components in keeping the farm up and running, and they’re making sure they stay up to date on developments in the farming world.

“The boys have gone to a lot of decision planning seminars to keep them up very well on the latest farming developments. Tim is basically head of the office. He takes care of paying the bills and doing all the paperwork that needs to be done everyday. Pat is the shop manager taking care of all the help and making sure all the equipment is ready to go, and anything that needs to be done from day-to-day. Joe is kind of the overseer of all the precision and GPS technology to make sure that works. He also works with Pat and Tim when needed. The boys all kind of take orders from each other.” Mike said.

It was about 20 years ago that the Sullivan Farm received its first hydraulic door. Since then, they have added four more Schweiss doors, including bifold doors that replaced all of their sliding doors.

The Sullivans are so dedicated to their Schweiss doors that when they were constructing a new building on their property Joe refused to go with a builder that wouldn’t use Schweiss. “When we built the east 80’ x 150’ building, we had two bids. The one who wouldn’t put a Schweiss door on our building didn’t get the job,” Joe imparted. “Schweiss customer service and reliability is second to none; Schweiss gets things done.”

Mike agreed, raving about the dependability, quality and professional service they received. Over the years, they have continued to recommend Schweiss doors to others and show them off to those visiting the farm. They now have five Schweiss bifold doors run with a multi-channel master system, allowing them to open and close each door with the same system that they can control from their tractor, combine, or truck. They attest that their daily professional lives have been made infinitely easier and are now bonafide Schweiss customers for life.