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Turtle Farms like their reliable, quick opening hydraulic and bifold doors

Turtle Farms of Gibbon, MN, managed by the brother combination of Mark and Brad Turtle, along with Brad’s son-in-law, Andrew Hansen, have been loyal Schweiss door customers ever since they put up their first farm shop.

They started out with one of the first hydraulic doors manufactured by Schweiss when they put up their original 60’ x90’ x heated shop with a 33’7” x 17’1” one-piece door. A little over two years ago, when they saw a need for additional storage for farm machinery, they put up another new 60’ x120’ building, this time with a 40’ x 18’ bifold/liftstrap door. They like both of the hydraulic doors in their farm shop equally well.

The Turtle’s take care of a good amount of acreage producing corn and soybeans on the farm originally run by their dad, William, going back to 1960. Both Mark and Brad, who said they’ve been farming on their own since 1972 became familiar with Schweiss Doors dating back to when Mike Schweiss started putting them into production over 35 years ago. Andrew Hansen, however, had firsthand knowledge of the quality put into Schweiss doors, having worked at the factory as a welder for a 12-year stint after graduating from Vo-Tech.

“We went with a hydraulic door for our shop; it’s just a simple and cleaner door, and maintenance free for the most part,” said Brad. “The speed is about the same as our bifold door and we didn’t want to go any higher with the sidewalls. We wanted as much height as we could get. The bifold door is so big, and with this big door we didn’t want so much hanging out there. There are times when we leave the bifold door open all day.”

“We don’t want to pull down our hoppers. We’ve got a 40’ head now on our combine; you’re never really big enough said Brad.

Over the years, they said they looked at other hydraulic door builder’s doors and weren’t very impressed with what they saw.

“Mike’s doors are built heavy-duty and as good as anything I’ve seen. Some of the others have such little brackets,” recalled Mark. “Some put little tubes and pieces in their doors; a lot of Mickey Mouse stuff in those other doors. Others are cheap and you can get them for less, but you don’t get much.”

“The bifold door with the straps opens quick, faster than I thought it would; pretty similar in speed to the hydraulic. The Schweiss autolatches are nice and both style doors seal nice in all weather. We’ve never had any trouble with either of our doors.” noted Brad.

Andrew said they weren’t necessarily looking for a fast opening bifold door, but they certainly didn’t want a sliding door.

Farasyn Construction of New Ulm put up their first shop. The second Country Wide Lumber building from Hector was put up by Jay Larson Construction of Gibbon. Installation of both doors was done by Schweiss Doors.