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Under Armour designer door by Schweiss speaks for itself

Schweiss Designer Doors don’t get much better than this. Under Armour Corporation ordered this very attractive and unique metal perforated hydraulic one-piece canopy door as a showpiece for their store and office building in Baltimore, Maryland.

The 28’ 10” wide x 12’ – 140 mph wind rated billboard style Under Armour hydraulic door features two distinctly lighted Under Armour billboard-style logos which can be seen for miles around especially during the evening hours. Two powerful Schweiss hydraulic cylinders open the door whisper-quiet providing corporate charm and weathertight security for the store when closed.

Schweiss Doors designer door line has been going full-blast for a number of years. These designer doors have appeared on an exclusive hotel in China to places like the Red Bull Headquarters in California; Sway Thai Restaurant in Texas; Old Navy mall entrance in Texas; Guthrie Theatre in Minnesota; AT&T San Francisco Giants Stadium; Cycle City in Hawaii to beautiful carriage house helicopter hangar doors in North Carolina and many colleges, municipal buildings, homes and schools throughout the United States and abroad.

Architects, engineers and building contractors will testify that your ideas can go anywhere from mild to wild, from concept to reality. You think it — Schweiss will custom-build it!

For more information on the hydraulic and bifold liftstrap designer door line, visit Schweiss Doors at The “Must See Photos” website section will give you dozens of ideas on how other Schweiss customers have relied on Schweiss Doors to customize their own door needs and unique ideas. Schweiss Doors can be reached by calling 800-746-8273.