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Skydive Midwest retail operations begin and end at the hangar

The fun part of Skydive Midwest’s operation mostly takes place the minute you go airborne to the time you step out of the jump plane and then safely land on terra firma. Skydive Midwest is Chicago’s premier skydiving center and the closest drop zone to Milwaukee and Chicago.

That’s mainly what the jumpers look forward to, however there are many behind the scenes tasks that begin and end at the all-important hangar. The hangar, a place to pack parachutes, check weather and park planes; most airports can’t get along without one, and wouldn’t want to.

They’ve gone “5-Star” with their new, modern facility and hangar. The hangar is a 9,660 sq. ft. new steel building, has a 1,075 sq. ft. office area and 3,300 sq. ft. of retail space.

The hangar is equipped with a 65 ft. x 20 ft. Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. It has three windows, a walk door with lockset and two remotes.

They wanted the Skydive Midwest hydraulic door to provide the proper clear height and to be able to use the door as an awning that could provide shade inside the main hangar where the skydivers pack their parachutes. Plus, it looks really cool to see a big 65 ft. door open up. They played Star Wars music when they first opened it.