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Five six-story Schweiss glass bifold doors open up to the Kings stadium

The Golden 1 Center multi-purpose indoor arena, also known as the Sacramento Kings Stadium in downtown Sacramento, CA. One of the most unique aspects of this $507 million dollar project are the Schweiss hangar doors featured at the stadium’s entrance.

The Golden 1 Center plans to add more luxury seats and expand its capacity to 19,000 fans. The arena is host to conventions and other sporting and entertainment events.

Schweiss Doors engineered and built five bifold/strap latch doors to be used at the entrance of the stadium. Three of the Sacramento King Stadium hydraulic doors measured 29’ x 41’5” and the other two were 29’4” x 41’5”. Each door is lifted by three 5 h.p. motors and the liftstraps are 6” width, compared to the usual 3” width. The doors, with glass, weigh in at about 28,000 lbs. each. The first piece of the six-story, glass hangar door was tested over a couple of month’s time to make sure the door was properly functioning before glass was installed.

The Schweiss bifold glass doors to the entrance of the arena will allow the Delta Breeze to serve as a natural cooling system, pulling air in and down and then up through small vents found under the seats in the stands. The doors also will provide a unique setting for concerts as thousands of concert-goers will be able to stand outside and hear music from the plaza that will be connected to the 16-story, mixed-use Downtown Plaza Tower.