"We recently renovated a 5,000 square-foot aircraft hangar for our own corporate use. We frequently travel with our clients and it was important to build a quality hangar economically. The Schweiss Bifold door has exceeded our expectations. Installation was straightforward with very detailed drawings and instructions. The lift straps are smooth and trouble free. The autolocking system is innovative and provides a tight seal. Factory support has been outstanding. As a general contractor and engineer, I can heartily recommend Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. It is a pleasure to do business with good people with a good product. Brad Clark, President of Clark Construction, Mississippi"

Brad Clark, MS

"Installed 11 (eleven) Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors, and working with Schweiss was a pleasure! Schweiss was the only company out there that could engineer a door 90 feet wide and a 27 foot clear opening. Schweiss employees were a pleasure to work with, very helpful, and always friendly."

Dirk Vandersterre, NJ

"Hi, I'm Johnny Smith, with Sport Aviation outside Lucedale, Mississippi. I am so happy that I have a Schweiss Bifold Door Installed on one of my airplane hangars. My door was exposed to straight head-on-winds of 125-mph for several hours and the door did not fail. Your door survived without a scratch. An Adjacent wooden hangar of mine was totally destroyed, with parts of that hangar being blown a quarter-mile away. I just want to say that quality, reliability, and durability of your bifold doors proves that a hurricane wind poses no problem to your excellent product." Johnny S., Sport Aviation, Lucedale, Mississippi Thanks."

Johnny Smith, MS

"I would like to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate our new bi-fold door. The door installation went as smooth as smooth can get once we had the portal built. The Schweiss representative from Yakima came to Wenatchee to inspect the installation prior to the first operation of the bi-fold door. Everything went perfect with no issues or adjustments. The building was built to hold the roof and siding and strong enough to hold the bi-fold door. The building is used for sandblasting and welding. The door was built for air intake louvers which flow 120,000 cfm. Out back of the building is a bag house filter, a suction fan, and then a HEPA filter. Thank you for a great product. Enclosed are a few pictures of our project. John S., Construction Manager, Public Utility District No.1, Chelan County, Wenatchee, WA”

John Shimek, WA

"I recently had one of your bifold doors installed on my horse barn. The door works perfectly and quickly. Your door doesn't take up any headroom, which is great. Sincerely, B.D., New York."

B.D. Sarnoff, NY

"I bought two Schweiss Hydraulic Doors I put one up on our hangar in Indiana and one at our hangar home in Texas. The Texas door is installed on a 2"6" Wood Frame home and the Indiana door is installed on an existing wood pole barn structure. After installing the hydraulic door in Indiana, We were easily able to install the Texas door in 16 man hours (Including Hydraulic plumbing lines). The door in Texas has already been up to the test during the passing of Hurricane Rita. The door weathered the storm with no damage and provided excellent weather seals. We have recommended Schweiss hydraulic doors to others on the airpark. Best Regards, Wendell."

Wendell D. Rust, IN

"We are enjoying our new lift straps I'm very pleased on how smooth the straps work. Thank you!"

John Smith, MI

"Thank you for selling me on your lift straps. My neighbor is so jealous. They make a huge difference in performance."

Charlie B., MN

"We have just had our second Schweiss Bi-Fold Hangar Door installed within the last two years. This present door is even better and larger than the first. We see a number of different manufactures of hangar doors at our airport and still believe that the strap system with the Schweiss door is by far the best. We feel that one of the most important factors about purchasing a hangar door is having it installed by the manufacturer. Schweiss not only stands behind their door, they also are there for any installation concerns. We will not have any other hangar door other than a Schweiss Bi-Fold."

Gary Svenningsen, WI

"After the purchase of our Schweiss Hydraulic Door, the inside of our building is at least 10 degrees warmer, equating to considerable energy savings. Additionally, the window option is a fantastic light producing enhancement to which all the riders comment. Having been a pilot since 1983 and in and out of a lot of hangars, I was familiar with the quality of your doors. Actually having one installed at my agricultural facility and observing first hand the professional crew, the fit, finish and function has reinforced my opinion that your doors are the "only way to fly" or (ride horseback) as the case may be! Best regards to you and your staff. Thanks again for the great door!"

Kevin Holen, Freedom Stables, MN

"The Schweiss Company installed a 52-foot wide, five-strap bifold aviation door for me in Rush City, Minnesota a couple of years ago. Even though there were some support structure cross-member (joist) issues because of the original design, they were very accommodating with the installation. I have been very pleased with everything they have done so far, including returning once at my request to "double" insulate the bottom part of the door. Dave, Julie, Brook and everyone at the company have been a pleasure to work with. The door works perfectly and the price was right. Tom B."

Tom Briden, MN

"When planning my hangar I looked at several doors. The people at Schweiss were the easiest to deal with and made my experience a pleasant one from start to finish. My delivery was just as promised and everything fit as though they were onsite to measure and made it right there. The installation was easy with excellent directions. Out of all the hangars erected at our airport about half are Schweiss and several wish theirs were. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend Schweiss Bi-Fold for your hangar."

Clif Walker, TX

"We are about to install nine more Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors in California with the new lift straps and auto latches and I know that it will be as easy as the first one. We have purchased and installed 85 of their doors so far and I would not think of switching door companies. I call them from time to time and I have never had to wait for service, they are always ready to take my call. This is a 10+ company! Thanks Julie, Dave, Mike, Jeremy and the rest of you that make me look so smart to my customers."

Dan Obradovich, CA

"I purchased my Schweiss door Nov. 2005. It came as scheduled and with a tractor it was up in less than an hour. After the inside of the aircraft hanger was sheetrocked the controls were installed by myself with no difficulty. It has the lift straps and works great. The last thing I'll say is what great service I received. I lost the antenna for the radio control and someone stole the manuals from my car. I called and at no charge Schweiss sent a new one. There are not many company's that will back their products like that. Thank you."

John Riser, OR

"One of the best decisions I made was when I purchased and installed a 40' Schweiss Bi-Fold Door to replace the sliding doors on my barn. The directions for installing the doors were excellent. The lift straps and automatic locks work great. Well built and an excellent product. There are great people at Schweiss to deal with. Thanks!"

Skip Kemp, NY

"Ladies and Gentlemen, when I lived in the U.S., my airplane hangar door was a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door, and I was extremely satisfied with the quality and operation of it. At this time I reside in Germany and I am in the planning stage of building an aircraft hangar. Of course I would like to have a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door with the lift straps put on it if possible. Would it make sense to ship the door all the way to Germany?? Send shipping means and cost? Looking forward to your response. Best Regards, Gunther."

Gunther Kalberer, Germany

"The door looks and operates great. Please tell your installation crew they did an outstanding job. The day they arrived they worked till dark and were back the next morning at 6a.m. to finish. Almost every hangar owner on the field was there at one time or another watching the installation. I have a couple of hangar owners that are interested in your doors. If you could please drop us some brochures. If you would like to add us to your list of very satisfied customers in your advertising please feel free to do so. We would be more than happy to show it off. We'll send up some pictures of it as soon as we get them back."

Otto H. Brauer, Holland

"These two men, Rick Meyers and Gene Black worked in the 10-degree to 20-degree weather to do a fine job. They never complained or even stopped to eat lunch. All they were concerned about was my complete satisfaction. I would and will pass on the word to others on the quality of workmanship I received. Thanks you so much for the good job."

Bob Chervenie, PA

"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you and your organization. The two men, Mike and Ken, that you sent to install our Airport Hangar door in Columbia County were true professionals. Mike and Ken, even though hampered by weather conditions, kept very busy. The door looks great and the County and I are very pleased with the appearance and quality. Once Again, thank you. Here are some pictures for your records."

Robert V. Pinto Jr., NY

" I would like to thank you personally for the generous donation of a hangar door. The squadron will put the proceeds to good use in restoring our C-47 aircraft, the "Bluebonnet Belle." I will continue to put in a positive word for your products with everyone that I can. I am including our airshow posters from the last two years that show you as a major sponsor."

Cliff Walker, TX