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72121 470th St, Hector, MN 55342

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Schweiss Bifold Doors on hangar home
Schweiss Bifold Doors on hangar home

The Better Choice!

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors


The Choice is yours!

Schweiss Doors has two styles. . . Bifold or Hydraulic!
big bifold farm doors large machinery shed doors bifold hangar doors Airpark Hangar Doors
Hydraulic Moving Porch Doors Rocket Hangar bifold door California Home large Hydraulic Doors Polycarbonate Hangar Doors
Bifold stadium doors Hydraulic storefront doors bifold overlapping door schweiss hydraulic tavern doors
Schweiss Bifold Hangar Doors Schweiss Airplane hangar doors Schweiss Jet Hangar doors schweiss hangar doors
Schweiss Doors Delivers Overseas, and in the US and Canada

Our Delivery and Install Trucks are ALWAYS on the Move... Throughout the United States, Canada and Overseas!

We will match any Competitor's Price!

Schweiss Makes the Difference...



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Powerful Cylinders

Spherical Bearings

Less Headroom Needed

Lies Flat When Open

Swing Out When Opening

One Piece Hydraulic Doors Manufactured Hydraulic Doors


Bifold Door

Automatic Strap Latch

Multiple Lift Points

Lose No Headroom

Has A Slope When Open

Lift Up When Opening

Lift-Strap Bifold Doors Custom Manufactured Bifold Doors
Schweiss Hydraulic Door Delivery Save Big on Door Freight
Schweiss Installs Anywhere

Schweiss Installers Travel Anywhere

Schweiss Handles large doors with Big Crane

Big Crane Unloading Large Door

Semi Load of Doors Ready for Shipment

Semi Load of Doors ready for Shipment

Schweiss Install Team on the Job

Schweiss Install Team on the Job

Passes The Savings on to you!

Nobody beats our prices!... compare!

We Ship Everywhere...    On Flat Bed Trucks...       All The Time...           Every Day...!

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Schweiss Door Freight


• All of our doors are F.O.B. Fairfax, MN

• Schweiss delivers materials and products in manufacturer's labeled protective packages

• We ship out doors on semi flatbed trucks.

• We can ship common carrier

• Call for freight rates (overseas freight rates available)

Note: Because we care, we insist each owner inspect each door upon delivery for damage.

• Have contractors store the sheets, panels, components
and other manufactured items so that they will not be
damaged or deformed

• Store metal sheets or panels so that water accumulations
will drain freely.

• Do not store sheets or panels in contact with other materials
which might cause staining.


Are you getting an all steel door?

• Schweiss has an all steel door frame

• All welded frame.

Schweiss has more verticle door members

Schweiss has more heavy-duty door hinges

• Greaseable hinges

• More supports holding your door in place

Hydraulic Free Standing subframe

• Extra strong

• Self supporting

• Adds additional strength to the building structure

Schweiss red-power hydraulic pumps system

• Gear driven 1800 RPM

• Really quiet

• Designed for more power

• Best money can buy!

Schweiss uses lift strap on their doors

• Faster opening

• Safer, smoother

• Minimum maintenance

Others offers outdated steel cable lift doors

• Slower

• Fray

• More maintenace


Schweiss freight rate

• Schweiss freight rates are the best!

• Deliver right to the jobsite


• Charge more $$ for freight

Schweiss door deposits

• Schweiss will accept and be more than happy with a single 25% deposit.

Don't buy cheap... it may cost you more in the end!


Load of Doors Leaving Schweiss Doors

Load Of Doors

Schweiss Polycarbonate Schweiss Doors


Schweiss Bifold Research Doors


SCHWEISS...... Better Technology... Better Product... Better Service...