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Not Your Average Storage Unit: Preview the New Schweiss Hydraulic Container

Looking for a Large Custom Storage Unit of Office Space?

Schweiss hydraulic door storage containers are the answer you may be searching for! Our hydraulic door containers can be used for just about anything you can think of. We can work with you to build the ideal container customized to meet your unique needs.

Schweiss show container doors

The new Schweiss Hydraulic container is easily accessible with a large hydraulic door,
and it can be made into the perfect large custom storage unit or office space.

Schweiss Hydraulic door on container

Schweiss has new interlocking insulation panels, which give the inside of the hydraulic doors a fresh, clean look.

Uses for a Schweiss Hydraulic Door Container:

• Workshops

• Portable Sheds

• Mobile Office

• Storage for agricultural equipment,
chemicals, or seeds

• Hunting storage

• Mobile Home (join the tiny home movement!)

There's no limit to what our safe and secure containers can provide. The Schweiss Container is unlike any other opening container on the market. Our containers are portable, custom-designed, and built to last.

Have a use for a custom Hydraulic door? Learn more about our hydraulic door design!


Where did the idea for a hydraulic door container come from? As our CEO Mike Schweiss would say, "Accessibility is what drove this. We noticed a common inconvenience when it came to other storage containers and units. They were incredibly inaccessible, anyone using semi truck trailers or shipping containers for their large storage needs were only able to access the contents from one end. Consider grabbing materials from the other end of your storage container? Have fun digging that out!". With our hydraulic container doors, we took that issue to task and provided the solution - full access to the storage container contents. Hear it from Mike himself, "As you drive through the countryside you'll often see unsightly temporary storage units such as empty semi-trailers or shipping containers sitting in backyards or beside the road as a result of factories overrun with places to store them. Everybody has a real common problem with these as they can only be entered from the back. Now, when you stack it full, how do you get to the front? It's almost impossible. The beauty of this is the large side hydraulic door that opens up the entire container changing the way people will store their things. It's a much more friendly option..." - CEO Schweiss Doors, Mike Schweiss.


The Schweiss hydraulic door system provides a longer-lasting and safer door to ensure your container does the job. Our "green doors" are not powered by electric power pumps, hydraulic fluid, or oil lines, but rather a motor that works with the cylinder to open and close the hydraulic door. The Schweiss hydraulic door container is equipped with maintenance-free nylon wear-resistant bushings and removable hinge pins. Hinges are not visible from the outside of the door when it is in the closed position, providing a fresh look.

Schweiss custom ball screw electric linear actuators

Schweiss custom ball screw electric linear actuators require no oil to open or close the hydraulic door. Each motor is strong and provides a cylinder with 5,000 lbs of lifting power.

I checked with a company in Germany that does hangar doors, and another door company, that owns most of the door companies in Europe. There was one small blacksmith company in Austria that produces doors that look like Schweiss doors, but it would have taken 12 months delivery time and all the other door company prices were a lot higher. Even with the container shipping costs, the Schweiss doors are less expensive than what we can buy in Europe.

George Ament
Long Beach, California

Additional Information
& Special Features

Our containers are custom built to fit the specific and sometimes unique needs of our clients.

Additional Features Include:

• Fitting for a Speaker System or LED Lighting

• Fitting for a smaller/closed off room inside the container for sectioned storage, small office, etc

• Access to Electricity

• Manually run generator setup

• Built up to 50 ft in length

• Built-in support edge to prevent bowing.

Interested in other accessories or your very own Container? Contact Schweiss and start building your custom hydraulic container today!


Schweiss installs various safety features because safety is a top priority for us and our clients. Our enhanced safety feature, the linear activated 90:1 ratio worm drive, is in place to prevent issues with the closing and opening of the hydraulic door. It will keep the hydraulic door from running backward, and will not allow the hydraulic door to close if there is no power running. The gear works to prevent any movement of the door until activated by the remote control Schweiss provides. All of our Hydraulic Doors are equipped with other safety features including:

• Weathertight Doors

• Photo Eye Sensors

• Door Base Safety Edges

• Warning Horns

• Warning Lights

• Windows

• Built-in side door entrance

Schweiss designer door on container

Each wall in the container is lined with 1 1/2" insulation and coated with 3/8" corrugated plastic, ensuring an R-Value of 14.

Schweiss custom-built motor

Our custom-built motor

Schweiss door is easily control by remote or control station

Schweiss Hydraulic Container Doors two-button control station opens or close the door quickly from the control station or by a remote opener.

Schweiss door is wide for easy access and give a large shaded canopy

Open Hydraulic Container doors can provide access to the entire container allowing easy access to its contents and also provide
a canopy for workers or company!

The clean look and feel of Schweiss hydraulic door impresses anyone

A clean look and feel sure to impress anyone who views your Schweiss hydraulic door container.

Our door installation is simple with telehandlers

Our door installation is made simple with the use of telehandlers.

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors on container with walk door

Walk-in door feature [above] provides secondary access to the container, it can be built with or without a window. Containers are
ALL CUSTOM MADE to fit our customers' needs.

Schweiss one-piece door on both the side and the end

Clear, wide, and clean openings on our custom-made 40 ft. Schweiss container provides ultimate accessibility
on both the sides and ends.

Schweiss customized container with lights, speakers, decals

LED lighting feature [above] - The stereo speaker system & aluminum diamond plate flooring will add light to the
container and provide unique customization.

Schweiss hydraulic doors look excellent and be great quality

Ever seen a container look this good and be this functional? Schweiss Doors' new containers built with easy access hydraulic doors
on multiple sides are exclusive in quality and craftsmanship


Most of the buildings and hangars that Schweiss hydraulic doors go on are the usual shaped rectangular style steel, wood or pole buildings. But many hydraulic door owners who have what we call "round buildings," buildings such as quonset huts and hoop or fabric buildings that are using Schweiss hydraulic doors at an equal pace.

Schweiss designer doors on Las Vegas, Nevada pub kiosk

Customers have asked us to retrofit their existing quonset, hoop or fabric round roof style buildings with a new hydraulic door to improve access to their building by taking advantage of the reliability and durability of our hydraulic and bifold doors. That goes for new buildings as well.

Fitting and installing a hydraulic one piece door or bifold door on a quonset, hoop or fabric building is a snap. A hydraulic door on the endwall or sidewall give you better access.

It's really no problem at all. The fastest and easiest way to add a hydraulic door on a round building that needs additional support is to use a Schweiss Doors manufactured freestanding hydraulic door header. A freestanding header provides a nice straight and level place to attach your hydraulic door to and adds strength to your building.

I like the large nature and sturdiness and stoutness of Schweiss doors. We found the other doors we had been getting as having shoddy workmanship; we are welders and we didn't like the way they welded, we didn't like their deflection rates, we didn't like a lot things about their tolerances, but we found your door to be exceptional. We found the fabrication and the things we look at from our end were not only acceptable, but well within tolerances. That makes our job a lot easier because we don't have to fix things and change things and wonder why.

George Ament
Long Beach, California

Freestanding headers are used on all types of buildings, but they are an especially good way to add support to round roof buildings. With a freestanding header in place to give your building extra support, any size one-piece hydraulic door can be placed on an endwall or sidewall.

Schweiss can easily help you revitalize your existing building structure and enjoy the benefits of having a much more useful building, especially if sidewall hydraulic doors are added in addition to endwall hydraulic doors for easier access to different parts of your round building.

Many owners of these buildings go with sidewall Schweiss hydraulic doors to gain width and height. Others just want to replace cumbersome sliding doors or other style doors that are hard to open and close.

We can install your hydraulic door or provide a step-by-step installation manual that is easy to follow. If you send us a photo of your door opening it makes it even easier for Schweiss Doors to advise you with your round roof building hydraulic door needs.

The New Schweiss Hydraulic Door Adds Easy Access To Portable Storage Container

The newest Schweiss Product

Schweiss new versatile hydraulic storage container door is gaining popularity due to its ability to maximize access to typical storage containers. Schweiss can equip your storage container with a door or build a custom designed container of any size to fit your specific needs.

Hydraulic storage container doors are highly adaptable and can be installed on the long side of both ends of the container. The user will have complete access to load or unload supplies from any side they need.

Schweiss Hydraulic doors can be fitted for any side of a container

Ever seen a container look this good and be this functional? Schweiss Doors' new containers built with easy access hydraulic doors
on multiple sides are exclusive in quality and craftsmanship

Customers are getting creative with their usage of their new accessible storage containers. From show display trailers to food vending containers, the possibilities are endless for the portable easy-access containers. Set-up and transportation are made easy with the Schweiss portable storage container and hydraulic door combination. Just push the remote control button to close or open the door, and you're ready to go. With fully open doors, your company's merchandise can be easily displayed to the public. The open door also provides a shaded canopy for customers to stand under when ordering.


One of the first hydraulic storage container doors was used by Schweiss Doors Europe to market Schweiss hydraulic doors. The team traveled through Europe at various trade shows showcasing the new product. One side wall was used as the display booth while the other side doubled as a hydraulic door. When the team arrived at a show site, they set up their display by pushing the remote button to open the door, and just like that - they were ready for an exciting day.

Schweiss container door at European event

The container fit the Schweiss Hydraulic door display pieces - with the added bonus of being a showcase piece of its own!


Shipping, commercial, and residential containers come in many forms and sizes and their uses vary. They are highly durable and secure, making them a hot commodity.
Larger containers are generally used to store and deliver goods across long ranges on semi truck flatbeds, ships on the high seas, railroads, etc.

Conventional storage containers are not user friendly because the opening is generally located at the rear of the container. Filing and retrieving contents out of a container is quite the cumbersome process. Users have to be strategic in their storing process because they have to walk in and fill from front to back. If something is misplaced in the front, someone would have to dig or get everything else out to reach what they're looking for.


Over the years, the need for a more accessible container began to arise, and owners thought there had to be a better way. Schweiss took advantage of this need, and so the Schweiss hydraulic container door was born.

Users can add hydraulic doors to the long side or both ends (or all three!) of a container to have full and easy access to any and all of the contents in the container. No more tedious filling or retrieval projects!

Schweiss container doors in Europe

These hydraulic doors open with a push of a button, making stoage a quick and easy task - Schweiss is simplifying secure storage!

I have to be honest with you, we got help from above; resources came to us from everywhere; knowledge, equipment, tools, etc. This combined with the effort guys at Schweiss Doors put into this made our day. We were very proud and fortunate of having our company name next to the great Schweiss name. Jeremy, Dave and Paul are outstanding people; not only great human beings but very patient and knowledgeable of the product you sell. I would not have been able to put this together without the support of those three gentlemen.

Chris Villehas Solera
Costa Rica

Residential Uses

• Placed in a backyard, within extra land, or at a cabin, these portable easy-access containers provide various residential uses:

• Garden & lawn care equipment storage

• Golf cart, ATV, winter/water sport vehicle storage

• Seasonal decor, clothing, & equipment storage

• Pool maintenance storage

• Farm equipment & seed storage

Commercial Uses

• Schweiss Hydraulic Container Doors can be a perfect solution for businesses, warehouses, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs alike:

• Extra office supplies and furniture storage

• Convenient & private office space

• Facility maintenance storage

• Equipment & motorized vehicle storage

• Food or vending trailer

• Showcase piece for show booths and trade shows

The true beauty of the wide hydraulic door is the simple, fast access to the full container. When you're finished for the day you can rest easy knowing your important items are locked in a strong, secure, and burglar-proof container.


Steel shipping and storage containers have been on the market for years, but now loyal business and homeowners alike have a new option for their storage. Accessibility is what piques the interest of those looking for a container, but it is the customizable elements that come with a Schweiss Hydraulic Container door that bring the most value.

Schweiss Engineering Adds Quality and Customization
The one piece Schweiss hydraulic doors are pre-hung on their own frame with a strong compact pump, and double tough cylinders and spherical bearings. With our dedication to providing quality long lasting products, you can trust your container will work for the long haul. In addition, the durable steel containers provide the barrier you need to stand up against harsh weather conditions. Our hydraulic doors can be designed with windows, walk-in doors, or fit with exterior cladding or insulation requirements as desired.

Schweiss Door engineers will work with you to design and configure a portable storage container and hydraulic door that fits the specifications you need - with the durability you can count on. All of our hydraulic doors at Schweiss are custom made to fit your container or building right down to the exact measurements. Find out more today!

Schweiss Container door provides needed shade beneath door

Customers can get needed shade under the hydraulic door canopy and inside the container.