Aircraft Hangar Doors

Aircraft Hangar Doors, we have a Cessna that needs a protective door to withstand the elements. How soon can we get some windpins and auto latches on a bifold door delivered to Detroit, MI?


Need help installing garage doors, do you have someone in the Houston area

I have a company hangar that measures 54'X 75'. It has large sliding Airplane Garage Doors on the gable facing south and would like someone to come and measure that opening. What is the number of the local Rep/area dealer in the Aberdeen, SD area?

I have not heard from UPS with regard to my hangar door modification. My Airplane Garage Door need this to fully function. Any idea where it is?

Building an aircraft hanger garage door, will have all permits by April 1st. Need prices on door and installation . Currently thinking about installing sliding doors due for the price, but I know that the hangar would have huge benefits from a bifold door.

Looking for a 16"w 14" door for a barn airplane garage. I think you provided me a quote months ago. Three questions: 1) Given this will be a garage and will be opened/closed several times a day, what is the duty cycle? 2) What is the approximate open/close times? 3) Can it be remotely operated (Like a Car door opener)? Thanks in advanced!

We need a price to provide and install at airplane garage hanger door to fit 76' 4" 1/2" x 21' 4 1/4" opening. Price? Weight? Lead Time? Safety Features? Jorge Lindon

We wish to get a bifold or hydrolic Aircraft Garage Door. What is the phone number to get a quote? Or can you email me? I need to fit my airplane, a Aerisoatuake 330 PUMA - 16' 1" by 61' 5". Thanks in Advance, Tracy Rowelunde.

Hi, I am building a house for a client and airplane garage opening is 10200mm high and 21200mm wide, do you ship direct or do you have installers /retailers in Australia? Also what is the lead time out here?


I'm working on redoing the door for an aiport I rent out. Can you guys send me a quote thanks?

We are writing to see if we can get a quote on as many as 40 airport doors for a growing airport in MPLS suburbs. We are not in hurry but have stiff deadline and need price, specs and any other relevant info.


I want to replace the old sliding barn doors on my shed, I want it to be weathertight and made from aluminum. I need a 30' by 13' hydraulic door. Please email me, thanks

Contract calls for a 90 foot long 50 foot wide building. I'm not sure if I need a 14' or 16' tall aluminum hydraulic door with the red power pumps. It would be best to get any design changes done as soon as possible. Need a quote for insulated and non-insulated. Thank you Andrew

I'm a contractor and I have a customer with a double airplane hangar 42 miles outside Fairbanks, Alaska. The customer is looking for an aluminum door, but isn't sure if he wants a lift-strap bifold or a one-piece hydraulic. What do you recommend?

I am a contractor in British Columbia, Canada. I have a customer that wants hydraulic doors with aluminum. He wants the door ti be 24' by 10' with insulation.

I'm looking for a price on a aluminum hydraulic door for a storefront in Houston, TX. We can do all the welding and installation. It will be a non insulated door. The opening is 20' wide and the opening height is minimum of 10'

I have a 50 foot high by 20 foot wide opening that needs a one piece hydraulic door. I need pricing details and building specs on both a steel and aluminum options. I will also be considering dyi installation since I can't find any installers near me. Thanks

We were wondering if we could get a door, but aluminum, for the look of it. We have a industrial look for the door where the door will be. And the aluminum will go well with the rest of the aluminum. I was wondering aluminum doors have a disadvantage to their steel counterparts.

We like the look of your product and are very interested in a aluminum hydraulic or bifold door. Do you have any dealers in India? Please call or email. Thanks

I want 2 aluminum hydraulic hangar doors each 48' x 17' Clearance, doors for a hangar we're building. Please call Thanks! Sam

I am looking to quote aluminum and glass hanging doors for an indoor/outdoor bar patio. The door needs to seal on the granite bar counter. Sizes as follows; 4' long by 5.5' high 10' long by 5.5' high two at 11' long by 5.5' high. I have some architectural drawings and specs I can send over to further explain. Thanks again

Preparing to build a pool house for a client and she wants a weather tight glass hydraulic door with the red power pumps, 8 ft. wide x 7 ft. tall.

I'm designing a building to house my small aircraft. I need a hydraulic door that is 28 feet wide and 8 feet high, I would like the door made of aluminum. Steel construction on the frame and concrete slab. The exterior walls will be 12 foot tall. I want to minimize the cost as much as possible.

I'm interested in two sizes of doors for a machine shop I am looking to build. I wanted to get a quote for a 45' x 18' and 63' x 20'. I think your doors look very powerful and I looked into some other kinds but I want the door to have the highest clearance possible. I think the one-piece hydraulic door with an aluminum frame and red power pumps will be best for this project. Thanks!

I have 3 garage doors that I would like to install aluminum hydraulic doors on. All of them are 100" tall one is 251" wide. Please email me an estimate. Thanks

I'm installing a hangar in North Carolina. I need to spec a one piece flush mounted hydraulic aluminum door - 66' x 21' clear opening minimum. Thanks, Clive

I need a quote on a hydraulic aircraft hangar door, 20 feet tall by 50 feet wide? I talked to a contractor and they told me to give you a call and inquire about a door this big. We are in Oklahoma. It would be great to get some budgeting numbers, we're still working out the total numbers. I would like an insulated door with an aluminum frame. Thank you. Larry

Looking for a quote on the build your own hydraulic door kit, does the kit come in aluminum too? We want to do 60' x 20'. We are in British Columbia, Canada.

I live in New York and I was wondering if you had an installers here that can put the door in for me? I want to install a hydraulic door made of aluminum, it will be going onto the front of my restaurant to open up the patio are. I will need the doors to be made with glass panels for aetstectics.

I am working on a hangar project at local airport. The customer would like to use a 45' feet x 15' feet aluminum hydraulic door to go into a rigid frame building I am designing for them to use your door with. The door will be going to New Jersey. I'll need a door with a wind load of at least 120mph. please provide door specs for this door to design the building. Please email any questions. Thank you, Dave

Preparing to build a pool house for a client and she wants a weather tight glass hydraulic door with the red power pumps and an aluminum frame, 8 ft. wide x 7 ft. tall.

My company renovates shipping containers for residential uses. We've installed 25 to 30 custom garage doors in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens made from containers this year. I have a customer that is looking for an aluminum hydraulic door to open up his back patio. Please call for details.

I am looking for a 40 foot x 30 foot aluminum door, can we would prefer to use a one-piece hydraulic door.

I have one of your hydraulic doors on my hangar, and I convinced my friend to get one too. I am now looking into getting a new hangar and would like to put another one of your doors one it. I would like a aluminum frame hydraulic door with translucent panels. Please email me for more details.

I live in Alaska and I'm working on making a hangar home. I'd like a quote for 48 foot wide hydraulic door made from aluminum at an 20 feet tall. Also, what is the typical shipping to Alaska? I'm not sure if the building will be made of steel or wood, but most likely steel.

We're in the early stages of designing and pricing of a private hangar for a customer. I would like the specs on one of your one piece hydraulic doors, with weight and hanging specs. If you could give me a rough quote on the door, both one made of steel and a price for one made of aluminum. Please feel free to call me or emails me with the information. Thanks for your help. Jim

I am looking into an aluminum hydraulic door installed into the sidewall of my garage. 98 inches x 20 ft. I'll need a walk door and glass windows.

I'm working on a project where we want multiple aluminum hydraulic doors and I need concept designs to incorporate into the current layout. It would be similar to the Federales restaurant in Chicago. Please email me the specs when you can. Thanks! Sydney

We are contractors that work in glass and glazing and have a contract at the a state university. Our design calls for a one piece 22" x 14" hydraulic hangar door with an aluminum frame. I have various designs that I can send. Thanks, Maria

I am interested in a aluminum garage door for an RV garage. Bi-fold or hydraulic. Looking to purchase for a new build and I would like to know an approximate price range.

I'm building a hangar onto my house. I will need a 50' wide and 18' tall door. I would prefer a one piece aluminum hydraulic hangar door but would like to price it and a bi fold to make sure I get the most suitable door. Thank you, Mac

If you could send me a ballpark pricing on one 60' X 22' aluminum hydraulic hangar door, a build your own door kit, to Dallas, Texas.

We're designing a new building and would like to use a large glass bifold door made of aluminum. We get a lot of snow during the winter and we get very high winds, so I will need an insulated door that is weather tight. the dimensions are 55' by 42'. Please send me the designs that you would recommend. Sincerely, Mary Anne

Can you give me a quote on six - 30' wide x 10' high aluminum hydraulic doors with the red power pumps for a hangar, will need them shipped to British Columbia, Canada Thanks, Tyson

I need two 40 feet by 10 feet doors. The doors will go on a new pole barn. I'd like the doors to be single piece hydraulic door made from aluminum. I got two doors from you about 8 yrs ago, still serving me well. I'll have the doors shipped to Alabama.

Bought a farm that has a pole building. The 30 ft end has a sliding door that opens halfway with a post at the 15' point Is it possible to install a header and an aluminum hydraulic door? What would be involved? What about a header and a bigger door on the 40' side? Thanks

We want to do an aluminum frame, glass paneled, hydraulic door for my restaurant. Opening is 16' high x 20' wide. The door will need to have a walk door so we can get in and out easily., which would be accessible when the hydraulic door is closed. Is this possible? The single door would need to be lockable, so that when the hydraulic door is open the single door does dangle, it closes with the door.

We own a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. We want a glass hydraulic door with an aluminum frame. We want it for customers to enter the patio from the restaurant. The opening is roughly 18" x 10" I can get exact measurements in the next email. How long would it take to ship to CA, and how long will it take to install? Thank you.

My garage door is probably 18 feet wide x 8 feet tall opening in Concrete block and stucco structure. I am interested in a one piece hydraulic lift door made of aluminum which will serve as a protected canopy when open and a 150mph or better storm door when closed. I want to install it myself to lower cost. Please advise. Thanks, Walter

I'm looking to put a new garage door on my house. 14' wide x 12' high. One piece hydraulic garage door, glass panels with an aluminum frame.

Our architecture firm is currently working on a double car, residential garage. We've seen your hydraulic designs around the web and are very interested in installing them. We currently want a clear garage door opening of 10' wide and 7' tall. Is that a job you're able to do?

If so:

-Is there any information about the building that you need?

-What are our options for designs?

-The cost difference between steel and aluminum? (we would most likely want an insulated door option)

-We would also like remotes for the doors.

Thanks! -James


We would like to request a product binder/catalogue to add to our office library. we are an architecture firm and do
a lot of large folding doors in various spaces.

At ATA Architects, we have used Schweiss doors to meet our design needs. Lots of details and specs are met.
We like the price, quality, and service. Thanks Schweiss.


I'm representing a sport team who need to renovate a arena to allow large amounts of traffic to go through. Do you have experience or designs with these doors?

In Arena Doors, no one can do what Schweiss can do. I saw what they did at the Golden 1 Center, and I know they are not going to stop there.


Auto Latches are the feature that made me upgrade my Schweiss Door. The functionality really sets the door apart, especially in this windy part of the states. Once again you knocked it out of the park.


Aviation Doors are a hot item, and the bar is set the highest by Schweiss. I have seen door failures and everything else that can happen in my time running an airport. Schweiss IS the way to go.


I'm in the middle of rebuilding a barn and converting it to a garage on an old farm. The Door should be against the wind and big enough for an RV. How much would the run me?

I need a bid for a 12 x 10 one-piece hydrolic door for a residential barn garage application. The architect wants to customize with cedar siding to work with the house so a one-piece seems the only option. I welcome you to contact me with questions or suggestions. Thanks Traci Pills


We are thinking a Bifold Barn door for our commercial barn setup. We just need to get bigger machinery in there, plus more airflow in the summer heat. How big of a door do you think we can get on 115' by 40' building?

4 doors. 14'6"x16'. For new barn, what is the BEST door, we think the speed is the bifold would be best. We would like some extra safety features because of our dog is getting old.

Hello, I want to buy a spare parts for bifold doors. I have a few of them, maybe it will be easier if you have a dealer or certified service team that works in Russia.

I need a price on a 18' x 12' Bifold barn door going to Lawrence, KS Please price materials, and install please. Can you also send me the specs please, so I can give to the factory. Many thanks, Leslie Mossmann

Looking for a bifold vertical folding barn doors with red paint and wood siding. 28'w x 20x tall

I need a quote for supply & install of an overhead hydraulic swing barn door, Clad with powder coated alum storefronts frames & 1" insulated clear glazing(2- 1/4" thk with 1/2" space in between) with 8 equal panels of the following sizes: 1) 9'-9" L x 8'-10" H 2) 9'-9" L x 7'-2" H delivered to Dickinson, ND


I have existing Bifold doors and would like a quote to convert them from cables to Lift Straps.

I have a small garage with a 10 foot ceiling. I would like to put a bifold or hydraulic door on it.

We had cables, then upgraded to Straps. Later we added remotes, strap latch, and more. Bifold Doors keep on improving and Schweiss is leading the way.

I have an old [Another Brand] BiFold Door and the cables are old. I was thinking about switching to your lift strap bifold doors. The door is 9'6" tall x 40' wide. How much would it cost to have this done and who would i call to install it. I live in IL. . Thank you, I look forward to your response, Steve

I need a price on a 46×12 Bi-fold door. Building is 50'x50'x16' 1:12 roof pitch

I am bidding a project at a Technical College - AG Center Barn & Classroom Additions located in WI. This project has (2) BiFold Hangar Doors. (1) door is 26' wide by 14' high, and the other is 12' wide by 14' high. This project bids Oct. 2nd.


I read through your Must see photos and the Ryan boathouse inspired me to get my own boathouse. It couldn't have been easier.


I am interested in your "BYOD" kit. My opening for the door #1 is 144" wide x 168" tall. Door #2 is 240" wide x 168" tall. Please let me know what each individual door kit would cost. Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this email, as we are ready to install.


We are working with a nationwide bank on a project that could become the prototype nationwide. What is 101 on door comparisons for hydraulic vs. bifold?

In design stage of our new restaurant in our franchise, we wanted to add some spark to the new location. Schweiss was more than will to share, suggest, and accommodate our needs.


Hi, I have a shop 22' by 36' with a normal garage door. I would like to get a one piece hydraulic door 16'x10'. The building is all cement block . The door with have 36" door and two window, insulated and will be finished with a wood siding to match the building and be invisible. Maybe this isn't the best the header is an engineered wood beam and outside walls are all cement blocks. Thanks.

We have a concrete Pre-cast building and need to get a door on the side what is the lead time and can you get me a quote?


We need a crane door for our company. Something to house a bridge crane. This is a special project, so I don't know what the price would look like. So can we start there.


I'm looking for a price on three 30' wide x 16' high clearance bifold doors for my hangar in North Dakota. I also want to compare to the hydraulic door, also how much for a 40' wide door compare to the 30', being put in a steel building on the gable wall, 120' long wall,

I am interested in a quote for the bifold and hydraulic doors to replace a 14' X 7' garage door - I like the glass door designs. If you can give a general price range, and a shipping price to sioux falls, SD that would be great. Thanks!

I would like to replace my garage door with a lift-strap bifold door. I am interested in the "build your own door" option as well. How can we get started? I have a detached double wide garage with space above the opening where I would like the door to be when it is open. The opening is 7'4", but the wall is 10' high, so the new door could be 10' tall, and leave an opening of at least 7'4" when open. The garage is basically a square building, with 2 feet on either side of the door opening. I am open to the whole door being stand alone in front of the existing building if that is possible. I can send pictures if you need.

We are a consulting company in Sioux City, SD, doing research into the use of horizontal bi-fold doors for a project in early design. Would you be able to provide some basic information regarding the systems you offer for architectural storefront application? Please see below questions. -Size limitations of door panels (currently each folding partition is ~10m high and as wide as possible is preferred) -Size limitations on glass in the doors. Capacity to incorporate custom glass makeups. -Provisions/requirements for air/water tightness (especially at sill). Sill drainage track/locking? Air/water tightness performance data of system if available. -Deflection requirements of support/framing members (expected maximum WL ~65psf) -Operation requirements (doors are intended to be used on a daily basis) -Options for customization (such as adding custom beauty-cap to exterior/interior) -Ballpark cost estimate (based on square footage or per door?) Any assistance you may provide is much appreciated!

I am looking for a 42*40*12 pole barn/hangar for my CubCrafters CC11-160 Carbon Cub. I need an idea for a hydraulic hangar door of 38 ft on the 42 foot side of the hangar. I am in preliminary design with a contractor here in Fargo North Dakota. Regards, Carl

I am VERY interested in an overhead, exterior mount, bi-fold garage door for my residence to replace the existing traditional double garage overhead door. Is there a dealer/installer in my area of FL? Thanks, Peter

Making some renovations on a Hospital in Fargo, ND. In our scope they are calling out for 1 hydraulic door, size 45' wide x 16' high. Can you please send me pricing and literature. Do you install as well or not. Thanks, Carl

I am looking for a hydraulic door to mount on a steel quonset on my farm near Huron, SD. It is a 14'high and 22'wide door. I only have 110 volt power but would consider a battery operated system if it was available. I'm hoping your door will be an option for our building.

I recently purchased a double hangar at Sloulin Airport in Williston, ND. The former owner says the hydraulic doors were manufactured by your company. They are very nice to have, and powerful too. I am interested in installing a hydraulic door on one of my machine sheds at my farm, please call me.

I am building a residence in Rapid City, SD, and have a customer who is looking at building a small hangar on his property. we are pricing out 9' x 40' hydraulic hangar door, insulated if possible. can you contact me for more details? Thanks! Peter

We are bidding on a hangar door replacement at our local airport in Grand Forks, ND and I'd like to get a quote on a hydraulic hangar door.

I'd like to inquire about a single piece hydraulic door for a pole barn we are building in South Dakota. The door would need to be 30×14 and insulated. Is this something you can give me a quote for?

Need a quote for two 50×18 flush mount hydraulic barn doors installed. Customer is in Minot, ND. Building will be a pole barn Door will be on a bearing wall. I have not received the preliminaries back from the engineer yet but believe the beam above will be at least 38 inches tall for the 50' span.

I am bidding a project at a Technical College - AG Center Barn & Classroom Additions located in WI. This project has (2) BiFold Hangar Doors. (1) door is 26' wide by 14' high, and the other is 12' wide by 14' high. This project bids Oct. 2nd.

I would like a quote on a hydraulic barn door 17'6"(h) x 64'-0"(w). It will be installed in upper North Dakota so I will need it to be insulated and weather tight to keep out the snow.

We are working in the design of a new restaurant in Tampa, FL. We want to install a hydraulic door with a wind load as high as possible due to hurricanes.

We are looking at building a machine shed for winter storage of our semi-trucks in colder months. Current preliminary design of the shed is 150'x70'. Would have 18' sidewall clearance. We would be looking for a quote on a set of two bi-fold doors 45'-50' wide. Maybe you have a set increment for door widths? Do a quote of two bi-fold doors with no windows and also a set of doors with one set of windows roughly eye level (4 windows in each door, 8 total windows). Please include shipping quote, our shed will be in Fargo, North Dakota.

We are working in San Antonio, TX on a residential project where they would like to have two hydraulic steel and glass bi-fold doors open. We are hoping we can get your system to work in this application.

I'm interested in a stylish bi-fold door for our covered deck. We are building a new house in South Dakota and have started construction. I'm looking for one with mainly glass panels, approximately 9' tall by 14' wide.

I am a project manager working in the uk refurbishing and rebuilding hangers and runways at Rochester Airport in Kent England. I see that you supply the UK and I am would like to get a quote on several hydraulic hangar doors. Thanks

I'm planning to build a wood hangar near Custer, SD in the summer of 2018 or 19. I currently live in AK and talked to your rep at the AK Airmen show. I will need a door that will fit a Cessna 185 on floats(about 36' x 13' x 27'). I didn't see any sizes or prices on your web page. I'm thinking it will be a hydraulic door. What size would you recommend? How much extra space on each side and on top of the door I need? About how much would the door cost? Do you install the door? I haven't had the building designed yet, any recommendations?

Looking to build a hangar at the airport in Minot, ND. Would like to get a ballpark price on a bifold door which would be 42 feet wide and an open height of 14 feet with overall height of 16 feet. Please advise budget pricing ASAP. Thank-you

I am converting half of a pole-barn garage to a studio in Aberdeen, SD. I want to fill the 9' wide x 8' high opening with French doors & a window. But I would like to have the garage door to cover the new windows when I am out of town or it is snowing (we get some serious cold here). Is there any way to convert the existing three part overhead door to an exterior hydraulic door like awning type set up? (So it would somewhat match other side). Do you provide hardware only for such a door? Any other suggestions.? What is cost of a new door for this application?

I bought an aircraft hangar with an electric schweiss bifold door. In case of a power outage, is there a manual way to open/close the door? Thanks

New project bidding for an Event Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Schweiss is listed as the approved manufacturer to provide the hydraulic lift doors. Please email me quote and specifications/drawings. Thanks!

I'm interested in the "build your own door" kit. Do you offer that service for bifold doors? I'm looking at building 2 small doors. One 10' x 10' opening and the other 8' tall x 10' wide opening. I'd like both doors to be 8" thick. These doors will be part of a "hybrid" building. ( steel I-beam structure with wood walls) My thought was if you designed them and I got the parts from you, I can build the frames myself. Thank You, Bob

New project bidding for an Event Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Schweiss is listed as the approved manufacturer to provide the hydraulic lift doors. Please email me quote and specifications/drawings. Thanks!


We are creating a restaurant brand and we want to look and feel to be perfect. We need a "Designer Door".
Black straps, glass panels, and steel frame would be great.


We are looking for budget pricing for one of your glass bi-fold doors to fit an opening 28'-8" wide by 14'-0" tall.

Designer Glass Panels

We are looking doors for a High-End designer home. We need a door that can hold glass panels for a transparent look. I've got the idea from some of your doors, and want a similar look. What is the lead time?

I'm contacting you because we have a project we are working on and would like to get a quote on 6 designer bi-fold doors from Schweiss Doors. Each glass door has a measurement of 4.20 meters tall by 2.80 meters wide. Could you please send me an email to where I could send you the renders. Thanks regards, Martha


We bought our first door, but our insulation wasn't providing the heat like we were expecting. Is there some
insulation you prefer or insulation you recommend?


We skipped out on the Door Insulation Package, but are having second thoughts. Is it possible to order it after the fact.


We are just getting started on ordering a door, we have a lot of workers who are mechanical. Is there a door kit we can order to make use of our skillset?


We have a unique need for some unusually small doors. Do you only do big doors, greater than 10' x10' ? Or do you also do big doors? and if so how big 100'?


We have sliding doors, but the ease of use is horrible. I see people with Schweiss electric doors.


Top of the morning to ya, I am looking for a vertical bi-fold door manufacturer for a restaurant project we are currently working on in Sheffield, UK. I've seen loads of great examples on your website but they are all in the US - do you have any manufacturers in the UK or Europe at all? Can you ship over here. Regards, Granger Forrest.

I specialize in Equipment Shed as well as other Ag buildings. Our customers needs a bi-fold door for a project I am working on, I would also like more info on your hydraulics too. I need design door specs for a 45' wide by 18' tall bi-fold door. A weathertight door would also help. Thanks a million

I have an Equipment Shed project with two doors. 45'x18' and 35'x18'. My clients prefers one-piece hydraulic. Looking for options. Please call me. I have drawings. Thanks

Looking for a hydro door for my combine, needs to be 40 ft wide

I have a Morton building that measures 54'X 75' I have a large sliding doors on the gable in facing south and would like someone to come and measure that opening, that is your local Rep/area dealer for you and give me an estimate of cost on everything including installation I am crippled up and this building has sliding doors that either freeze down or get built up with snow. I have lived here for 35 yrs. I now own the building site, including this building from my wifes mothers estate settlement. Can you give us an estimate of aprox 23'6" ft wide by 15 ft high, bifold with strap lift, with push button remote controlled activation, like those used where one could control using your cars remote garage door and your new stap latch system using straps as all part of the estimate on white sheathing matching morton Blding's white color. I can't do work.

Hello. I was wondering if your company carried folding overhead doors. If so, I was wondering if you would give me a quote on a 25 feet wide by 12.5 feet tall application.

I have a Morton building that measures 54'X 75' I have a large sliding doors on the gable in facing south and would like someone to come and measure that opening, that is your local Rep/area dealer for you and give me an estimate

This is for the same client as the last door we purchased. I want auto latches and strap lift in this door quote. Lastly the electrical for this possible new building is 3 phase. Any questions let me know.

I need a price for a 80' x 16'-6" clear bi-fold door delivering to Polson, MT. IBC 2015 115 mph Exp C 45psf Roof snow load There will be an 8'-0" liner panel on interior side of door. I'm assuming a 3'-0" wedge, how much headroom am I losing, so I can figure out what I have to do get my headroom back. Thank you!!!

I need a price for a 70' x 16'-6" clear bi-fold door delivering to Polson, MT. IBC 2015 115 mph Exp C 45psf Roof snow load There will be an 8'-0" liner panel on interior side of door. I'm assuming a 3'-0" wedge. Thank you!!!

The R-value options on your insulated strap bifold doors? The door inparticular is 40' x 16'6", thanks much.

We have lots of big equipment and they keep on getting bigger. I see doors that would keep us on this trend and those doors are Schweiss Doors. Thanks for the good service and great doors we look to keeping a business relationship with Schweiss

We are a container reseller and fabrication company in west central Oklahoma. We are interested in learning as much as we can about your doors for shipping containers. We need a supplier of hydraulic doors and you are the first choice thanks - mike

Do you install the doors if I were to purchase one? I have a build with 30×12 wood frame clear span not much of a truss design. Might need to restructure the openings to support door. I would like a single hydraulic door see my two doors are different sizes one is 16 ft wide one is only 14 ft wide. Looking forward to hear from you.

Four-Fold doors that have openings for catenary wires for bus or rail facilities? Can you do that? Or do you have an option that will work? Many, many thanks.

Equipment Shed Doors!!!. . . . . . . . . We keep find the need to put in more and more of these doors, is there a way we can buy in a couple doors at a time?

Please provide loading and deflection requirements with quote. We have an equipment shed door we are going to put in. Also if you can send over specs for the contract or any information he would need so we can make sure he is the right man for the job.

I need to get an doors for a new machine shed ASAP. . . Call my Cell

exterior barn doors

Barn Door is need on our exterior sidewall to keep old man winter out. Do you make your doors custom? if so we need a 16' 16' door. Thanks.

Farm Doors

Interested in your products. We need Farm Doors, Farm Doors, Farms Doors. We are working on building a commercial farm site. A fast-paced farm site needs faster doors and bifold doors are it, period.

Last year we put in a 60 ft wide by 21 ft tall door to fit the combine, this year we had to go bigger 70' by 25', so we made the call to schweiss. As machinery size grows, so too must the door. And the trusted names in big doors is Schweiss.

Looking for doors to suit needs for a Dairy Barn on a commercial farm. Where or Who can I get more information from?

Farm shop

We need a heated farm shop for the winter and a Schweiss door will keep the farm moving forward for years to come. I recommend Schweiss

fold up doors

Fold Up Doors are big in Agriculture and it the doors just keep on getting bigger.

foreign doors

Foreign Doors are not a new thing for Schweiss. But with the amount of Doors going across border, it certainly seems that way to others. Thanks from Germany.

Foreign Doors aren't Foreign for Schweiss. You guys ship everywhere even here in Germany

We have cabled bi-fold doors installed on 2 of our hangars in Belgium and we are looking to upgrade them to your lift strap system. Therefore we would like to know if you could send us a listing of the European companies that have the knowledge & are authorized to retrofit our doors. thanks in advance for your support, Best Regards, Eugene

free standing header

We have an old building that we are not ready to replace but if we get the Free Standing Header on this Quonset, can just use the door and Free Standing Header on the next building if we build around it.

garage doors

I'm currently renting a space for the business and the landlord has agreed to consider updating the garage door at my cost and in lieu of freezing my rent for a few more years. The bi-fold doors are a strong contender. I look forward to speaking with Schweis. Thank you for your time Tanya Smith

I want a bi fold garage door for the front of my home. I would like a quote and need to know how much weight my building should be able to handle.

Garage Doors work great with bifold and hydraulic doors. Whether you would like to keep out of the rain or leave the shovel on the wall, Schweiss has you covered. I have used Schweiss for residential project and they always impress people

Garage Doors work great with bifold and hydraulic doors. Whether you would like to keep out of the rain or leave the shovel on the wall, Schweiss has you covered. I have used Schweiss for residential project and they always impress people

Glass doors

We have an application for some glass doors to be fit into an high rise. Just need more information to finalize the deal.

Good morning, I would like to request a quote for a strap-lift bifold glass door, for a high school project in Southern California. The designers are currently deciding between this door and a nanawall. The door will have 32' length x 15' height, and will have to be semi-customized. The interest comes from this example: Please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you, Karen

green doors

Most people don't think about the carbon footprint of a door, but at Schweiss it is not just the best it is also a Green Doors.

hand crank pulley system

Hi there, Would you please provide a quote for (1) hydrolic hangar door for a 100'x100'x24' metal building. The customer would like the largest door possible for this building size. Note: The customer would like this project to be as cheap as possible so I am assuming that a hydraulic door would be the best option? Thanks, Gavin

The Hand Crank Pulley System is a lifesaver

hangar door

The existing hangar front has vertical steel I-beams supporting a horizontal steel I-beam. My hangar is catty-corner to another hangar you are installing a hydraulic door on right now. The current doors are hanging sliding doors that are in pretty bad shape. But if I install a door can I go wider?

The Designer Doors made me want one. I was thinking Hangar Doors, but I'm hoping now I can get a Designer Hangar Door.

I would like to get a Quote/Bid on a 49'x15' hanger door and a 16'x12'

I have a 22' by 67" door. We just put a Dassault Falcon 50 under contract and need a hydraulic hangar door with a taller opening.

Customer is looking at putting up a hangar building in Door County. Building will be 50'w x 50'l" x 16' truss bearing. would like a hydraulic door width from 44'-42'.

hangar door repair

Hangar Doors aren't perfect but they can be after a routine mainenance/repair. Excellence service and fair price.

hangar doors

Looking into a hanger design by adding to an existing older structure. I would need at least 40'x10' door or bigger. I'm interested in both types of doors you sell. Thanks for your time.

The inside of this wood frame hanger in not insulated/sheet rocked yet. Not sure how much this matters on the dimensions below.

Hydraulic Doors are great Hangar Doors, but Bifold Doors are even better.

Hello, Someone Please contact who specializes in Hangar Doors or Aircraft Hangar Doors. Call with any questions.

About a year ago, I was taking a tour at Kennedy Space Center and I noticed the Schweiss Door on the SpacEx Hangar. Because there were several pilots in our group, I pointed out the Schweiss door, noting it's almost 70' height. Everyone was pretty impressed. I am very interested in getting a bifold door on one of my hangers. Please email me so I can get a quote. Thanks, Frank

hangar home doors

My new project is a Hangar Home, a home away from home kind of thing. I new we needed a door and Schweiss was the first and last called.

I'm looking for a price on a bi-fold door, std non hydraulic, for a home hangar project next spring. The opening is 38 ft w by 13 Ft h. Include deliverty to an Airport in New Jersey. The building is concrete block with wood trusses. I intend to triple the trusses at the front for door support. Thanks.

helicopter hangar doors

I was wondering if you could get a door to Alaska. I'm particularily interested in a door that will keep heat well. Have done Thermal Doors before?

Helicopter Hangar Door like the Carriage Home is what I'm after do you think you can help out on this project?

I've seen many Hydraulic Hangar Doors but I haven't seen one done the way I envision it? If you want an exciting project call me Kenny Williams in Cold Springs

hoop building doors

We have an existing Hoop Building. We are need to attach a door to it. Would that be something you have experience with?

horizontal bifold doors

I've seen a Fold up bifold door of yours, but I have an application for a horizontal bifold door. Do you think Schweiss could tackle a problem like that?

hurricane doors

We are in Galveston and have had problems with Hurricanes, and tropical Storms, but do you think you could come up with something a little more sturdy to handle these storms?

hydraulic airpark doors

The Airpark we manage has had a few hinges go bad from Other Brands. Do you think that you could update the Hydraulic Doors in the Airpark? Tune up and avoid a disaster.

HYDRAULIC barn doors

Hello, I have an inquiry. Dimensions for the hydraulic barn door is 9 meters wide x 4 meters high. It will be a steel frame. are curious about max size of door, and the minimum size as well.

I need some rough prices on three hydraulic doors for my barn. One 100' wide x 24' tall, one 82' wide x 27' tall, and one 81' wide x 22' tall.

I'm renovating an old barn, the headroom is limited so I've decided on a hydraulic door. The barn ceiling is only 78", I am looking for a hydraulic door option that takes little to no space. The ceiling made of concrete, Is there anything else you would suggest?

I want to replace my old sliding barn doors with something more efficient. I was looking around your site and I believe I want a hydraulic barn door. I want the door to be insulated as this space will be heated and insulated for my workshop.

Hi, I'm in Canada and I would like to install a Schweiss hydraulic door on my barn, do you have a rep in Manitoba? Looking forward to hearing from you.

I need a price on a door put on a barn. I was thinking of a Bi-fold, but I've decided on a Hydraulic door. Size will be 97 inches wide x 66 inches high. Would like for it to be polycarbonate panels. Thank you.

Hydraulic Barn Doors are what I'm looking for an application on the farm to speed up traffic in and out. We need a low maintenance door and it needs to match the look of the farm.

I am in the process of designing a new barn, need three hydraulic 76ft wide X 22ft high doors to incorporate into a 237' X 99' barn design, need your input and pricing. Regards, Ron

If there is a representative in our area, could he come look at our barn and give a quote for retrofitting the sliding doors with a one piece hydraulic doors? Thanks

Hydraulic Barn Doors are what I'm looking for an application on the farm to speed up traffic in and out. We need a low maintenance door and it needs to match the look of the farm.

I'd like a ball park price for a 25' wide x 28' high one piece hydraulic door for my barn. Please include shipping cost as well, and an option for insulating the door.

I am a contractor putting together a bid. We would like some design specs on your hydraulic doors for our barn design. Size 14' w x 10' h or 9' h maybe. Thanks

I need a quote for supply & install of an overhead hydraulic swing barn door, Clad with powder coated alum storefronts frames & 1" insulated clear glazing(2- 1/4" thk with 1/2" space in between) with 8 equal panels of the following sizes: 1) 9'-9" L x 8'-10" H 2) 9'-9" L x 7'-2" H delivered to Dickinson, ND

I need to retrofit a 16' x 30' sliding door with a one-piece hydraulic barn door. How big can the door be, the current door only covers 1/3rd of the barns side wall, I would like to get a 60' wide door if possible.

I need a quote on a hydraulic barn door. I have an existing wood barn structure 37×85. I would like to put the door in the side. The side is 24' to the peak. It is the standard barn built in the late 60's. If possible I would like a 22' wide by 18' tall door if possible or the max for this type of build.

We bought a schweiss door many years ago, and it's still going strong. I have a friend that wants to get a 32' x 18' hydraulic door for his barn. Thanks, Ethan

I want to put a hydraulic door on my old barn, I would like to replace my old roller style door, it's starting to break down and I figured I'd put in an upgrade rather than repair a failing system. Please email me with a quote on a 15' w x 12' h door. Thank you

Hi, I need an estimate on a 12 foot h x 17 foot w hydraulic barn door. I want translucent panels on the exterior. Thank you

Hola, We are working on a barn in Texas where we would like to install your hydraulic doors. Please provide us with specs and a ballpark quote and what can we do to the door to make it more hurricane resistant. Thanks!

We're renovating a old barn on my homestead, can you please give me an estimate for a bifold Door 40×20 , a hydraulic Door 40×20. Please feel free to text me or email me. Thank you! John

Please provide a price for the following hydraulic barn doors: (2) 12'-2" W x 13'-6" clear wall opening. I will only need the frame, I have another company that will put on the wood panels onto the door. Email is preferable, but you can call anytime during the day. Looking forward to your contact, Jeff.

I want to install a smaller hydraulic door on my barn, I'm not sure if Schweiss makes smaller doors or not, it will be 10ft. wide by 8ft. tall. If you do please email me with a price quote. Thank You.

Starting to build a barn with 2 hydraulic barn doors in the design. I'm curious about the pricing of 17ft by 9ft doors. I live in an area with pretty bad storms that can rip a door off with ease, I'll need a wind loaded door to at least 110 mph. Thanks

I have to dry my rice and I want to set up one of my barns to have a good seal to keep out the rice and moisture. I want a hydraulic barn door that can form a tight seal. Thanks.

Have an old wooden barn that has 3 sliding doors in front, but I want to put a hydraulic barn door on the side, 10 high 32 wide and another hydraulic door on the other side. I need a quote for theses doors as soon as possible. Thanks.

We are building several large barns here in South Korea, and would like to use your hydraulic doors. If you could please contact us and we can get a quote on the doors. Thank you, Shu, Lead Architect

I have a customer that I quoted a metal building barn with hydraulic doors for. The customer doesn't know too much about the door. I'm looking for stress points, where to put supports. The door sizes are 53'-4" x 22' and 41'-2" x 15'. There will be 2 of these doors in my building. I am hoping to hear from you asap. Thanks!

Planning a new barn this year, hope to begin construction in the next month. Would like quote on 38ft x 11 ft hydraulic barn door. Thanks for the assistance, take care, Rick

I am looking for a quote on seven 24'0" Wide x 14'0" High hydraulic barn doors with walk doors included. Include shipping to Albany, New York.

I am building an steel barn , 43' x 85' x 14'. I like your doors. My brother has your one piece hydraulic doors on his hangar and it looks and works great. Would like to compare Hydraulic vs Bi-fold. Thinking of a 32'X15' opening. The opening will be on the side of the building not the end. Your web site has been very useful, I want to see a video clip of a Hydraulic Door in operation if you have some. Please email me. Thanks

I'm working in California on a few barn projects for a customer. They want 3 hydraulic barn doors with the red power pumps. Please email me and we can discuss the specifics of the project. Thanks, Doug

Looking for a quote for three hydraulic barn doors. Two 18'x10' in the side wall one 13'x15' end wall. I'd like them clad with steel panels.

I got a 12' wide by 11' high opening and I'd like a rough quote on a hydraulic barn door. I know theres lots of door types, etc, but I'm looking for a basic unit. Thanks much! Mark

Looking for a price for a 36' x 16' hydraulic door for my barn. Would like it to be white in color. Can you send me a quote on the remote system as well as the insulation package.

I have a wood barn which has a 14 ft tall door in a 17ft end wall. I would like to remove the old sliding doors and retrofit it with at least a 14 foot hydraulic door.

Good day, I got a contractor building a barn using your hydraulic door. We need the blueprints of this door to give to the county for building approval. The contractor said to email you. I'd prefer a pdf or whatever digital format you have, regular mail would take a while. Thank you!

Good evening, I need some info on your hydraulic door for a project. I am putting up a new barn and I would like to know about the various options that you have for your doors. I would like to make the door as efficient as possible. Please email or call me as soon as you can. Thanks

Looking for specs for a 48' x 25' hydraulic door. We are working with a contractor in Indiana on an old barn with a 50' wide sliding door that we're converting to a new hydraulic barn door. We have done many barns with hydraulic doors. Not looking for pricing just some specs we could use. Thanks for the help.

Hello Schweiss, I want a hydraulic barn door 16' wide about 12 or 13 feet high for my barn. Please get back to me as soon as possible with prices and lead time. Thanks, Ariel

hydraulic designer doors

Hydraulic Doors look nice, but a Hydraulic Designer Door redefines the room it is in. Thanks for your amazing product.

hydraulic doors

I am a few weeks away from completing a 60 X 52 pole barn and need a 42 X 14 hydraulic door. I was planning to build my own door, but found a link that led me to your new BYOD option. This certainly interests me. I have even asked about buying one of you hydraulic pumps in the past. I can fabricate the door frame, no problem, but having access to the quality hinges and mounting brackets is a great option. I would like the door to sit inside the opening and the truss on the interior side. I'll also be adding glass panels so will space the internal members on 4' centers. Can you please provide an estimate on a BYOD kit for a door this size?

Hydraulic container door. Please call or email your contact information. Do you have any customers in the Northern NJ area?

I have double 4 out doors that I would like to replace with an hydraulic door for a receiving area. This option looks better than bi-fold doors.

We have a need for industrial project to put in 15 hydraulic doors to make the factory run more efficiently. How long do you think that would take to get the doors shipped to Westminister, CO?

hydraulic garage doors

We spend a lot of time in our garage, it is kind of a miscellanous activity room, it would be great if we could get a hydraulic door on there to expand the room when it is raining? Do you have experience with a Hydraulic Garage Door?

I would like hydraulic garage doors for my house, I want the door to look nice, so I was thinking of glass panels.
If you have a dealer in my area, I would love to speak with them.

Hydraulic Hangar Doors

I've seen Hydraulic Hangar Doors. But how big can you make them I'm thinking 100. Let me know

I need a 40×12 hydraulic hangar door. Am I right in my thinking that with your door I can get nearly a floor to ceiling opening? If my ceiling height is 12 feet my door will hinge at the top and open 12 feet tall? Where does the weight of the door bear in the opening? It seems like just at each side of the opening? Can you send me a sketch of the door opening framing? How long will it take to get my door once I order it? Can you quote me a price? Thank you. Jerry

hydro doors

Hydro Doors, I just trying to understand if this is the right kind of door for me. Can you send a flyer or something to give more info or specs?

industrial doors

We have a Industrial Company and we are upgrading some equipment and think your doors will better accommodate the upgrades than other door options.


Do you have a certified installer in the Annapolis, MD area?

large folding doors

Equipment Shed Doors!!!. . . . . . . . .I have a Morton building that measures 54'X 75' I have a large sliding doors on the gable in facing south and would like someone to come and measure that opening, that is your local Rep/area dealer for you and give me an estimate.

I'm an architect looking to start using more large folding doors. Can you send me a brochure of products you offer? How many doors can we get? Also what is the lead time on a door?

Looking for a dealer in or around New York, NY. We have clients looking for large folding doors in some of their various upcoming building/architectural projects.

large shop doors

I have a Morton building that measures 54'X 75' I have a large sliding doors on the gable in facing south and would like someone to come and measure that opening. Who is your local Rep/area dealer and can I get an estimate and lead time. Thanks in advance. We learned the hard way about Large Shop sliding Doors. Bifold Doors fill the need with speed and no-hassle.

I'd like a quote on one piece hydraulic doors, 50/10. The new shop is being built, we need big shop doors.We need to get them in ASAP. Where do we get started? We love the last shop door we put in. Thanks Again! WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these doors.

I need to know what type of hydraulic fluid I need to refill the unit. I have a Red power unit. I don't feel comfortable using my hydrolic door in my large shop without it much longer.

We are looking at getting a bigger shop put in and decided we need a bigger door. We found Schweiss. The Price, Quality, and Service sold us on the door, and made us want to come back for more.

lift doors

Equipment Shed Doors!!!. . . . . . . . .I have a Morton building that measures 54'X 75' I have a large sliding doors on the gable in facing south and would like someone to come and measure that opening, that is your local Rep/area dealer for you and give me an estimate

machine shed doors

We had a door failure on our Hydraulic door, the hinges busted. We heard Schweiss the the company for doors, and your machine shed doors come recommended. We need to get this done to protect against the elements, better soon than later. What are some of numbers you can quote me?

metal building doors

I am the metal building engineer. Our customer needs a bi-fold door for a project I am working on. I need design door specs for a 50' wide by 19' tall bi-fold door. The door needs to be designed for 90mph wind, Exposure C, IBC 2009 codes. Thank you.

I am the metal building Contracter. Our customer needs a bi-fold door for a project I am working on. I need design door specs for a 45' wide by 18' tall bi-fold door. The door needs to be designed for 90mph wind, Exposure C, IBC 2009 codes. How quick can we put this stuff together? I need it ASAP. Thank you

We have a metal building and need a door for the metal building do you think there is any limitations with a metal building?

military doors

The Military is looking for Large Military Grade Doors able to withstand anything. Can we get a quote and the lead time?

overhead doors

We know we want an overhead door to stop the rain in certain scenarios. But we need more info on your Hydraulic and Bifold doors to see which is the right fit.

paint booth doors

Paint Booth Door, we have a particular need for a Paint Booth. The door is going to be feature we need to square away before we move forward with this booth. Can I get a Quote and Lead Time?

patented doors

Patented Doors

pole barn doors

Previously we have put up Pole Barns and used sliding doors, even some hydraulic, but we are looking at doing a Bifold door for a few upcoming pole barns. We are at the point we need to talk number and price.

I have a 35×40 ft hangar I want to put a hydraulic door on. The building is of a pole barn type building. The opening would be 10X40. I have questions on the structure holding up with the operation of the door. Reinforcing the building might be in order if the framing of the door can't handle all of the torque of opening and closing the door. Any information on this and cost would be helpful. Doug

post frame building

Post Frame Buildings are great buildings but the door makes the building. A good door makes a good building, and that is why we buy Schweiss.

quonset building doors

We have a Quonset Building and are looking to install a Quonset Building Door I saw some pictures on your website. They look great can we get some more info and what a door would look like on a 20' 40' quonset

quonset doors

I need a price for a 20' x 16'-6" clear bi-fold door delivering to Polson, MT. This Quonset Door is needed for the sidewall. . . Can you do that? Thank you!!!

Hi,I'm Tracie Austin. looking for Quonset Door to be put in the sidewall. We were thinking hydraulic until we got more info on the Bifold and where wondering if you had a recommendation?

red power pump

40' x 23' 7/8" Hydraulic door, pump and motor need to lift 9,600lbs. opening 21' 1/2" ft.

Go with the best Red Power Pump.

Go with the Best a Red Power Pump, had no issues very impressive.

remote control doors

A remote control doors really adds the feature of luxury. You can stay where you are and avoid the hassle of opening from the inside.

Hello, We have a Schweiss hydraulic 16'x18' door. The door works wonderfully, but it occurred to us that we should have gotten the remote control option as well. I was wondering how hard this system would be to install and ship to Maryland. Thanks.

residential designer doors

Looking for an estimate for the glass bifold and hydraulic options for a residential application in a pool room. Approximate opening is 276"x108". Thank you.

We need a price if we went with a 23' wide door for a residential Designer Door clad in Teak.

We are building a high end custom residence in Arizona and have about a dozen steel doors that will need hydraulic systems built for. Who would be my main contact at Schweiss for this?

retrofitting doors

I'm looking for a couple of doors. We are retrofitting some of our building and we would like a bulk quote for the following Bi Fold Bottom Operated Electric Bi Fold Door, Lift Straps, Manual Latch with walkway door. Sizes : 33'-4" X 12 ' : 6 37'-4' X 12' : 6 47 ' X 17 ' : 2 shipped to Jasper, MN

I have a large steel building. The entry doors are like barn doors I'd like have those removed and have a hydraulic barn door installed. Assuming this can be retrofitted I need a ball park figure so I can budget it into other things like insulating the inside 1800 ft. If it helps the front side of the building is approx. 16ft height 30ft width.

Current hanger has a three garage door type setup with fold-out wings and center supports that fold up and in. I would like to retrofit it with a single piece hydraulic door.

My sliding doors were blown off during a large storm and I figured I may as well upgrade with a new 30' hydraulic door.

rv garage doors

Could I also get a shipping quote to Warner, Alberta? Thank you! RV GARAGE DOORS!!

I would like info and prices on two marine doors. I have them on rollers now, but am changing them. I need each door to cover 34 Wide " 24 high door hole. I can deal with either model, but again the bifold needs to open up to 24 clearance. You can go to our website and see the two front fiords I am replacing. I have a bifold on my airplane hanger and works well. It came from Schweiss Doors. Enjoy reading your blogs and online testimonials.

Hi, we are a company that sell and lease containers, I'd like to Know how can we make to buy your products. best Regards Perci from Aberdeen, FL

Good Morning, This request may be well below your qualifications, but we are looking to install a trap door in a floor. It will be leading to a wine cellar. I didn't see anything this small on your site, but what the heck, thought I would inquire. Thanks for your time, Corey Grendfelt… Thanks Again

Looking for product binder, detail information and regional contact info. Designer doors and other applications. RV GARAGE DOORS!!

I am looking for a spring for a schweiss airplane hanger door. Door dimensions are 50 ft by 18 ft. Spring dimensions are 1 in. by 9 in. We are in Loris TX, what is the lead time?

I am looking for a bifold RV garage door to replace an existing standard "up-and-over" 2-car garage door. I also need a power/remote garage door opener that is not installed overhead.

Interested in bi-fold or one piece open outward door for residential garage. Thank you! RV GARAGE DOORS!!

I'm looking to a pair of Bi fold windows for a bar and looking to get a price for the material. Im an installer out the Dallas - Fort Worth market. . . . . This is for my RV Garage Doors

Interested in your products

HI, I am building a house for a client and garage opening is 4400mm high and 6600mm wide, do you ship direct or do you have installers /retailers in Australia? test. . . RV Garage Door

Hi, we are a company that sell and lease containers, I'd like to Know how can we make to buy your products. best Regards Perci from Aberdeen, FL

Interested in your products. Love, love, love, the Hydraulic RV Garage Door.

I have a Schweiss 45' x 14' hydrolift door and need some advice. Using PERMA-R 3/4" foam sheets, from Lowes, I am trying to insulate the door. I have used liquid nails from the gallon can, as well as the liquid nails caulk for foam and panel. Neither glue adheres to both the door and the paneling and the panels pull away from the painted metal door. What glue would you suggest that I use to complete the insulation. Also, would it help if I pulled the clear plastic covering off of the panels prior to gluing? Thanks for your help RV Garage Door

converting a barn into a shop / home office and want two bifold or overhead glass doors and what to determine if these doors will be a possibility (budget). Thanks

I am/was attempting to contact by phone?? I am intersted in purchasing 2 of the "basement doors" (but not for basement) as shown in one of the photos on your website. The photo is of a "flag stoned house." Please send email as I have not been successful by phone. And/or the name of a rep in the Alexandria Virginia USA area.

We are considering building a new home and are interested in getting a ballpark figure on the purchase and installation of the Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door to create an RV garage as featured on the Internet. The dimensions we need are 13' tall by 14' wide. Thank you for any price information you can offer. Rick

Looking for product binder, detail information and regional contact info. Designer doors and other applications. RV GARAGE DOORS!!

I am in search of a bifold hangar door for a customer. 43ft 8in x12ft 6in. Must be hurricane rated. We are located in the Danville CA.

I'm looking for RV bifold garage doors that have architectural design that will help diminish the visible size of the door. I am remodeling a home that will require a 13' clear height for the 43' RV and a double garage (or I can design as 2 single doors. I need to have a design on the doors that will carry through for all doors. I would like to see the options you have available. I am just starting the design of this project and expect to start construction in the next 6 weeks. Thank you, Gerald, CMKBD, CAPS Certified Master Kitchen Designer Certified Master Bath Designer

Could I also get a shipping quote to Warner, Alberta? Thank you! RV GARAGE DOORS!!

Interested in the bifold door for an RV garage with your equipment, along with price. Wondering about the installation process, who installs your equipment, warranty , etc. if warranty work is needed,how is that accomplished? Does your factory tech travel to my location? What are the design, building requirements, do you have a copy of the design plans or is that something I need to discuss with bifold doors?

We are designing a large recreational facility in California. We are looking at a 20ft. wide (up to 40ft. wide) x 20 ft. high either bifold or hydraulic folding door with a large percentage of glass for daylighting when closed. Please forward info and photos of such installations. E.S.Pancoast, architect in Campbell, CA

We are about to build a large project and need 8 number large hydraulic or bi fold strap vertical lift doors. They must open outwards only. The sizes are: 5m wide x 6m high 3 numbers 6.2m x 4.8m 4 number 9m x 6m 1 number. They need to glazed to match our façade and be able to withstand a wind load of 3.4kPa Grateful if you can advise if you are interested in quoting for this project for supply and install works or if you have an Asia representative we can contact. This is my second enquiry. Thanks A Wilson. RV GARAGE DOORS!!

I called yesterday and got a ball park price on a door, I would like to get a actual quote at this time please. The building opening will be 17' tall by 42' wide. That leaves 4' on each side and 1' to the top of the wall. the roof pitch is 2:12. Over here in Campbell CA

like to look in to your doors seen from one of friend barns. that has one that you made for Marvin Finfrock. we have a 45L55w are doors are 25w 15 high. like to see how much one can be for are small farm shop thanks, test test test

schweiss door parts

I have 1 10x10ft door and 3 14x14ft doors to be fully insulated. I also need some replacement parts, what is your service department's number?

We recently flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Our motor for our hangar door did not work at first but has started working again. I am relieved that it is still working, but I would like to get information on purchasing a new motor, just in case.

schweiss doors canada

Do you have a Schweiss Door Canada, that I that is in my neck of the woods? or somewhere closer to BC?

shop doors

We have heated shop but Other Brand Door failed when we put on the insulation and I have heard that Schweiss can handle the heat. Need a Quote, & Specs, What is the lead time?

sliding doors

I use to think there were only sliding doors for large building. But I know that sliding doors are just a pain. I would like a quote on 40' x 20' door please.

specialty doors

I have a specific need for a specialty door. I wanted to make sure you have experience with this kind or similar door before I get a quote. Have you ever done a door for a flower shop before?

Dear Schweiss team, Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand. My name is Dylan and I'm a builder of 20 years and my wife Mary is an architectural designer. I discovered your website and instantly fell in love with the systems that you are clearly specialists in. Mary and I along with our two sons have decided to relocate to the Pot Vila, a Pacific island country of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is an amazing island paradise with some of the happiest wonderful people in the world. Amazing as it is it has challenges a couple of which are 'cyclones' and 'theft'. It's for these two reasons why we want to use remote operated hydraulic steel shutters with cyclone hooks over every opening in our home. The idea is that all of the aluminum windows have sliding openings and all of the steel shutters (possibly painted Coreten) have a pattern on 30mm squares cut into the front lower half of the faces to all for air movement. When the family leaves the home for work and school each day we will hit the 'close home' button on our remote and the house will be secure. We are looking for a price for all of the components, painted frames and shutters required for a complete system delivered to Vanuatu so I can install myself. We are currently designing the home which will be entirely concrete from walls to ceiling / roof and the plans are currently with our structural engineer being detailed. I thought I better get in touch with you guys as I'm sure the system will need to be incorporated into the window details etc. I want the shutters to finish flush with the cladding ideally 10mm back from the front face of the concrete. The walls will most likely be 200mm thick with the aluminum being around 50mm - 60mm in depth leaving us around 140mm to work with on the small windows and possibly less for the two front sliding doors. The back entry door will not require any shutter as this will be a steel door in itself. I have attached some basic plans indicating the window sizes for you to start the process and to also allow you to help us and the engineers with the design process. Following the success of the system we would like to discuss the options around becoming a Pacific distributor of the schweiss products. I truly believe that the schweiss systems would sell well across the Pacific countries given the two main reasons we wish to use them for. Mary and I own a construction and design company in Vanuatu and work with the government on cyclone rebuild projects. I believe we are in a great position to be able to promote the use of the system Pacific wide in the future. Email me with any further questions. I sincerely look forward to working and learning more with your team. Kind regards, Dylan, Director, North Canterbury, New Zealand

steel building

We have a customer that will be using a Schweiss Door in a Behlen Steel Building. We need the weight and information for 54'-0 x 18'-0 clear opening.

We have a steel building waiting for a door, How big can we go 100'?

t-hangar doors

Looking for a quote on a hydraulic hangar door, 25' 45' for a T-Hangar if that makes a difference.

thermal doors

I am in the process of laying out the foundation for a 48'x38' hangar. Do you custom fit the door to an opening ? Or do I fit the opening to a standard size door? I will need a price quote for door and shipping to Alaska. Call with any questions. Thank you.

I was wondering if you could get a door to Alaska. I'm particularily interested in a door that will keep heat well. Have done Thermal Doors before?

Vertical bifold doors

We need a vertical Bi-fold Door. I know you guys are experience and trusted, so you are my first stop. What is the price and lead time on a 12'6"h x 24'4"w?

weathertight doors

I am looking for an insulated door that seals tight. Protection against high winds is a plus.

I need speak with someone about a 30'x16' Bi-Fold door in Hazelton, ID. We get a good amount of snow blowing around here and I want to check to see if we could get a door that has a weathertight seal.

wind door

I've had doors the don't work in the high wind 100 mph. They bang and bend. Can you get me a better Wind Door?

Can you build a wind loaded door that can handle 125 mph winds?

Can you build a wind door that handles 100 mph winds?

Can you build a wind door for 110 mph winds?

The bifold door required must be 40'Wx18'H. Wind rating is very important and will likely be the determining factor on which product I purchase due to my location. Please send all information via email. Thank you.

wood building doors

How big can we go for a wood building door? We want somewhere in the ballpark of about 60' x 40' door. If that doesn't work can we try a free standing header?

The building is wood construction the rafters are 2×6 tops and 2×4 bottoms with 2×4 webbing the building is quit old. It has 4×4 door posts I currently have an overhead door that is worn out. After looking at the doors you offer I think retrofitting the old doors with one of your bi-fold garage doors would work with the out side frame not sure the door opening is 11ft wide and 12ft 6in tall. The 4×4 door posts are in cement at bottom and fastened to the rafters on top. I am looking to have the door to rise level or above the bottom of the rafters I need the entire 12ft6in so I can put an old camper in side so I can work on it.