5 Important Advantages of Steel Overhead Doors

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The most obvious advantage that steel provides to the consumer is the durability and long-term value that it adds to our hydraulic doors. Steel is an incredibly durable material - more so than wood, glass, or any other traditional building material. This durability gives your hydraulic door a much longer lifespan and allows it to withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Your hydraulic door will act as a barrier between the outdoors and whatever you're storing, so durability is one of the most valuable benefits a hydraulic door can have.


When you think about the benefits that the thickness of steel brings, perhaps you think of it warding off the elements, animals, or thieves. But, steel also provides protection from loud sounds, both inside and outside the building. Many people use our hydraulic doors for storage sheds where they store large vehicles or agricultural equipment. These items often require noisy maintenance to be done, and a steel hydraulic door cuts down on the noise. This makes steel hydraulic doors the most popular choice amongst neighbors.


To make an entire hydraulic door out of steel, you're going to need a lot of material. Obviously, that amount of steel will serve you for a long time, but what about when you're done with it? What happens when you want to get rid of this massive amount of steel? Well, using steel is actually beneficial to the environment. Steel is consistently the most recycled material in all of North America. This is mainly due to the fact that it's quite easy to repurpose and reuse steel products. So, when it comes time to move on from your steel hydraulic door, that large amount of steel can be recycled, where it can then easily become useful in some other purpose rather than just adding to the waste of the world.

Steel is also a slightly better insulator than other materials. The density of steel means that it's going to be harder for air to sneak in and out. If your building is heated, a steel hydraulic door will keep your building warmer, therefore cutting down on energy usage and saving you money on your energy bills.

Although steel is much stronger than other hydraulic door materials, it is not completely invincible. It will experience wear and tear just like other materials will (albeit at a much slower rate). But, when it takes this damage, steel doesn't necessarily need to be replaced. Other materials, such as wood, require more maintenance than steel. Often, these materials cannot even be repaired, such as when termites have destroyed them. Modern day technology and welding capabilities mean steel damage can often be repaired rather than being replaced. This adds to the overall lifespan of your steel hydraulic door, which will save you time and money in the long run.


Although steel may have all of the technical advantages, some people go other routes due to misconceptions about the look of steel. Many people are drawn to the “warmth” of wood or the aesthetic of a glass door. But it's no longer necessary to stray from steel to get the aesthetic that you want. There are endless options for attractive appearances for your steel hydraulic door. Anything from modern stainless steel to bright colors to a faux material appearance can be used for your steel hydraulic door. This solution gets you the strength of steel while still providing you with the aesthetic that you crave.

With all of the benefits of steel hydraulic doors, we would be doing our customers a disservice if we used any other material for our doors. Hydraulic Doors guarantees that you'll be happy with your steel hydraulic door for years to come. Still not convinced? Explore some of the features our hydraulic doors can offer you. If you're ready to start the process of getting your hydraulic door, contact us today.

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