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How Hydraulic Doors Attract Customers for new Business

First impressions are everything. This is the case for job interviews, meeting people, and it's especially true for businesses. Potential customers walk by your store every single day, and it only takes a few seconds for them to decide whether or not they want to check it out. That means that your store has but a few precious moments to make a good enough impression to pique their interest enough to come inside. How can you make such a strong impression in such a short amount of time?

Designer Storefront Door

Funnily enough, one of the best ways to get customers in the door is by having a hydraulic door that attracts customers in the first place. Although we are told not to do it, everybody judges a book by its cover. So, when people see a plain building with a standard hydraulic door structure, they are less drawn to it than buildings with more enticing entrances. Throughout the years, many business owners that care about standing out have adopted hydraulic doors as their door of choice.

Don't believe us? Read how hydraulic doors attract customers and see why you should be hopping on this trend.


Most people associate hydraulic doors with large storage sheds found deep in the countryside. But those that are ahead of the game have taken this innovation and brought it to the world of business. They are always aware of emerging trends and lead the way in new innovations that keep them ahead of the curve. Having an innovative hydraulic door for an urban business shows that you aren't afraid to put yourself out there and be different.


Nowadays, visiting a business isn't just a transaction, and a brand isn't just a brand. Brands have become experiences, and every interaction that people have with your brand adds to that total experience. This is why there has been such an influx of people and money in the UX (user experience) industry. Brands are paying tons of money to figure out how to position their brand experience in the best way possible and to make each visit memorable. You can associate positive memories with your brand by having a store that stands out and amazes people every time they see it. A feature that is unique, like a hydraulic door, can be the extra wow factor that makes people fondly remember your store and your brand.


Perhaps the biggest benefit to using a hydraulic door for business is that it's more than just a hydraulic door. When opened, a hydraulic door can act as a canopy that provides shade and comfort to customers. This is an especially beneficial feature for restaurants with outdoor seating. Offering a shady canopy (especially in southern climates) can provide people with an escape from the summer heat. This shade will automatically attract people to your business and act as a magnet to get people inside your store. Customers will praise the dual-functionality of your door and remember the relief that it brought them.

If I get a phone call from a gentleman who's thinking about building a hangar, I ask him: 'What are your door needs, what are you looking for? Let's talk about the best products on the market.' The first words out of my mouth are always Schweiss. The second words out of my mouth are Schweiss, because we start talking about the hydraulic door, then we go to the bifold. Nothing beats the strap system, period. I've got a little bit of engineering background; the liftstraps are bulletproof. The safety and reliability of them, the fact that they are effectively maintenance-free as long as somebody doesn't cut them or expose them to harsh chemicals; it's a phenomenal way to go.

Oscar Stout


Many people spend their days window shopping. If they see a store that interests them, they'll pop in. Smart stores play to this window shopper demographic by lining their windows with their best items or by advertising low prices and great deals. But you only have so much window space available. This is where a hydraulic door comes in. An open hydraulic door exposes the entirety of your store to passersby, which means you have an expanded amount of space to advertise and display. It also makes your store seem more welcoming.

No matter what your industry is, you likely have a good amount of competition. Every business is looking for a way to stand out in the crowd. Why not break from the mold and create a memorable look that will keep people coming back to your store? It might be time to try attracting customers with designer exterior hydraulic doors. With a hydraulic door from Schweiss, you can ensure that you'll be giving your customers an experience they won't forget. Contact us to get a quote today!

Multi-Functioning Hydraulic Doors For First Class Service

From China to Las Vegas, London and beyond, Schweiss hydraulic restaurant and hotel designer doors have become the rage, adding a touch of class and additional function to new and revamped dining establishments to draw in more customers.

Sway Restaurant Patio Doors

In many of these food, drink and dining establishments the Schweiss hydraulic one-piece restaurant doors quite often fall under the category of Schweiss designer doors because of their eye-appealing looks. Not only do their offer a convenience to the customer, but they also make it advantageous for the dining staff workers and chefs. Most importantly, they tend to draw in more business than they ever had before. Such is the case with these restaurant and dining establishment doors. They add sparkle and a drawing point for customers to gather around and enjoy their days or evenings out on the town.

The architect had Schweiss listed as one of the approved door manufacturers for this project. I had a good relationship with Schweiss in the past so I decided to go with your quote. We hired a rep from Schweiss Doors to come down and help us. Everybody at the college was impressed at how the doors turned out. I remember the architects and designers specifying that they thought it was going to really be a unique and cool component to the building.

Mike Krayneski
Omaha, Nebraska

Restaurant doors come in many designer door styles and elegant looks. Many are elaborate and decorative glass and window-front doors that blend into the building allowing customers to see in and outside of the restaurant and also let possible customers walking by outside to see in. Some hotel and restaurant doors open up as a courtyard or pavilion doors to instantly increase the size and seating capacity, others work as secondary service and overflow doors when things get overcrowded in the restaurant or to allow patrons to dine outside on a nice day or just to allow a cool breeze to come into the establishment.

A one-piece hydraulic restaurant door, when open, becomes an instant awning or canopy door. When these restaurant and dining hydraulic doors are closed for the day, they lock weathertight providing security to the building contents just like another wall. So not only are Schweiss restaurant doors a beautiful addition to a restaurant, but they also are multifunctioning restaurant doors.


Most of the buildings and hangars that Schweiss hydraulic doors go on are the usual shaped rectangular style steel, wood or pole buildings. But many hydraulic door owners who have what we call "round buildings," buildings such as quonset huts and hoop or fabric buildings that are using Schweiss hydraulic doors at an equal pace.

Schweiss Custom Designer Doors in Las Vegas

Customers have asked us to retrofit their existing quonset, hoop or fabric round roof style buildings with a new hydraulic door to improve access to their building by taking advantage of the reliability and durability of our hydraulic and bifold doors. That goes for new buildings as well.

Fitting and installing a hydraulic one piece door or bifold door on a quonset, hoop or fabric building is a snap. A hydraulic door on the endwall or sidewall give you better access.

It's really no problem at all. The fastest and easiest way to add a hydraulic door on a round building that needs additional support is to use a Schweiss Doors manufactured freestanding hydraulic door header. A freestanding header provides a nice straight and level place to attach your hydraulic door to and adds strength to your building.

Freestanding headers are used on all types of buildings, but they are an especially good way to add support to round roof buildings. With a freestanding header in place to give your building extra support, any size one-piece hydraulic door can be placed on an endwall or sidewall.

The door is great, well-built and works very well as advertised. I go and show it to people all the time. It makes for a great rental point; people love it - no one has ever seen anything like it on a house. I researched different types of doors online and looked at different examples on the Schweiss Doors website. It seemed like you were the only ones who could do this type of door and you have a good reputation.

Matthew Royce
Venice Beach, California

Schweiss can easily help you revitalize your existing building structure and enjoy the benefits of having a much more useful building, especially if sidewall hydraulic doors are added in addition to endwall hydraulic doors for easier access to different parts of your round building.

Many owners of these buildings go with sidewall Schweiss hydraulic doors to gain width and height. Others just want to replace cumbersome sliding doors or other style doors that are hard to open and close.

We can install your hydraulic door or provide a step-by-step installation manual that is easy to follow. If you send us a photo of your door opening it makes it even easier for Schweiss Doors to advise you with your round roof building hydraulic door needs.

Beautiful hydraulic doors adorn Southeast Texas home and garage

Southeast Texas is not how most northerners picture Texas as a flat and dry big piece of land. It is quite the opposite with its lakes and fields of bluebonnets. It was at this location in the state that Greg and Donna decided to build a new country home to enjoy their retirement years.

Designer Schweiss Hydraulic Doors at Texas Home

An attractive ceiling fan and red hydraulic cylinders highlight the party room's vertical Douglas Fir cladding on the 20 ft. x 9.5 ft. Schweiss hydraulic designer door. The hydraulic pump for this door was placed out of sight in a basement room about 45 ft. from the one-piece door.

At the urging of their architect they agreed to place Schweiss hydraulic designer doors on the basement party room of their home and another on a detached combination barn and garage. The 3,000 sq. ft. garage was fitted with a 30 ft. x 10 ft. door and the party room has a 20 ft. x 9.5 ft. hydraulic door. The hydraulic pump units were both placed 45 ft. and 65 ft. respectively away from the doors in the home's basement and garage mechanical room.

The exterior and interior cladding on the doors give them pizzazz. Metal 24-gauge panels were used to clad the exterior of the doors, the interior of the basement door was given a real homey look with vertical Douglas Fir that matches the walls and ceilings.

Donna was most pleased with the outcome.

Schweiss Hydraulic metal-clad Doors in South-East Texas

Attractive 24-gauge metal panels adorn the outside of the hydraulic doors and match portions of the outside of the home. Greg and really appreciate that when the door is open it provides much needed shade for the interior of the party room and also add a covered porch to it.

"We especially like when the hydraulic doors are open how they create a large shaded area inside and outside our buildings. In Texas, shade is a whacking good and necessary commodity. Our party room gets an added covered porch to it when the door is opened. Even more important, both of these massive doors are aesthetically beautiful and bring on a look that can't be had with a conventional garage door."

Donna B.
Southeast Texas

"We especially like when the hydraulic doors are open how they create a large shaded area inside and outside our buildings. In Texas, shade is a whacking good and necessary commodity. Our party room gets an added covered porch to it when the door is opened. Even more important, both of these massive doors are aesthetically beautiful and bring on a look that can't be had with a conventional garage door," said Donna.

Both doors are equipped with remote opening systems and photo eye sensors. An extra rubber buffer was added to the bottom seals in order to deter any insects that might try to enter the buildings.

Schweiss One-Piece Designers Doors has hydraulic pump mounted 65 feet away and equipped with optional photo eyes and remote openers.

The garage has a 30 ft. x 10 ft. one-piece hydraulic door and the compact hydraulic pump is mounted 65 feet away from the door. Both doors have photo eye sensors and remote openers.

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors

The interior of the 30 ft. garage/barn door also has a nice clean look to it. The hydraulic pump for this door was placed about 65' from the door in a mechanical room. Two strong hydraulic cylinders lift and lower the large door.