It seems like farming machinery gets bigger every year. That's why it's essential to future-proof your agricultural buildings in order to accommodate the next generation of farming equipment. Whether you're building a new structure or retrofitting an older building, installing larger, more durable doors helps your farming operations become more productive.

Not all one-piece hydraulic farming doors are created equal - some are built to last while others will only survive a few harvests before breaking down. At Schweiss doors, we pride ourselves on designing every component of a hydraulic door from the ground up and customizing it to meet your needs. This process ensures impressive durability for your agricultural building plans. Here are some of the factors that open the door to decades of functionality.

Schweiss Hydraulic Door Applications

Superior Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders serve as the biceps of a one-piece hydraulic door. As with a power lifting in a gym, proper form makes a huge difference when raising and lowering heavy hydraulic doors. When the cylinder bends under strain, it is more likely to fail with repeated use. Sturdiness in an agricultural door goes hand-in-hand with longevity.

A high-quality door utilizes spherical bearings to reduce the strain on the hydraulic cylinders. When you're dealing with a big hydraulic door, you're going to encounter some doorframe flexing as the wind blows against the surface. Throughout an agricultural hydraulic door's full range of motion, spherical bearings on both ends of the cylinders even out pressure, giving the door extra durability.

When I bought the house, the hangar didn't have a door at all. A guy out of Chicago talked me into buying one of those plastic sliding hangar doors. The wind would blow the sucker off the rails. The Schweiss door is perfect, I like the way it fits, I like the quality and it's a good investment. I chose a bifold door over a hydraulic door because we get 65 mph winds out here. I needed a good strong heavy door otherwise the wind would just blow it down. I just like the door; you hit the button and it goes all the way up out of the way."

Norris Hibbler
Sequim, Washington

More Capable Motors

If cylinders are the muscles of a hydraulic door, the motor is the energy that powers them. The most effective motors are heavy-duty machines that feature backup protection for unpredictable events. The motors that power hydraulic doors must prevent thermal expansion within cylinders to avoid a breakdown. The motor must also automatically drain oil back into the tank, allowing you to change the filter without any spillage. Easy-to-read gauges, zero exposed plumbing lines, and the ability to place the hydraulic motor anywhere you'd like are features to look for when choosing a motor for your hydraulic door.

With so many factors to consider, it might seem impossible to find a pump that checks all the right boxes. Luckily, motors attached to the Red Power Hydraulic Pump offered by Schweiss Doors are capable of lifting even the largest hydraulic doors for years. Reliability is baked right into each motor, with a design that incorporates backup systems that keep your door moving in the event of a power outage.


The electrical box is the unsung hero of an agricultural hydraulic door. It serves as the control center for the entire system, so you're going to want top-of-the-line components to ensure it never fails. More importantly, the electrical box should exist as a stand-alone component, separate from the motor. This setup ensures that the unit is easy to access whenever necessary. Above all, a hydraulic door's electrical box should reliably open and close an agricultural door without requiring an electrician for repairs on a monthly basis.

When it comes to electrical boxes, utilizing tried-and-true components is your best bet for increasing durability. At Schweiss doors, we only use high-end, easy-to-find parts for our electrical boxes. This approach allows customers to rest easier knowing their electrical box is unlikely to act unpredictably. On the off-chance that something goes wrong, the parts they need to replace are easy to source, eliminating downtime.


Before your purchase your next large agricultural vehicle, give your building the right hydraulic door for easy access on a daily basis. Want to learn more about agricultural building plans before your next big build? Contact our experts to get all the information you need on doors that help you do more farming with better equipment.


Jeff Ryan, boathouse owner exclaims, "I can tell you this, I'm the envy of the lake!"

Log Boathouse Door Applications

The Ryan boathouse has been renovated and equipped with stylish decor pieces and a Schweiss "Red Power" pump to create a grand entrance to Lake Vermillion. It's home to a classic 1955 Chris Craft Continental.

His new floating boat garage has a remote-controlled Schweiss "Red Power" Hydraulic door that opens up to the lake. However, the main showcase piece is Ryan's 1955 Chris Craft Continental boat that cruises in and out of the boathouse through the Schweiss door.


During the 1940s, the National Geographic Society named Lake Vermilion as one of the top 10 most scenic lakes in the United States, it has maintained that beauty to this day. Get to Know Lake Vermillion:

• 40,000 acres of water

• 365 islands

• 1,200 miles of shoreline

• 40 miles Long

• Located in Minnesota's northeast Arrowhead Region

Ryan estimates the original boathouse on his lakeside lot was about 75 years old, with vinyl siding added to it in 1990. Harsh northern weather like ice, snow and strong winds were the cause of its eventual downfall. It was time for a new structure before the entire boathouse collapsed. When Ryan decided to rebuild the boathouse, he went for all things classy - including the hydraulic door!

Boathouse Hydraulic Door Appications on Lake Vermillion

To mount the door to the building, a barge was used to float the Schweiss Hydraulic Door into its place.

Construction of the Boathouse
& Hydraulic Garage Door

Building on water presents a more obvious challenge than simply building on dry, safe land. Missing his chance to use ice to his advantage, Ryan had to use a barge in the spring to ease the Schweiss hydraulic door to the front of the boat house garage. The hydraulic door then had to be built on before it was hung, making the process even more tedious.

Jeff Ryan explains the process further:
"We put some weight on this hydraulic door. It has wood planks on the inside and outside and a steel frame. This was a pretty heavy door, about 700 pounds (12.5 x 6.5 ft). It installed with ease. My guys did it for me, they put the door on in a day. The important thing was Brent (at Schweiss Doors) gave me all the dimensions prior so I had the cut out of the exact size. So when we put it in, it fit perfect. It took about four hours to actually hang the hydraulic door,"


Ryan spent the winter rebuilding the boathouse with new cribs under the water and new supports in the roofing and walls. The long side of the house has cedar wood planks on the outside and 3/4" tongue and groove on the inside of the boathouse. The boathouse also had to be rewired so Ryan could run more power to it.

I can tell you this, I'm the envy of the lake! I considered a (Schweiss) Bifold Door, but because of the height and the water height going up and down, I didn't want to be ducking down to get the boat on and off. The old door was basically a roll-up garage door, which obviously wouldn't have worked with my hoist system. My neighbor said it's overkill. But it's beautiful.

Jeff Ryan
Lake Vermilion, Minnesota

Electric hoists were used to lift and lower the boat from the water with the support of the rail system built into the ceiling. Winter storage is made easy because the boat can be raised completely out of the water. The rollers on the hoists allow the prized boat to move forward and backward depending on the water level. As for the hydraulic door decision - Lake Vermillion's strong winds lead Ryan to choose a Schweiss Door with a wind rate at 90 mph.

"I considered a (Schweiss) Bifold Door, but because of the height and the water height going up and down, I didn't want to be ducking down to get the boat on and off," noted Ryan. The old door was basically a roll-up garage door, which obviously wouldn't have worked with my hoist system."
Ryan will be enjoying his boat, boathouse and Schweiss Hydraulic door for many summers to come! "My neighbor said it's overkill. But it's beautiful," said Ryan with a grin.

Contact us to see how we can finish your next project with a durable, easy-access Schweiss Hydraulic Door!

Fishing Boathouse Hydraulic Door Applications

Jeff Ryan's daughter, Caitlin, 10, is an avid fisher, and she has a big largemouth bass to prove it.

Electric hoists lift boat out of water in winter

Electric hoists were used to lift and lower the boat in and out of the water with the support of their rail system built into the ceiling. Winter storage is made easy because the boat can be fully lifted out of the water.

Boathouse in need gets rebuilt with Schweiss Door

Let's go back in time to the old boathouse above. Built about 75 years ago, it was in dire need of a complete rebuild.

Schweiss Boathouse doors on beautiful lake.

Lake Vermillion has long been known for its beautiful houseboats. Now it can also be known for its beautiful boathouses.

See The Hydraulic Door and Classic Boat in Action on YouTube


Jeff Ryan is the owner of Versare Portable Products Company in Minneapolis. Versare manufactures and distributes room dividers, screens for hospitals, temporary walls for factories, mobile folding partitions for school, backdrops for meeting rooms and more. They have locations overseas in France, China and soon in Bahrain. For more information visit Versare

1-of-many unique uses for a Schweiss Doors

Hydraulic Hangar Dock Door Applications by Schweiss

"I've been into building design and architecture all my life. My father was a builder and I guess the genetics just kept on working,"

- Sid Morris

Unique House, Unique Man, Unique Door

The carriage house in Cornelius, NC is not your average lakeside property. Not only does it house a few unique cars and a motorboat but it is also home to an R44 helicopter. The house is fitted with a helipad at the end of a 200' dock. Once the helicopter lands it is guided by a small dolly into its proper stall inside the vast lakeside garage. Schweiss doors were able to help outfit the helicopter stall with hydraulic doors crafted to match the exterior of the lake house and secure enough to keep the helicopters in pristine condition.

Fun Facts about Fighter Pilot & Homeowner Sid Morris

• CEO of Morris International, a 4A advertising organization headquartered in Davidson, NC.

• Works with high-profile accounts include NASCAR, NHRA and more.

• Invests in commercial development of offices, restaurants, marinas, etc.

• Graduated from East Carolina University as a design graduate - he has architecture in his genes!

I've been to so many different airports and to Oshkosh for every year but one since 1992. I actually own three hangars. When we got ready to build this hangar, I looked at everybody's doors again. I have several friends that have hydraulic doors and I like the operation and looks of them better than bifold doors. I just kind of settled on Schweiss because I like the looks of the door and when I called and talked to Brent at Schweiss I was satisfied with everything he told me. I like the size of the door because I can move the airplanes in and out without having to move a lot of stuff. I like the quietness and smoothness and looks of it.

John Mosley
Clinton, Mississippi


Morris enjoys the community in and around Lake Norman, however, the carriage house is a two hour drive from Morris's mountain retreat in Virginia, so he decided to get innovative. "This was just a piece of dirt and for a few years, I'd been thinking about how to make this more useful. I've got a place in the Virginia mountains where I built a runway for my airplane. Then I got a helicopter, built a helipad and hangar up there... So wouldn't it be great if I could fly home? I started tinkering with the idea of putting a landing pad on top of the boathouse. But I didn't want to leave my helicopter sitting outside. After about three years of doodling various ideas, we decided on the concept of an elevated dock running directly to the carriage house. Or perhaps more accurately my helicopter hangar." Morris has created a unique hanger for his helicopters, helping to fulfill his passion for flying.

A Quick Look at Morris' Flying Journey:

• Earned pilot license at age 16

• Has 55 years of flying experience, and 5 years of helicopter flying

• Flies his own R44, a magnificent four-passenger bird with 'cruising speed' of about 110 mph

• Shortened 2-hour driving commute to a picturesque 45 minutes

Hydraulic Designer Door Applications in North Carolina

Double Decker Pier/HeliPad Provides Extra Space and Easy Access to the Boat and Helicopter

Side note: What's up with the 2-story dock? The original dock included an A-frame houseboat. Dominick Ristino, a long-time family friend and contractor for this facility was recruited in for help. Ristino is the founder of Metropolitan builders, and his crew and Morris decided to removed the houseboat. Together, they engineered various I-beam structures and attached them to the boathouse footings. They then proceeded to construct the new dock and helipad, which sits 12' higher and directly above the already existing dock.


The center parking garage for his helicopter is 43' long and 16' high. Two Schweiss hydraulic doors, each 10' wide by 12' vertical open his unique helicopter garage. The Schweiss doors are designed with the added feature of French doors on the exterior to provide easy access to the garage and also fit with the look of the cabin. "So when these hydraulic doors are closed, they match perfectly with the rest of the exterior design. You don't have any impression of looking at a garage door!"

Already considering your unique idea for a custom built Schweiss Door? Check out our door gallery for more ideas.

Helicopter Taxis into Aviation Hangar Doors

R44 Helicopter on the Dolly Toward the Hangar.

Hangar Door Applications for Hangar/Garage/Dock

Two Helicopters Rolling Down the Runway
Toward the Hydraulic Door.


Morris was already a fan of Schweiss doors - he previously had his mountain hangar fitted with a 40' x 18' Schweiss bifold door.

"Delivering that door up a 4,000 ft. mountain was quite a task but the Schweiss guys got it there. It was through the woods, up the hills, over the bridges, etc., but they got the job done... So it didn't take much thinking to go Schweiss for my carriage house too. I needed a 12' vertical clearspan and didn't want to build higher to hook up bifolds. So these two hydraulics are perfect. No loss of headroom. Very well built. Just lots of structural integrity."

Schweiss is committed to our clients we build long-lasting doors and long-lasting relationships!

"I see the Schweiss guys each year at Oshkosh for the big experimental air show. Plus I see their doors at hangars wherever I go. They make a very good product and we've been very happy with their service. The hydraulic doors were delivered on time as scheduled…It's the only door I would consider!"


Schweiss was honored to work with a natural architect, pilot, and businessman with a history of building name recognition across America. Creating and providing custom hydraulic doors that are fit for our clients' unique needs is one of our specialties at Schweiss. We're always looking for the next innovative structure in need of an accessible and long-lasting hydraulic door. Working with customers and designing solutions to meet their unique needs is what we do day in and day out.

Take a look below at just how (and seemingly effortless) our Schweiss Hydraulic doors made for the ideal storage unit for Morris's helicopters.

Contact Schweiss today, let's chat about how we can custom build a hydraulic door to fit your needs!

Schweiss Hydraulic Door Applications for Hangars/Garage

R44 Helicopter on the Dolly Toward the Hangar.

Hydraulic Hangar Door Applications for Aircraft

Two Helicopters Rolling Down the Runway
Toward the Hydraulic Door.

Schweiss Dock Hangar Door Application opens possibilities

Open up possibilities with Schweiss Doors!

Hydraulic North Carolina garage door virtually disappears when closed

His garage door was engineered by Schweiss Doors to blend in to match the side of his home with matching large double windows and identical cladding of the home itself. When the door is open, it looks like and other hydraulic garage door, but when it's closed it's an extension of his home, virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Residential Garage Door in Mooresville, NC equipped with remote opener and photo eye sensor

Dennis Scearce of Mooresville, NC built a 30'x30' two-story garage and workshop onto his home. It has a 25.4' x 9' Schweiss hydraulic door equipped with remote opener and photo eye sensors.

Dennis Scearce, a retired consultant, now turned Mooresville, North Carolina handyman, takes pleasure showing people in the neighborhood his 25 ft. x 9 ft. Schweiss hydraulic garage door that seems to appear out of nowhere when he pushes the button on his remote opener.

"All my neighbors think my hidden garage door is just unbelievable and everybody that comes by gets faked out. There's been a huge amount of interest where neighborhood associations don't let people build a garage. When the door is closed nobody knows it's a garage; they think my house is opening up and they want me to tell them where I got the door and how much it cost. I have the 5 h.p. motor that opens the door about twice as fast as the 2 h.p. motor. Schweiss designed the door so the Pella house windows would fit in the door to match how they are installed on the rest of the house," explained Scearce.

You might think Scearce is your run-of-the-mill all-around handyman; all who know him now know him by the name "Odd Job Johnny." Prior to retirement he worked at Duke Energy in their IT Construction and Commodities fleet and distribution departments. When he retired from that job he went back to work as a project manager of engineering modifications at McGuire Nuclear Station in North Carolina where he initiated a cyber security program for the Duke Energy nuclear fleet.

All my neighbors think my hidden garage door is just unbelievable and everybody that comes by gets faked out. There's been a huge amount of interest where neighborhood associations don't let people build a garage. When the door is closed nobody knows it's a garage; they think my house is opening up and they want me to tell them where I got the door and how much it cost. I have the 5 h.p. motor that opens the door about twice as fast as the 2 h.p. motor. Schweiss designed the door so the Pella windows would fit in the door to match how they are installed on the rest of the house.

Dennis Scearce
Mooresville, North Carolina

"I've been familiar with Schweiss Doors for a long time. I'm a pilot and have seen Schweiss several times at the Sun ‘n Fun air shows. When designing my garage, I visited a couple of airports where pilots had Schweiss doors I could look at. A friend of mine just built a hangar with a Schweiss door," said Scearce.

Before ordering his door, he studied the Schweiss Doors website and also scouted out other manufacturer's doors. He knew he didn't want to go with two 12-foot regular garage doors because. That would have called for a center post.

"When you open this door, you have access to anywhere in my shop. I can drive in and turn my car around and drive out. I already have a garage door on the other side of the house, so I didn't want this to look like a little house in-between two garages. It just looks like a big room addition, not a door - it came out perfect," added Scearce.

Another advantage he discovered about his hydraulic door is that when it is up, he has a 25 ft. x 9 ft. shelter to work under. He placed the hydraulic pump out of way in the garage attic. In order to handle the weight of the door he had the door uprights bolted to four 2x12's and he tripled the garage trusses by bolting three of them together. He said that when he opens the door, nothing shakes.

Neighbors get amazed when side of home swings out

His neighbors are amazed to see the side of his home open up when he lifts the hydraulic door that matches the rest of his home. The two large double Pella windows in the door also match the exterior of the home.

Door gives shade when open and its pump is conveniently above the garage

Scearce appreciates the fact that when his 9-foot tall door is open it offers a nice shaded canopy. He decided on moving the hydraulic pump out of the way to the upper level of his garage/workshop. He also likes that the door gives him a nice shaded canopy when open.

Inside of Garage door is insulated, and planned to be lined

The inside of his hydraulic door is still a work in progress. He has insulated the door but still plans to attach an inside liner to make it look better. He also added a concrete pad outside the door where he can park his classic cars and do other work outside.