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Schweiss Door Types have many different uses.

About Schweiss Hydraulic Doors

At Schweiss we custom build hydraulic doors to meet customer needs. Our craftsmanship cultivated over 35 years of experience helps us create powerful, lasting doors that work efficiently in any situation. We pride ourselves in providing quality products and customer experience from blueprint to delivery.

Schweiss hydraulic doors use a custom power pump, robust hinges, a heavy-duty cylinder design, and added safety features for a smooth open and a strong hold you can trust. Our custom door solutions offer maximum headroom and a variety of door types tough enough to withstand high winds and harsh weather. We’ll design a door to fit the the look you’re going for — or match the structure it will be placed on!

Door Types


Schweiss hydraulic doors are perfect for large aircraft hangars. Since they extend to full height when opened, they provide optimal space to fit any aircraft. They open and close fast for ease of access when you need it, and strong steel frames ensure your aircraft will be kept safe.


Agricultural equipment continues to become larger each year. A hydraulic door can maximize headroom and keep your machine shed from becoming obsolete. We continue to meet customer specific height and length requirements for our Schweiss hydraulic doors to ensure you’ll have an ideal, powerful door for your building.


Schweiss hydraulic designer doors can be custom built for just about any situation imaginable. Each hydraulic door can be tailored to your design and height specifications. Over the years we have created hydraulic doors in many shapes, sizes, and looks — we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life. Bring on your hydraulic door challenge, and Schweiss will custom build it for you.


Schweiss hydraulic doors are the best replacement for any worn-out door in the commercial market. A Schweiss hydraulic door is a superior option to a manual roll-up or sliding door — remote access opens your door quickly with the push of a button. Get a custom built door to blend into any structure or add a showcase piece to your commercial building.


Schweiss Doors designs custom hydraulic doors for storefronts, bars, and restaurants. A retail hydraulic door provides style, function and an attractive entrance to any indoor or outdoor business — plus shade under the door canopy.


Schweiss Hydraulic Doors makes a great impression at any stadium, arena, or amphitheater. Fans appreciate the custom design and superior function of Schweiss Hydraulic Designer stadium doors. Employees will relish the functionality and ease of access a hydraulic door brings. From entryways to shop and restaurant openings, Schweiss can customize your hydraulic door(s) to whatever height and length requirements you need.