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Should I buy a hydraulic or a bifold door?

The choice is yours. Hydraulic and bifold doors both have their own advantages. Hydraulic doors have an impressive appearance, a dependable operating system, and less moving parts. Bifold doors are extremely strong, they look very good folding up and they can lift any wide and heavy doors. It really depends on the situation you’re in and comes down to personal preference. If you tell us the specifics of your door we will be happy to help you select a door that works best for your application.

Is a hydraulic door suitable for industrial applications?

Hydraulic doors are extremely durable, hydraulic doors come with an all steel frame, we also make biomass doors and blast-proof doors that are extremely tough, perfect for industrial applications.

Why should I buy a hydraulic door instead of another style of door?

A hydraulic door has less moving parts, which means there is possibility for parts to break. A hydraulic door also has an impressive appearance and offers a canopy from rain or sun.

Should I buy a hydraulic or a bifold door for my helicopter hangar?

There are certain advantages to both doors, but usually either one is a good choice. Jeremy, Brent, Julie or Brook can ask about your application and help you decide. In most cases It really comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Why should I buy a hydraulic door for my building?

A hydraulic door is a dependable design, it has less moving parts than other styles of doors. Two powerful hydraulic cylinders lift the door easily. With Schweiss Doors you get superior engineering and craftsmanship. You also get reliable service and customer care you can depend on.

Why should I choose a hydraulic farm door?

A hydraulic door is an investment, hydraulic doors protect your machinery and equipment and greatly improve the performance of your farm building over time. Large equipment requires large doors. Buying a bigger door can be risky, but hydraulic doors are low maintenance, and a strong dependable investment.

Where can I find design information related to a hydraulic door?

Design information is available at our design info page, we also host CAD drawings and in DWG and PDF file formats on Arcat (, this is a one-stop-shop for specs, CAD drawings and LEED data for architects and engineers.

What is the cost difference between small vs large doors?

The cost of doors is roughly linear by height, but for an accurate estimate call 507-426-8273 and ask to speak to a salesperson, they will be able to calculate the cost of the door plus shipping and handling and any other costs specific to your project.

Can I find safety information for a large commercial door?

At Schweiss Doors safety is our number 1 priority! Please read our safety information at Safety upgrades are available such as alarms, photo-eye-sensors and flashing lights that can improve the safety of your door.

Where can I find specifications and for a hydraulic or a bifold door?

Design information is available at our design info page, we also host CAD drawings and in DWG and PDF file formats on Arcat (, this is a repository of specs, CAD drawings and LEED data for architects and engineers.

What are the benefits of aluminum hydraulic doors?

Galvanized aluminum hydraulic doors are coated in zinc which prevents rust and does not dull as quickly as regular aluminum. Brushed aluminum has a shiny, finished appearance and is not the least bit flimsy. Aluminum doors have a strong strength to weight ratio and can provide a very light-weight yet effective door.

Are hydraulic doors dangerous because they open outward?

At Schweiss, safety is our middle name. We work to educate our customers on how to appropriately and safely use our hydraulic doors. To minimize safety concerns, the entire area affected when hydraulic doors open and close should be clearly painted with NO PARKING notices. The area in front of all hydraulic doors should always remain clear of people, vehicles and machinery. Schweiss recommends all hydraulic doors be installed with clear windows, allowing door operators to foresee any obstruction before opening. If you are concerned about the outward-opening nature of hydraulic doors and/or your space is precious, you may want to consider our bifold doors instead. While hydraulic doors open outward, bifold doors open upward. Whether bifold or hydraulic doors, Schweiss will always help you find the right choice for your operation.

I already have one small airplane hanger for my light aircraft, and I'm considering building another. I've heard installing hydraulic doors can save me money. Is this true?

Absolutely! Hydraulic doors are perfect for small airplane hangars, and yes, installing hydraulic doors will save you money. Here's why: because hydraulic doors lift out and swing up, only 5" of headroom is required. So, whether you're considering hydraulic doors for your existing hanger or your new building, you need not worry about adjusting the size of either building to accommodate your new hydraulic doors. With Schweiss One-Piece Hydraulic Doors, you can build the hanger you want and that means lower sidewalls, less insulation, less siding and less labor costs overall! Not to mention, when you go with Schweiss, your hydraulic doors come with a seven-year warranty and that means long-term savings!

We have an industrial door application. Do your bifold doors or hydraulic doors vary much in price? Our existing industrial door is worn out and needs to be replaced soon.

Schweiss industrial doors are priced evenly and it is your choice of which style of industrial door fits your building and application. Heavy-duty industrial doors from Schweiss are designed for many trouble free cycles.

What door do you recommend, the hydraulic or the bifold door?

We manufacture both styles of doors, and show you the comparisons so you will be able to choose the door style that fits your door needs, and every door is custom built for you.

Design & Customization

What should I consider when building an entrance to a riding arena?

A lot of people ask for doors similar to those pictured on A wide door is a big factor when moving horses in and out of a stable. A wide bifold door can handle high traffic in and out of your riding arena. Width is no problem for a bifold door.

What is the best way to determine the clear opening for my quonset building?

There are different ways to mount a door to a Quonset building, to the endwall, above the endwall with a freestanding header and to the very top of the building with a freestanding header. Determine if you need to use a freestanding header and which mounting style can maximize the height and width clearance of your door.

What are the design criteria for a metal building?

There are different design criteria for steel buildings and wood buildings, make sure that your plans meet the design criteria. Criteria can also differ depending on the building type.

What size door should I build for my machine shed?

Often you want to maximize the clear opening of your machine shed, hydraulic doors mount below the header and bifold doors mount above the header of the clear opening, so in either case the door loses no headroom. Talk to one of our designers to learn more ways to maximize your opening.

Can I get custom glass doors for my application?

Glass doors cost extra compared to metal cladding in your door. When appearance is a factor many customers see glass doors as a significant improvement in the quality of the door. Glass doors are perfect for indoor outdoor spaces, they let in natural light and provide a great view of the outdoors.

Can I build a custom door for my application?

Absolutely! Any door can be a designer door. No door is too big or too small, and we have done many kinds of designer doors. No matter what you are looking to do with your door, Schweiss can build it.

How do I know the size of the door necessary to fit my airplane?

You can find the size of your airplane using our airplane size chart. Make sure to account for the wingspan and tail height to leave room in the clear opening for your airplane.

Do I need an architect to plan my hydraulic doors?

It’s always a good idea to specify to your architect the type of door you have in mind so it can be planned into building construction. If you don’t have an architect Schweiss designers and engineers can answer any technical questions you have and our certified installers will make sure that the door is architecturally sound and properly installed.

How big should I build my hangar door?

They say everyone starts flying a Cessna, but with pilot experience comes larger planes. Make sure your door is big enough to fit the plane you fly now, but also big enough for the plane you will be flying in 10 years. Find measurements from Cessnas to Boeing Jet’s on our airplane size chart.

How big should I build my hydraulic barn door?

Plan to build your pole barn door bigger than your current needs. Build a bigger door to leave yourself room if you plan to purchase new equipment.

We like the hydraulic door. Is there any way to hide the external truss?

Yes, the truss can be located on the inside of the doorframe.

Prices on your hydraulic doors are good, is there anything left out that I may need at a later date?

We have built our door reputation by offering the best components on the market today, we offer the best hydraulic prices to go along with our quality "One-Piece" door. Yes, Schweiss will save you money on your next hydraulic door.

On the one-piece hydraulic doors, does the power unit have to be positioned near the up/down station? I would like to place the hydraulic power unit in the back storage room where it will not be an eyesore.

Good question - Schweiss's one-piece hydraulic power unit can be easily placed in any corner or room in a hangar building, so when inside the hangar building, you will only see the up/down station and not the hydraulic pump. Your one-piece hangar door can be nicely finished off, to add a touch of class to your hangar home.

Why do you recommend a window in the hydraulic doors?

So the operator can visually see whats parked in the doorway, or what may be passing by the one piece door that swings outward when opening.

On the one piece hydraulic doors, does the power unit have to be positioned near the up/down station? I would like to place the hydraulic power unit in the back storage room where it will not be an eye sore.

Schweiss's one piece hydraulic power unit can be easily placed in any corner or room in a hangar building, so when inside the hangar building, you will only see the up/down station and not the hydraulic pump. Your one piece hangar door can be nicely finished off, to add a touch of class to your hangar home.

Installation & Maintenance

Will my post frame building support the forces of a hydraulic door?

Each post frame building or pole barn will support different forces, chances are very high that your building can support the forces of a hydraulic door. The larger the door the more the structure must be tested to withstand the forces of a large moving door.

Can insulation be added to a door after-market?

It is easier to plan ahead for insulation and get it when the door is installed. Insulation can be installed after-the-fact in order to upgrade or replace the existing insulation for the door.

What are the options for insulation?

There are several options for insulation, seals, insulated beadboard, or our weatherproof kit that can also improve the insulation of the door.

Are wiring diagrams and electrical manuals available for my door?

Electrical diagrams and schematics are available for your door at

What kits are available to upgrade my hydraulic door?

Schweiss can custom design door parts and components to suit your needs. Jiggle switches, photo-eye-sensors, control stations (dead man lift), door base safety edges, warning entrance lights and horn, emergency battery backup system, walk-through doors, decorative sheetings and trims, custom windows and interior linings are all available to improve the look and performance of your door.

Can I install the door myself? How do I install a hydraulic door?

Schweiss offers a Build Your Own Door Kit for welders to save money on installation and assembly. Ask us about the cost savings on shipping and installation when you go with a Schweiss Build Your Own Door.

Can Schweiss install the door?

Schweiss employs a team of certified installers to guarantee the door will be installed properly.

I'm considering purchasing a hydraulic door for my machine shed. Are hydraulic doors difficult to install and maintain?

Not at all. When you purchase Schweiss hydraulic doors, we work with you to ensure your installation experience is hassle-free. Our One-Piece Hydraulic Doors have only three main components: our signature One-Piece doorframe, hydraulic rams (2) and the electric hydraulic power unit. All of our hydraulic doors come with a seven-year warranty, so your hydraulic door remains hassle-free long after installation. Not to mention, Schweiss One-Piece Hydraulic Doors allow for extended protection for your machinery. Each of our hydraulic doors opens easily and seals tight against harsh weather.

Others are saying the door comes with its own framework and does not hang on the building, can you explain this better?

Yes, the door may come with its own framework, but the framework is anchored to the buildings side columns and the buildings header. When you attach the door and the doors subframe to the building structure, now the door and subframe are relying on the building structure to support the door and the doors operation. When the door is in the fully open position it hangs way out there off the end of the building. Now the building structure is supporting the door, when the door is being opened the cylinders are putting forces to the cylinder brackets and the doors subframe that is attached to the vertical building columns. Note the cylinders are offset to the inside of the building columns that carry the loads of the door in all positions. Yes a sub-frame adds extra support, but every hydraulic door needs a building to hang off of and door columns to support the door and the powerful cylinders that raise and lower the door. All buildings must be designed to carry the weightloads and the doors operation to make a safe installation. This is how you avoid door failures/building failures.

When the door is fully open and I lower the door and stop the door at midpoint my building column bounces. What does this tell you?

The door column may be too light or the building column is not properly braced to take the forces of the hydraulic cylinders. Since the doors cylinder bracket is offset from the centerline of the door side column, that causes eccentric loading and torsion on the door side column. Correct the problem when you know this is happening.

We have a hydraulic door and are concerned about a door failure. What should we be looking for?

Raise the door to a half open position and jog the down switch several times so the door comes to a stop. Keep an eye on the top cylinder and cylinder bracket and watch for movement in the bracket. The bracket over time may fail if it was manufactured with too light a material. You must understand both cylinders carry the entire weight of the door.

There have been stories about hydraulic failures, can you explain?

When a hydraulic door has not been properly designed the top pivot points that the cylinder attach to can break off or fail. It's important to inspect each door and check for signs of failure. Also, Google the words "door failures" and read up on any problems that are published on the web.

What went wrong with the hydraulic doors?

Nothing went wrong with the hydraulic doors. When a door manufacturer has a poor cylinder bracket design and the building column and the subframe bracket are not properly designed, the forces the two powerful cylinders have on the building column will cause door failures. The stresses on a hydraulic door are much different than a bifold door. Hydraulic doors, when open, stick way out and are supported by two cylinders holding the door in all positions. Therefore, the cylinder bracket must be designed to carry those forces and transfer them to the building's door column. Knowing that, how can anyone tell you that the door puts NO stress on your building. Everyone is going to have to rethink that statement! Hydraulic doors are a great design, but must be done right. Understand the hydraulic door and its forces!

If we choose to install our own door, will this affect the warranty of your door?

Schweiss stands behind its product if you decide to install the door yourself. We have easy-to-read, step-by-step install manuals, and have many satisfied customers who install their own doors.

When I order my hydraulic door, and the door is split for shipping, does the customer have to weld the doorframe back together?

Hydraulic doorframes have bolted connections - that make it quick and easy to assemble. The bolts are supplied with each Hydraulic Door!

When I order my hydraulic door, and the door is split for shipping, does the customer have to weld the door frame back together? Please reply soon. Thanks

Hydraulic door frames have bolted connections - that makes it quick and easy to assemble. The bolts are supplied with each Hydraulic Door!

Schweiss Products & Services

Does Schweiss build wind-rated doors?

Sure, doors can be wind-rated to specifications. Schweiss doors can be wind rated to suit the needs of the application. Many doors range in wind-rating from 90-175mph. It’s good to think about the wind rating of your door depending on your location. Wind loaded doors come with a new Schweiss wind pin for extra strength.

Can you replace my damaged "Other Brand" door?

We replace broken and damaged "Other Brand" doors all the time. It’s much safer to buy a Schweiss Door and get our installation, parts, and service included.

Will Schweiss retrofit a door to my building?

If you are concerned about the width and height of your door or you want to replace the an old, worn out door from another brand or slider door Schweiss can build it. Width is no problem for a bifold door, and buildings can also be modified to give extra clearance to your opening.

What’s unique about the Schweiss Red Power Pump?

Schweiss Red Power pump is part of the patented Schweiss hydraulic door apparatus. The electric pump provides a means to operate the hydraulic system. The electric pump uses hydraulic power to operate two heavy duty lift cylinders. The difference is in the Schweiss commercial grade electrical system, electrical control box and 4 or 8 gallon hydraulic oil reserve with a direct drive motor to the pump. The red power pump can be placed anywhere in your building with universal mounting brackets. The Red Power pump also comes ready to operate, but is expandable to easily install upgrades such as photo-eye-lasers, horn, safety edges, warning lights and entrance lights.

Can Schweiss build military-grade doors?

Schweiss can build large doors for military equipment. Steel blast proof doors can also be custom built with bulletproof windows, gun holes and safety upgrades.

Does Schweiss build residential hydraulic doors?

Absolutely! No Door is too small. Schweiss considers residential doors a designer application. It’s always good to consider the extras such as custom cladding and finishings.

I’m from a foreign country. Can I buy a Schweiss door?

Schweiss sells doors all over the world, we’ve shipped to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico and Canada. Shipping overseas is no problem.

Does Schweiss have experience building hangar doors?

Schweiss has built and installed many hangar doors including 132 hangar doors on one airfield project near Chicago Illinois. Schweiss is the premiere installer of hangar doors with many aviation customers and projects built-to-date around the world.

Where does Schweiss mount it's hydraulic door operator?

Each hydraulic door has a self contained "Red Power" pump that can be located anywhere in your building.

Hi guys. I need a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic aircraft hanger door, 18m x 5m, I am in Australia, what would it cost me for a complete kit including hydraulics etc., landed in Australia, alternately do you have someone in Australia that can make this door? hear from you soon, Josh.

Yes, Schweiss has a strong presence in Australia. We just shipped four more doors last week. We can help you.

Special Uses

What should I know before purchasing doors for a T-Hangar?

Looking for multiple doors, it could save money to purchase and install them together. Call us at 1-800-746-8273 to see how much you can save on your t-hangar application.

Can I do a Designer Door on the garage of my home?

Consider a glass designer door or custom cladding to fit your building. Designer Doors a great way to turn your building into an indoor/outdoor space. A residential designer door can open up to a patio or gathering area and seamlessly connect the interior and exterior of your home. It makes sense to go with Schweiss doors for your next specialty door or RV garage door application.

Any special considerations for a hangar door?

With a large hydraulic door it can be a good idea to add windows and walk doors so that the door operator can see what (or who) is parked outside the door before opening it.

Should I make any special considerations for my hangar home?

Make sure the clear opening is large enough to fit your plane. See our airplane size chart to know how big to build your door.

What are the criteria for a concrete building? Are there special installation instructions?

There are special criteria for concrete buildings. Also make sure to let our installers know if you have a concrete floor.