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Schweiss Hydraulic Doors - Quality Doors

Hydraulic Door Quality

Quality is the number one reason why Schweiss hydraulic doors have become the industry standard. Other companies can build hydraulic doors, but at Schweiss, our quality overhead hydraulic doors are built for years of high-performance with the right materials and the right design. Schweiss has been committed to using only the highest quality materials and components since day one. Our high-quality components combined with research on hydraulic door design has given us a solution for a longer-lasting and overall better door.

This commitment to making quality overhead doors is evident in the fact that the first door built by Schweiss over three decades ago is still working to this day.

The Schweiss 7-Year Warranty

Schweiss is so confident in our hydraulic overhead door quality that we have a 7-year warranty on all hydraulic power units that we sell. We put in custom-made hydraulic door features you won’t find anywhere on the market because our commitment to providing clients with high-quality, lasting hydraulic doors is our top priority. Schweiss is committed to serving our customers long after the sale.


  • 7-year warranty on all hydraulic power units
  • Superior engineering and over three decades of experience
  • Custom sizing, design and manufacturing
  • Detailed specs with each door that outline weights and forces
  • The highest quality hydraulic doors on the market today
  • Large cylinders and heavy-duty hydraulic pumps
  • Solid, weather-tight sealing
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Pre-assembled, pre-welded and pre-hung doors with hassle-free installation
  • Reliable service and long-term customer care

Do you want upgrades and options? You got it! Give us a call and let Schweiss Hydraulic Doors custom design your perfect hydraulic door today!