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Schweiss Robust Hydraulic Door Cylinders

Better, Stronger Cylinders

Unique Design

Through our experience, we have learned about the importance of flexibility when it comes to large, strong hydraulic doors. Cylinders are not designed to bow, so when hydraulic cylinders are put to the test against a large, steel-framed door bowing becomes a concern — one that we address.

Through our years of experience we have found the key to long-lasting Hydraulic doors: spherical bearings. Our larger cylinders combined with using spherical bearings on both ends of the cylinder provide more flexibility for the door.. This unique design has helped us find success when it comes to making high quality, lasting hydraulic doors.

Our Schweiss hydraulic cylinder design works to:

  • Reduce wear on cylinders, cylinder pins, and clevises during operation
  • Maintain straight cylinders & rods through a full range of motion
  • Reduce bow and binding of cylinders and rods
  • Ensure pins have even forces on them when the door is in any position

“As soon as I saw and understood the spherical bearings design it was a no-brainer. I was immediately SOLD on the Schweiss Hydraulic Door !”

Larger, Higher Quality Cylinders

At Schweiss, we build our doors stronger and with high-quality materials to ensure many years of trouble-free operation. All of our doors are made with a self-supporting subframe making the doors large and heavy. With heavy-duty doors, it is incredibly important to have capable hydraulic cylinders because it takes large cylinders to open large doors!

We pair each of our doors with two large hydraulic cylinders fitted with large rods as well as double push tubes all for added strength. We attach the cylinders to the vertical subframe on each end of the door for added durability and a watertight seal! The unique design of our Schweiss hydraulic cylinders gets the job done every time.

Spherical Bearings

Spherical bearings are an important part of the door. Here’s why:

The hydraulic cylinders on each side of the hydraulic door are connected to the frame and the building using spherical bearings. The role of the spherical bearings is to accommodate the flexibility of the hydraulic doorframe while still allowing the cylinders to raise and lower the door. Since the bearings are placed between the teardrop area and cylinder plate they aid the cylinders without binding on the hydraulic cylinder pins and brackets. The use of spherical bearings in the Schweiss hydraulic cylinder design helps to provide more flexibility on both ends of the hydraulic cylinder, allowing it to stay straight through its full range of motion.

The Schweiss Hydraulic Advantage: Stronger cylinders and a better design = a safer hydraulic door!

Schweiss Better, Stronger Cylinders