We’re designing a new building and would like to use a large glass bifold door made of aluminum. We get a lot of snow during the winter and we get very high winds, so I will need an insulated door that is weather tight. the dimensions are 55′ by 42′. Please send me the designs that you would recommend. Sincerely, Mary Anne

Can you give me a quote on six – 30′ wide x 10′ high aluminum hydraulic doors with the red power pumps for a hangar, will need them shipped to British Columbia, Canada Thanks, Tyson

I need two 40 feet by 10 feet doors. The doors will go on a new pole barn. I’d like the doors to be single piece hydraulic door made from aluminum. I got two doors from you about 8 yrs ago, still serving me well. I’ll have the doors shipped to Alabama.

Bought a farm that has a pole building. The 30 ft end has a sliding door that opens halfway with a post at the 15′ point Is it possible to install a header and an aluminum hydraulic door? What would be involved? What about a header and a bigger door on the 40′ side? Thanks

We want to do an aluminum frame, glass paneled, hydraulic door for my restaurant. Opening is 16′ high x 20′ wide. The door will need to have a walk door so we can get in and out easily., which would be accessible when the hydraulic door is closed. Is this possible? The single door would need to be lockable, so that when the hydraulic door is open the single door does dangle, it closes with the door.

We own a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. We want a glass hydraulic door with an aluminum frame. We want it for customers to enter the patio from the restaurant. The opening is roughly 18″ x 10″ I can get exact measurements in the next email. How long would it take to ship to CA, and how long will it take to install? Thank you.

My garage door is probably 18 feet wide x 8 feet tall opening in Concrete block and stucco structure. I am interested in a one piece hydraulic lift door made of aluminum which will serve as a protected canopy when open and a 150mph or better storm door when closed. I want to install it myself to lower cost. Please advise. Thanks, Walter

I’m looking to put a new garage door on my house. 14′ wide x 12′ high. One piece hydraulic garage door, glass panels with an aluminum frame.

Our architecture firm is currently working on a double car, residential garage. We’ve seen your hydraulic designs around the web and are very interested in installing them. We currently want a clear garage door opening of 10′ wide and 7′ tall. Is that a job you’re able to do?
If so:
-Is there any information about the building that you need?
-What are our options for designs?
-The cost difference between steel and aluminum? (we would most likely want an insulated door option)
-We would also like remotes for the doors.

Thanks! -James

I want to replace the old sliding barn doors on my shed, I want it to be weathertight and made from aluminum. I need a 30′ by 13′ hydraulic door. Please email me, thanks

Contract calls for a 90 foot long 50 foot wide building. I’m not sure if I need a 14′ or 16′ tall aluminum hydraulic door with the red power pumps. It would be best to get any design changes done as soon as possible. Need a quote for insulated and non-insulated. Thank you Andrew

I’m a contractor and I have a customer with a double airplane hangar 42 miles outside Fairbanks, Alaska. The customer is looking for an aluminum door, but isn’t sure if he wants a lift-strap bifold or a one-piece hydraulic. What do you recommend?

I am a contractor in British Columbia, Canada. I have a customer that wants hydraulic doors with aluminum. He wants the door ti be 24′ by 10′ with insulation.

Im looking for a price on a aluminum hydraulic door for a storefront in Houston, TX. We can do all the welding and installation. It will be a non insulated door. The opening is 20′ wide and the opening height is minimum of 10′

I have a 50 foot high by 20 foot wide opening that needs a one piece hydraulic door. I need pricing details and building specs on both a steel and aluminum options. I will also be considering dyi installation since I can’t find any installers near me. Thanks

Aluminum Doors

We were wondering if we could get a door, but aluminum, for the look of it. We have a industrial look for the door where the door will be. And the aluminum will go well with the rest of the aluminum. I was wondering aluminum doors have a disadvantage to their steel counterparts.

We like the look of your product and are very interested in a aluminum hydraulic or bifold door. Do you have any dealers in India? Please call or email. Thanks

I want 2 aluminum hydraulic hangar doors each 48′ x 17′ Clearance, doors for a hangar we’re building. Please call Thanks! Sam

Aluminum Doors

I am looking to quote aluminum and glass hanging doors for an  indoor/outdoor bar patio. The door needs to seal on the granite bar counter. Sizes as follows; 4′ long by 5.5′ high 10′ long by 5.5′ high two at 11′ long by 5.5′ high. I have some architectural drawings and specs I can send over to further explain. Thanks again

Preparing to build a pool house for a client and she wants a weather tight glass hydraulic door with the red power pumps, 8 ft. wide x 7 ft. tall.