We are working in the design of a new restaurant in Tampa, FL. We want to install a hydraulic door with a wind load as high as possible due to hurricanes.

We are looking at building a machine shed for winter storage of our semi-trucks in colder months. Current preliminary design of the shed is 150’x70′. Would have 18′ sidewall clearance. We would be looking for a quote on a set of two bi-fold doors 45′-50′ wide. Maybe you have a set increment for door widths? Do a quote of two bi-fold doors with no windows and also a set of doors with one set of windows roughly eye level (4 windows in each door, 8 total windows). Please include shipping quote, our shed will be in Fargo, North Dakota.

We are working in San Antonio, TX on a residential project where they would like to have two hydraulic steel and glass bi-fold doors open. We are hoping we can get your system to work in this application.

I’m interested in a stylish bi-fold door for our covered deck. We are building a new house in South Dakota and have started construction. I’m looking for one with mainly glass panels, approximately 9′ tall by 14′ wide.

I am a project manager working in the uk refurbishing and rebuilding hangers and runways at Rochester Airport in Kent England. I see that you supply the UK and I am would like to get a quote on several hydraulic hangar doors. Thanks

I’m planning to build a wood hangar near Custer, SD in the summer of 2018 or 19. I currently live in AK and talked to your rep at the AK Airmen show. I will need a door that will fit a Cessna 185 on floats(about 36′ x 13′ x 27′). I didn’t see any sizes or prices on your web page. I’m thinking it will be a hydraulic door. What size would you recommend? How much extra space on each side and on top of the door I need? About how much would the door cost? Do you install the door? I haven’t had the building designed yet, any recommendations?

Looking to build a hangar at the airport in Minot, ND. Would like to get a ballpark price on a bifold door which would be 42 feet wide and an open height of 14 feet with overall height of 16 feet. Please advise budget pricing ASAP. Thank-you

I am converting half of a pole-barn garage to a studio in Aberdeen, SD. I want to fill the 9′ wide x 8′ high opening with French doors & a window. But I would like to have the garage door to cover the new windows when I am out of town or it is snowing (we get some serious cold here). Is there any way to convert the existing three part overhead door to an exterior hydraulic door like awning type set up? (So it would somewhat match other side). Do you provide hardware only for such a door? Any other suggestions.? What is cost of a new door for this application ?

I bought an aircraft hangar with an electric schweiss bifold door. In case of a power outage, is there a manual way to open/close the door? Thanks

New project bidding for an Event Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Schweiss is listed as the approved manufacturer to provide the hydraulic lift doors. Please email me quote and specifications/drawings. Thanks!

I’m interested in the “build your own door” kit. Do you offer that service for bifold doors? I’m looking at building 2 small doors. One 10′ x 10′ opening and the other 8′ tall x 10′ wide opening. I’d like both doors to be 8″ thick. These doors will be part of a “hybrid” building. ( steel I-beam structure with wood walls) My thought was if you designed them and I got the parts from you, I can build the frames myself. Thank You, Bob

New project bidding for an Event Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Schweiss is listed as the approved manufacturer to provide the hydraulic lift doors. Please email me quote and specifications/drawings. Thanks!

I’m looking for a price on three 30′ wide x 16′ high clearance bifold doors for my hangar in North Dakota. I also want to compare to the hydraulic door, also how much for a 40′ wide door compare to the 30′, being put in a steel building on the gable wall, 120′ long wall,

I am interested in a quote for the bifold and hydraulic doors to replace a 14′ X 7′ garage door — I like the glass door designs. If you can give a general price range, and a shipping price to sioux falls, SD that would be great. Thanks!

I would like to replace my garage door with a lift-strap bifold door. I am interested in the “build your own door” option as well. How can we get started? I have a detached double wide garage with space above the opening where I would like the door to be when it is open. The opening is 7’4″, but the wall is 10′ high, so the new door could be 10′ tall, and leave an opening of at least 7’4″ when open. The garage is basically a square building, with 2 feet on either side of the door opening. I am open to the whole door being stand alone in front of the existing building if that is possible. I can send pictures if you need.

We are a consulting company in Sioux City, SD, doing research into the use of horizontal bi-fold doors for a project in early design. Would you be able to provide some basic information regarding the systems you offer for architectural storefront application? Please see below questions. -Size limitations of door panels (currently each folding partition is ~10m high and as wide as possible is preferred) -Size limitations on glass in the doors. Capacity to incorporate custom glass makeups. -Provisions/requirements for air/water tightness (especially at sill). Sill drainage track/locking? Air/water tightness performance data of system if available. -Deflection requirements of support/framing members (expected maximum WL ~65psf) -Operation requirements (doors are intended to be used on a daily basis) -Options for customization (such as adding custom beauty-cap to exterior/interior) -Ballpark cost estimate (based on square footage or per door?) Any assistance you may provide is much appreciated!

I am looking for a 42*40*12 pole barn/hangar for my CubCrafters CC11-160 Carbon Cub. I need an idea for a hydraulic hangar door of 38 ft on the 42 foot side of the hangar. I am in preliminary design with a contractor here in Fargo North Dakota. Regards, Carl

I am VERY interested in an overhead, exterior mount, bi-fold garage door for my residence to replace the existing traditional double garage overhead door. Is there a dealer/installer in my area of FL? Thanks, Peter

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Making some renovations on a Hospital in Fargo, ND. In our scope they are calling out for 1 hydraulic door, size 45′ wide x 16′ high. Can you please send me pricing and literature. Do you install as well or not. Thanks, Carl

I am looking for a hydraulic door to mount on a steel quonset on my farm near Huron, SD. It is a 14’high and 22’wide door. I only have 110 volt power but would consider a battery operated system if it was available. I’m hoping your door will be an option for our building.