Hello, I have an inquiry. Dimensions for the hydraulic barn door is 9 meters wide x 4 meters high. It will be a steel frame. are curious about max size of door, and the minimum size as well.

I need some rough prices on three hydraulic doors for my barn. One 100′ wide x 24′ tall, one 82′ wide x 27′ tall, and one 81′ wide x 22′ tall.

I’m renovating an old barn, the headroom is limited so I’ve decided on a hydraulic door. The barn ceiling is only 78″, I am looking for a hydraulic door option that takes little to no space. The ceiling made of concrete, Is there anything else you would suggest?

I want to replace my old sliding barn doors with something more efficient. I was looking around your site and I believe I want a hydraulic barn door. I want the door to be insulated as this space will be heated and insulated for my workshop.

Hi, I’m in Canada and I would like to install a Schweiss hydraulic door on my barn, do you have a rep in Manitoba? Looking forward to hearing from you.

I need a price on a door put on a barn. I was thinking of a Bi-fold, but I’ve decided on a Hydraulic door. Size will be 97 inches wide x 66 inches high. Would like for it to be polycarbonate panels. Thank you.

Hydraulic Barn Doors

Hydraulic Barn Doors are what I’m looking for an application on the farm to speed up traffic in and out. We need a low maintenance door and it needs to match the look of the farm.

I am in the process of designing a new barn, need three hydraulic 76ft wide X 22ft high doors to incorporate into a 237′ X 99′ barn design, need your input and pricing. Regards, Ron

If there is a representative in our area, could he come look at our barn and give a quote for retrofitting the sliding doors with a one piece hydraulic doors? Thanks

Hydraulic Barn Doors

Hydraulic Barn Doors are what I’m looking for an application on the farm to speed up traffic in and out. We need a low maintenance door and it needs to match the look of the farm.

I’d like a ball park price for a 25′ wide x 28′ high one piece hydraulic door for my barn. Please include shipping cost as well, and an option for insulating the door.

I am a contractor putting together a bid. We would like some design specs on your hydraulic doors for our barn design. Size 14′ w x 10′ h or 9′ h maybe. Thanks

I need a quote for supply & install of an overhead hydraulic swing barn door, Clad with powder coated alum storefronts frames & 1″ insulated clear glazing(2- 1/4″ thk with 1/2″ space in between) with 8 equal panels of the following sizes: 1) 9′-9″ L x 8′-10″ H 2) 9′-9″ L x 7′-2″ H delivered to Dickinson, ND

I need to retrofit a 16′ x 30′ sliding door with a one-piece hydraulic barn door. How big can the door be, the current door only covers 1/3rd of the barns side wall, I would like to get a 60′ wide door if possible.

I need a quote on a hydraulic barn door. I have an existing wood barn structure 37×85. I would like to put the door in the side. The side is 24′ to the peak. It is the standard barn built in the late 60’s. If possible I would like a 22′ wide by 18′ tall door if possible or the max for this type of build.

We bought a schweiss door many years ago, and it’s still going strong. I have a friend that wants to get a 32′ x 18′ hydraulic door for his barn. Thanks, Ethan

I want to put a hydraulic door on my old barn, I would like to replace my old roller style door, it’s starting to break down and I figured I’d put in an upgrade rather than repair a failing system. Please email me with a quote on a 15′ w x 12′ h door. Thank you

Hi, I need an estimate on a 12 foot h x 17 foot w hydraulic barn door. I want translucent panels on the exterior. Thank you

Hola, We are working on a barn in Texas where we would like to install your hydraulic doors. Please provide us with specs and a ballpark quote and what can we do to the door to make it more hurricane resistant. Thanks!

We’re renovating a old barn on my homestead, can you please give me an estimate for a bifold Door 40×20 , a hydraulic Door 40×20. Please feel free to text me or email me. Thank you! John