I want to install a smaller hydraulic door on my barn, I’m not sure if Schweiss makes smaller doors or not, it will be 10ft. wide by 8ft. tall. If you do please email me with a price quote. Thank You.

Starting to build a barn with 2 hydraulic barn doors in the design. I’m curious about the pricing of 17ft by 9ft doors. I live in an area with pretty bad storms that can rip a door off with ease, I’ll need a wind loaded door to at least 110 mph. Thanks

I have to dry my rice and I want to set up one of my barns to have a good seal to keep out the rice and moisture. I want a hydraulic barn door that can form a tight seal. Thanks.

Have an old wooden barn that has 3 sliding doors in front, but I want to put a hydraulic barn door on the side, 10 high 32 wide and another hydraulic door on the other side. I need a quote for theses doors as soon as possible. Thanks.

We are building several large barns here in South Korea, and would like to use your hydraulic doors. If you could please contact us and we can get a quote on the doors. Thank you, Shu, Lead Architect

I have a customer that I quoted a metal building barn with hydraulic doors for. The customer doesn’t know too much about the door. I’m looking for stress points, where to put supports. The door sizes are 53′-4″ x 22′ and 41′-2″ x 15′. There will be 2 of these doors in my building. I am hoping to hear from you asap. Thanks!

Planning a new barn this year, hope to begin construction in the next month. Would like quote on 38ft x 11 ft hydraulic barn door. Thanks for the assistance, take care, Rick

I am looking for a quote on seven 24’0″ Wide x 14’0″ High hydraulic barn doors with walk doors included. Include shipping to Albany, New York.

I am building an steel barn , 43′ x 85′ x 14′. I like your doors. My brother has your one piece hydraulic doors on his hangar and it looks and works great. Would like to compare Hydraulic vs Bi-fold. Thinking of a 32’X15′ opening. The opening will be on the side of the building not the end. Your web site has been very useful, I want to see a video clip of a Hydraulic Door in operation if you have some. Please email me. Thanks

I’m working in California on a few barn projects for a customer. They want 3 hydraulic barn doors with the red power pumps. Please email me and we can discuss the specifics of the project. Thanks, Doug

Looking for a quote for three hydraulic barn doors. Two 18’x10′ in the side wall one 13’x15′ end wall. I’d like them clad with steel panels.

I got a 12′ wide by 11′ high opening and I’d like a rough quote on a hydraulic barn door. I know theres lots of door types, etc, but I’m looking for a basic unit. Thanks much! Mark

Looking for a price for a 36′ x 16′ hydraulic door for my barn. Would like it to be white in color. Can you send me a quote on the remote system as well as the insulation package.

I have a wood barn which has a 14 ft tall door in a 17ft end wall. I would like to remove the old sliding doors and retrofit it with at least a 14 foot hydraulic door.

Good day, I got a contractor building a barn using your hydraulic door. We need the blueprints of this door to give to the county for building approval. The contractor said to email you. I’d prefer a pdf or whatever digital format you have, regular mail would take a while. Thank you!

Good evening, I need some info on your hydraulic door for a project. I am putting up a new barn and I would like to know about the various options that you have for your doors. I would like to make the door as efficient as possible. Please email or call me as soon as you can. Thanks

Looking for specs for a 48′ x 25′ hydraulic door. We are working with a contractor in Indiana on an old barn with a 50′ wide sliding door that we’re converting to a new hydraulic barn door. We have done many barns with hydraulic doors. Not looking for pricing just some specs we could use. Thanks for the help.

Hello Schweiss, I want a hydraulic barn door 16′ wide about 12 or 13 feet high for my barn. Please get back to me as soon as possible with prices and lead time. Thanks, Ariel

Hello, I have an inquiry. Dimensions for the hydraulic barn door is 9 meters wide x 4 meters high. It will be a steel frame. are curious about max size of door, and the minimum size as well.

I need some rough prices on three hydraulic doors for my barn. One 100′ wide x 24′ tall, one 82′ wide x 27′ tall, and one 81′ wide x 22′ tall.