Retrofitting Doors

I’m looking for a couple of doors. We are retrofitting some of our building and we would like a bulk quote for the following Bi Fold Bottom Operated Electric Bi Fold Door, Lift Straps, Manual Latch with walkway door. Sizes : 33′-4″ X 12 ‘ : 6 37′-4′ X 12’ : 6 47 ‘ X 17 ‘ : 2 shipped to Jasper, MN

I have a large steel building. The entry doors are like barn doors I’d like have those removed and have a hydraulic barn door installed. Assuming this can be retrofitted I need a ball park figure so I can budget it into other things like insulating the inside 1800 ft. If it helps the front side of the building is approx. 16ft height 30ft width.

Current hanger has a three garage door type setup with fold-out wings and center supports that fold up and in. I would like to retrofit it with a single piece hydraulic door..

Retrofitting Doors

My sliding doors were blown off during a large storm and I figured I may as well upgrade with a new 30′ hydraulic door.