Specialty Doors

I have a specific need for a specialty door. I wanted to make sure you have experience with this kind or similar door before I get a quote. Have you ever done a door for a flower shop before? 

Dear Schweiss team, Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand. My name is Dylan and I’m a builder of 20 years and my wife Mary is an architectural designer. I discovered your website and instantly fell in love with the systems that you are clearly specialists in. Mary and I along with our two sons have decided to relocate to the Pot Vila, a Pacific island country of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is an amazing island paradise with some of the happiest wonderful people in the world. Amazing as it is it has challenges a couple of which are ‘cyclones’ and ‘theft’. It’s for these two reasons why we want to use remote operated hydraulic steel shutters with cyclone hooks over every opening in our home. The idea is that all of the aluminum windows have sliding openings and all of the steel shutters (possibly painted Coreten) have a pattern on 30mm squares cut into the front lower half of the faces to all for air movement. When the family leaves the home for work and school each day we will hit the ‘close home’ button on our remote and the house will be secure. We are looking for a price for all of the components, painted frames and shutters required for a complete system delivered to Vanuatu so I can install myself. We are currently designing the home which will be entirely concrete from walls to ceiling / roof and the plans are currently with our structural engineer being detailed. I thought I better get in touch with you guys as I’m sure the system will need to be incorporated into the window details etc. I want the shutters to finish flush with the cladding ideally 10mm back from the front face of the concrete. The walls will most likely be 200mm thick with the aluminum being around 50mm – 60mm in depth leaving us around 140mm to work with on the small windows and possibly less for the two front sliding doors. The back entry door will not require any shutter as this will be a steel door in itself. I have attached some basic plans indicating the window sizes for you to start the process and to also allow you to help us and the engineers with the design process. Following the success of the system we would like to discuss the options around becoming a Pacific distributor of the schweiss products. I truly believe that the schweiss systems would sell well across the Pacific countries given the two main reasons we wish to use them for. Mary and I own a construction and design company in Vanuatu and work with the government on cyclone rebuild projects. I believe we are in a great position to be able to promote the use of the system Pacific wide in the future. Email me with any further questions. I sincerely look forward to working and learning more with your team. Kind regards, Dylan, Director, North Canterbury, New Zealand