Wood Building Doors

How big can we go for a wood building door? We want somewhere in the ballpark of about 60′ x 40′ door. If that doesn’t work can we try a free standing header?

The building is wood construction the rafters are 2×6 tops and 2×4 bottoms with 2×4 webbing the building is quit old. It has 4×4 door posts I currently have an overhead door that is worn out. After looking at the doors you offer I think retrofitting the old doors with one of your bi-fold garage doors would work with the out side frame not sure the door opening is 11ft wide and 12ft 6in tall. The 4×4 door posts are in cement at bottom and fastened to the rafters on top. I am looking to have the door to rise level or above the bottom of the rafters I need the entire 12ft6in so I can put an old camper in side so I can work on it.