Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Agriculture

1 Im building an Ag shop (steel building) this winter and would like a quote on a couple hydraulic lift doors (1) 30'X20' and (1) 45'X20' Thank you

2 Getting a pole barn quoted and with todays prices of roll up garage doors, im looking into options for doors, i like the ide of the hydraulic doors, and would like to learn more about them, i work on alot of agricultural equipment and need at least one big door. i asked for a quote on a 25x18 but depending on what the price is, i wouldnt be oppposed to go a little bit wider

3 I need to close in the back storage area. I seen an ad in a farm ag mag. the width of the area is 80 ft. The side wall is 16 ft.

4 quote on 30 by 18 insulated door for farm shop

5 Pricing estimate for schematic design package for agriculture building utilizing one of your Schweiss Hydraulic ag doors.

6 Looking for a bifold or hydraulic door for agricultural commodities shed! Approx opening is 30' by 17' 9"

7  We put up a new implement shed with intentions of building hydraulic swing ag doors for each end. The width is 30 feet, and height of 18 feet. Is it possible to have one pump, centrally located, and open both doors with the same pump? Not open both with one valve, but have them both opened at once; a valve for each door. We have a competitors door on another building, and planned on building these 2 doors according to its design, but we just haven't had the extra time. I don't need any Windows placed in the doors. If I could get an idea of what the 2 doors, and hopefully 1 pump, would run me, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

8 We are looking at building an agricultural shop outside of city limits near Clinton, OK and we are interested in a 40'x18' hydraulic lift door with 2 windows and 1 36" walk thru door. It will be installed in a 80'x60'x18' Mueller building new construction on the 80' peaked end. If you will please give me a price quote and also the specs to  design the building to support a Schweiss heavy-duty steel ag door.

9 Need quote on a 30' x 16'6" Hydraulic Farm Shop Steel Ag Door. Include separate entry door and a couple of good size windows.

10 Hi, I have already your strap door with autolatch and remote. Now I would like to have price and delivery for a one piece hydraulic barn door. 50 foot wide 16 high the ag building has 16' interior. Spherical bearings, powerful pump and cylinders for fast opening. We will start building soon. 

11 I am working on a project using one of your hydraulic agricultural spray plane operation doors. It is a metal building with a 48' drive-thru hydraulic door on each side. This is not going in an endwall. This is going in the sidewall between the mainframes. The mainframe spacing is 35' c/c. Do you have any details for this condition? On an endwall condition you brace back to the next mainframe. Do I need to have an extra beam between the mainframes to brace back to, or do they brace back to the roof purlins? Let me know. 

12 Place this order for a 46' wide machine shed door along with information on how we might use one pump unit to lift two steel doors on buildings. We manufacture agricultural metal and pole barn buildings and are looking for a company to help with the agricultural hydraulic and bifold door solutions.

13 Begin production on a 44x14 hydraulic  agricultural barn door, include shipping to Palmer, AK. I will need the door delivered in June 2014. What are the required door framing, slab, and footings specifications. Do you have a door installer in Alaska ? Or can we install the door?

14 This metal building will be built around your outstanding Schweiss hydraulic door. I need a 40 ft. Opening 15 ft high. Planning a 12/3 roof, pole building door, cement floor. The farm building can be 26 ft tall, so bifold door could be made taller.  

15 Hydraulic doors for farm buildings to be 2x8 wood frame construction. 1) 60 X 18 one-piece

16 I am converting an old barn into an fixed wing aircraft hangar. So, would I need a free standing door frame for a hydraulic hangar door installed on an end wall? The aircraft door needs to be wide enough for a Stinson 108 with a wing span of 34 feet. Price for a hydraulic hangar door to accomodate this aircraft and a door tall enough for agricultural equipment as well. 

17 Interested in pricing and installation of two heavily reinforced hydraulic feedlot building doors. These are concrete building doors like the unique ones featured on your Schweiss website that have a door within a door.

18 I have 2 fabric hoop buildings similar to quonset hut buildings and looking at a third would like price for a agricultural use hydraulic lifting hoop building door 16 H 30 w and 18 h 30 wide.

19 I have a set of plans for a customer that would like some info on costs of hydraulic Schweiss hoop building doors, 38 x 18' Can you quote with Schweiss one-piece access doors, windows and remote door openers.

20 Please bid two - 56x15 Hydraulic cylinder  operating doors. Steel ag fertilizer cold storage building doors. Remote door opener and walk door.

21 I have a customer that is looking at using one of your Schweiss hydraulic barn doors. I need specs on it so I can design our steel building for it. Steel door size is going to be 32 x 18.

22 I am looking to see if you can build a custom hydraulic hobby farm barn door. It would need to fit in a 14x26 foot opening. Lift to approximately 12 feet and capacity of 3000 pounds, Exterior hydraulic door will be clad in wood to match barn.

23 End wall bifolding Schweiss 46 ft. steel dairy building door. Width to the outside of pole shed is  15 ft from bottom of door rafters to the ground. Will require stainless steel inside door liner. Would like the fastest opening dairy barn hydraulic door you can give me.

24 I am going to install a 30 ft by 20 ft one-piece Schweiss

25 Curious on pricing of both styles of your Schweiss liftstrap bifold and hydraulic one piece ag door lifting systems. I'll fabricate the frame... But would like to purchase door parts from you and do my own installation. Interested in your easy to install bifold liftstrap door system and your convenient Red Power Pump system with spherical bearings?

26 I'd like information and budget pricing for a farm door project near Aurora, Nebraska. Looking at two  36' wide x 18' tall Schweiss hydraulic  agricultural doors. Please correspond by email.

27 I'm interested in pricing on a 60W X 16 Clear opening Schweiss hydraulic door. It's a remote opening hoop building ag door.

28 I am a ag retailer of namely grain storage items. A client would like me to get a good hydraulic  quonset door quoted for their steel quonset (half moon style). I would like Schweiss Doors do the door install. Can you tell me if the door opening size is common? I got the measurements from the customer. Perhaps I should consider being a dealer for Schweiss. P.S. - Can you deliver and install to Saskatchewan?

29 I am looking for economically priced Schweiss hydraulic ranch doors for my client in Texas. Door sizes will be 41 ft. x 16 ft. Price door install and remote door openers separately.

30 I am impressed with your Schweiss low maintenance hydraulic door design and hope to use it as turkey barn doors. I would like a price on them with windows and remote door opener.

31 I am bidding new steel fertilizer storage building doors. The first opening needs a one piece door 100' x 30' 6" The second door opening is 30' 6" x 60'. Can you custom build Schweiss one piece hydraulic storage building doors for this size? 

32 Our company has a dairy with 4 tunnel ventilation doors needed. 20 ft wide by 14 ft tall barn doors. These windrated steel hydraulic doors have a constant 20 mph wind and are used to seal the end of the barn in order to create a tunneling affect drawing air from the open end 600 ft away thru 50 fans on the same wall as the hydraulic ventilation doors. The electrical powered door needs to open and close 40 times or more per day, and will need to open and close within a couple of minutes, so only your fast opening hydraulic door will do. These barn doors will need to open outward and have plenty of door swing room on the steel building. We have several other smaller barns and will soon need a bifold door system that can be opened and closed with a hand remote opener door system.

33 Need quote on another 50 x 19 Schweiss hydraulic door delivered to Ky. Your low maintenance farm doors are great.

34 Need wood, hoop style building doors, 50'x96' built in 1978 collapsed due to 25% more snowpack than any year in the last 50 yrs. Just getting insurance figured out now, but will be replacing doors. Would like to go bigger - 80'x100'? with hydraulic hoop doors on each side (25'x23') a walkout door on one end. Old building had fancy new overhead door with sliding doors on other end (these were useless). Schweiss one piece Hoop building doors needed by spring.

35 Would like quote on a 40x14 hydraulic hay storage shed doors on my cattle ranch. Include door with remotes, I will insulate and install the ranch door.

36 My door height is 15'4" at bottom of door when open. I need to know what Schweiss Doors recommends for a hydraulic biomass building door for header and side posts.

37 Please provide quote for Bifold Biomass door, size is 45'-0" clear X 12'-0" clear.  Biomass one piece door with hydraulic cylinders.

38 Would like to keep head room but do not know if there is enough room above door header at the eave to have a hydraulic barn door. The barn is about 25 years old 6x6 wood poles. I like the hydraulic door, but should I consider a Schweiss bifold door with a free standing header?


40 Need hoop door for my existing building, 23'6'' x 14'. Hydraulic door or Bifold hoop door with straps. Price freestanding door header and remote control door opener.

41 Would like to buy a Schweiss bifold/autolatch commercial store door or hydraulic door installed at our apple orchard farm. Wooden barn door needs to be 21 ft. wide x 14 ft. tall. Won't need until spring. Please price with a remote door opener.

42 Just needing a bid for 58 ft. x 20 ft vertical lift one piece hydraulic metal building farm door. Deliver and install Schweiss door in Indiana.

43 I need old hay mound type barn doors and would like to keep it looking as original as possible. I would like to make the bi-fold strap door or hydraulic one piece door look like a sliding door on the bottom half. It is a wood framed build with no real foundation. Would it take a freestanding door header to mount the bi-fold specialty door?

44 I would like info on your Schweiss hydraulic green doors to be used as small biomass plant doors. Quote two hydraulic doors 16wx14h and 20w x 14h.

45 Looking for 18x35 foot hydraulic louvered shed door. It's a tobacco pole barn door and has 2x6 wood side and 2x8 roof with steel siding. Need a price for door installation. Price free standing door header if required and Schweiss door backup system separately.

46 I visited Schweiss Door booth at last Farm Progress show and liked your hydraulic style door system for our main shop door. Just put addition on the building and I need a shop door in order to be able to get machines in and out. Mostly ranch combines and choppers that will need door clearance of 200 inches (16, 4" ft). For Width 16 to 20 ft. As we are in Mexico and freight is costly, we will like to build the door frame in our shop, we have all machining possibilities, and buy from you the lifting hydraulic door cylinder system. 

47 Price of two 18x40 foot hydraulic Schweiss helicopter crop spraying doors to be placed on ends of hangar building in rural Iowa. Two hand held remote openers needed. 

48 Please provide quote for the hydraulic ag doors noted below. This rancher is used to the cable operated doors, however I want to present the quote with low maintenance hydraulic doors simply because they are so much easier. I need the ranch door quote returned  as soon as possible. The outer skin of the doors will be steel panels to match the building.

49 I am needing a genetic seed industry hydraulic door with 14' ceiling. Want the Schweiss hydraulic door on the gable end 24 ft wide wood building door able to use as much of 14' tall door opening  as possible.

50 Looking for a hobby farm barn door. Need a 36 ft. Schweiss hydraulic barn door for a client. Need quote & engineered door loading information for wood building door design.        

51 Need the Schweiss hydraulic door system for a  biomass farm door to fit an opening 12' x 40'. Price  remote control with two handheld remote door openers.

52 Would like a price on a 24'x16' Schweiss bifold strap door and Hydraulic barn door. This door will be going on an existing steel framed barn.

53 Looking for bid on 80'w x 20'h hydraulic

54 Looking for a 24 ft by 14 ft freestanding hydraulic  round roof hoop shed door. Thinking manual door opener, but also quote your remote door opener.

55 Please give me details as how exactly to convert our bifold cable ag door to your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door and what costs involved.

56 Need estimate of the cost of a Schweiss steel ag-use dairy barn door, 40' wide (clear opening) x 16' clear height. Hydraulic Schweiss door installed in a prefabricated steel structure. Prefer an insulated steel panel and lockset walkdoor.

57 I am quoting a steel frame farm building door for a customer. It has 18' eave height. He wants a 35'W X 16'H insulated one piece hydraulic ag door installed onto a sidewall. The shop door would be shipped to the job site, in rural Nebraska.

58 Have an existing metal barn with a 45 ft. single-piece door that lifts on cables like a boat lift door. Door bends in middle outward. 12 ft tall. What would Schweiss retrofit using hydraulic door and

59 Could you please price us a (2) 18' high 40' wide hydraulic doors and (2) bi-fold strap hoop building doors. Should I consider a free-standing door header. If so, please quote that too.

60 Want a Schweiss 35' x 14' hydraulic door for my  turkey barn. Quote with good  insulation. 

61 I have a customer that wants a barn door. I have installed your product in the past. I need a price quote for a 42' wide by 12'clear high hydraulic   door, and a 42'x 12' hydraulic Schweiss barn door. 

62 Looking to price 25x18 hoop building door. A Schweiss steel hydraulic hoop door with a free standing door header is required. 

63 Looking for a wide agricultural aviation hangar door. Doesn't need to be fancy, but should have a remote door opener and hydraulic door backup system.

64 I would like a clear opening door height of 18' so I am guessing the ag door would be 22' We want a  steel machine shed door. We would like the door insulated and to be a Schweiss hydraulic door  design with a backup system.

65 Deliver 40x18 Schweiss hydraulic-power door, installed at Branson, Missouri farmsite. With entrance door and 2 handheld remote openers.

66 Please quote on new metal building door with a framed opening of 38' wide x 12' high, like to have 10' clearance. Let me know which style, bifold strap or hydraulic door would work better on a metal ag building that gets good use.

67 I need a 60 x90 x 16 post frame agricultural door. 4 ply 2x6 coloums interested in an 44 wide x appox 16 tall hydraulic door with a walk through door installed North of Lincoln Nebraska. 

68 I would like a existing steel door quote updated. Quote # is 111612 LC. Standard hydraulic door with option to install. Hoop barn door will now be 32 ft. wide.

69 I have an old dairy barn converted into a shop, with a 14x18 overhead door. I'm thinking of putting a larger shop door in. The barn is 30 ft wide with 16 ft ceiling. How should I strengthen it for a larger door opening and bigger Schweiss hydraulic door.

70 My old wood hangar door in Missouri is in need of a new Schweiss hydraulic door to replace a sliding door system. It will need a freestanding door header for a 32' x 15' opening. Please quote farm hangar door with walk door.

71 We have a horizontal rolling door (on farm roller tracks) and want to replace this door with a Schweiss one piece door. Sealing and heating this building has not been a problem in the past as it was storage; now we wish to use it during the winter. Will need insulated hydraulic steel door.

72 I need a Schweiss hydraulic bunker wall door with a built in exterior access door (46x16 ft.) for a concrete grain storage building. It will need to be structurally reinforced to contain the weight forces that go against it from the inside when the building is full. Quote hydraulic door only. 

73 I'm requesting a 22'x14' hydraulic lifting one piece door with red and white carriage house exterior door cladding. This is a hobby farm barn door. 

74 14h x 60w hydraulic wood structure ag door. What is the lead time for door delivery. Don't need a quote, just get 'er done. Schweiss Doors has the best quality door prices around.

75 In addition to the 50x18 hydraulic door, I also need a 30x18 hydraulic cylinder cattle barn door. Both with backup systems. Same door install location, labor on both doors. 

76 I want to order a Hydraulic Ranch Equipment cold storage door in Montana. This large ranch door will be installed in a new steel building. (60x104x17). It has 16' clearance to the truss. I want your spherical bearing door with heavy duty door hinges to be 40' wide, and centered on the endwall.

77 I need pricing for a 40' x 18' steel ag building door and a 50' x 18 door in a steel ag building. Quote both styles of Schweiss doors, hydraulic door and bifold liftstrap door with remote controlled door opener and any door backup systems available.

78 Need two steel building large farm equipment doors. Doors will be 20 ft high by 40 ft long. Supply all specs for the doors and door install price. Are there any special door details if the building is a post frame instead of steel? Will want hydraulic door with remote door opener.

79 I need pricing to convert to a Schweiss hydraulic  ag door. Door model S12L9 Serial #41251 Cables are not working well. Price hydraulic remote opener door system too. We have a remote door opener, will that work on a hydraulic door?

80 Quote a 60x18 hydraulic agriculture cold storage building door with a walk door and four windows. Steel building door with hydraulic backup devise and remote opener.

81 Need a hydraulic or bifold ranch door 20 h x 40 w for a fabric building. The dimensions of building are 72w x 120L. I'll send you the end wall grid to see the building frame and compare to door size. Tell me if I need a freestanding door header. Building is located in western Alberta, Canada.

82 I called before Farmfest about farm doors and am now ready to place Schweiss factory door orders. Build a hydraulic door that fits a 36 by 18.5 doorway and a 30 by 18.5 ag building door. I will insulate and install both steel doors.

83 I have a ranch hangar door in Montana. It has a cable door I'd like to convert to a hydraulic door. It is a 9' by 30' door. If you send me a conversion prices, can I install it on my hangar door?

84 I need a price on a 20'x18' Hydraulic dairy barn door. Aluminum frame and aluminum cladding. The building size is 50'x64'x20' with 1' clearance. Include a keyed cylinder lock door.

85 We are building a new barn and would like info on hydaulic and bifold doors. Will need three doors, two 36 ft.doors on end walls and one large bifold door, 58 ft. x 20 ft. on a sidewall. Price large door with remote door opener. All bifold door quotes with liftstraps.

86 I would like to know if you install agricultural use doors in Regina, Sk., Canada. Need a large grain building hydraulic door to go on pole barn. Looking at a hydraulic door install in early summer.

87 Could you provide 2 freestanding header hydraulic doors, 1 @ 40' opening and a second @ 45' opening   delivered to Texas. Hydraulic doors are ranch wood building doors going on older wood structure. 

88 I am looking for 4 hydraulic doors with the look of cottage doors to go on my red barn. Can I send a photo and we can go from there. I may want bifold strap doors or hydraulic doors on the end walls.

89 Please quote a 50x18 Clear Schweiss Hydraulic one-piece Door. Please quote labor to install. Please also quote a free standing header and the labor to install it. The door will have interior liner panel. Please price accordingly. Please FAX design specifications so I can send to Butler for building quote. I saw the feedlot doors you did for Revier, they sold me on your product, that and the fact that you are an established business with a great reputation.

90 I have a one year old farm building with a 36' opening (two 18' sliding doors). My shop is insulated, as well as the doors, but the present doors are too light and do a terrible job of sealing. I'm ready to look for something different. Would your hydraulic doors install on a wood building? The door opening is 19' in height and 36' in width. Can you also give me a rough estimate of what one of your bifold doors (with straps) would cost? I've seen your doors up close and they are very well made .

91 I am building a 16w x 40l x 14h (at the header) barn with a clear opening of 15'w x 14'h with two 12w x 40l lean-to sheds all clad in board and batten siding and am at the stage where door considerations are becoming critical. I have explored two options, 1) slider, but the roof lines of the sheds limit the opening to just under 9', 2) hinge doors but the size of 7'w x 14'h seems big and if I go Schweiss hydraulic which is the option I am seriously considering, I have to figure some decreased width again. I ran across your site on the web and have seen a lot of bifold and single doors at the airports I flew into and thought I should give your product some considerations. I truly liked the red barn option I saw in one of your 'pictures of the day', the idea of a faux front intrigued me so that I could perhaps give the front of my barn a more scaled look but still have the large hydraulic door available for storing the RV or farm equipment.

92 I need a price for a 50' x 19' hydraulic door, with sensing edge, remote control, door base safety edge, 3 button auto switch and bottom rubber seal. I need pricing by Friday. This will be going on a ag hoop building.

93 Have a hoop barn, 60W X 145L X 16H with a 40 ft opening in the side. Door opening is 40w X 16h Please supply cost and availablity of a and would like to install a 36 or 40ft X 16h hydraulic door. what are the typical door open dimensions?

94 Our customer is looking to replace a double sectional hoop barn door with a Schweiss hydraulic tilt up door. Dimensions - 39'-9-1/2" wide by 11'-3 tall (RO). Existing framing is steel.What is the allowable weight for cladding the door? Do you need anything else from me. Note: our customer saw the installation we did for the Matanuska farm residence near Anchorage and loves the system.

95 I have a hoop building and need a larger ag door, installed. Would like more info on your hydraulic doors thanks ...

96 Just wanted a email price for a budget for a 20' wide x 24' tall Schweiss hydraulic door for our ag building. Door to be prepped for interior liner. Please include remote control with two handhelds.

97 Hi, I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic dairy barn door approximately 48' wide by 13' high for a client. The frame will obviously need to be reinforced in some manner. Is there an aluminum  frame available with the doors? Thanks 

98 We are looking for a hoop building door. 38'x11' clear for a new ag building. Is there any pertinent information that I need to give to my building supplier? We would prefer a hydraulic one piece Schweiss door.   Thanks

99 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic ranch door for the pole barn hangar which was damaged beyond repair after a truck ran into it. The clear opening is around 35'x'10'. I'd like a remote opener. How soon can you ship one out to me in Montana. I can do the install.

100 Vertical columns are 6" X 6" fir Horizontal header beam is 14" X 7" steel I-beam Base of steel header I-beam is 13'6" above ground Building is wood frame with I-beam across door opening. Looking to put a big Schweiss hydraulic one piece door on a 110 ft. ag building using a 45 ft. wide door.

101 I am considering converting a round roof barn (36 x 80) to a machine shed. This would involve holding the barn up while the old walls are removed, new 4 ft walls poured on the existing footings. then lowering it down. Then I would need to put a large Schweiss hydraulic door on one end, Possibly a 16 x 44. Can you give me an estimate on what this would cost and what it would entail? I am not sure that this whole process is economically feasible

102 I've got a project where I'm looking for a horizontally opening Schweiss hydraulic door that won't encroach on interior finished areas, and your product looks like it could fit nicely. Additionally to the door size I input below, there are a pair of 16'W x 14'T doors, and a 16'W x 12'T door. The building in question is a custom timber framed barn/garage. The client would like the doors to open up and out, as well as have a carriage house style to the finishes. Thanks, -Fred

103 Building a new AG building with a Schweiss door in each end. The building will have 18 feet clearance under trusses. Looking for hydraulic doors with 16 feet clearance. One 30 feet wide. The other door undecided 20 feet or 30 feet. Wanting automatic doors with remotes. Interested in pricing and availability.

104 Am interested in Schweiss hydraulic doors and hardware for our antique garage as well as for our horse barn. Can you please direct me to a local dealer for massachusetts. thank you. ginette

105 Looking for loading specifications for a single-leaf Schweiss hydraulic door, 50' x 18' (clear) to be installed in a Ag steel building; 90mph wind; site exposure "C"; site location in Concordia, MO.

106 I am looking for a door for an existing building. I cannot afford to lose any head room as my combine just goes in my door now. The building is a pole type. I believe the hydraulic door will suit my needs best. Tell me what additional info you will need to supply me a quote. Also estimated delivery time once order is placed. I went with Schweiss because I want a dependable low maintenance door. Yours fits the bill nicely.

107 I am needing a quote for a ag project in Iowa may have already provided quotes to other contractors bidding this project. What we have is a steel framed building which we have two (2) 50'x18' Hydraulic Doors specifying Schweiss, as the door of choice. Both doors will have steel sheathing on the exterior....One door will have an interior liner to 8' high and the other will be fully lined on the interior. I am needing to submit my proposal on Tuesday, so I will need your quote soon. Any questions, call. Thank You, Dan

108 Please bid 1-27'x8 steel frame construction hydraulic ranch door. We will be apply wood to exterior face of frame and a ply on interior side of frame ship to Montana. Door needs to be insulated and I'd prefer a steel frame.

109 I am planning on building a new heifer shed, and I am thinking about putting some Schweiss hydraulic  doors on the ends. I have put the size of one of the doors below, the other one will probably be 14' wide by 12' high. I would just like an estimate so I can compare prices. Include remote and backup system.

110 Would like pricing and loading information for two  ~ 50'x18' Cattle barn hydraulic doors. Locations - Fredricksburg,  TX. Code IBC 2009 Wind Load: 90Mph. We will provide 26ga. "PBR" panels and trim for door. Walk door on one door. Remotes for both.   Thanks!

111 We are building a new shop for our biomass farm business and are considering a hydraulic door wondering if you could give me an idea on a price of a 40 ft and two 20 ft all 18 tall hydraulic doors. No windows, but include windows across, 2 or three. Insulated. Installed by Schweiss.

112 I contacted you two years ago about a Schweiss hydraulic door. I am closing in on that project now. I have a 18 w x 14t garage doors today. The door is framed into an old dairy barn converted to machinery storage. The hay loft was removed and everything below that also. It looks like I can get between 23 and 24 feet wide and and still maintain 14 ft tall. Question 1. My roof is self supporting so end wall only holds up itself. My understanding of your hydraulic ag door  system is that your door is self supporting and ships with its own frame support. The current fiberglass garage door is framed with 3 2x12 all around. What is your recommendation for framing your hydraulic door? Question 2. Can you custom build your doors to fit my opening after we frame it up per your recommendations? Question 3. What is your current lead time for a 24 by14 hydraulic door? Question 4. What is my cost on such a door with walkdoor and windows, shipped to address above?

113 Constructing a 40'(W) X 150'(L) X 18'(H) ag shed out of wood. I have 3 door opening all on the south side of the 150' and would like to maintain a opening height of 16'. Hydraulic Door 1 is 24' wide and would like to have insulated for our shop. Hydraulic Door 2 is 18' wide and would like to have insulated for our shop. Any idea on what kind of R rating can be obtained? Hydraulic Door 3 is 30' non-insulated with a walk-in door. Would like breakdown cost and options. We have a steel building with a 40' door from you and like the straps but open to hydraulics on this one depending on cost. If hydraulics are choosen can a single  Schweiss pump be shared for all 3 doors and valve solenoids used to control which door opens? Also interested in the remote control option. Call my cell if you have additional questions. Thanks

114 Looking for info and pricing on 16 x 12 and an 8x8 Schweiss hydraulic shop door, do you have rep For Ont Can. If not what would shipping entail. Love your doors, see a lot of bifold and hydraulic Schweiss doors on Ontario farms and hangars.

115 Hi, I have a 60'x81' steel building. I has 2, 20'w x 16'h sliding doors. I am looking into replacing these doors with Schweiss hydraulic doors. Keeping in mind overhead clearance is an issue as farm machinery is sometimes very close to the existing 16' height. Any information would be appreciated. 

116 What would a Schweiss hydraulic door cost for a barn shop building with an opening of 14 feet high and 30 feet wide? Would a bi-fold door be more practicle? There are 2 openings of this size on either end of this steel structure barn. Thanks

117 I would like a price on a 60'x17' Schweiss livestock building hydraulic door installed in Hogeland Montana ? Also, if you folks skin the door?

118 I need a price for the following: (6) 41'-6" x 14'-0" Hydraulic door with 3068 Mtl Man Door. (2) 44'-6" x 14'-0" Hydraulic door with 3068 Mtl Man Door. Project is located in upper peninsula of Michigan, so doors will have to be well insulated. Bldgs. to be used for livestock and storage.

119 My customer is looking for 2 hydraulic doors. 30.2 x 18 insulated w/glass and 18'6" to the eve - 38.2 x 18 insulated w/glass and 18'6" to the eve - Most likely a candidate for one piece Schweiss hydraulic door as ag equipment will pass thru the structure. Not enough headroom for sectional doors by us. Installed on steel jambs.

120 Would like quote for 10 42'x 12' hydraulic cylinder  operated Schweiss quonset hut doors that have a 3' access door in them delivered to my farmsites and installed there. thank you

121 I have 1 ag-steel frame building that the customer wants a 50' or possibly larger bifold or hydraulic door. The customer was at a farm show this winter and has priced another hydraulic door already. For this individual, I would like to price a 50',55' and a 60' Schweiss patented bifold door and a hydraulic door to let him choose the exact one. I would need your engineering specs for the columns on the door jambs. I also have another customer who would like to install a 30' either bi-fold strap door or hydraulic door. That couple is preferring a hydraulic if their budget will allow. There again this building is a pole frame structure. Both buildings will be new structures, so we can make modifications. Are there discounts for the my  company to sell your product? 

122 I am on a farm located 60 miles east of Calgary, Alberta. I am wishing to inquire about 2 hydraulic doors. One for my shop and the other for my quonset. The shop door will be 14.6' x 22' and the quonset door will be 14.6' x 20'. Could you please give me an idea of what the cost would be for a  Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door and how the shipping and install works with us being in Canada.

123 Looking for a quote on a door 40 x 16 hydraulic door with Schweiss backup system. Door to go on farm building used to store machinery, fertilizer and seeds. Must be weather resistant.

124 Do you have any dealers in West Central, Ohio. I am looking for pricing on a 36' x 14' or 16' hydraulic door and remote opener for a farm building. Thanks, Tony

125 I am looking for a quote on 2 different doors. 1- 19' wide x 12' tall 2- 24' x 15' Both hydraulic doors for ag buildings on end walls. I will pick up.

126 Please quote a 38 wide x 12' high Schweiss hydraulic door with farmsite location installation in Princeton, MN

127 I need a quote on a 35x18, 40x18, 50x18 Hydraulic  Door going to Iowa. I can do the install, when do you think you can deliver. I'd like to have these doors on my machine sheds by early spring before planting gets underway.

128 Thinking of putting a door in 80x80' Steel livestock building with 18' side walls. I am thinking of using a 17 1/2' high door by 46' wide. Would hydraulic be my best option? Would a 17 1/2' wide by 46' bi-fold strap lift door also work? If so what would be the price of each? My farm is 100 miles NW of Fargo, ND. Thanks!

129 I would like a price for a Schweiss hydraulic metal door delivered to a rural farm building site in Princeville, IL The customer would like windows and walk thru door.

130 Quote for hogbarn project. I would like a quote on a 40x16 and 24x16 hydraulic steel doors. these are the opening sizes I need. Would you also compare hydraulic backup systems? Also include how much headroom I need. Are these installed prices? 

131 Building new horse tack shop would like price on a Hydraulic door and Bifold door with straps and autolatches, would like it to have remote also. What other info do you need from me?

132 I have a customer that needs a quote on two ranch doors. 1. first door: 22'wide x 15'2"high, - Looking for a Hydraulic door - Electric Operated 2. Second Door: 70'wide x 17'high - Need remote openers - Electric Operated 3. 

133 My customer is purchasing a hydraulic ranch door direct from Schweiss Doors. Customer is in Dodge City, KS. I need the specs to price my building for his door. He told me you have given him a price, but not the specs for design. If you can find his hydraulic door quote that would help, if not I know we are doing a 40x14 clr opening. Thanks for your help..

134 Looking to get specs on a Schweiss Hydraulic  power door. I initially was going with a smaller door but decided to think ahead and get a much larger 60 ft. machine shed door, because I am looking at bigger equipment in a couple years.

135 Would like to use six hydraulic doors on a hobby farm barn in Reno. Do you do small as well as big? Talking 8' x 6'. Perhaps a one piece hydraulic Schweiss door would be better for this size. Please advise.

136 This is for our Agricultural Center project that is in Farmland, IN. There are 2 doors going on this project and your company was the basis of design. Door width: 30'-0" Door height: 15'-0" Wdg: 24" Overall height: 17'-0" Drive type: Hydraulic pump and cylinders. Truss: Internal Hinge style: Single hinges Total W: 362" Totl H: 204" Do you install your doors? Email quote, 

137 Do you sell direct? I have a client looking for a 40' x 12' clear opening Schwiess hydraulic door and electric pump opener for a ranch hand. I am looking to get the Building from steel building systems in Oklahoma. do you sell to them? If so they may have already contacted you on our behalf.

138 Price of 40 ft. Hydraulic door, one piece for ag building. Price walk thru door separately. I'll will do the insulation and installation.

139 Please quote a 40x17 Clear Hydraulic Door Installed in a New Pre-engineered metal building that will be used for grain storage. Grain will not touch door. Please quote labor to install as well. Please fax design information so I can forward to building supplier. Please also fax quote. If you could forward today that would be great. Thanks

140 Need a budget quote for 1 - 38' x 16' hydraulic door  for agricultural use. We need to maintain 16' clear opening. This will be new construction so the building can be built to accomodate your door. 

141 We are fixing up our barn that we use as a shop. Currently we have sliding doors on the north end which we do not use because they are screwed closed and insulated. We would like to replace the doors as inexpensive as possible yet still have a well insulated functioning door on that end. The opening now is 16' wide by 12' high. We are looking for a hydaulic or bi-fold door to keep as much room as possible in the shop. Could you provide me with a ballpark on the cost of these doors. Price liftstraps for bifold and insulated. Separate price if you do the install. The farm is located in southern MN.

142 Would like a price for a 14' tall by 20' wide door for a barn. Am considering hyrdaulic one piece, but also looking towards your bifold door with liftstraps. I want the exterior of this door to be clad in wood to match outside of barn, which is painted in white.

143 Looking for price on 50'x 20' hydraulic door for agricultural use. Door will be installed on the 100' end wall of 100'x80' steel building with 22' walls. Roof pitch is 1:12. The steel building distributor has concerns on height of door we have priced from a competitor. That competitor specs a 24' high opening for 50' x 20' bi-fold requiring that we add 18" to wall height. Do hydraulic doors have less overall height compared to bi-fold lift strap doors? I also have concerns with the way hydraulic doors seal compared to bi-fold. I hear your new pumps and big cylinders really seal these doors well. How does Schweiss address this issue for cold climates? I look forward to talking with you.

144 We need three 24' wide x18' tall doors on a new steel building. We need one 24'15' tall on an existing steel building. Also would entertain a 40' x18' tall on an endwall instead of the 24x18 that is planned. We are not sure if a bifold with liftstraps or hydraulic Schweiss door is best. Ag machinery storage in southern Kansas. Building is ordererd and additions to order are easily done. Local steel building material yard is furnishing material

145 We would like to receive a quote for an 80' wide x 20' tall hydraulic combine and tractor storage door with walk door and photo eyes. Freight to Ada, OK.

146 I need a price for a 24x16' will have 1 inch barn board shipped to Ontario Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

147 I know you have put in several Schweiss doors in the area, and am presently running an estimate for one of my contractors; the rancher is looking at a 40' x 17' one-piece hydraulic door for the gable end of an 81' x 88' heated shop with 18' sidewalls; this will be a "ladder system" built building; would you fax me a bid for a hydraulic door w/installation that size? Reading in your web site, I see you offer spec sheets with your bids; would be very helpful to me in designing the building package; and also read that this may require a "free standing" header; very much appreciate your help in this endeavor;

148 Can you give me a price on a 20' w x 14'h hydraulic  door for a metal ag building?  Want it insulated with two windows for better outside lighting. Who installs them?

149 We are finally ready to get those two Schweiss hydraulic doors ordered that we talked about earlier. I believe the contractor contacted your company about what should be done for installation and who will do the install. We had earlier figured the one door at 37 feet 3 inches but need to make that 37 feet even to allow for another ply on the poles. So this is what we will need. 1st door 37 feet wide X 16 feet high. This hydraulic door will not be insulated, but I would like to go with the 2 remotes. 2nd door 27 feetwide X 12 feet high. I plan to insulate this door and would also like the 2 remotes. I would like two fixed windows in this door. You can decide the best placement as long as we can see out while standing. Let me know the final price and what I need to send for a deposit now. Is there any of the upgrades that I should be considering for farm use.

150 I'm looking for some budget pricing and info on your hydraulic farm doors. I would like to have a 30 ft x 12 ft finished opening once the door is installed.

151 Mike We talked at the farm show in Louisville. You wanted me to send you some pictures of my door opening and rafters. I have attached some pictures and if you want different shots let me know. I have a couple of pictures on my camera I will try to send direct. My hydraulic door opening is 13'8" x 26'6" Thank you, Really like the new pump setup.

152 I am designing and modifying an existing wood dairy barn for a client that would like to place a 16' tall x 20' wide steel hydraulic door on the end wall of the structure. I was wondering if the reactions for this size of door is available for finishing the design process.

153 We are building a garage on a farm near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We need 4 doors - approx. 10' high x 9' wide. They are to be automatic, Schweiss hydraulic doors with a UV resistant polycarbonate cladding in a dark gray or black colour. Please send me a rough budget price, including shipping/ delivery, for the hydraulic doors.

154 We need a quote for a hydraulic door, motor operated, opening size 38 x 16 ft. Also do you provide the skins for the door? If so please include in quote. Are there any window options? Our customer wants a row of windows. This is for an agriculture building.

155 I am building a garage/workshop with a 10H x16W door. It is a panelized building. A drawing of the front showing the rough-in opening is attached. I want to install either a hydraulic lift door or a bi-fold door with liftstraps. I would like a cost estimate for each type if you sell products in Kansas  City area in Missouri. My farm is in a small community south of Kansas City. Do you have a dealer that handles installations? If you need to speak with me, please use my cell number. 

156 I am interested in getting a quote for a hydraulic door. This is for a new agricultural supply building under construction. The hydraulic door itself would be approx. 30ft. wide x 16 ft. tall. We would like to insulate the door as well to R20-R30. Would like info on structural loads we should expect. See attached pic of the building structure. It's a gluelam split beam timberframe with 2"x6" framed walls. The hydraulic door will be at the far end of the building. The end wall that the door is installed into, is non-structural relative to supporting the building, so it only needs to support wind load, it's own weight, and the loads applied by the door itself. However the inside of the building is all exposed, and it's critical that the supporting structure for the hydraulic ag door be completely concealed in the end wall (i.e. we can't have bracing tying into the interior truss members etc.) We are located in B.C. Canada. So I would like info on shipping to Canada and how to coordinate an install. Please provide production lead time with your quote as well.

157 Quote on a hydraulic door for a barn. Looking at either an 18 ft wide by 10 ft high door or 20 ft wide by 10 ft high. I'd like exterior of door to match outside of barn. Difference in price?

158 Exploring options for a barn that I'm building. It will have 4 large doors but I'll have you quote the largest ones in your hydraulic and bifold models. The structure is steel with a wood frame & siding attached.

159 Three ag hydraulic doors 14x14 in Sibley, IA Really windy there, sick of problems with overhead doors going down in the inside of building, full of crap. Wants outside mounted doors, wind rated, insulated, with your quiet cylinders and pumps/motors that lift fast.

160 I am interested in a relatively small hydraulic door to replace a obsolete sliding door in my barn. Since it is small, manual operation would be fine if that is an option, although power would be nice if it is not too much of an increase in cost. I park my Yukon XL in the barn in the winter and, as a captain in our volunteer fire department, quick exits can be crucial, so I want a fast opening hydraulic door. In addition, my wife will complain if the door does not look like it goes with our 100 year old shingle sided barn. What material styles are available? 

161 We have an 74x24 foot Schweiss bi-fold door. This is a great trouble-free door, sure glad you convinced me to go with the lift straps and autolatches instead of cables. Now I would like to order a hydraulic door, the same size for installation at my son's farm. He like the hydraulic door better because it gives him a shaded canopy. Can you quote it same as my door.

162 I have a customer looking for a 24' wide by 18' hydraulic Schweiss door for his pole barn. His eave height is 18' the building is 60' x 60' The door would be put on the gable end. He needs it installed by Schweiss, it will be a new building in Ill. He'll only consider a hydraulic door.

163 I'd like to get quotes on hydraulic doors for two tobacco storage sheds. The first is a woodframe building with a 12 x 12 opening. The second is a quonset hut with a wood frame that is 16 x 12 that we would like to extend to 18x 12. Do you have a southern USA installer.  

164 Hydraulic feed bunker door 48X96 wood frame on 6 ft. concrete walls. 1 96ft. side open and divided into 4- 24ft. bays.16"X6" laminated headers. 18 ft. to top of headers. Would like delivery this fall if possible before the hawk comes out this winter.

165 Please send me pricing and shipping on a 24 ft. wide X 14 ft. high agricultural hydraulic door. This is for a prefab metal building end wall opening. Include man door and two remotes. Thanks

166 I'm inquiring about pricing for several hydraulic one piece Schweiss farm doors at the size specified below. If 8' high doors do not allow enough clearance to walk under the door when raised, please quote doors sized to allow 7' clearance when opened. This is for a new roof top structure as an addition to an existing building. We'd like to see if this product could be at all possible within our budget. Thanks.

167 Good morning we have a farm customer that needs all of his sliding doors replaced with your superior hydraulic doors.  Please verify the size and amount needed. Thanks.

168 would like a quote on 40 x 16 hydraulic door for an ag building (steel frame) delivered to and installed in rural Omaha, Nebraska. My buddy has two of your hydraulic doors and swears by them. As much as he brags about your doors you should hire him as a salesman.

169 I am looking for a hydraulic door for 14 feet high and 24 feet wide. It's for my barn. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, but can you paint it a faded red to match my barn? No need for a remote opener.

170 Want price on 30x16 ag. door in your Schweiss hydraulic style. Would like it insulated and with a walk thru door.

171 Have need for a 36' /- wide x 18' high Agricultural door. Well insulated for a shop. Need to confer with you as to which door, BIFOLD OR HYDRAULIC would work for my customer.

172 We are requesting a quote for a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door. 1-24 x 18 and 1- 20 x 18 for my hog farrowing barn. Can I get lights on it and insulation.


174 I changed building manufacturers, looking at 60'x60'x16 ag building. They said they like 2' on both corners so what is the highest door opening with a hydraulic door 56' wide? 4/12roof slope. 

175 Price me a 17.5 wide x 13.5 high insulated barn door in Schweiss Hydraulic door design with wood exterior painted in red, owner installed. Shipping to Vermont.

176 In need of a 30x16 hydraulic door, pricing, and installation in Illinois. Include remote opener. Need this fall before the corn and bean crops starts coming in.

177 We are building a room that needs a 36' wide x 14' tall opening inside a steel frame farm building. We are thinking a hydraulic door would be a good choice. The rough opening framing will be built with the room so the material choice is optional at this time. Let me know a price and usefull information if available. Thanks Kelley S.

178 My farm is in Chippewa County and located about 11 miles south of Watson. I live in Minneapolis. My smaller machine shed had sliding doors that have been destroyed in the wind. The opening is about 16 feet wide and 12 feet high. Could you please call me with an estimate for replacing those doors with one of your Schweiss windloaded hydraulic doors. The shed has electricity (but not 220v) available. I am going to put on new siding and shingle the building this fall, so I would like to install a new door before then. I would like the cost of your doors and the schedule for installation.   

179 Can you get me a quote on a 30x16 Hydraulic door. Insulated with opener, delivered and installed to Sisseton, SD. I'm wanting it for my ranch shop. 

180 Would like to have a 24 ft. tall hydraulic door if possible. Will your hydraulic door meet my requirements and how soon can you deliver and install in Oklahoma ranch?

181 Stucco style/wood... needed for a currently open - door less, 3-sided storage area. I'm open to all suggestions as to what kind of the two style doors that Schweiss offers, hydraulic door or bifold door with liftstraps. I like them both. I can mail you a picture if you want. Rural farm building is used for tobacco storage and production.

182 We have an ag pole barn with opening 30' wide by 16' hi Do you have contractors to install. I want a Schweiss hydraulic door and remote opener.

183 I love my old-old Bi-Fold door, but wish it had your newer lift-strap system. Over 25 new hangars have been built near here in Texas in the last few years. All have chosen Schweiss hydraulic doors, some with your new pump or bifolds with lift straps. I need to keep up with the Jones. I'm looking at a hydraulic door I can install myself on a new steel livestock building. 

184 Need a quote for a hydraulic door app 16 high by 30 wide for a converted barn to a storage building. I still want to match the door to the barn. Can you match paint and siding.

185 We have a barn with a door opening of about 40 ft. wide x 16 ft high and would like to install a hydraulic door if possible. The building is a pole barn structure with a heavy glue Lam beam header over the door opening. Questions: 1. Do you have a rep in our area who can determine if such an installation is possible and what exact size we need? 2. Are their installers in our area? 3. What would be the approximate cost of such a hydraulic door? Installation? 4. What exact information would you need to build us a door that will fit our building structure and opening? 

186 Request 2 quotes door quotes Bifold / Hydraulic one piece ag use door opening 45 wide / clear height opening 14 ft. thanx Terry C. in Palmer, AK I'm seeing more and more of your doors up here. Owners tell me they withstand the weather and winds off the mountains very well.

187 We are building a barn and need 2 doors. Pretty sure I want your Schweiss hydraulic doors, but am open to your convincing me that a hydraulic door would be better if it actually is. You guys are the experts. Besides door sizes, what other pertinent information will you need. We are in a windy area, will that make a difference?

188 I am planning to build a hangar for my Maule at my farm. I am interested in pricing and installation of a Schweiss hydraulic door approx. 45-50' x 13' with 6-8 windows in a row in it. Possibly two doors. 

189 We just purchased a farm with a 60' x 120' pole shed that we are converting from a cold storage shed to our shop and are in the market for a hydraulic door aprox 35' wide and 16' high we are starting concrete next weekend and would like to know what is necessary for a hydraulic door. Would also like to know the availability and prices on your doors with all the bells and whistles.

190 We are building a hanger. It going to be 60x100 x22. I would like to have Schweiss hydraulic doors at either end as wide as we can get, I'm guessing around 57 ft. And 18 ft tall or so. I'm not sure what the best or standard ht is. The building will be insulated. I have never seen this where there are two hydraulic doors at either end but I would like to do it if the building can structurally take it for my crop spraying operation so I can drive in, load up and taxi out quickly.

191 Want to install a 16'high by 26' wide hydraulic door in the side of a wood barn. Would appreciate some suggestions on doing this. Can it match the barn in color and style. Can I get it insulated?


193 Looking for quote on 28x14 Schweiss hydraulic door for ag building. Would also like quote for this door in a larger size, say 46 x 14. Just thinking ahead in case I get some larger machinery down the line. How many windows would you recommend for optimum lighting? Will also want a window in a walkdoor. I like your hydraulic doors because from what I've seen they seal up nice and tight and I like the fact that your unique pump can be placed well away and above from the door.

194 I need 1 hydraulic single panel door for an existing block shop at my farm. Size is 30 ft wide and 14 ft high. I will install and insulate. Have three of your Schweiss hydraulic doors, 60 ft. and two 40 ft. and really like how smoothly and quietly they operate. Schweiss is the only door for me, wouldn't even look at another brand. Your quality is unsurpassed.

195 In design phase of a barn 120'x 60' truss, w/ 20'H walls - Need design/construction data for either Schweiss Hydraulic or bifold and strap for either end or side, or both - looking for 15'H opening width will vary. Typical Pole barn Construction and installation DRAWINGS with dim.s and specs. for your product(s). An additional question: Is this factory direct only or are sales through dealers/distributors? Will deal with most cost effective method.

196 I am looking for two 30' x 14' and one 20' x 14' doors. This is for a agriculture shop. The door can either be single piece hydraulic or bi fold. Your new hydraulic pump really appeals to me and I like the fact that I can locate it under a bench 15 feet from the door.  thanks

197 I am looking into putting a 34'wide X 18' tall door on my farm shop. Can I install this door? I want a fast opening hydraulic door. Is extra door bracing required? I have a new steel machine shed building going up and will also want three doors for it, the largest about 60 ft. wide.  

198 I have used your Schweiss doors in the past and need a price on a new 40 ft X 18 hydraulic style barn door. Door will be installed in an old post frame wood farm building, so I'm thinking a freestanding door header may be needed. Please call me on a quote

199 Need dairy tunnel barn door. hydraulic ag door approx 14'x14' which can open & close against the pressure caused by tunnel ventilation. Currently using an air operated bi-fold door on existing barn but looking for your better Schweiss alternative door on next barn.

200 I have 2 potential ag building door projects for Schweiss hydraulic 1 piece doors: a. 110' x 28.   b. 42' x 12'.  Send me 2 metal building door quotes.

201 I have a client that needs a 12x12 one piece Schweiss hydraulic hay barn door and pump. I need a price on superior sealing Schweiss door.

202 Could you give me a quote on 1 - 40 wide x 12' high one piece Schweiss hydraulic powered door with all hardware delivered to Iowa. Also option 1 - 50 wide bifold post frame door as above. Ag use doors will not be insulated and are for a cold storage building. Post-frame building doors installed on the gable end of a 60 wide.

203 Please email me a approximate price for a 40' x 18' hydraulic metal dairy barn building door. Probably 3 windows about 2' X 3' evenly spaced. How much less is a 16' tall barn door? 

204 I would like pricing on a 48' x 14' Schweiss one piece insulated cattle feed operation door. No windows except for one in a walk door.


206 I purchased an existing shed where I'd like to store my farm equipment in, however the main machine shed doors roll out on a track and are inadequate. Headroom is limited and vertical clearance must be maintained. I'm interested in either a Schweiss bi-fold autolatch strap door or a hydraulic machine shed door, whichever will give best headroom.

207 I am looking for a concrete feedlot building door  similar to the one on your Schweiss photo of the day website. Will require two beefed up hydraulic doors with spherical bearings and heavy duty hinges. I would like pricing on new feedlot doors about 45 wide.

208 We are working a fire loss on a large farm shop building with a hydraulic replacement door. The building is a total loss. In order to get them an accurate estimate, I was wondering if you could provide pricing (delivered) for a 34'x18' hydraulic  door, which would include all of the lifts, and installation. I'll also give this estimate to the Insured, as they would probably need an estimate when the building is re-built.

209 I am currently looking into putting up a 50X60 steel ag building with a 30' x 14' opening and am considering a Schweiss hydraulic door so I am looking for a price to do this. I would like it to have a walk-in door within the door. Thanks Zach

210 I have farm building with 3 doors 9'10" x 10'6"; need specs and price for a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door; need specs and price for actuation pkg; need specs and price for controls pkg; and any add-ons like a walk door and remote opener. thank you.

211 I have a 30' sliding door on my farm shed that I would like to replace with a insulated Schweisss Red Power hydraulic door. Height is 14' and I do not want to lose any ceiling room. Am interested in a quote installed. Thanks. 

212 I am bidding a 120' x 60' machine shed for a farmer. He would like to have a 30' x 18' hydraulic door with a walk door and windows, insulated. Please contact me to go over the details. Thanks, 

213 Good morning. I need pricing for (2) 30'0x16'0 Hyrdraulic Schweiss Doors. This is an agriculture application in North Carolina zip code 27828. Thanks

214 I have a rural ag job in Nebraska that wants a 44' by 17' Hydraulic Door. It will go on a 70' by 80' by 19'6" steel building in the endwall with a 1/12 roof Pitch. Please send me a quote for this job fob. Thank you.

215 I have a few hay storage and machine storage buildings that may be candidates for large hydraulic one piece doors. I need to get one quoted right away. Post frame building 60x100x19'10'' I need 2 or 3 20x14-18' doors. I have heard that you have worked with us in the past. We will provide steel to skin with. You provide the hardware. 

216 I am bidding on a 70x125x18 agriculture building. The guy wants a 45' hydraulic door on one end. According to your website you say that its easy to install, so I would probably install myself. Whats your thoughts on a hydraulic Schweiss door or is this the same thing or can your bifold door accomplish the same thing? The guy did state he also wanted a door on one sidewall but I don't remember what size he said. I am going out to his job site tomorrow but I thought if I knew the price on these doors I could give him a ballpark figure at what this building would cost. Is this possible to get me a quote today? 

217 Can we get a quote for 3 energy efficient hydraulic doors with your Schweiss Red Power pump unit. They are for a heated shed. The side walls will be 16 ft. Two doors need to be 24 ft wide and 1 will be 20 ft. We plan on an in-frame door if it only robs 3 or 4 inches. Also as far as remotes we want to be able to hit a button and be able to drive away before it is shut. We don't want to have to sit there and hold a button to shut. We plan to start construction at the farm as soon as we can this spring.

218 I am looking for a door for my barn. Both the Hyd and the Bi-fold lift strap doors look good to me so I need to get prices on both and installation info because I will be installing the door myself. The door opening is 37' 3 3/4'' 11' 11 3/4''

219 Please quote on an agricultural hydraulic door for a 16 ft wide by 12 ft high opening. I will supply the metal siding to finish the door. 

220 I am interested in a door for an agricultural equipment storage shed. The door will need to be approximately 18 feet tall and 50 feet wide. My question concerns the type of framing I will need for this type of hydraulic door and the cost of the doors avilable for this usage and how delivery would be handled. I'm really impressed with the backup systems your hydraulic door provides. I've heard nothing but good reports about them and am anxious to get my door operational.

221 Need a quote on a 40'x18' hydraulic door for an agricultural shop building. We need the  new metallic steel building siding to match the hydraulic door siding. We need 4 small windows in the one-piece door, and a faster hydraulic door operator than normal if there's an upgrade?? Include door installation in MN. Need door quote today or tomorrow.

222 Schweiss Doors: Please provide pricing for a hydraulic agriculture door with dimensions of 22'wide x 14' tall. Door to be installed in a new metal building. Include two remote control operators. We will be installing 26 ga metal panel on the exterior, insulating with rigid insulation and covering the inside of the door with 29 ga metal wall panel. Please let me know if you need any other information.

223 Please send me a price on a agriculture Schweiss  hydraulic door. The building is 42ft wide with 16ft clearance. Thanks

224 Good day- I have been following your posts on your extensivie Schweiss Web page as well as on AgTalk. It appears that you are a reputable company, so I would like further information on my application. I have a 40' x 40' FS pole building with a 19' 6\" wide x 13' 10\" high door opening. I currently have the traditional sliding doors, but one of the doors has recently been damaged so I am interested in a quote for a hydraulic lift door. Looking at your options, I do want your new Red Power backup system, but do not need a walk door. Please quote with two windows. White exterior sheeting. Weather seal kit.  Thank you.

225 I am looking for a door for agriculture use. It'll be for cold storage so I don't need insulation. I really like the Schweiss hydraulic lift system you have and this seems to be further enhanced with the new addition of your more powerful Red Power motor. Please Quote.

226 We are building a combination 90 x 80 insulated shop building, and attached 70 x 80 farm machine storage building, with a need for 4 doors. total building size will be 80 x 160 18h x 40w hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system, insulated 18h x 24w door with Schweiss Red Power hydraulics, insulated 2 18h x 30w and hydraulic lift door, not insulated, looking at most efficient cost on these two. Can you give me quote on these 4 doors? Leroy

227 Looking for a quote on a hydraulic lift door system with your new Red Power Electrical System. Rough opening 54 X 20. I'll have a it on a steel pole barn.


229 I would like to get a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pumps for an opening approx. 10' tall by 23' wide. There is a complication: There is an existing overhang over this opening of 30\", so the height at the edge of the overhang is more like 9'6\". This is a hay and equipment storage building on a farm. It is a steel building. Thanks for your advice.

230 I am a homebuilder that has recently switched over to primarily Post Frame (Ag buildings). We have gotten very busy in the pole building business but I have no experience with the Schweiss hydraulic lift or Bi Fold door styles. I have actually lost 2 big building jobs recently due to the fact I do not have this type of door to offer. I buy my materials locally  and they recommended I contact you, they said \"if you want a good, heavy duty door with strong (Red Power hydraulic pumps to look you up\". Could you please send me a catalog, pricing and specs for your doors, as well as construction-framing requirements, etc. (Any info you think I may be able to use). We are a \"one call close\" sales company so we will need a way to price these doors on the spot so a price sheet or pricing formula would be very important as well. Thank you

231 Requesting a quote for Agricultural building (Schweiss hydraulic lift). Door to be mounted on a Pre-engineered steel building. Door 35'X 16' clear height. Alt. for 40'X 16' door. Can metel building insulation be installed under sheeting of door panel without interfearing with operation of door? Can I get Red Power backup package also, I hear that's the only way to go.

232 I am putting a price together a bid I need for an ag implement building and need a door quote for a Hydraulic Lift Schweiss door 36' wide x 18' high. Bid also needs to include separate quote on your Red Power motors.

233 We are planning an agricultural shop/storage. Planning to put at least a 17' high door in a width of 28 to 36 feet. Door would be in side wall.We haven't decided on building yet. Is there a difference on price between pole building and steel building, Red Power motor vs. your other motor? We need a Schweiss hydraulic door.


235 I will be building a 60*60*16 farm shop with heated floor this year. I am interested in one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. 30 or 35 feet wide. I would like to know cost, price, and also the specs; specifically, the measurements of the header area, from top of door to underside of truss{gable end}. I am planning 16' 2*6's on top of a 18\" stem wall. Will need Red Power motor{s} to do the heavy lifting on these doors. How much clearance will I have for tractors, combines etc... What are your recommendations? Thanks in advance. Please send information on a seal door kit.

236 looking for 20 ft wide 14ft ( 13 ft 9 in) tall Schweiss door for farm machinery building. very important that i lose no headroom, combine is approx. 13ft 4 in or 13ft 5 in tall not a lot of room for error. Can an outside mount accomplish this with a hydraulic lift Schweiss door? Will want Red Power pumps.


238 I would like a quote on a 50' wide x 18' high hydraulic lift door. I have a bunch of kids running around the farm site and I need to add some safety equipment so am interested in learning more about your new Schweiss Doors Red Power Safety Advantage System.  Photo eye sensors and warning lights and sirens. Please call me if you need more information.

239 I need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with header and jambs for a 44 X 60 X 14 pole building. Please have someone call after nine A.M. who can tell me what my options are regarding your new Red Power backup system and what the kits cost. I would probably plan to install it myself or with local help. Roger B

240 looking for pricing on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 2- 36 X16 doors 1- 28 X 15 door. I'm in the process of erecting an implement cold storage metal shed. Include price for your Red Power hydraulics.   

241 Looking at a schweiss hydraulic lift door for a pole barn. Height-12ft, Width-12ft. Options: Red Power safety Advantage (and sensors). Let me know price range and door sizes if this is not in your range.  thanks

242 Need an estimate on a hydraulic lifting Schweiss door.  On my hog barn I have a rough opening of 35'x11'. please add Red Power backup system.

243 Please Quote 40'x 17' Schweiss hydraulic lift door for Ag building possible insulation later. In the quote add Red Power backup system,  installation and delivery or some one local who you can recommend.

244 I recently purchased a 40X14 Schweiss hydraulic lift door from you via my building dealer. I was wondering what guage of wire I need to run for the new Red Power HP motor and what size of breaker? Thanks for your help

245 I am building a farm shop and want to have a opening of 40x16 and maybe another Schweiss Hydraulic lift door at 24x16 opening.I don't know yet if I am going wood or steel. I bought 2 doors from you in 2002 and I am very pleased with them. See you now have a new Red Power hydraulic system. Send me info on that as well.

246 Can I put 48' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door on 50' building? Need information on your new Red Power System for ag building.

247 I am looking at Schweiss hydraulic lift doors.44'x18' If you have a power failure, do you have a way to hook up to tractor hydraulics to open the door? Tell me more about your new Schweiss Red Power hydraulics and backup system. thank you please e-mail me. we are going to put your door in.

248 New construction 50'x16' installed hydraulic lift power door and  Red Power opening specs.For ag-related building.

249 please provide specifications for a 40' wide x 14' overall high Schweiss hydraulic lift door to be utilized at our farm for machinery storage. Most interested in your Red Power hydraulic pumps for this door. thanks

250 We are working with a prospective customer to develop a new machine shop on his farm. The customer is located in Minnesota. He would like a 50' x 20' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The quote should include installation of your Red Power backup system..

251 In addidion to the 38'w x 13'. we would also like a quote on a 10'w x 10'h. door with Schweiss Red Power Systems, no siding required, however it will be insulated with steel siding added. The large door will be a ventilation door for a chicken barn. gasketing will be required. Thanks

252 I need two 58x16 hydraulic lift doors to replace the sliding doors I now have on my machine shed. Because these are large doors and want the extra power provided by your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic system to be on these doors.

253 We are in the market for several of your quality built Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for our farm we like bi fold doors have been using 2 old 50ft doors since the early 90's at our Calgary farm operation and have nothing but praise for bi fold design, but this time around we are more interested in your Red Power hydraulic doors with backup systems.

254 Pricing for hydraulic lift doors. 12' wide x 11.2' high price for 1, 2 and 3 each. For existing barn application. Because this is a relatively small door, will I need to have your more powerful Red Power hydraulic pumps, or are they just included in everything you now do.

255 I am interested in a 40'x18' hydraulic lift door for a farm building that is scheduled to be erected starting this spring. I live in western Nebraska, and am interested in a quote that will include your Red Power backup system which I hear is capable of lifting a door this size. thanks

256 Please offer a quotation for an ag application: 40 x 14 hydraulic lift door to install in a pre-engineered steel building (STAR) OPT: 40 x 14 hydraulic door Question: Does your pricing include Red Power hydraulic pumps and door covering or do I need to price in covering and trim. If so, is there a requirement as to guage &/or strength of paneling? Please offer suggested man hours for installation Include freight in your quote to Kentucky. 

257 60X96 pole building need 40ft hydro- lift Schweiss door apx hight 12ft please send quote and include Red Power Electrical System with this door. thank you

258 We are looking to replace one door on our pole barn. The opening is 20'6.5\" wide and 13'8\" high. With the trucks and harvestors we have we need to keep as much headroom as possible. Thinking a hydro lift door would work best, how much do they swing out. Our Reefer trailer is 13' 3\" high. The semi is 12'11\". We have a concrete floor and apron existing. If it would help, we could send pictures of the barn. The barn was built in the early 80s. Posts are treated 6x6s. We would want you to include your new Red Power hydraulic pumps for this door.

259 We have used your doors and also have used some other hydrolic doors and have never had a proplem with a Schweiss hydrolic lift door in over 10 years! I am interested in putting a hydraulic lift door on a barn that I am building at my ranch and would like a quote. I would like a quote on a 15' high and 10' wide and a 15' high and a 20' wide. Would like this door to incorporate Red Power backup system.

260 I build and remodel poultry houses throughout the state of Texas and all poultry houses have one - 12' wide by 10' tall sliding or rollup door on each end. I had a customer request a hydraulic lift door on his new construction project which both he and I believe will be better suited, so I would like more information/pricing on your Schweiss Red Power doors.

261 Price on a Schweiss hydro-power lift door for a 18\"wide by 14\" high for an agricultural building. R-.9, will want Red Power backup system installed with this order.

262 i need pricing on  farm job in ga. opening 13'6\" x 9' 0\" hydro-power lift Schweiss door system , raw steel, electric, lightly insulated, Red Power Safety Advantage. please provide as soon as you can thanks

263 would like to see pricing on Schweiss lift doors agricultural machine shed. This will be a very large door and will need your biggest and best Red Power hydraulics. Door is approximately 16' x 55'

264 This building has grain walls, so the door frames are very strong. I would like to put a walk-in door and a window in each hydro power lift door. I have checked out other doors and believe after spending an hour on your extensive web page that Schweiss Doors builds doors better than anyone else. Do you have a brochure on your new Red Power Hydraulic pumps?

265 I am putting up a 80. wide steel building,farm shop.20' side wall.I need 2 40' wide hydraulic lift Schweiss doors, so We can drive equipment trough.I need prices on these swing doors and with the biggest Red Power motor you can provide.

266 Hi I am bidding a 40x60x20 pole barn for my farm, and would like a quote on 30x20 hydraulic lift door centered on the gable end. also tell me what lengths of steel I need for the door and what Schweiss doors recommends for installation of your Red Power hydraulic pumps. thank you

267 I am a GC and I am in the bid for an ag structure. Looking for a price on a 56ftx16ft Schweiss hydraulic lift door. to include options: Red Power Electrical system, 3 windows, delivery and installation.Thanks

268 I bought a Bi-Fold Door from you a few years ago, and would like to add the Photo Eye safety system. Is there a Kit to add this. Also How Much is it. More importantly I want to put one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors on my new farm machinery shed. It will require a large door to access my combine and tractors and I want your best Red Power hydraulics for max lifting power. You manufacture a great door! Thank You - John Rowery, Webster, S.D.

269 Do you have an on-line parts catalog or brochure for your Red Power hydraulic pumps ? I need some to replace old worn out motors on one of your competitors doors It is a bottom drive door. The door is quite large and needs your most powerful hydraulic pumps. A farm neighbor of mine has one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and tells me I shouldn't pussy foot around, junk my door and get one of yours. How much would that run me on a farm shop? Thanks

270 I had talked to someone at Schweiss Doors last week about ordering some 34 foot hydraulic lift doors.We would very much like to get these door up and operating again to get our machinery inside. The old sliding doors we have now are just too much work and take too much time to open, especially in Winter. We want doors to have your Red Power Electrical Systems. Thank you very much for your help in taking care of us on these great doors.

271 I need a quick quote for a 42' x 12' (opening) motor operated Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door for agricultural use. Include pricing for Red Power hydraulic pumps. We want a strong motor for this large heavily used door.

272 Interested in pricing availability and price on 2 hydraulic lift doors. One 30 ft wide x 20 ft. high and also a 40 ft wide x 20 ft high. Sure I will need the lifting power of your Schweiss Red Power backup system for the bigger door, how about the smaller door? This would be for an agricultural / industrial project in Alberta.

273 Hi, would like to price a 12'6'' by 20' door to put on ag machine shed with 2 windows. Would like to do the turn key with you guys installing it. You did one for my neighbor Phil about 4 years ago? I want the same hydraulic lift door, but want it equipped with your Red Power hydraulic backup system. Thanks

274 Im planning a post frame hangar for a couple ultralights. i would like to design and build so that it can also be used as a machine shed for large farm equip. Im thinking in the range of a 60' x 100' x 16' shed with a 40' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic lift door in one of the long walls. if you would consider , please, send me a catalogue and any other info you can on your Red Power hydraulic pumps. Even a rough - ball park- price would be welcome at this time. thank you for your consideration of my inquiry sincerely kevin merkle

275 I have an ag pole building 60 x 80 and I'd like to replace the sliding doors on the end of the building with hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors. The opening is 14 x 28 and I'd like to lose no clearance if that is possible. Please include price of your new Red Power hydraulic system. I hear it's a good one. Thanks

276 Want to change archaic sliding doors to either a quality Schweiss bi-fold or hydraulic one piece Red Power lift system. Will be insulating/heating  farm shed and need door to close/seal properly. Shed is steel with steel header and side posts. Header varies in dimension from about 12in to 18\"height due to slope of roof. Do you have a contact/distributor in Southern Manitoba?

277 Please quote Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold door according to the following specs. 24' x 16' insulated farm machinery door with Red Power hydraulic pumps delivered to N.D. in Bowman county.

278 We would like to be set up as a dealer. We are a lumberyard I need a price 30x14 hydraulic lift door non-insulate, for agricultural use. Price should include separate quote for your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps.

279 It is our intention to mount a Hydraulic Lift Schweiss Door at the endwall of a 40'-0\" wide Steel Building having an 18'-0\" eave height.This will be an agriculture project in Oklahoma that is tax exempt.The structure will be used as a repair shop for large and tall equipment, so will need the added power of your Red Power hydraulics. The headroom clearance must be 16'-6\" minimum.

280 We have a barn front opening of 10'x12' and would like to close it off to the weather. Found your doors and interested in either the bi-fold or the hydraulic lift Schweiss models, especially the hydraulic with the Red Power motors. Could you send me more info on the both, and prices. Or a rep. in the area for a quote.Thanks,

281 Need a quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for agricultural application. Need 20'x16' in the clear and Red Power Electrical System. Questions

282 Hello, we often times build structures that are used as agricultural and industrial shops. We have used both bi-fold and solid door sections with hydraulic lift doors. We are currently putting together a good sized ag shop and are interested in obtaining pricing for your single section Schweiss hydraulic lift product. The size we are considering is 30' x 16'. Will want door with Schweisss Red Power backup system for best lift. Please contact me so we can pursue this further.

283 I am a farmer in North Carolina and need a door for my shop. The opening is 12ft tall and 17.5ft wide. I like the Schweiss Bifold door, but I would like to know the Schweiss Doors Hydraulic lift door cost as well. You can price me on the Red Power hydraulic pumps too, delivered to Raleigh, NC. No installation please. Thanks

284 Dear Sirs,We have a list of KY installers. However, we are located a few miles from Evansville, IN. Are there any installers in the Evansville, southern Indiana, area for Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold agricultural use doors. Also need to be able to install Red Power hydraulics and lift straps? If so, please send list.Thanks,  Joe in Henderson, KY

285 Dear Schweiss folk,I am interested in your one-piece hydraulic lift doors. I am planning to build a farm shop this coming summer north of Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. The door with Red Power hydraulic pumps, will also need to be wide enough to accommodate our airplane's wingspan if possible (and not overpriced for this need).How much would we have to pay for a 14' high X 30' wide door of this kind? Can it be shipped to me or to Edmonton? I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks!Cory

286 I'm thinking about installing a hydraulic-lift door on my farm storage shed. I'm assuming it would be not to cost-prohibitive, but want to confirm before I make any final decisions. My shed is almost 5' wide and 7' tall. Can you give me a rough estimate of cost to include Schweiss Red Power hydraulics? 

287 I am researching hydraulic lift doors for my uncles' barn. He has a 30 yr old steel bldg. with a 30' sliding door which needs replaced. Price to include Red Power hydraulic Schweiss Doors pump and two remote controls.

288 I need a quote on a 60 wide hydraulic lift door x 19' high for a farm machine shop. This will be a replacement door for another brand of bifold which isn't doing the trick. You can use the existing skin. I would like the new Red Power motor for it. 

289 I am thinking about replacing the slide doors on a pole building. The door is 20 feet wide and I must keep the 13 ft, 9 inch head clearance. The building is 20 years old, but is structurally good. I use the building for farm machine and seed dealer storage. I would need to have a hydraulic lift Schweiss door installed. I'm interested in your Red Power hydraulic pumps for this door. Tell me more. Henry

290 Hello, my name is Allan I have sold quite a few farm and Ag shops already and their all looking for either Schweiss bifolds, or hydraulic lift doors. If possible, could I receive some pricing information on your products and Red Power hydraulic pumps? I like the way these doors are designed and would like to be putting a hi quality door in a high quality building! Thank you. Best Regards, Allan

291 Schweiss, Please give me a price quote for a 40x15 one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door that is to be installed in the endwall of a 48 x 72 steel building for ag machinery storage. Will want your Red Power Hydraulic Pumps. Thank You, Roy

292 Looking for price on 45' and 28' hydraulic lift Schweiss doors installed with Red Power Hydraulic Pumps. They will go on a farm shop and machinery shed in western North Dakota. Happened to run across one of your doors last week, I was very impressed with their quality.

293 Need a price on a 30 x 16 farm, hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power Electrical System. I will need it installed, price.

294 Looking for a 30' or 40' wide door for a new agricultural shop building. 16' tall. what is the best option? Schweiss Bifold or Hydraulic Lift Door? Costs to include Red Power cylinders and straps?

295 I need a price on the following: (1) 25'-0\" x 16'-0\" Sidewall (1) 30'-0\" x 16'-0\" Sidewall (1) 40'=0\" x 16'-0\" Endwall These are agriculture hydraulic lift doors going in a metal building. I would like the quote on Schweiss Red Power motors, FBO Boise

296 I need two quotes: One for a Schweiss Bifold Ag door 16'x22'and the other for the same dimensions but for Hydraulic Ag One-Piece hydraulic lift door. I live in Washington state. How much for door delivery? Do you install? If so, how much does it cost? This is for a pole building. Is it possible to get separate price for Red Power hydraulic pumps? 

297 Job is in Herman Minnesota. Need hydraulic lift Schweiss door quote with Red Power hydraulic pumps on it. Door will be used for farm equipment housing.

298 We building a insulated shop on our Ranch in Montana. We are looking at all options for our large doors. We have several questions about your Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power hydraulic pump equipped door capabilities and would like to start a discussion with you that would potentially result in us purchasing a door or three from you for our building. As designed, our shop has two 14' x 14' doors and one 16' x 30' door.

299 Please quote a door for a hog pole barn. I need a clear opening of 30x16. What is rough opening? 30x17?? No metal on exterior. Door will be insulated. Want Schweiss hydraulic lift style door with Red Power pumps. Please quote shipping separate, as I may elect to pick up on my truck.

300 We are working with an agriculture project, where the owner wants a 29' x 18' hydraulic lift door to get his combine into the building with out taking off the combine header. He also wants remote control operation and Schweiss newly developed Red Power hydraulic pumps to lift the door as smoothly and fast as possible.

301 Agriculture shop and storage building 72' wide x 100' long 72' x 40' shop 72' x 60' storage needs a heavy duty Schweiss hydraulic lift door complete with Red Power hydraulic pumps. How quick can you get this done for me?

302 This door is being put on a large steel ag building built in the late 80s. We want to upgrade the structure with one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and top it off with your new Red Power hydraulic pumps for increased lift.

303 Please quote the following material. 2) 12' x 13' Schweiss hydraulic lift farm shop doors, one centered in each endwall of a 30 x 50 x 12 3:12 steel building going to Austin, Tx. Give me your recommendation on install of your new Red Power hydraulics. Thanks- Terry

304 I am interested in a free standing Schweiss hydraulic lift door at my Montana ranch shop. The inside measurement is 13'9\" high by 23' 61/2\" wide. I would like to discuss Red Power hydraulic pumps, insulation packages and prices. Thanks 

305 Interior finished ceiling clearance height is close... to combine grain bin extensions.... within 6 inches.Will want a one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss Door with Red Power Electrical system.

306 I'm pricing a ag building that calls for a Schweiss quality hydraulic lift door that will fit in a 70'x18' framed opening at one end wall. The wind load is 110 mph. Need the mazimum Red Power hydraulic pumps for door that would fit in the 70'x 18' clear opening. Show the framing and hinge locations so I can design my framed opening for the loads of the  door. I would greatly appreciate it.

307 Wondering about a door for a round roof barn. Looking for a 14 ft tall, 20 wide. Did some looking on your Schweiss Web Site and it sold me on your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. This will be a insulated door. Thanks Brian Wendinger

308 We bought a bifold from you a year and 2 months ago for a customer. We are looking at one for our farm now. It would go on an existing shed - we need the opening to be fully cleared 20' wide x 12'10\" tall. Could you get us a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic swing door with Red Power Electrical System. We can provide the metal sheeting inside and out.There isn't a better farm door made. It really takes the punishment and works great in cold weather.

309 I am considering replacing the end sliding doors on my building with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The opening is 23ft 6in wide and 13ft 6in tall and I don't want to lose any size of opening. This building is not insulated or heated so the door doesn't have to be insulated, but it will require installation of Red Power Electrical System. Saw one of your doors in Arkansas, very smooth operation for a sturdy door. This is for a farm shop.

310 I am building a shed that will have a 35 wide 14 tall farm door. A friend of mine had a Schweiss hydraulic lift door put in a few years ago and I helped him put the sheeting on it. I am thinking of going that same route. Can you price with Red Power hydraulic cylinders.

311  I am from an Ag Supplier. We sell farm buildings and I am working on a building quote for a customer. He wants a 40' x 18' Schweiss hydraulic lift door in one end and in order to quote the endwall, I need a custom quote. They need the reactions of the door to the end wall and details on your Red Power hydraulic pumps. If you have any questions give me a call or email. Thanks, Cory

312 I would like to see a detail of the installation of Red Power Hydraulic pumps. Also what are the header and side wall requirements for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to be placed on a large farm implement storage building.

313 I would like you to price a hydraulic lift door to be placed on a metal building in Deadwood, SD. the dimensions are 50'-0\" wide x 20'-0\" high. Building is for ag use and door will require your fastest and best quality Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps.

314 Looking for some hydraulic lift doors for large new farm building. I will want your best hydraulics for this, which I'm sure you will tell me is the new Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump. You say it has more lifting power and is faster - how much more?

315 Please provide specs and quote for a Schweiss  hydraulic lift door (with Red Power back up system) to fit into overall opening of 45 x 18 - eave height of building is 20. This is for a farm building used for storage. Won't need insulation.

316 I am looking for quote for 50'x16'-6\" Hydraulic lift door to be installed in an agricultural building to be located on farm property near Coolidge, Arizona. I will need Schweiss Red Power electrical data as well as loading and framing requirements in order to get acurate metal building quote and electrical cost for the project. If you can reply with your email address I can send preliminary building sketches as well.

317 I would like a price on a walk in door for the Schweiss hydraulic lift farm equipment door I ordered last week if possible. Also, can you include your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. I think I should have them because this is a big door that will need the extra lift.

318 I would like a quote for a Schweiss door installed, closers, remote. One piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power unit for better lift. Big steel door to be used on machinery shop on my Nebraska farm.

319 I am planning on building a farm machine shop with a two doors. I would like have a 20 ft door, Schweiss hydraulic lift, on the side and a 30 to 40 ft door on the end with a height of at least 14 ft. I would like Red Power hydraulic pumps.

320 I am interested in a hydraulic lift one piece door for a shop in-the-clear opening of 16 feet high by 30 feet wide. This opening has northern exposure, opens into a heated shop with a concrete floor with about two inches of concrete above the gravel grade that leads into the shop. The building is wooden laminated column and the current 16 H x 15.5 duel sliding doors are clear span supported by a track on the front of the building. I am interested in better sealing of the door opening and the possibilities of insulation that you offer for this type of a door. I am retired and farming a small farm, but I do spend a lot of time in the shop and need better air infiltration control. This is an inquiry only at this point. Further action will depend on the price with and without installation of the Schweiss door with possible addition of Red Power hydraulic pumps.

321 Farm Machinery storage shed, have slide doors on now which are getting harder to open. I'm thinking the Schweiss hydraulic lift with Red Power hydraulic back up system might be my best choice. Give me a call or email. Thanks

322 We would like to get a quote for a 29' wide by 20' high bi-fold or hydraulic lift door. The demenions are rough opening. The use is Ag. The job location is Corvallis, Oregon. We have limited 240 power for the door unit. Will this work with your Schweiss Doors Red Power Electrical System?

323 I am in the planning stage of new construction for summer. Have priced a new FBI building without overhead doors. Plans are for two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors on 18 foot side wall, 30 feet wide each. Approximate cost would be appreciated, I would want the specs from FBI before ordering. This is for farm machinery storage and shop. One door would be insulated, the other would not. What are the advantages of Red Power hydraulic pumps?  If you need further information please do not hesitate to call for clarification. Thank you, Jake L, Lincoln, IL. Have seen your doors on other government projects and they are highly touted.

324 2-18 foot tall by 20 foot wide or 1-18 foot tall by 40 foot wide Schweiss hydralic lift doors for farm use steel and wood buildings. Want one-piece doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps. Your doors are the best quality. I've done my homework and talked to other door owners.

325 Please give me a quote on a 60x96x18 steel farm building with a 40X16.5 hydraulic lift door in one end, a 14X18 overhead on one side, and a steel walkdoor on the other side. Red Power hydraulic pumps. To be built in Wahpeton, ND. Thanks. Rory

326 I have a farmstead building that I am interested in replacing the sliding door with a one piece hydralic lift door. Opening, I believe is 24 X 12 or 14. What would the cost of the Schweiss door be? Building faces North and sometimes the door track will freeze and need to be thawed. I would consider a bifold or hydraulic, but prefer door with your Red Power hydraulic pumps and backup system. Devin

327 We want to replace a existing door with a Wider hydraulic one piece insulated Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump door. Job is in Alberta, Canada. Tell me about shipping and tech support. This is a building used to store farm machinery in winter and when not in use.

328 WE are designing and building new John Deere Dealerships. Looking a designing Hydraulic lift Schweiss doors in the endwalls of the shop area. Looking for design information and a quote. Door to be sheeted with 2\" insulated sandwich panel. Can your Red Power be painted John Deere green :)

329 I'm looking to purchase a hydraulic lift door for my barn the opening is 32ft wide by 17ft high. I dont need it to be automatic, just simple and inexpensive, but do want your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump. email me a brochure and the prices for the product. Thanks, Dave

330 We would like a price on a 50' wide x 14' high hydraulic lift Schweiss one piece door delivered to  WI. Will want your recommended Red Power motor to lift it easily. Price two remote controls. Dairy farm steel machine shed in Wisconsin.

331 Need quote and specs for hydraulic lift door to fit into framed opening 50 x 24 agriculture machine storage steel building - this is my overall clear door opening. Door will contain Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote control units.

332 Need quote on One-piece hydraulic lift door 16' high,x 24' wide insulated farm shed. Also include Red Power hydraulic pumps. Good deal!

333 Please provide quote and specs for Hydraulic lift doors - overall opening is 40w x 14h - this  farm machine storage building door cannot exceed 14' total height and has to have your Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pumps. Jason

334 I am planning to put a new door of some kind on my metal round-top farm building. The building is 46' X 80'. The double sliding doors that were originally on it were 22'w X 13'tall. I don't want anything fancy, just basic Schweiss hydraulic lift metal door, no windows or insulation. This is strictly a storage shed for farm machinery. I would appreciate you having Red Power Hydraulic Pumps on this door. It will need good lifting power.  Thank you. Harry

335 We need a price on two hydraulic lift doors, # 1 28 ft. wide x 14 ft. high # 2 44 ft. wide x 14 ft. high Both fitted with Schweiss Red Power backup systems. For ag shop and milking parlor.

336 We have Schweiss bifold installed in the 1980's. We have not had anyone from Schweiss look it over for any needed repairs. (Motor, cables etc.) We now need another ag door that is a 24' hydraulic lift one piece with Red Power hydraulic Electrical System. Can you give me a complete estimate? We live 25 miles straight west of Redwood Falls, MN.

337 Require Pricing on 1 - 100'0\" w x 31'0\"h Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Must be clear under as 29'0\" Exterior cladding and insulation. Red Power hydraulic pump operator with safety reverse system Include top weatherstrip as well as sides. Include freight to Edmonton, Canada Our Client needs a Budget Price for his new farm machinery shed.

338 How large of a wedge does a 60' x 18' Clear opening have. Please price me a 60'x 18' clear with Red Power system electric hydraulic operator shipped to  Montana. Door needs to be Schweiss hydraulic lift style for farm machinery storage building. Thank you, Gary

339 Like a hydraulic lift door bid with Red Power hydraulic pumps for door on our farm equipment building. Like to talk to someone on details on the door, accessories available and what size Schweiss Red Power motor should be attached for best lift.

340 Please give a call about a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door system with your best Red Power hydraulic pump to lift a big heavy door used often for ag use. I am located in Corydon, Iowa 50060.I've seen them here, and I like what you do.

341 I want a price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door 12x12 feet with entry door for a barn 25 feet tall. The size has to be that to fit that door opening. I would like this to have price for your Red Power backup system, which my hubby says we need. Can door be painted red to match barn?

342 Wondering if Schweiss Doors sells anything to Canada. We do mostly ag projects and often use hydraulic lift and bifold doors from 12' to 50' wide. If you do sell to Canada what is the pricing on a 18' wide by 14' high bifold door.W ant to compare your prices and benefits of Red Power hydraulics.

343 Thanks for the quote on the 12x40 hydraulic lift door. Could you please also quote your superior Red Power hydraulic pumps for use on my ag machine shed. I need to have 10 foot of clearance with the door open and 40 foot long. Thanks again, Daren

344 We are making barns into shops for farmers and they are interested in the Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi-fold doors. Could you send info on doors and Red Power hydraulic units that I can share with 5 farmers. Is there a way I can get to be a dealer? Here are some common sizes desired: 20' wide by 16' tall, 22' wide by 18' tall, 20' wide by 18' tall Thanks! Ted 


346 We are building a ag shop 40 x 56 with a big end wall door we need 14 foot head room the building has 16 foot side walls looking to put a 24 or 26 foot wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door with 14 foot head room. Like to have Red Power hydraulic pump and an opener with it.

347 I have twelve poultry houses with doors 12x12 Id. like to know the price of putting a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door on each end of these buildings and extra cost, if any to have them installed with your Red Power electrical systems.

348 Need price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door by Tuesday. 23' high clear x 70' wide clear - end wall installation, Red Power hydraulic pump. I think this door will be perfect for our farm machine storage shed and farm shop.

349 I have a customer who wants the one piece hydraulic lift door for his ag building. I need the specs so I can load my building properly. He is looking for a 30x16 and a 24x16 both going in an endwall. I guess you can price each one for me too. Needs to be insulated and with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps. Delivery to Arkansas.

350 I am looking to replace the slide doors on a farm building that was put up in the early 80s. The door is 24' x 13' roughly. I saw the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and was very impressed. My questions are: do they handle much wind while open? how can they be opened in a power outage? and what would be the cost of a complete Red Power hydraulic 24' x13' door pump system delivered to me in Nebraska.

351 Please quote a 70x18 clear open Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door, itemize options, install, Red Power hydraulic pump, remote, ect. Door is for metal farm/machinery storage building.

352 I want to put in a hydraulic lift Schweiss door on the end of my free-stall barn. Currently there is a regular overhead door, uninsulated on the north end, and we have trouble lifting it in the winter. Put your best Red Power motor on it please.

353 I am quoting a project and need a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to be installed on my farm. It will be for a large machinery shed, so will want your best Red Power hydraulic pump for door.

354 We are sourcing Schweiss doors for a new machine shop/storage building for our farm operations. The new structure will have 18 ft. side walls on cement foundation and wood framing. Width will be 80' and length 60'. The widest door would be 34' or 36'. A pole barn structure will be attached for additional storage. These would call for hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps. Do you have a distributor in Ontario area? Would appreciate info on cost, structural load requirements, installation details, long term maintenance and durability.

355 Please advise cost of a Schweiss designed hydraulic lift Agriculture Door 26 ft. wide and 16 ft. high. Goes on steel building and would like Red Power hydraulic cylinders and two remote controls. Thank you, Connie Blue

356 We are building a small barn for a customer. The main door is 16' wide x 12' high. We would like a rough estimate for a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power options. I know there are many options to considered but we are just looking for a starting point for now.

357 Please send price for (2) 65'-0\" x 16'-0\" clear opening Schweiss hydraulic lift doors installed on each end of a steel building for agricultural use. Include most powerful Red Power hydraulic pump for increased lifting power.

358 Want a Schweiss hydraulic lift steel door with Red Power hydraulic pump and remote control.This is for a large feed and seed building on our farm. Door should be insulated and would like two remote controls in case one gets lost. I can tell you once were a farmer by the way you design your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors.

359 Please quote me on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door delivered and installed in Baxley, Georgia. This door will be going in an endwall of a metal building for farm equipment access. 35' wide and clear height of 15', need Red Power unit, remote control access. Wind load is 101mph .3 sec.gust. Thanks W.G.

360 Need specs for a 54'-0 wide x 16'-0 Schweiss hydraulic lift door to be used on an ag machine shop near Houston, Texas. Door is to be equipped with your Red Power hydraulics and will want two remote openers. Always nice doing business with you guys, I always get what I want.

361 Doors would be for an agricultural building. One door would be 16x14 and the other 16x12. The building is wood frame/steel outside. Construction starts in 2 weeks and was considering normal overhead \"garage\" doors but looking at your Schweiss Web site I'm leaning toward hydraulic one piece doors. Have experience with bi-fold hangar doors and am looking for a price comparison. Would like Red Power hydraulic system. Thanks

362 I'm looking for price for 24' wide 15' tall hydraulic lift door. Building will be solid core SIP type construction. This is Ag building. Door needs to be insulated and have best lifting capability your Schweiss Red Power System provides. Any suggestions would be welcome.

363 Building a 160'x75' farm building looking for options on a 40' opening. Probably Schweiss hydraulic lift with Red Power hydraulic pump because I'll need real good lifting power. Going to Farm Progress show in Decatur Ill but wanted a head start on your company. Lots of choices at show. Want a price installed and not installed. Thaks

364 I am looking for a hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump for a round roof Behlen building. What will it cost with two remote openers. Saw your door at Farmfest last summer, I've always wanted one. Looking forward to doing business with Schweiss Doors.  Lowell

365 I have a customer that has a need for a 35' x 14' hydraulic lift door for agricultural use and I am interested in your Schweiss Red Power backup system product. Please feel free to contact me. Thank You.

366 Please provide quote and load information for a hydraulic lift Schweiss Red Power System door to be used on large farm storage building. Should be insulated and with remote openers.

367 I am looking for a quotation on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a agricultural building that will store a combine. Eave height of the metal building will be 16' with a 3/12 pitch roof. The Red Power equipped door needs a 14' clear space and will be in the end wall of the building.

368 I am building a wood framed barn for a farmer 90ft by 110ft. He has three of the big John Deere sprayers that drive in the fields. He wants a door in the gable end that is 40ft wide and 16ft tall like a airplane hanger door. He wants a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pump. 

369 I've been working on a project for a large beef farmer to build (12) feeder buildings that will be 192'ftx18'ftx620'ft. The center drive-thru is 30ft wide. I would appreciate Schweiss Doors input on how many hydraulic lift doors (with Red Power units) would be recommended for this huge building and any other input you can add.

370 I will be constructing a drive-thru loadout hanger for an aerial application business. Please quote 2 hydraulic lift doors with opening sizes of 70' x 16' with a minimum of 14' opening clearance needed. I would like to Red Power hydraulics and remotes.

371 I have an airport hanger on my farm. The opening at this point in aprox. 56 ft. with 20 ft of overhead clearance. Could you e-mail me an estimate for different width Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with the Red Power hydraulic pumps?

372 Looking for a 32' wide by 16' tall Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for a farm machinery shed. Would want you to put a Red Power hydraulic pump on it and it should have at least two remote openers. Any chance to get started after spring planting is over?

373 Putting a quote together requiring a 40' X 16 Schweiss hydraulic lift door for winery machinery building in California, and need info to apply loads and specs on your Red Power Electrical System.

374 Please send a quote for both one and 2 Schweiss insulated hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pump. Need them for my horse ranch. FBO Gardiner MT Thanks

375 Price on two doors installed in agri building. Rough Opening 13 feet wide x 10 feet 11 inches high. I will finish off exterior with sun tuff panels. Want Schweiss Doors crew to install Red Power Electrical System on door.

376 I am going to be building a 60x96 cold machinery storage building and I am pricing a 16x36 hydraulic lift door. What would one of your doors cost with a Red Power hydraulic pump on it. I do live in Minnesota if that makes any difference. I hear your doors perform real well when the temperature drops to -20 and the wind whips to 40 mph.

377 I work for a dairy equipment company in the engineering department and am interested in your new Red Power hydraulic pumps as described briefly on your Schweiss Door Web site. We have several dairy farmers that have doors by another manufacturer and constantly complain about the performance of their motors, Would your company sell Red Power pumps to replace their motors and will they work on others doors. I can think of at least four California dairies right now that would buy one. What sizes do they come in?  Thanks for your time. Ben Cartwright

378 I have a customer who is looking at building a 60' X 96' X 17' wood frame agricultural building. Planning to have a 42' wide opening at both ends for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. My truss manufacture is looking for a approx. load weight for the door so we can design the endwall trusses properly. If you could give me an approximate weight for the basic Red Power lifting door to fit a 42' X 16' opening, I would greatly appreciate it. I was checking through your literature and did not find any door weight listings.

379 I would like quotes with Red Power pump options for a 16 foot wide by 28 foot high hydraulic lift Schweiss door to be placed on an existing steel rigid frame building at my farm site. I would like to know if erection can be offered. We will be out of school this week so please send any information by land mail. I would be looking at purchase and installation in the June-July time period. My neighbor down the road has one of your doors and told me he didn't know how he ever got along without it before. Word of mouth compliments say a lot for me when they come from someone I know. 

380 I have need for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door 80X20 for machinery and other storage on my ranch in Texas. I don't want any of those wimpy black motors that others supply, only your top of the line Red Power motor to lift this beast. Cost isn't a factor. Reliability is.  \"Red Eye\" Wallace.

381 Quote me a 50' x 18' hydro-lift door for Ceasar Larson of Amboy, MN. A lot of farmers around here have your doors. Suppose it's time I get one before I kick the bucket. What's a Red Power pump. Is it bigger than those black ones? That's what they tell me. See you at FarmFest again.

382 Converting my old wooden barn into machinery storage. Barn is 32ft. wide , thinking of a 20ft. wide door and probly 14ft. high. No openings are cut in yet. I would like to know what I am doing for a hydraulic lift Schweiss door before I sign a contract to have the barn covered with steel siding. Do not contact Me by e-mail as I never check for those

383 We are planning on building a bigger shop on our farm. We will probably need a hydraulic lift door with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump about 32 ft wide by 15 ft high. We are just looking for a ballpark quote right now We are actually going to be walling in an old equipment shed 132 x 60

384 Need a 43x12 Schweiss hydraulic lift door with man door and Red Power electrical operating system. For use on my farm in North Dakota. Please insulate.

385 40x16 Schweiss hydraulic lift door with insulation and remote. how much extra head room do i need for installation on end walls and side walls? Red Power backup system, does the side columns and building construction of wood or steel change the price and is one better than another for long term reliabilty? this projest is at least 1 year out but i am starting to design the shop for the farm. depending on the price i may need additional doors in other sizes. Darn nice doors you manufacture.

386 Hello - Would you mind to send the catalog of farm door to me by mail soon. I am looking Bifold or hydraulic lift one door open, which size is 9 by 12 I think. Please send me a catalog that also shows Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps so I can look at it and decide to order it. Thanks, Richard

387 I am going to build a shop for the farm and I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump. please send me information and price list. the structure will be built this summer. 

388 My older farm building used as shop has wooden sliding doors on at present time. Would like to replace with more air tight hydraulic lift doors with out losing any head room. I need two doors both air openings are 8'4\" high one is 14' wide and the second one is 10' wide. Thinking it should have the Schweiss Red Power System. Would like to know if you could make me a door this size and about what price range we're looking at. Please mail or email quote have any questions you can either call or email

389 I have a small barn with two door openings of 16' wide by 10' high; the openings have a 2x10 header on a 2x6 frame with a 2'head clearance. And a side door 12' wide by 7'4\" high, 2x8 header with a 2x4 frame with less than a foot head clearance. I am interested in a price for the three openings using your Red Power electrical system on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Delivery is to Oklahoma

390 I need 13' clear height. I only have 13' at the corners of the door without hitting my rake trim.Will I lose any height on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door? Can I get it with a small Red Power hydraulic pump. If not enough lift power, go one size bigger.

391 Starting new wood const. on ag machine shed this spring and would like quote on 30' or 32'x 15' hdy. lift Schweiss door kit.This will be going in an insulated building and would likely be self installed. Door located in 60' end wall. Thanks, Delbert

392 I'm the Regional Construction Manager for our Central Region building manufacturer. More of your doors are being requested for our metal farm buildings, therefore I would like a installation manual which will also give details on your Red Power Electrical hydraulic systems.Our office has bought many of your doors and to be better able to help our crews, this would prove to be handy to have a installation manual available to me here. Also, why is it that a majority of our farmers and seed dealers are requesting your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic lift doors over ours? Is that why they want your doors? We are flabbergasted! Corporate keeps breathing down my neck!

393 Interested to know if you produce a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that would be suitable to put on my barns. Two doors needed, one about 10 ft high by 12 ft wide and the other about 10 ft high by 14 ft wide. As I am getting older it gets a little harder to open & close the traditional sliding barn door, plus they have a bad habit of getting where they stick and bind, I'm confident your Red Power motor will take away my pain and worry.

394 I want to replace the upper and lower seals on my old Schweiss 50' bi-fold door. But better yet, for you anyway, I want to order a hydraulic lift door to put on my farm shop. Shoot me a price which will have Red Power hydraulic pump and two remotes. Great bifold door by the way, works just like you said.

395 I sell Metal Buildings. I have a Prospect in Centralia, IL. wanting a farm building with a 50' X 18' Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door. I can supply the wall panels, and the 4\" insulation. I need a price on your door, shipped with Red Power Hydraulic Pump and with and without installation. Please line item the freight. Call me if you have any questions at the above phone. Kindest regards. Avery

396 I plan a farm building 32 X 60, with a 30 wide hydraulic lift door which has a 10 foot clear opening, located on the gable end of this building. Vertical steel siding and roof will cover the building. Q1 - Is a 32' wide building wide enough to accomodate a 30' wide door? Q2 - This will be a pole building with trusses forming the roof. Do you build the truss or provide specs to truss companies? Q3 - Please provide an approximate price for such a door with  a bottom mounted operating Red Power motor, including freight to Rhode Island.

397 Looking for pricing on 2-36'w x 18'h Schweiss hydraulic lift insulated doors. One piece, Red Power Advantage System, remote openers.  For use on \"No Bull Ranch\" in southeast Texas.

398  Planning for farm shop. looking at doors and considering hydraulic lift door will be in 60'? end wall considering 16 by 40 door. how tall does our building need to be I am so far impressed with your Schweiss door and Red Power hydraulic pumps. I saw ad in Nebraska Farmer if I could get a door price and installation price would be appreciated thank you also what is the lead time from order to delivery and what specifications do I need to know when it comes time for erection thank you Randy

399 Requesting price for: 60x18 hydraulic lift door w/ bottom mounted Schweiss Red Power motor, backup system and remote for farm-based aircraft hanger, please e-mail or call w/ questions. Saw your demo door at Farmfest last fall. Your polite, and not pushy, salesmen really know your doors. They sold me on your quality product!

400 Bldg a 60' x 60' x 20' high stock barn. Door opening will be 54' to 56' x 16' to 18' high. Want Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your biggest Red Power hydraulic pump on it to lift it. This is the second door on our ranch and my neighbor has one two. We both stand by Schweiss products.

401 I am looking for one piece hydraulic lift door options for a rustic looking barn I am building. The barn will be sheeted with self weathering corten corrugated steel. The doors should match this. Schweiss Door should be lifted with Red Power back up system. Remote door opener included.

402 I have a customer about to build a new building, and he is interested in a 40' x 16' one piece hydraulic lift door. Our company has done several Schweiss bi-folds in the past year, and would be interested in trying one of these. My manager saw your company at a trade show and pointed me in your direction. So I don't know all the options, (particularly your new Red Power hydraulic options) but this would be for a barn, nothing fancy, just big enough for his combine. The ceiling is going to be at 18'. I'm interested in a ball park price and information about shipping. Thanks in advance, Jon

403 Door to be insulated, two or three windows, soffit clearance outside looking in on right may be close (required clearance?), what else do you need from me, & how much prep is required by me for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. 8 years ago you installed a 30\" plus bi-fold for this customer and it's just like a Timex -- keeps on tickin' and never takes a lickin' ! Joe N. Farms.

404 I have a 50 x 100 existing machine shed. May turn into ag shop. 2x6 framed with wood clearspan trusses. current end opening is 18 x 24 wide would like to know if I could put a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door (with Red Power option) to span as close to the 50' end width as I can. I know I would have to do some modifacations as the current footings are poored to accomidate the current 24' opening. Ideas Please Thanks Arvid Grosklags.

405 I have a Morton pole shop with a 17'x13' \"approx\" sliding door that is getting hard to open with one man in the summer, and darn near impossible to open in the winter, so much for the heated shop. I want a Schweiss hydraulic lift door, my neighbor has three and they work great, he is especially proud of two of the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors that are fitted with Red Power hydraulic pumps, he demonstrates them to anyone who comes to visit him on the farm, they are just like big boy toys to him. Any info and pricing would be greatly appreciated. Kermit.

406 Have a customer who would like to put a one piece hydraulic lift door on an old farmstead granary which has the I beam header for the 24' wide slide door. Walter looked at your Schweiss Doors web site in my office and we both decided to include your Red Power hydraulic pump. Consider this a placed order, how soon can you install in northern Iowa? Has to be before winter.

407 We have an agricultural building that has a doorway with size dimensions of 16' high by 22 1/2' wide and I would like an estimate of what the cost would be for a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup system. Also, included in the estimate I would like to know how much the shipping charge would be. I think you make very nice doors.

408 I am considering a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door for my barn. The door will be 8 ft 6 inches high and 36 ft wide. The header is a large steel I beam. Can I get an idea of the price for a door that has a Red Power hydraulic pump on it. Thank You. Chad

409 Building is an old dairy hip roof barn I am converting to a shop. A Schweiss hydraulic door  may need the upper corners cut out of slanted. Haven't measured yet to know for sure. Hydraulic Red Power pump requested. I will want the cold weather seal as well. I am familiar with both styles of doors, looked at them at Farmfest.

410 Need a Schweiss hydraulic door for a 38 to 40 foot wide and 14 foot high opening on an existing barn in Bastrop, Texas. Heavy steel door will require Red Power motor for good lift.

411 I need a price for a Schweiss hydraulic door. qty: 1 door size: 30' x 16' open wind: 90 mph red power electrically operated. Have one of your doors on our wheat farm, great door.

412 I am interested in a Schweiss hydraulic door, one piece, for an agricultural shop. The opening will be 28' wide and the height at 14'6\". I'd also like a more detailed discription of the door and what makes it work such as Red Power cylinders used, length, pump size, and how much oil is needed to operate the system? Does the door open to a full 90 degrees from the building when at it's most open position? Can the door be stopped at different heights? Are there safety stops that will hold the door when open? How do you release these stops to put the door down? How heavy is the door? Thank you.

413 I am needing a hydraulic one piece door for a hangar on a farm. 39'11-1/2\" X 12'  I would insist on Red Power hydraulic Schweiss pump.

414 Putting door inside barn to close off shop to storage area. looking for the cheap one in your Schweiss hydraulic one piece design. With Red Power hydraulic pump please.

415 I need a price on a Schweiss agriculture use door that is 24 x 14 hydraulic. It is for a wood frame building.White in color,with door sheeting and Red Power hydraulics. If you need more info please email me. Thanks Dustin

416 I want to convert a 36'x60' dairy barn which has a quonset top set on block barn walls removing the haybarn floor between them. Haybarn door opening is 16'x 10'4\" on top of lower level ba door 7'x9', converting both to one large Schwiess hydraulic door 28'x18'6\". I need someone to come look at this project and tell me if it will work or not.Can we do this this year? How much will it cost? How soon can someone come? Any extra cost for Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote openers. Your  doors work fantastic for ag use, my neighbor two farms down has one and turned me on to you.

417 I have four openings on a farm equipment building that we want to replace the hanging sliding doors with your more efficient and smooth operating Schweiss hydraulic Red Power pump system doors. Two openings are 38 feet wide x 12 feet tall or option for five additonal feet to the bottom of the joist. The other two openings are 18 feet wide same height. We need an option to have at least one man door in each opening and an option for an opening wide and tall enough for a pick up, combine and big tractor to drive through. Thank you.

418 Need Schweiss hydraulic door for hanger building that will initally be agricultural use with plans to later convert to hanger with capability of handling amphib. If there is an additional charge for your Red Power hydraulic pump, list that separately.

419 Looking at putting a Schweiss hydraulic wooden faced red door on my barn. Roughly it will be 18 feet wide and 14 feet high, big enough to drive a tractor and rack in for hay and straw storage. Will this door come with a Red Power hydraulic pump. Wondering how much a remote control opener would be, if not too much I might consider, but it's not a necessity. Can you paint outside of door to match my barn? If not, I can do it here. Oh yes, I want it insulated, got to keep my prize Holsteins warm in the winter. When they're happy they produce more milk.

420 I have a 37'Wx12'H bottom drive bifold door (Schweiss) that was installed in the mid 80's. It still runs better than any door of its kind. Now I need another door, this one is twice as big, so am considering a hydraulic door with your good Red Power hydraulic pump. This is an Agricultural building. Thanks, Ollie

421 Looking for estimate price on 4 20' by 16' Schweiss Red power backup system hydraulic one piece insulated door for farm shop poultry set up. 

422 I need a price on a hydraulic door 52' wide by 16' high. Also I wooould llike a price for Schweiss Doors to install the same with Red Power Electrical lift system.  This is for an equipment storage building on my Celeste, Texas ranch.

423 We are putting together a bid now for the project it is a 46'X160' long shop for a dairy farmer and he wants a two Schweiss hydraulic doors on each side to get his equipment in and out. I would like a quote on what you would do this for. It is going to be have metal sheeting, but is going to be built with wood posts and wood trusses. I am submitting this bid on Wednesday so I would like to know ASAP a rough estimate on what you could do this project for with Red Power hydraulic pump and remote opener. Thanks, Clark,  Superintendent

424 I have plans to put up a 60' x 100' Quonset building for large square bales of hay and also, for machinery. I am planning to have 16' x 24' door openings, one on each end of the building. I am hoping the 16' height will accomodate the combine with the grain extension. By installing a Schweiss hydraulic door, is it required for the door opening to be higher than the 16'? By reading the material, it doesn't appear so. Also, what would be the cost of the two hydraulic  doors with remote and Red Power backup systems. Any other information or advice will be appreciated. I plan to put up this building between now and August. Thank You, Milton

425 Need a price for a 14' tall X 28' wide Schweiss hydraulic door to put on my machine shed ASAP right after spring planting if you can get to installation that quick. Price with man door, Red Power hydraulic pump and two remote openers, insulated. Installed in western Wyoming.

426 We are a home hardware building centre in northern Alberta. I have a customer who is looking to buy two 40 ft. wide and 18ft high doors for a pole shed to keep his farm equipment in. He is talking about the t hanger type. I would like to know who your dealer is that is in our area. I also would like to know how these are installed, and what is needed to hang these and what specific Red Power hydraulic pump system will be utilized, and of course what they cost and how do I order them if my customer says go ahead. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you. Roby

427 Looking for a price on a Schweiss hydraulic hanger door Barn is 40' wide and 12' tall need the largest door we can get to fit in the gable end 38' wide if possible. Also most powerful Red Power hydraulic system for greater lifting power.

428 I have a barn door 16ft. x 16ft. What would a Schweiss hydraulic door cost delivered? I can do the installation and am pretty sure I can attach the Red Power Electrical system. If not, our small town of Waukomis, OK has an electrician I am friendly with. Thanks, John

429 Please send literature on your Schweiss 14' X 20'  hydraulic Red Power hydraulic pump activated agricultural door that will open to a maximum of 13'. Thanks

430 Could you please send me a spec sheet for a 12ftx40ft Schweiss hydraulic door. I'm converting my metal machine shed to a grain and seed storage shed. Will need your Red Power hydraulic pump for best lift possible. Thank you!

431 Need a quote and opening information for a 30x14 Schweiss hydraulic door to go into a steel ag building. Price with insulation and Red Power hydraulic pump. I like the looks of your doors, they appear to be put together very soundly.

432 I would like to have information on your ag building hydraulic aluminum doors. Will need specs & quote for 35 by 14 door and Schweiss Door Red Power operator system.

433 I'm in need of replacing a sliding door on my farm building, I need a 25 ft. wide door and my truss height is 14 ft. from floor, can you help me out with proper Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump to apply to hydraulic one piece door, I need an electric opener and a man door and I would like windows also. I need every inch possible for height on this building also.....

434 Please send a quote on a 20' W x 12' H door for ag machine shed and a 25' W x 16 H ag shop. Both should have Red Power equipped hydraulic pump systems and back up systems and be installed by Schweiss Doors in Cato, NY. 

435 I saw your ad, and have a barn that I am considering replacing the door on. This is not a door that is used often, so price will be a factor. The door I'm considering is a Schweiss hydraulic one piece is 14'x14'. Don't know for sure if I should have a Red Power hydraulic pump, or is that included in the price? We have sliding barn doors there now, and they are in need of replacement/repair. Let me know what your cost is.

436 I have a customer that may need 1 or 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors on a hay storage barn 1-16x30 and 1 14x14. He said to specify a Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system. What can you do for him?

437 I'm looking for a Schweiss Doors ballpark estimate on both a bi-fold and a hydralic door (with Red Power options) for my machine shed. The door size is 40' wide X 12' high. I saw your demo models at Farmfest last August and was blown away by the smooth operation of your doors, and now I see you have a new Red Power hydraulic pump and beefed up hinge system. You guys just keep on getting better. That's the sign of a good company. Your reps are very informed to what farmers need and friendly too.  Ernest

438 I plan to build a 70 x 120 Ag. building in 2012. I will be at Farmfest this August and wondering if you will again have an exhibit there. I should be ready to order a Schweiss hydraulic machine shed door, but want to see your new Red Power hydraulic pump in action and see what you did to strengthen your hinge system. I'm looking forward to talking to Dave again, will he be there? Also, wondering if I could meet Mike and get a tour of your factory and riding arena. I hear it's quite impressive. I have horses too. I don't jump them, but spend a lot of money feeding them so ma can pet them. It's like putting money down a gopher hole, if you know what I mean. Leo, cousin to Ole and Lena who live on a little house on the prairie near Walnut Grove, 

439 I'm going to build a barn this summer, I'm thinking of going with a quonset. Could you give me the most inexpensive quote you can (I'm on a budget). Also I might be interested in the self supporting frame, and the Schweiss hydraulic door, I might also go with a wider door - up to 30 foot, so either way I'd still like to have it fitted with your Red Power hydraulic pumps and backup system. Could you give me some prices so I could compair them.

440 I was impressed by one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors (new installation at Benjamin H's) I recently bought an old farmstead with several old sliding doors and am looking at the options and would like to get an idea $wise how your hydraulic doors compare to bifold doors. Drill rigs require about 13' high opening. One door about 25' and a couple 16' wide. We'd want your Red Power pump if we go to a hydraulic door. Your thoughts. Thanks Kat

441 Building a conventional framed barn for a farmer 90ft by 110ft. he has three of the big John Deere sprayers that drive in the fields that sit high with the skinny tires. He wants a Schweiss hydraulic door in the gable end that is 40ft wide and 16ft tall like a airplane hanger door. He also wants a good and powerful Red Power pump to lift it easily.

442 Just want to get an idea. I know prices will go up but cannot even think about it till next year. This Schweiss hydraulic one piece door may go on an old hog shed that is concrete block with sliding wood door that will need replaced. We use this as our shop. Include Red Power hydraulics. Thanks

443 I'm interesred in a Schweiss hydraulic door mounted on sidewall of a 18 ft tall barn can I get a 30ft wide by 16ft tall in this opening to work. I would also like to line inside and out with metal and to insulate. It will have a Red Power hydraulic pump for good lifting power. Please call me on cell phone best way get hold of me. thanks John.

444 We are taking quotes for a new ag building. Need to know any additional specs needed for your Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power pump options. We are looking at 30'wide by 16' tall. Thanks

445 I have just assembled a steel building with 12ft X 12ft opening I had planned to use a roll up door but I don't have the overhead clearance. This is primarly used for a agriculture type use building and was wondering if a manual lift up would be available and if I choose your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump would it take the smallest model? Also can I assemble this one piece hydraulic door kit myself Please quote me a door to fit this opening

446 I would like to have a quote on two (2) 36'0\" wide x 16'0\" high hydraulic lift doors with Schweiss Red Power backup systems, one (1) 20'0\" wide x 16'0\" high door. This is for an agricutural building, pre-engineered metal building construction. 36'0\" doors are in end wall of building, 20'0\" door in side wall, building is 18'0\" eave height and is 1/12 roof pitch. Also remote openers for each door.

447 I am planning to build a barn / Hangar combo and I need the door opening to be 46ft. wide x 12ft. high. My contractor said I need the spec. on the Schweiss hydraulic door first before building. I am looking for a low cost door to fit the need and will give me the 46x12 clear opening that I am looking for. Can you help with info and price of your doors and which is best for my needs and which Red Power hydraulic style pump would be the right size. I think I have seen your ad at the Sun-N-Fun airshow in Lankland last year but not sure, were you there? Thank you for your time. Ron M. please reply ASAP.( PS. 120 MPH wind load.)

448 The barn that this door would be installed on was origanally designed for a hydraulic door quoted by your company. So structually the pole barn in question was designed and preped for a Schweiss insulated one piece hydraulic door of this size.Which means we are now ready to place our order, which should now include your new Red Power hydraulic pumps and Red Power backup system. Let me know if price has changed since the last quote was given to us 6 months ago.

449 We are building a shop / machinery storage building for a larger family farm located in SW Minnesota. They are looking for a 48' x 16' equipment hydraulic lift door along with a 28' x 16' and a 16' x 16' door. They believe they want Schweiss hydraulic doors because of your Red Power pumps, but would consider a bi-fold lift strap doors if there is a significant price difference. The clearance is an issue, so in the case of the bi-fold doors we would want to go to an 18' high door to still get the 16' of clearance. Since these are located on an end wall of a 160' wide building there would be no problem in accomodating the additional height for the bi-fold door opening. Please give us pricing quotes as soon as possible. Thanks, Neal

450 I have a small barn, but I need a reliable, yet powerful hydraulic door that uses minimal headroom. The opening I have is 8' wide by 8' high. I need to upgrade to an insulated and motorized (with remote control) unit. Can you help me find the right hydraulic door for my agriculture building with the features I need?

451 I own a 50' x 100' x 18'6\" agriculture shop building on a 2' stem wall. The ag shop currently has 27' x 14' sliding doors. My farm equipment keeps getting bigger, so I want to enlarge the door to 27' x 16' or 31' x 16'.

452 I am intersted in installing a Schweiss hydraulic door in a existing wood frame barn with the opening not perfectly square approx. 16w x14h 6 x 6 vertical door posts. What can I or you do to square up opening? How will Red Power hydraulics lift if opening is not squared.

453 I would like information and prices on replacing the sliding doors on my agriculture machine shed with the one-piece hydro hydraulic doors by Schweiss Doors. The current door is 24' wide by about 14' high. I may retrofit and put a wider door in if I replace what is there. The shed is 48' wide. I might go to a 30 foot or 34 foot wide door.I am interested in your custom-built hydraulic doors because I would like to discuss the best possible door spec options for my ag building.

454 I am considering a bi fold door for my growing ag shop. The measurements are 14' by 18'. I am curious about price. The agriculture equipment keeps getting larger and I need a door opening that will match my expanding needs. I am new to bi fold ag doors, so any help in this matter would be appreciated. Thanks.

455 I've decided to construct a building on my rural property, initially for some equipment storage. Ultimate use will be for a hanger though and I want to make sure I plan it accordingly. What I need at this time is engineering load data sufficient to spec out the opening truss. The overall size of the building is 42' 8\" wide x 48' deep. The hydraulic Schweiss door opening is 40' clear x 14' high. The structure will be 8x8 posts on 12' centers supporting 8x16\" beams that the trusses will anchor to. I'm assuming that the door opening will have a second post on each side framing and supporting the door and that the support truss will be either double or triple units. What I need to provide to the designer is load data for your most restrictive/heaviest door system so that I will have no problems in the future. I would appreciate this data as soon as you have a moment as I will be departing on a business trip over the weekend and would like to resolve any questions the engineer may have before leaving. Thanks. Bob

456 I would like cost for the following bi-fold and hydraulic doors (with install): 1.) 41.5 foot Bi-fold door with lift straps and auto latch system; 2.) 41.5 foot one-piece hydro powered Hydraulic door. Both buildings will be of pole barn construction, with metal siding and a shingled roof. The pole barns are both 48 foot by 48 foot with 14 foot eave height. Both the hydraulic and the bi-fold doors will be installed on the non load bearing wall. If you need further info please contact me by phone or e-mail. 

457 We have a 48' x 50' Butler shop with two 12' (for a 24' span) wide x 16' high doors on one end. I was interested in the cost of putting up one one-piece hydraulic shop door, that's insulated (to replace my existing doors with a more powerful, reliable hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors).

458 I'm looking for a simple, custom designed one-piece hydraulic door for an existing barn/shop combo. The building size is about 48' x 48' - not sure of the hydraulic door size requirements at this time. Of course, we are very interested in safety too, so we'd like to set up an educational session for our staff to learn all about how to operate the one-piece hydraulic door successfully and safely. We heard auto locks are built into the hydraulic door design. Perfect!

459 I am converting an existing shed into a shop. I would like to get an estimate on a bifold in order to save some headroom space/clearance. The door opening is 14 feet x 20 feet. I would like the new bi-fold door to be insulated, with two windows and a remote opener. Call with questions.

460 Please provide a ballpark figure to include shipping costs (to Columbia, Missouri) for the following clear opening requirements: 30' wide x 16' high. Please tell us more about the bi-fold door vs. the one-piece hydraulic door. I am bidding on this type door for a 60' x 60' agriculture shop building. We can't afford to lose any headroom in our ag shop building either, so please consider that too.  Thanks!

461 We are looking for large one-piece hydraulic doors for our multiple agricultural shops. Each one-piece door needs to be 45' tall and up to 45' wide. We're looking for low voltage control stations and a smoothly operating, no hassle powerful, yet quiet motor.

462 Would like to know the price of a 40 ft one-piece red power hydraulic door for a machine/agriculture shop, and if the large moving hydraulic doors are insulated or not. If there is a more economical size, would like to know that also.

463 I'm looking for two one-piece hydro powered hydraulic Schweiss 30'x16' doors for a farm bldg. Can you help me find the perfect one-piece red power farm building hydraulic door?

464 I am remodeling an old dairy barn style building, for my shop. So I need dairy barn hydraulic doors I can also use as one-piece hydro powered hydraulic doors for my agriculture machine shop doors. It has brick for the bottom 4' and then its wood up to the roof. I gave you the sizes of the one-piece hydraulic door that would fit and there. Do you carry any standard size one-piece hydraulic doors close to what I'm looking for? Thanks for your time.

465 looking for prices on 3 one-piece hydraulic Schweiss doors 12X12 14X14 20w X 16. I need the entire hydraulic moving wall to open up. Looking for a red power, powerful one-piece hydraulic door solution. These are one-piece hydraulic barn doors.  

466 i would like to get some information on the Schweiss moving bifold doors and the Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors. what i have in mind is 20 to 30 foot bi-folding or hydraulic large moving ag shop doors for the agricultural shop and some wide opening one-piece hydraulic or bi-fold lift strap ag shop 14 to 18 foot doors to my shop is a big nice machine shop so i need nice big, moving dependable hydraulic shop doors. thanks for your time on this matter

467 We need a price on a 50' x 15' clear bi-fold with lift straps large barn door and a one-piece hydraulic barn door with an alternate for a 60' x 15' clear hydraulic door. Thank you.

468 I am building a old style post and beam style barn to be used as a shop.I need large one-piece hydraulic over head doors to get our equipment in.I would like the one-piece red power custom Schweiss hydraulic doors to have the look of an old style wooden barn door, so we need a completely custom built hydraulic door with a unique hydraulic door finish. Your one-piece large barn hydraulic door looks like the best option,Will you please send me some one-piece Schweiss red power hydraulic barn door information and a one-piece Schweiss red power hydraulic barn door price list.I will need 2 one-piece hydraulic barn doors 14.5' high X 20' wide,and 1 16'X 2o' moving barn hydraulic doors. Thank you.

469 looking for a price on a 12x12 byfold door or a durable, reliable hydraulic door for my shop door? The Schweiss hydraulic door will be all metal no windows. do you ship to canada?. thank you and merry christmas.

470 I am looking for a simple bifold door or a neat, clean one-piece hydraulic wood Kiln door. Temps are never more than 180F. The one-piece hydraulic kiln door needs to be insulated and my opening is approximately 12 wide by 11 high. If you could give me a rough cost for such a secure, one-piece Schweiss hydraulic kiln door I would appreciate it. I will be needing two hydro powered hydraulic doors for the Kiln and at least one hydraulic moving one-piece door for my new machine shop. Right now I just need pricing on two one-piece hydraulic doors for the kiln that are the hydraulic door kiln dimensions mentioned above. Thanks

471 If we put up a 40 x 40 ft pole building with 6x6 beams 8 ft on center would it be possible for a 40 ft non insulated custom manufactured bi-fold barn door or a custom manufactured one piece hydro powered hydraulic barn door to be put in as our large moving barn door? Were using engineered trusses for the roof and I was wondering the price on the widest one piece hydraulic barn door I could put on this barn.

472 Planning to build a shop, would like an estimate on a moving hydraulic shop door. The building is planning to be 48'by 50'. The secure locking hydraulic shop door size would like to be 15' to 16' high and 22' to 24' wide.

473 Constructing 40 ft wide 60 ft long 12 ft high farm building. Looking for one-piece hydraulic farm building doors. This ag building is Wood frame with wood truss construction. Looking for a one-piece hydraulic door to match. Need budget pricing on bi-fold door or one-piece hydraulic ag building door 38'W x 10'H Thanks

474 Just getting thoughts. we re-roofed the State Fair cow barn structure this year and the back sliding State Fair barn complex doors need work, hard to catch me home so a catalog with barn/ag hydraulic door prices for this State Fair large moving hydraulic door application would be nice.

475 Can you give me a price for a large moving ag barn door opening of 43 feet, both in the bi-Fold type door and one piece hydraulic type door. Our neighbor has a one-piece hydraulic Schweiss ag barn door and we want a hydraulic door for our ag barn too. 

476 You provided a 40' one-piece hydraulic barn door for my neighbor. We are looking for a similar hydraulic Schweiss barn door, 45' x 14 x 24\". If you have other door recommendations, we are open to door suggestions. Engineered to withstand 110 (county minimum requirement) to 120 mph winds [We live in Houston.]

477 I need a quote on a 28' x 14' one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door for a farm building.

478 I have two farm building that I was interested in for installing your bi-fold doors or single panel hydraulic doors. One is a steel round top with an 16' wide X 14' high double door. I would like to add a free standing one-piece hydraulic or bifold door and increase the door opening width and height to 22' wide x 15' high. Second steel building has a door opening of 32' wide X 15 1/2' high. Also would like a free standing one-piece hydraulic door or bifold Schweiss door with lift straps.

479 I am costing a farm tool shed and the need the cost of 24 foot wide by 14 foot high one-piece hydraulic door and a 32 foot wide by 16 foot high bifold door. My cost sources show great prices on Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic door listings. No door header cost is needed for an end installation, but I would like to know what a side installation header would cost (typical 8 to 10 foot spacing farm pole building with truss roof). This hydraulic door and bi-fold door information would also be helpful to me for figuring the functional obsolescence on older tool sheds. The door value just needs to be a ball park figure for door costing purposes.

480 I have one of your Schweiss bifold doors an a building on my farm. The bifold farm building door was purchased with a farm building package in 1986. The ag building is an all steel building. The bi-folding door works very good. It came with cables that rollup on a pipe on the bottom of the door but about 4 years ago I installed 2\" Schweiss lift straps on it. I found out the 3/4 horse motor could not lift the bi-fold door with only one lift strap from the top too the bottom. I had to build a pully at the top to run the strap over and back to the bottom of the door. The bi-fold door is 40' wide and 12' high. The pullys I made were quite crude and now they are worn out. I was wondering if you had a kit to update my Schweiss bi-folding door with the lift straps and how much will the bifold door lift straps kit will cost. The 2\" ratchet strap I'm using seems to be quite adequate to lift the Schweiss bifold door for 20 years. One more question. My agriculture building bifold stops when it's closing. When I push the door stop button it stops faster. It looks like to me it would take an electric break or something like that. or a break that would realize when the motor started and apply when the motor was shut off?

481 I have a 10'4 by 14 door opening and need all of it to clear the cab on my tractor and that is 12 to 14 inches below the gutter so I don't know which hydraulic Schweiss door or bifolding door with lift straps would be better but I would like to get some info on both types of Schweiss Doors doors.

482 Was wondering if you had a one-piece hydraulic door sales representative in the IA area. Interested in modifying an existing machine shed with a new one-piece machine shed hydraulic door by Schweiss Doors. We need a taller door (clearance) for combine. Thanks.

483 Have a concrete block building with sliding \"Barn\" type doors that are failing. Need barn type doors replaced with something better, like a new Schweiss one-piece hydraulic barn door.

484 Need Schweiss bi fold door or hydraulic door for wood barn door retrofit please call

485 I am very interested in your bifold doors for my new pole building or pole building hydraulic doors. I am going to be constructing in the near future, and would like some tangible Schweiss Doors information sent to me if at all possible. I read about your company, Schweiss Doors, through Successful Farming. Thank you.

486 Is there a dealer of your hydraulic doors products in my area. I am very interested in hydraulic barn doors for my barns

487 I need a quote on a 30'X 15' 1 panel hydraulic door in a farm building in Michigan. I also need the extra cost for you to install farm building single panel hydraulic door.

488 I would like to build my own bifold overhead or hydraulic door for my barn. Could I get some bifold door plans or hydraulic door plans? Also could you give me a price list for your hydraulic one-piece doors? Our opening is 10'wide X 7.4'high. Thanks 

489 Good Morning: I'm evaluating the cost of a new hay barn with the following nominal dimensions: Width: 50FT Depth: 30FT Eave Height: 16FT The structure would be designed and located in Texas. I would like to plan for a bi-fold door or Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door in the design and construction but would actually purchase and install the hydraulic door at a later date. What is more cost effective, buy the door header assembly from you or let the building manufacture design the required hydraulic door opening? Thanks,

490 I need price on 20 wide 18 High Bifold door or hydraulic door for Agri door to be installed.

491 i am debating on which Schweiss door to use on my farm shop. I'm thinking I want a hydraulic one piece farm shop door.

492 I am curious to know what a bi-fold, or hydrualic door might cost me for a hay storage barn. The hay storage barn hydraulic door dimensions are 14 feet tall and 40 feet wide. One door color: want a red hydraulic door. With an outside hydraulic door controller, and possibly with a door remote. No walk through doors needed. I also need a one piece hydraulic door 14 feet tall and 12 feet wide, with same color of red, outside controller, and no walk through doors. Can you please send me prices on those door dimensions, or a price list of common door sizes? Thanks.

493 what would just a 50 ft x 100 ft 12 ft tall with side walls and one back wall with top cost for a hay barn hydraulic door? One end would be open.

494 Please quote on a 12' by 42' single panel machine shed hydraulic door.

495 I have a steel span building. the door opening is 24'w x 14'h. I need to raise the height a foot to get my combine in the shed. looking for a quote and time frame. I just put a hopper topper on combine, now it doesn't fit in the shed.

496 Need price on 45x16 door to go on my farm machine shed. Need all the headroom I can get with a hydraulic Red Power door. Would also want a walk through door.

497 I want two one piece hydraulic doors with Red Power pumps, remote control and auto lock. I want to order it without paneling so I can add wood on the outside to match the wood on the barn (cypress board and batten), with the board and batten on the door flush with that on the barn adjacent to the door. Can it be opened and closed by hand when there is a power failure? What size electric service (voltage and amperage) do I need to provide? What is the lead time on shipping? How do I pay? What is the heaviest piece to be lifted off the truck?

498 Wondering prices on a bi-fold vs. a hydraulic door for my barn. The rough opening is 20' x 14' I would guess. I will get the exact measurements when I decide what to do. All I am looking for now is prices on the two different doors. Can they be designed to match the outside of the barn?  Thank you for your time, Brad M.

499 1 Piece hydraulic door with remote control. What type power-out backup system is available? Installation on my cattle ranch in east Texas.

500 My barn is built and I need two insulated hydraulic one piece doors for it, to match red exterior and if you can to have a wood cross (x) through the middle painted in white. I want a quiet door because I have horses in the barn. What do you need for dimensions and other information.

501 looking for a quote for a hydraulic lift door for a 17 x 60 foot clear opening on my ranch near spicewood texas


503 We are looking for a 60'x 20'H door for a large farm machine shed. Concrete floor just poured. Interested mostly in your Schweiss hydraulic one piece door, insulated, extra remote. Can we get this in aluminum to cut down weight?

504 We are a construction company that will provide a quote to a rural customer for an addition to an existing machine storage building. The customer wants a one-piece hydraulic door. He would like the specs to be 44 feet wide with a clear height of 16 feet. Insulated and installed in Iowa.

505 I have an old Barn with sliding doors and wanting to replace with your Schweiss hydraulic doors but do not want to lose head space.

506 I would like a price on a 25ft. wide x 10ft. tall Schweiss constructed hydraulic lift door. Installation and delivery by Schweiss for my west Texas ranch.

507 Hello.looking for prices on either bi-fold or hydraulic doors to replace o/h track and wheel high maintainance doors in my Dairy barn.We have 15 doors and the main 14 x 16 doors need replacing.Not sure what would be involved structurally to install.The barn enviroment is very harsh with high moisture which corrods any exposed metal.Could you give me a price on bi-fold? Would a one piece hydraulic door be a better choice in summer since door is always open. (Have a catalogue already)


509 I would like to request a full catalog about the Agricultural Buildings all types. High ceilings, can handle strong winds and heavy humid, hot weather, heavy rain. Hope to receive the catalogs soon and thank you. Very impressed with your Schweiss doors. BEST WISHES, Maynard s.

510 I am looking for a frame (door) to open the gable end of a barn that I am converting to an office. The opening will be approximately 20' wide and 10' high. My ambision is to use the old existing barn siding as the exterior skin so that the barn retains its present appearance when the door is closed. It appears that both your hydraulic and bi-fold strap systems may work. Please offer your comments. A price range would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom U.

511 a kenyan company that deals with agricultural farming and processing. We are looking for upward folding doors or hydraulic single panel doors for our new rice mill with the following door dimensions:12ftx14ftx14ft. please send us your door quotations and details of Schweiss Doors products. Thanks.

512 I need pricing on two (2) different Agriculture Bi-Fold doors and agriculture hydraulic doors for IL. The first door would be a 40'-0\" wide by 16'-0\" high bifold door or one piece hydraulic door, and the second door would be a 24'-0\" wide by 16'-0\" bifold door or one piece hydraulic door. Please price these doors hydraulic doors and bifold doors seperately

513 I need to build a 30 foot wide by 14 feet high door for hay storage, this Schweiss hydraulic door may be the door for me. How much does this system cost? How much for extras like remote opener, backup systems, man door, windows?

514 need 2 16 ft.h.x 24 ft. w. one piece hydraulic farm doors.

515 I assist disabled farmers and ranchers in determining equipment needs and then assist them in finding funding for their needs, if necessary. I am working in NE and he is in need of a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door for a Farmstead shed. I am requesting hydraulic farmstead shed door quote for him. I would like quotes for both types of doors so he could look at options. You can fax, mail , or email me a farmstead shed door quote. We would also like to know what shed door delivery cost and shed door installation of these doors would be. Thanks!

516 Please give me an idea of the cost of replacing my barn door with a bi-fold door or hydraulic door on my building. The hydraulic barn door opening is 16' wide & 14' high. It has sliders now.

517 Considering building a barn with attached airplane hangar and am interested in a hydraulic door with an open width of 40 feet and an open height of 12 feet.

518 We have a 12 x 22 wide sliding door on my farm. What would it cost to replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic door and where are you located. I'm in Backus, MN Leo g.

519 We have a l962 steel clear span building with the door on the end of building. We are in need of a raising the door header to get our new combine in so are looking into putting in a bifold or hydraulic one piece Schweiss door. The opening is l4 X 24 with a walk-in door on the right side of the bifold door. Please send info and quote. Gerald S.

520 We are bidding a farm job in Madison Mn . We require a door header frame and sidewall columns to be furnished with the building. the door will be bid at a latter date. the hydraulic door size is 49'6\" x 18' clear. I need details for the frame and concrete connection for bidding. I will need the overall height to fit our building and door should be well insulated.

521 We would like information on the one piece hydraulic barn-style door for our barn - like the one depicted in the picture on your web site. I would like the door to have wood siding to match the color of my red barn.  The opening is 10' high x 16' wide. Thank you.

522 Need literature, pricing and freight est. for 10' x 20' wide and 10'X 24' wide hydraulic door with electric remote opener and safety controls for new wood frame barn.

523 Looking for two hydraulic doors for ag buildings. One would be 10x10 and the other would be 12x12 Insulated is preferred Need ASAP Thanks

524 Please send the DVD mentioned in the Sept/Oct 2006 Door and Operator Industry magazine or an updated version if you have one describing your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. I've been contemplating a Schweiss hydraulic lift or bifold door for quite some time now. Inherited a few bucks, so let's spend them on something good and practicle for the farm.  Jimmy G.

525 Aprox cost of two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors one 16' by 10' high and another 16' x 14' high, Red Power pump automatic openers. insulated. Have seen demonstration of your doors in Nebraska. Farmers here seem to really like them and say they are very reliable and well built.


527 Need a price on a 16 ft. tall by 20 ft. wide ag shed hydraulic lift door to include Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump of adequate size. Door will be installed by your specialists here in Tennessee.

528 I am interested in a hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss door for an existing farm structure the door openings 19-6 wide X 14 High it has sliding doors now, it is a pole building that is finished into a shop. Has to have your Red Power unit on it.

529 I am interested primarily in your one piece Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift doors, but would also like information on bi-fold doors. At this point my primary need is marketing literature to include Red Power hydraulic pumps and sizes available, and any digital media you may have. Especially digital pictures of your products in Ag buildings.