Aircraft Hangar Doors

1 I'm working on a quote for 6 aircraft hangars that will need doors on front and back of the hangar. A total of 12 doors. They will be 40' wide by 18' tall. I have a model that we've made of the hangar were proposing so I can send along if needed. We are looking to get pricing pretty quickly. Please let me know if you would be interested in supplying a quote. Thanks

2 Looking to build 60x60 metal aircraft hangar. Would like widest standard door available for that with minimum width of 54’ but preferably 56? 58? Height of 18’. What is typical cost?

3 I am building a hangar in Sweden for a small aircraft w 10.7 m wingspan and 1.9 m height. Looking for a hangar door sized some 11-12 m wide and 2-2.5 m tall. Are you able to ship / install in Sweden? I am contemplating bi-fold as well as hydraulic. Most important: It needs to have good look on the outside and blend well with the wooden panel of the building. Ideal would in fact be a wood covered door. Insulation is also important since temperature can drop below -30 degrees centigrade during winters.

4 We have an aircraft hangar at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL that was built without doors. We are wanting a quote on two - 100' wide X 30' tall one-piece hydraulic doors. We are looking for a "rough" estimate on the cost of the door including shipping and installation. If your quote is within our budgetary constraints, we will contact you again with further information. Thanks.

5 I would like pricing and specs on a 80'X 24' open height hydraulic door and bi-fold door for a 100'X 120'X 30' aircraft hangar. Please add 2" insulation to doors, automatic locking, remote system, delivery cost. Please provide lead time.

6 Request a price quote for 5 aircraft hangar doors 40’ wide, 14’ high.

7 Need a hangar door and I'm interested in the Hydraulic doors. Could I get pricing? I would also like to be able to install an entry door in the hydraulic hangar door.

8 We are designing a new box hangar at St Clair County Airport in Alabama. There will be two 68' x 19' hangar doors. We have a 120/240V single phase service. What size motor will we need to power a Schweiss door of this size with this existing service?

9 Looking for a schweiss hydraulic door for an aircraft hanger. You may have already talked to the client Jay. The building is ICF concrete walls. Rough opening for door is 46' x 15'-4". Will that be enough for a 44' wide clear opening? I can provide more info in an email. Thank You.

10 Need a quote for a commercial jet Hanger Door, New Construction, 80'-0" x 22'-0" in South Alabama, 160 mph Wind Speed. Due to size, this probably needs to be a bifold strap door, but let me know if a Schweiss hydraulic door will also work in this case.

11 I am looking to build a 40 by 60 building at my lake home cabin and am trying to find out what a 40 ft by 14 ft hydrolic lift door would cost. I need the dementions to be able to get my airplane inside. I just need an approximate cost at this time as I am looking to build in the next 2 years. Also is there any structural issues that i need to be aware of for the door assembly to fit in the building? Best way of contact is by email. The building will be going up in northern lower Michigan 49756. Thanks Vern