Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Aircraft Hangars

1 Quote on a 20x35 door and 18x35, please. Please bid both Hydraulic Door and Bifold Door

2 I am working on an Aviation Museum in Brodhead, Wi. and needing spec's and pricing for the following: 50' x 14' Hydro Swing in the sidewall of an 81'x198'x20' post frame bldg 40' x 12' Hydro Swing in the sidewall of a 72'x112'x17' post frame bldg. I need the pricing for material, freight, tax, and labor to install both doors. I assume that I will insulate the doors and add the metal siding to the doors. Due to the large size of these doors, I may be open to bifold strap aviation doors instead.   Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can finish this proposal. Thanks, Don 

3 I realize that we are in the planning stage of our hangar, for that reason I am doing my due diligence. Several other folks who have built floatplane hangars have told me that there is a point, on size where the cost part of the equation accelerates relative to the length, could you give me an idea of where that price point is located, and the difference if exceeded. We need a minimum of 14' open clearance for an aircraft on floats, Thanks

4 I would like a price for the following bi-folds: (1) 48' x 16' clearance (1) 65 x 16' clearance (1) 58 x 16' clearance The proposed job is a hanger at the City of Mesa Airport/ Falcon Field, Arizona. I have a Pre-engineered building. The job will need 2 bifold doors, the owner will determine between the 48' or the 58' and we will have the 65'

5 I need an estimate or quote for a Schweiss econo hangar strap door. 40x15 ft.

6 Price a one piece 48x24 hydraulic and bifold liftstrap aviation door, including shipping to Canada. I will need the door by May. Include walk door, remote door opener, required framing, slab, and footings specs. Bifold door price to include door liftstraps. Both style doors windrated, with windows and insulated.

7 I am building an aircraft hangar in Rock Hill, NC. I  have a bid for a Steel Hangar and need a steel hydraulic mega door for it. The hangar is 75x75, it is designed for a 60x17 Schweiss one piece door.

8 Looking for a price or feasability of a 108'x 28' hydraulic industrial strength fast opening door for a corporate hanger. Also a 38'x13' paint booth explosion proof one piece hydraulic door. Please call to discuss - Thanks 

9 I have a hangar at the Yosemite Airport with your bi-fold hangar door installed. The door is great and now we need a 54 ft. hydraulic 1-piece aircraft maintenance door. Remote door opener and man door.

10 Like to get a quote on a large hydraulic aeronautical corporate jet hangar door for a 100x100 ft hangar. Schweiss corporate hangar door needs to be hydraulic with beefed up cylinders, dual motors (pumps) and have walk doors at each side, windows, photo eye sensors  and remote door opener.

11 Can you give me a quote on adding the fancy hydraulic door and a remote door opener to the 72' x 18' aircraft door with the bottom drive that you put on our hanger in Nevada. Also, can you covert the top drive 50' x 14' door on the south side of hangar to a bottom drive door and remote opener. Making a great door even better!

12 Looking for info regarding maximum sizes for hydraulic and bifold doors on a new experimental airplane hangar. Our opening is 58 meters wide by 14 meters high. Can you make suggestions on whether or bifold hangar door or your one piece hydraulic door would be better for a large aircraft hangar door? Can Schweiss Doors be windrated doors.

13 Looking for 6 hydraulic jet aircraft hangar doors H 24.6 feet x W 59 feet. Delivery to Europe. Hydraulic door hardware and frames suitable for Kingspan panels

14 We will be bidding the new airport hanger and your Schweiss companys hydraulic door is called out. Plans are on Quest or I can forward them on to you. I do need the rough opening dimen for a 80'-0 x 18'-0" door.(plans call for 18'-0" clear opening)

15 Please provide a bid for the hydraulic model Schweiss door described below. Hangar project and door is a bid project in Clarion, IA, bids next week. Door requires an internal bottom truss design. Door requires 70'-0 wide x 22'-0" clear opening. Call with questions.


17 I would like a ballpark price on 2 hydraulic doors and a remote door opener to upgrade my hangar. 42' wide by 16' tall. I currently have sliding doors on it and they are just too much work to open, especially in the winter when they freeze shut.

18 Hello, Boss is wanting to explore a hangar construction for company jet. Wingspan is 45ft and I would like 10 ft clearance both sides. Can you give some advice on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door 65ft x 25ft such as how much building width and height structure is required beyond the door? Also a very generic quote on door options would be greatly appreciated. 

19 We've been working with a company and their hydraulic pump lifting airport hanger hydraulic door for a while now. The door is 60'0" X 20'0" roughly. What size motors would you have for this door, we want one with fast lifting power.   We have never installed the hydraulic door system and it may be better for a professional hanger door technician to install unless you convince us it is as easy as installing your bifold doors. If you have any questions, please let us know. 

20 I've talked to quite a number of fellow pilots in the five-state area who have told me about having to spend money on hangar door repair. I'll soon be needing a hydraulic one-piece door for my new hangar currently under construction. Convince me that I should order a Schweiss hydraulic door. Some of the other manufacturers give some pretty tall tales about their doors, of which I am not totally convinced. I see you've been in the hydraulic and bifold door business for over 30 years. That's one thing I like about your company. If you were putting out an inferior door, you'd be out of business by now. Just the same, I want to hear more about your hydraulic door and why it is suited for hangar use.

21 Looking for an application of a 1-panel glass alum. clad outswing hydraulic door for an airport  aircraft jet hangar. Size 54 X 90 ft. He looking for a hangar door that won't be giving him hangar repair problems down the road and thinks your Schweiss hydraulic doors are unequaled in quality. Currently sourcing for a roll-out program across the US. Can a GC install this product? What is the cost?

22 Need a quote on a 55x16 Schweiss hydraulic door on an airport job we are bidding. Job in NE. Door includes a 3060 walk door and a 4x3 window and should have remote opener and backup system.       

23 I am interested in a 55' wide, 12' high Schweiss hydraulic door for a hangar that I plan on building in Missouri. I would like to get a budgetary quote along with ordering information details, such as available options like a walk door and remote opener. Email would be the easiest way to contact me. Thanks, Bart

24 80'x20 tail clearence door needed for my new hangar. Hydraulic door and remote opener. I will apply the insulation and exterior cladding.  Please let me know my options

25 Would like quote for new hydraulic insulated hanger door. dimensions 18'H x 57'L in both aluminum and steel.  I've seen a number of your bifold and hydraulic doors in Alaska and Canada. You put together a quality built hangar door and what I really like is the attention to detail. You treat your customers the way they should be treated.  Great doors.

26 I am building an airplane hangar and need a price for a 14'x45' hydraulic Schweiss door. Please price it two ways for me, if you would. Installed in my post frame building's opening finished to your specs. The hangar will be located on an Indiana airport, and would be ready for the door installation in June or July of this year. I would also like to see a price for the door system alone, delivered to Columbus, Indiana, with me doing my own installation. Thanks, Dave 

27 Please send info on 50' x 15 aircraft hanger Schweiss hydraulic door with backup system costs....location to be used. 88101.

28 I have a client who is planning to build an airplane hangar 140'x70'. He would like two Schweiss hydraulic doors of 62' wide and 20' high with a man door in each. The doors are to be installed side by side on the long side of the building. Please let me know if you need further information. 

29 I am going to build a new aircraft hangar. I have a hangar with one of your hydraulic doors that I have been very happy with. Can you send me price on a 65x20 hydraulic door vs a 70x20 bifold strap door? I am thinking of going with a post and beam construction hangar. Which door works best with that type of construction? Thanks

30 I would appreciate a quote for two 50'-0" wide by 18'-0" clear opening height operable Schweiss hydraulic aircraft doors that will go into a framed opening of an 80' wide steel building to be located in IL. Doors to have insulation and steel back panels. Hydraulic doors to be fully operable. One door will be installed in each endwall. Please advise me on electrical requirements for the units.

31 Hydraulic Schweiss hanger door, May delivery, 44'x14', would prefer a means to open manually in absence of electricity. Remote opener and insulated.  Regards, Director Aviation Business Development

32 I am looking into getting some budget pricing for a 70'0" Wide x 24'0" High Hydraulic windloaded door, intended for an aircraft hangar. I would be interested in comparing a bifold liftstrap design door to a hydraulic one. I would greatly appreciate if you could assist me with the inquiry.

33 I need a hydraulic hangar door, currently have 40' by 10' framed opening. Need the width to be full 40' at wing height. Finished height not critical. Would appreciate Quote on both Bifold and Hydraulic door. Liftstraps and Power Hydraulic Pump. Walk-in door and remotes too. Thanks,

34 I'm putting together a proposal for an airplane hanger in Montana. I am looking for an insulated Schweiss hydraulic hanger door 80' wide x 18' tall. I need the price and weight of the door delivered (including estimated freight). Available colors? Thank you for your time. Garth 

35 We are putting a budget together for a hanger in Howell, MI.  We are getting a price on the building but need pricing on the hydraulic door. The owner is interested in a hydraulic door with windows. The building is 150'wide x 120' deep and we are looking at a 95' wide by 25' high door. The main goal of the owner is to get either their Embraer Legacy 600 or their Beechcraft King Air 200 out without moving both aircraft. They also have a Bell 206 and a Saratoga single engine that will be in the hangar. What would the pricing be for this hydraulic door, insulated with walk door?        

36 I am Considering one of your Hydraulic doors. Can a door be installed in your door big enough to get a car or small truck in and out without opening the main hydraulic door?? My hanger door opening would be 40' wide By 16' feet high? If a door that large cannot be installed what is the largest door that can be installed in your door?

37 Need price on bifold and full swing hydraulic door rough opening 57'5" mX 16'8" insulated, with walk through door and two remotes delivered to Lakeland Airport, Wisconsin.

38 I received the grant to purchase new hydraulic hangar doors at our Municipal Airport near Kansas City, Kansas. Attached is a quote form which we had on file. This was from a previous quote for doors from you. I need a price for 4 doors, installed. Please let me know if you need further information.  This was a quote from late last year, and this would be for the same 4 doors, except we want these doors to have your new pump system. I need to have this info as soon as possible. 

39 I work for Architectural Design Firm in Ohio. We are currently designing a aircraft hanger  for the above referenced project. Could you send us a complete product guide, details, specifications, etc. for a Schweiss Doors hydraulic  aircraft hangar doors. We have two 60'X20' clear openings and one 80'x20' clear opening in which hydraulic hangar doors will be installed.

40 We are working on a new hangar for the Iowa City, IA airport and would like Word files of specs for hydraulic hangar doors. Doors will be 18'h x 64' wide. Also include separate pricing for horn and lighting system. Please let me know if there is any other info you need to provide the spec.

41 You have made a price offer about 2 hydraulic  doors for an aircraft hangar. We are a French society which may build a hangar in wood (LVL). I would like some informations about the weight of the doors and on the implementation. These two doors will be located on the side wall. Please find enclosed the project plans.

42 We are bidding a 60 ft.deep by 90 ft. wide hanger building with 87 ft. wide hydraulic hanger door with a clearance of 20 ft. We would like a price from your firm on this hydraulic door. I can email you drawings. Please let me know if there are any questions. I'm still checking on some additional add-ons and upgrades. If there are any, I'll let you know by tomorrow morning. 

43 I am interested in either a single piece hydraulic or bifold Schweiss door for an aircraft hangar I propose to build near Midland, Texas. The size will be 44' x 18'. Please send me an estimate for both. The bifold should have lift straps and I would like the doors insulated, moreso for air conditioning and as a sound barrier.  I will probably install the door myself. 

44 I am looking at an addition on the back of my hanger. My hanger currently has a 36' Schweiss bifold door and the addition will have a 40' door which I want to be a hydraulic door. My building will be 44' wide with the opening on the gable end. Is there something special I will need to do for the gable end rafter. (I planned to doubleup the gable end rafter.) The old bifold is still working like a charm, but am looking to convert it to lift straps. What will that run me and how much of a challenge is it to retrofit?  Steve

45 Scope of Work: 3.2. Hydraulic Schweiss Hanger Door. Contractor shall furnish and install a new hanger door to replace the existing hanger door. The Contractor shall be responsible to design and construct the footers/foundation for the hanger door. Contractor shall supply all incidentals and hardware for a complete and fully automatic and operational hanger door. The Hanger door shall be a hydraulic one-piece door that has a minimum 4-year warranty. The hanger door shall be electrically operating. Contractor shall measure the width and weight of the hanger door opening and install the largest possible door. The hanger door shall be a Schweiss Door. Owner requests that (2) man doors be installed in the new hangar door sections. Existing hangar door opening is 58'6" Wide x 18'4" High. I have pictures of the existing door and building available. We are requesting a qoute for the door and a seperate line item for removal of existing door and installation of new door by your crews. I need pricing by Monday. 

46 I'm planning a new aircraft hangar and would like a quote for your lowest cost hydraulic door with a width of 38 to 49 feet, and 12 foot height (10' clear). Include extra remote.

47 I am designing a single airplane hanger for display of an historic aircraft I am interested in a 35' w doorway with a clear ht. of 12'. I am looking for an economical hydraulic one piece door solution

48 We are bidding a 60 wide x 70 long x 18 high Airplane hanger and need pricing for a 60 x 18 Hydraulic door installed at the Airport in Arbor Vita WI. The door will be installed in the 60' wide endwall Can you verify that the door size will work and provide pricing. THANKS Riley

49 I am looking to get some more information on your Schweiss hydraulic door systems. My buddy has one of your doors on his hangar home and said I should call no one else but Schweiss because of your quality and price. What info do you need from me? This is for my floatplane hangar.

50 I need pricing for a 80x15 hydraulic door for a corporate jet hangar in Sarasota, Fl. It will need to meet the 130 mph wind load. Should have strong motor to open and close quickly. I will handle the sheeting and erection. Call me to discuss.

51 I am looking for a hydraulic hanger door for a bid I am submitting. Project is in Fredricksburg, Texas. Door is 80 foot long by 20 foot high. please quote door with installation and any building requirements for door structure. Side note: for a door this big, would I be better off going with a hyraulic door vs. a bifold liftstrap door.

52 I have an biplane hangar that measures 12 x 48. Will you please give me an estimate for a hydraulic door and a bifold door? Include safety features available and price for extra remote opener.

53 We are designing and pricing a corporate airplane hangar. The hangar is 200' wide x 200' long x 34' building eave. It will be placed on a pre-engineered steel building. We need 29' clear for your door and the widest width possible (180'?). I've contacted you at Schweiss Doors because I know you are probably the only manufacturer that is capable of building a hydraulic door this size, and even more important, you have the hydraulics and pumps to handle it easily. We are looking at a early to mid-summer time frame for delivery and installation.  Thank you. Steve in Indiana.

54 I currently have owned a Schweiss Bi-fold (cable) door for 11 years and have been very satisfied. I am planning a new helicopter hangar that will need strong hangar doors. Also interested in either a Schweiss bi-fold strap door or hydraulic tail hangar door. Would like prices for each style in 2 sizes: 80 x 20 & 90 x 20. The 20' height requirement is for at least 20' of opening. One aircraft has a 19' tail.

55 I'm building this aircraft hangar complex in 2 phases. In the first phase I will need 1 door 55'x14' and 2 doors 55'x16'. In the second phase I will need 2 doors 55'x16' and 1 door 58'x16. I would like to know the price difference between the different doors (Hydraulic and Bifold Straplift) you manufacture as well the weights and the power requirements. This complex will be just outside of Vancouver, B.C, Thanks Bill

56 I have purchased a big door from you before and I need a quote for a 65'5" x 19'6.75" Schweiss Hydraulic H style door with freight to Airport in Oklahoma 73075. I think you have quoted this last month. It is bidding this month. If you require a sales tax resale certificate, let me know and I can fax one to you. Thank You, Rick M. 

57 I am interested in your hydraulic door for my aircraft hangar. I am curious about the cost for a door approximatly 13.5X40ft with different Schweiss backup options. Feel free to call me at the number provided during daytime business hours. 

58 Looking for a 46 x12 aircraft seaplane hangar door. Can you tell me what other pilots of seaplanes are using, bifold or hydraulic and whatever else you can tell me. I haven't built the hangar yet.  Give me a call.


60 Please quote a 60' wide x 10' high hydraulic aircraft hangar door. This is for a new pole barn style metal sided hanger. The building is in design and construction is anticipated in 2 months. I trust I can get my Schweiss hydraulic door from you by then?  

61 I am looking for additional information (technical drawings) and pricing on a 110'-0" X 18'-0" aircraft hydraulic hangar door. It is going to be new construction with a pre-engineered building. High wind speeds are around 90 mph. Clear and total height information as well as installation and material price will be very helpful for our estimate. Looking forward to seeing your new pumps/ motors in action. Thank you.

62 I am designing a hanger for my use. It will be 60' x 60'. I want a clear door opening of 20'. I am interested in a hydraulic or bifold liftstrap autolatch door with mandoor, windows and backup systems. Probably 45' or 50' wide. Tall enough to have the 20' of clear opening. I am looking for cost and information to integrate the door into the design of the hanger.

63 Require pricing on a 70'x18' bifold or hydraulic one-piece hangar door to be installed in the end wall of our hangar building. We are looking to go with the hydraulic door, and install it ourselves. Please call me ASAP.

64 Bidding a 60x40 metal building job for an airport and they are wanting a 54x16 clear height hydraulic door. I need price for door and pump opener. Thanks Peter

65 My airplane hanger has a 65' X 17' 8" opening . It currently has a rollup door that opens to 14' 8". What is a ballpark cost to replace the door with a hassle-free one-piece hydralic door that would increase the opening height to 17'?

66 Quote for Cecil Field fl Hangar 915. Include any information from Schweiss Doors that you think I need to know or supply information to you. This is a 60 ft. hydraulic door with a walk door.

67 Please quote the Schweiss hydraulic lift door system with installation and Red Power Electrical system at the Fond du Lac airport.

68 I belive we have purchased a Schweiss door previously for our integration facility in Cape Canaveral, FL. Due to the reliablity and strength of your door, we would like to recieve a quote again for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door measuring 70 foot wide and 50 foot tall. If you feel your Red Power hydraulic pumps may be a better application provide that pricing as well. We are still in the project development phase and only need rough pricing at this time.

69 I'm building a 50x60x12 Hanger. Would like door opening 40x10 one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door. How long could it be before I receive my  door? Include Red Power System installation with the bid  

70 We are considering building a hanger in B.C. Canada in harsh condition with heavy snow loads. At the present time, we do not have specific dimensions but would like to be able to handle multiple aircraft. Generally, there would be no more than four or five in the hanger and needs to be able to store small jets,TBM as well as something as large as a G-4. We need to see layout options from your experience. There is also the potential for wind which must be taken into account. It would require heat and lighting. Favoring your Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift doors with heavy duty Red Power motors and backup systems. Please contact George Andrews our general contractor

71 You guys supplied (95) Schweiss bi-fold doors with man doors for the Henderson Executive Airport in 2004. I want to order one of your doors similar to theirs (same size) but as a hydraulic lift door with walk in door and Red Power hydraulic pump as advertised on your web site. Can you send me a quote. I called the Henderson Airport and they told me that their doors are still operating smooth as silk. That's a heck of a testimonial for that many doors and that is why I am giving you my business. Apparently your fine company knows what it is doing and treats its customers, big or small, with high regard. Suppose that's why you have been in business for nearly 35 years.  Thanks Jerry

72 Please provide some construction details, technical specifications for SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC LIFT  DOORS for Aircraft Hangers. Would like additional information on your new Red Power Safety Advantage System.

73 I will be building a new steel aircraft hangar this spring large enough to hold 3 planes. I like the looks of your Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Please send me some information on price and specs to include your new Red Power backup system so that we can be ready to go this summer! c

74 I am interested in information on a large Schweiss hydraulic hanger door. We are looking at designing a hanger with a 80' to 100' wide, 28' to 30' high Red Power Back up system. Thanks

75 I am building a hanger at the newly completed  airport. I will be using a local contractor for the metal building but am interested in a hydraulic lift Schweiss hanger door - Not sure of the width and would like to understand pricing difference between 50' and 60' of width and at 16 to 20 ft of clear span heigth. Door could be set in either end wall or side wall - does that make a cost difference? Interested in the new Red Power doors ability to withstand wind loads as we occasionally have windy thunderstorms.

76 Looking to build new hangars for a state airport. Looking for (4) 48'x12' Schweiss hydraulic lift door. These doors will need to use Red Power to lift them. What could your delivery time be on an order this size to Vermont?

77 Looking for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door qoute for the Hangar additions at McEntire Joint National Guard Base.This will be a very large door and will need your strong Red Power hydraulic pumps to lift it. Call me for more details. Lt. Col. Joseph P. Armorez, USAF


79 Hi, we are looking for a good quality Schweiss hydraulic lift door for our aircraft-hangar. the dimensino are 18meter wide and is 6 meter high and we think we should have Red Power door. but please let us now alternative the hydraulic door - price to , also both !! what is the shipingcaost to austria -europe !?? thank you very much

80 Need price for 18'-0 x 48'-0 hydraulic lift one piece door. Need price nad info ASAP I have info for a project at an Airport I think I can get in on. I've showed them some of your doors in both styles and they think that your door is the best they have ever seen and they want the Schweiss Doors Red Power backup system.

81 We have a requirement for a door system positioned inside an existing building. Dimensions are clear span 6000 mm high, clear span 13000 mm wide. Also, a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic lift door system with Red Power back up options for a hanger 6500 mm in height and 14500 mm in clear width. Regards

82 Your product has been specified by our company for the Aransas County Airport Hangar Renovations, Aransas County, Texas.I handle the bid phase of this project which needs to include specs on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift backup system. Attached is a Bid Release Notice FYI.Please email me a list of your contractors/builders that you supply so I may fax or email them a Bid Release Notice.Thank you kindly,

83 We are one of the General Contractors that will be bidding on the Project in , LA (Hanger Door Repairs)Multiple Hangers we have the plans available on our web-site I was hoping you could recommend installers that might be interested in bidding this hydraulic lift door project. All doors should have Red Power back up systems with your fastest heavy duty motors for best lift. If you know of anyone please email me back with there name and number.Thanks for the information

84 I am a project manager for a government contractor working at the USAF Academy. I am inquiring about the cost to retrofit hydraulic lift hangar doors to replace the double OH doors that have been in place for 30 years at the Cadet Airfield at the USAFA. These doors will need to be 40 feet wide and 12 feet high.We have 28 of this size door (56 OH doors currently in place). We would like them insulated and need 100 MPH wind load design due to high winds coming off the Colorado mountain foothills here. All doors should be fitted with your strongest Red Power hydraulic pumps. The existing openings cannot be compromised as the cadet planes fit through the doors with just 6\" to spare, 3\" each side. This is not a request for an official proposal, just an approximate cost for me to work with in my estimate. We have a base contractor that would possibly be in contact with you once this project moves ahead. This project will be done this year. I have enclosed a picture of a standard door in place so you can see what we are dealing with. Please call me or email back. I have a meeting this Wednesday to discuss options. Any comments you can give me would be helpful. Just trying to get a feel for what we are dealing with. Do you have a local rep? How long would it take to manufacture this quantity of doors for delivery. 

85 You've been named as a vendor for a hanger renovation @ the Penn Yann NY Airport. Are you planning to quote on this project, and will you send me a scope and proposal to include: Schweiss Hydraulic Lift and Bifold Doors with Red Power Hydraulic pumps and strap lift system. 

86 I need a quote for a 100' wide by 27'-6\" clear height hydraulic lift Schweiss door. Shipping would be to County Airport, in Maine. We will have three phase 480 V power and want Red Power Electrical. Can you also provide me with stub column locations and loads that would be applied to our VP per-engineered building.Thanks

87 Good morning, I saw your Schweiss web page and I want a door for a quote harga whose measures are 25 meters wide and 4.85 high. must be a hydraulic lift door, opens upward, as illustrated photographs of doors is commercial airports. once you answer me of your Red Power hydraulics pumps to use, interest in manufacturing and policies to work with you. I can provide them with drawings of the hangar to be more precise about what we are talking about. att; engineer Juan S., Panama City, Panama

88 Dear Sir/Madam, I'm writing to introduce my company as below; We are a civil aviation company that requires hydraulic lift hanger doors and look to Schweiss Doors to fulfill and support our needs. We are looking for high technology hanger doors and your Red Power Hydraulic pumps, for one, surely fit this category. Kindly request you to send us your company capabilities and related product details and quotation in reply. If you have office in Dubai or Middle East please inform us. Thank you so much for your cooperation and Look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards A. Bagard Engineering

89 Hi, Will you please give us an estimation price for an hangar one piece hydraulic lifting door (16m x 3.50m ) To bild on us existant plane hangar. In the same time, will you please give us your best price for an private plane hangar (10 planes), it's could be Schweiss built in 2012. Jeorge Paul DeRepaul

90 I am working on a proposal for an executive Leer jet airplane hangar. I would like to receive a proposal asap as my proposal is needing to be complete by May. Will want your hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system for ultimate speed and reliability. Thank you for your assistance in advance

91 Need a heavy duty wind loaded Schweiss hydraulic lift door for 55' wide x 19' high hangar for aircraft. Built only with better/faster lifting Red Power hydraulic pumps. Hangar is located in Maine, so door should also be insulated.

92 I need a price for a 50' x 14' Schweiss hydraulic lift  door for an airport hangar. Give info on wind loaded doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps. We want this insulated door to operate smoothly and as fast as can be. 

93 I have a client who we are doing some conceptual design for a aircraft hangar building. I need the LoadsReactions that would be applied to the building. And details (sketches) of how & location of where it will need to attached to the building. Door will be a 80' x 20' Schweiss Hydraulic lift type with std Metal Panel cladding on the outside. FLA Bldg Code 2007(09) WL=110mph, Exp C, Imp Fct = 1.0 Email information on Red Power backup electrical system in PDF if available.

94 What is the largest size Schweiss hydraulic lift door for aviation purposes that you have made, or can make? Your material says the doors can be custom-made in any size, but obviously there is some maximum limit in terms of the technology/ weight/motor size, etc....or at least some limits in terms of reasonable cost. I've seen doors up to 140' wide, maybe a little wider, but I have seen little in terms of height limits, or at least height limits in relation to width (for instance, a 45' high door might be easy to accommodate at 80' width, but maybe not at 140' width). Any assistance would be appreciated.

95 Have a client in need of a new airplane hanger door. Existing opening is 45' 10\" wide and 11' 2\" high (uneven asphalt below, sides not plumb or level, but close. Can you send info re: approx. cost, time to deliver from order, and feasibility of using a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to replace the damaged fan-fold (site built) that exists. Assuming common carrier delivery of unit to Airport, near Spruce Pine, NC. How much on-site construction/ assembly is required. Do you have an estimate of Red Power hydraulic pump(s) this will need? Ron

96 Need a 60'x18' hydraulic lift door for 65'x65' steel building at new airport in Utah. Please price with Schweiss Door Red Power hydraulic pumps.

97 The building code for this job is IBC 2006. The windspeed is 120 mph with an exposure category C and a building classification II. Each Schweiss hydraulic lift door is required to have a walk door. Each door should have a Red Power hydraulic electrical lifting device complete with up/down/off switch, aircraft-type lift cables, and sheave wheels. The operating motor shall be 1-1/2 HP equipped with worm gear speed reducer, capable of opening or closing door from completely open to completely closed within two minutes. Motors shall be 240 volts, single phase, thermally protected, and supplied with a reset button. Along with the quote for this door, could I also be emailed engineering details to properly load the building? Thank you, Lorna

98 We are located at the former Pease Air Force Base. We are looking at converting a former B-52 nose dock into commercial aircraft storage. The hanger now has track mounted rolling sectional doors. The opening is 300 feet across 30 feet high. We are considering the best way to install Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with best lifting Red Power hydraulic pumps because of the ice problems. We would consider partitioning the opening into 3 sections. One section 120 feet wide by 30 feet high. The remaining 2 sections could be 80 feet wide 20 feet high. What would you have that may fit this need of hangar doors. David H General Manager         

99  I am in the process of taking bids for a 65 X 100 airplane hangar building with 20 ft eave height. I need a quote on a hydraulic one piece door, clear opening 56ft X 16ft, with remote operator. I will need information on your door: 1.Is it provided with an independent frame? 2. What is the framed opening size requirement? 3. What reaction forces are applied back to the building frame so that I can advisd the builder? 4. How much weight can be attached to the door (sheeting and insulation)? Please provide Schweiss Doors quote with shipping and Red Power hydraulic pumps.

100 Request Schweiss Doors quote. Have multiple options. Local project in Chattanooga, TN at Airport. 1) 85'x26' 2) 75'x26' 3) 60'x20' 4) 50'x16' (x2) Quote each as Red Power pump hydraulic lift or bifold with lift straps. We like your doors, very sturdy and reliable.

101 Our airport has an upcoming project to build hangars for rent. We are looking at Schweiss hydraulic lift doors from your web site we want to use please send info on Red Power hydraulic pumps and what sizes they come in. Your doors work great for hangar use. Thanks , Daisy

102 Bonjour we intend to build an aircraft hangar soon we are interested in you hydraulic lift Schweiss door dimension: 15m width * 4 m height question 1 what will be the dead height between the door bottom opened and the top of the door? question 2 is you door transportable by 20 feet container question 3 could you supply plan and accessory kit but steel frame done locally? question 3 is it steel frame or aluminium frame? question 4 what about hurricane force wind resistance? is there a anchoring kit or reinforcing kit in such event coul you quote the different options, ps Red Power electrical system wanted, supply in guadeloupe is 220v and 50hz

103 I need a price on 3 - 18'-0\" Wide by 14'-0\" tall hydraulic lift one piece doors with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps,  going to Salt Lake City Airport.

104 We need a suitable door for Corporate Jet Hangar size: 30mX30m, door opening of 20m wide, and a 6.5m hieght. Please provide qoutes for all types of doors (Bi-fold, Red Power pump hydraulic lift single, Aluminum or steel) to compare costs before finalizing a decision. Price must be Sea Port, Saudi Arabia. Thank you.

105 Hi Guys We are a steel frame building company specializing in hangar solutions throughout New Zealand. We currently average twelve hangars per year (excluding multiplex developments) and are currently exploring hydraulic lift door options with Red Power pumps. I am particularly interested in your bolt together options and am curious to know if would be economical to source them from you for installation here in New Zealand. I have a project commencing soon for which I need four doors 13m wide * 4m high. Assuming four doors would fit in a 40' container I would you be interested to know what the cost would be. Are you intersted in pricing them for me? (Price the freight to Port Lyttleton New Zealand for me also if you can) Kind regards Peter

106 Need to talk to you about a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift  door for my new aviation hanger needs a 50 by 14 door. Can this be done in one piece. Will one of your new Red Power hydraulic pumps lift it and lift fast?

107 We are working with an aviation maintenance school to renovate an existing block building in Manassas Virginia. I would like pricing on a 32%u2019 X 16%u2019 hydraulic lift Schweiss door with a cold weather package and Red Power hydraulic pump. If possible please email the door pricing. Thanks

108 I have a need to price 4 turnkey airport hangers for a local customer. I am in need of pricing (including shipping) of hydraulic lift Schweiss doors and a brief explanation of the install process as my contracting firm will be installing them. Will put the hangers up one at a time, so will need them shipped that way.. Doors are 60 feet long and 12 feet high and will require Red Power pumps/ remotes.

109 Dear SIr, W.r t the tender project ' PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF HANGAR BUILDING FOR  EXECUTIVE'S BUSINESS JET AIRCRAFT AT DIb - HANGAR FOR CHALLENGER 300/605 AND GLOBAL 5000/XRS (6NOS - 8 NOS), kindly send us your best price on Red Power Hydraulic pumps. PN: This is a design built project.


111 Investigating cost options for two different hydraulic lift doors. One door is 90x22 and the other door is 90x27. What are the Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pump options and the cost associated with each door. We are working on budget numbers for a local airport. Thx. sp

112 Good day, Impressed with your web presence on hanger doors ,we would appreciate if you would be interested to do business with us if mutually acceptable. We have a requirement for hanger doors and we think you could possibly be able to quote to us on the same. To know more about us, please visit our website. We are a leading company based in United Arab Emirates in all types of doors and have a large number of prestigious installations to our credit representing different brands. Our immediate requirement is for an ongoing project, which I think could possibly be converted the hydraulic lift door  system door manufactured by Schweiss Doors. I would appreciate more technical specs on Red Power hydraulic pumps, load conditions and other specifics to be able to present to our client to suggest such a conversion from a regular sliding hanger door. The hanger doors we are looking at are of the following sizes %u2022 31.5mLx7mHx1 nos %u2022 15mLx7mHx1 nos All dimensions in metres Actually studied one of your doors in far East trip, very impressed with workmanship and high quality. Regards, Jamal R.

113 We are interested in purchasing six hydraulic lift Schweiss doors at our airport. Doors need to have fast lift capability that your Red Power hydraulic pumps offer. Should also have two remotes for each door. Your doors are ideal for hangars, have seen none better.

114 Looking for a quote on Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors. County airport has plans to replace up to five of their hangars. I am currently working on budget pricing for them. This is a long term project with the first hangar preliminarily thought to go up this summer. Each hangar has 10 doors on them requiring Red Power hydraulic pumps/remotes.

115 Dear Schweiss Representative, I am currently designing a storage building for the local airport authority. We are looking into hydraulic lift hangar doors with Red Power Electrical systems. The client has requested that I research costs associated with  hangar doors. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks, Steve S., Architect

116 Looking for a quote on the Clear Lake Regional Airport. The door required is 55' wide, 15' high, Wdg. 30\", Overall Height 18'-6\", Door Style Schweiss, Hydraulic Lift, Bottom Drive, Red Power back up, Truss Int., Hinge Style Single Hinges, Tot W-Inches 662\", Tot H-Inches 222\"

117 I'm quoting a 120'-0 x80'-0 x 24'-0 hanger. Do you offer a door that is 120'-0 wide and if so what height is it offered in? Your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with superior Red Power hydraulic pumps will be a necessity for this because we need super lifting power that it will provide. - Donald

118 I am looking for a distributor/installer for  three (3) Schweiss hydraulic lift doors at an AFB in NM. These will be large doors requiring your best Red Power hydraulic systems for ultimate lift. Can you tell me wind load capacity your doors have.

119 Dear Schweiss Doors: We are considering rebuilding our existing Willard Flying Club hangar. We're looking at replacing our old world war 2 sliding hangar doors with an insulated 60 foot by 20 foot high Red Power System hydraulic lift door. I'm wondering about getting a cost estimate from you on delivering and supplying of this door. Wind loading on this door is a real concern given the high wind conditions in this part of the country. This new door would be placed on an end wall that has to be filled in where the existing sliding doors are. Kevin Carter,  Flying Club, Bldg. Committee

120 I have Purchased an airfield in Alabama with eleven hangers that need hanger doors. I have a 40x10 opening to each hanger. I would like a price per door for the hydraulic lift one piece door, each fitted with Schweiss Red Power backup systems and each with two remote door openers. No insulation.

121 I will be wiring a door that was just delivered to Beverly, MA Air Port the name of the contractor is Alan Battistelli. The door is a 65' Schweiss Hydraulic Lift. Is it possible to get you to email me a detail drawing of the door with Red Power Electrical System. Do you sell a remote control for this door.

122 We have a hangar at Lake Elmo Airport with a hydraulic door that we fabricated ourselves approx 6 years ago and it works fine. We are interested in putting one of your Red Power hydraulic lift systems on it as the one on there now is pretty doggy. We are modifying the bottom of the door and would appreciate you sending us the ideal clearance necessary between the bottom of the door and the concrete floor. The thickness of our door is three inches. Please send us Schweiss Doors price information for consideration of placing an order. 

123 I need a final quote on total cost of a Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar door -- including engineer signed drawings and Red Power hydraulic specs that can be submitted to county for permitting. The building is built to Building Code FBC 07. Plan and photo can be supplied to aid your estimate. The hangar is a 40 X 50 (length) U.S Buildings \"S\" model. Should be no problem, we got your doors before and are very satisfied with workmanship.

124 I need a quote for a project in Syracuse, NY. Our Building is 50'x60' airplane hangar w/ 16' eave height. Client would like a 46' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door to go as tall as possible for this eave height. Maybe 14' high? Building supplier is wanting information on Red Power hydraulics. Used your doors before. They're great.

125 I am bidding on remodeling a airport hanger, I need a quote on 8 complete Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, we don't have the cement floor in yet so I can only be close on the height, 40' wide 11'-3\" to 11'-6\" tall, I would like Red Power hydraulic pumps and  delivered price, Indianapolis. Include installation. 

126 Building specs Minimum clear width is 23 meters and must be maintained for the entire hangar depth. Length of Hangar Structure 58 Meters. Minimum Height Clearance is approximately 5.59 meters (at entry point 6.8 meters). DoorFull Access, Schweiss hydraulic lift Schweiss Red Power design, disappearing door at one end only. Disappearing door dimensions are 23 m wide X 6.8 m high.

127 The doors are for an Aircraft hanger out in bush in Australia, The measurements are 20 metres wide by 6 metres high. These measurements are estiments only at this stage. Can Schweiss Doors give us a cost of the complete unit with Red Power pump motors, hydraulic lift doors and what ever is needed to construct doors at the hanger,(complete kit), pricing in Australian currency Please if possible. Regards. Doors look fantastic on your web site.


129 Please provide a quotation for (4) 60 x 22 hydraulic lift doors for the London Joint Operations Phase 3 hangar in London, KY. Doors should contain Red Power electrical systems and two remote openers for each. Your Schweiss Doors are a hit down here with local pilots, both bifold and hydraulic.

130 I am planning to build a 50 ft. X 50 ft. pole building for an aircraft and would like a price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with adequate or more than adequate Red Power hydraulic pump to lift it. Also the cost for you to install it complete.

131 We are interested in replacing our sliding doors with Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, the rough opening is 70Ft wide. We are located At the Fredericton Airport in New Brunswick Canada and are asking if you have any names of installers in our area?? Your advise on Red Power pumps for these doors would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Tim

132 We are bidding two projects next week that have large Red Power pump hydraulic lift doors at Iowa Airports. Is Schweiss Doors quoting these two project? The engineer is McClure Engineering out of Fort Dodge,

133 Dear Sir We are looking for 4 nos Of hydraulic lift Red Power hanger doors for a project in Dubai, U A E. This doors goes to a airport which is under construction. Please give me your Schweiss Doors email ID, I will send you the drawings so you can quote accordingly. Need options list. This is a fast track job and need the quote as soon as possible. regards Jerald L Executive -Projects

134 I need a quote for the following. Main Door Framed Opening: Designed for Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic Lift/Bifold, Horizontal Accordion, or Horizontal Sliding Section aircraft hangar doors. Framed opening size: 110'Wide x 28'High (Metric 33.52m Wide x 8.53m High) Lagos Airport

135 We are bidding a project on August 20, for the Knoxville, IA Municipal Airport. Project includes installation of 8 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps on each. Two remotes per door. Concrete buildings.

136 Bidding project at DeKalb, IL. airport (8) hangar doors 44' x 14'- all Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece with Red Power Systems options and remote openers.

137 I am preparing to build a new runway living home and hangar on an airpark in OK. I am interested in your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power electrical system. I will be starting to build in the next 30 days. I am guessing the door I need will be about 45' - 50' wide. I am building a lower profile building and hope to have a door with about a 12' to 14' clearance.

138 I have purchased a runway living lot on an airpark in NC. I am doing research on hanger homes and I am interested in your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power hydraulics. I have to build a home with and attached hanger and matching siding. I currently have a Cessna 170B but would like to build to accommodate most small aircraft (resale value), I think a 47' door opening would be nice.

139 We are in design stages for a customer who is building a new runway living home on an airpark. He is looking for a hydraulic lift door roughly 75' x 24'. He is looking for windows in door similar to residential windows and a wood product for siding. He said he also wants Schweiss Red Power lift.

140 I am building a new \"runway living\" home in North Carolina. The plan has a hangar with a 35' X 14' high door opening. Please provide price as well as specifications on your Schweiss hydraulic lift door and Red Power Systems for this request.

141 Good afternoon, Looking for a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to attach to a steel hanger. Door opening is 60 ft wide and 14 ft tall. Include your Red Power backup system and extra remote door opener.  Thanks, Jim

142 I'm in the process of negotiating for the purchase of a 48 ft. x 84 ft. Hanger that does not have doors on either end. It has a concrete floor and pads on the outside of both ends and is insulated it just doesn't have any closures on both ends. I'm interested in obtaining pricing on your Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems.

143 I am doing a Airplane hanger project and I need 2- 70'x16' hydraulic lift doors. Contact me and give me a price on these doors fitted with Red Power hydraulic lift systems. Both doors will be insulated with the same wall panels as on the building.

144 I am pricing out a small airplane hanger for a local real estate development which calls out for your hydraulic lift one piece door. The door is 12'-6\" x 40'-0\". Need pricing please to include Red power safety advantage system for good/fast lift.

145 We are in schematic design for a 80' X 60' X 22' pre-engineered metal building to serve as a maintenance hanger for a local Airport. The Schweiss hydraulic lift door opening is 64' wide by 18' high. Please send a quote to include your Red Power hydraulic pumps, we need good lift.

146 My aircraft hanger is to be 46'x60'. The hydraulic lift door we want from Schweiss Doors is 38'w x 11'h on the 46' end wall. In addition to price/shipping charges I need the forces/reactions at points on this end wall in order to complete design of trusses. Also fit with your Red Power hydraulic unit and a couple of remote openers.

147 I have a Schweiss hydraulic lift hanger door. It is 45' w X 12' h with an Aluminum Channel frame and R Panel sheeting. Looking to get a second door of the same size for an aircraft hanger real estate project. I assume this door will also come equipped with your Red Power hydraulic pump. It is a great pump with superior lift.

148 I am looking to build a 65' X 60' hanger at an airport in Durango CO. I just need a 44' X 14' or so Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Can you give me options, such as Red Power hydraulic backup system, remotes, with price to help me decide.

149 Your company put in a Schweiss bi-fold door in June for us. We are looking into building another hanger and would like a price on a hydraulic lift door this time with Red Power hydraulic pump and  installation. This will be a bigger door. Your bifold works slick, know we will like this one too.

150 I have a client looking to have a Schweiss hydraulic lift door installed in an aircraft hanger. The building will be 45'W x 55'H x 14'H with a door 40'W x 12'H. Please quote the door to be insulated and with your Red Power hydraulic lift system.

151 I am building a new hanger 100 ft long x 120 ft deep with 25ft side walls. Looking to get a door price range to setup financing. What is the largest Schweiss hydraulic lift door you can put in the 100 ft X 25 ft opening. Will one of your Red Power motors lift this door adequately? Need a remote.

152 I had a hanger built a few years back on some private real estate, I want to put a Schweiss door on it now. The opening is 14ft x 46ft. Can you give me some idea on cost for a Red power electrical control system geared for your hydraulic lift operation.

153 Can you please provide me a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for an airport T-Hanger development. Dimensions of the hanger are 40ft 6in X 12ft X 32ft. We will need 60 doors for this real estate project, all fitted with Red Power hydraulic pumps and two remote openers each.

154 Currently in the final design stages for several aircraft hangers for the Minden, NV airport. Need assistance and details on Schweiss hydraulic lift hanger doors that are designed with your better lifting power Red Power hydraulic pumps.

155 We just got a lease on some real estate at a Nevada airport. We are getting bids on aircraft hangers but most of the contractors want to exclude the door. They prefer to order from a door specialist such as your Schweiss Door Company. So looking for a quote on five 50 ft wide hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pump.

156 I am building a 50 X 40 foot airplane hangar with 12 foot walls. I would like to have a 44 foot hydraulic lift Schweiss door.I would need 15 foot clearance under the door when open. My builder has a couple questions as to required size of upright column's required at door ends, his standard upright is 6 inch square tubing. Also his standard trusses are of 2 1/2 square tube. would he have to go up in gauge metal? Would he need to make the end truss a double truss. What number of and spacing do you use for the top hinges, or is this adaptable to vertical members of the truss. What are the Red Power electrical system requirement for operation? What would the cost of the door be delivered to Odessa, TX? Thank you for your attention. Robert Forscythe

157 Need quote on 46 ft. Hydraulic Lift Door x 14 ht. for aircraft and heliport hangers. Include recommended Schweiss Door Red Power options as well as remote and safety options.Would like to converse with any helicopter hanger door purchasers you have sold to. I have set up questions I would like to ask them.

158 Looking for information on Schweiss aircraft hangars for general aviation aircraft. 50 x 50, 60 x 60, and 60 by 80. Our plan is to build 38 of various sizes in 3 to 5 unit buildings. 60 x 80s are planed for business uses and will have additions for office space. Looking to install Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps.

159 I need a quote for a steel hanger Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 60 x 60 and or a 60 x 80. Need to know how much weight and engineering for the door. I want the price for a 40 45 50 and 55 too. All these doors are one piece and have to have your Red Power hydraulic systems on them.

160 Requirement is for 2 of Schweiss Aircraft Hydraulic Lift Hanger doors (planned for Red Power hydraulic pump), the opening size being 10.0m high x 35.0 m wide clear. Appreciate suggestion/ proposal for other type of doors. Please provide the details on shipping. Mohamar.

161 I'm contracted to build a hanger for a customer. There will be two doors needed. 1.) clear opening size: 44'0\"wide/12'0\"high.(side wall) 2.) clear opening size: 40'0\"wide/12'0\"high.(gable end wall) Both doors to use the 24\" Wedge. Concrete floor options, stile #1 (best way) Use web-belt system.- bottom mount Schweiss Red Power Electrical System motor, optional insulation , exterior skin. Due to snow load in area, both hydraulic lift doors will probably be a 36\" deep glue-laminated beam, supported by 6\" x12\"x15' glue-laminated posts, each end to handle deflection. Price in UPGRADE EQUIPMENT, Items 1,2,3,5,8 Add in separate quotes for field install, and if deemed necessary, Free Standing Header,

162 Dear sales manager we are automatic doors company located in saudi arabia ( tiba automatic doors ) we are manufacture of industrial roll up doors insulated , we have inqiury of big lift doors for hangare of aircraft , it is for air port , the size of the door is 63 mt width and 18 mt high they need Schweiss Doors type of hydro-lift Red Power motorized doors can be two leaf or one part. we need your best design and best price including the installation in saudi arabia with the important Red motors. your early reply will be highly appriciated thanks mahmoud

163  I would like to have a price of an Schweiss Doors airport hydraulic lift hangar door. The size  is 14 meter X 3 meter. Shipping to overseas port. Reegards Bror T.

164 I am designing an airplane hangar for a client who wishes to have Schweiss hydraulic lift doors installed. There will be a clear opening of 16450mm wide (53'-11 5/8\"). He wants a 4877mm (16'-0\") clear height when the door is open, with the maximum possible width that can be accommodated. How high above the floor does the underside of my beam need to be? What size Red Power hydraulic pump should this have?

165 I work in a hanger that has one of your bi fold doors, It's getting old but still works like a charm. We have a new hangar (concrete building) which will call for one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps. What info do you need from me to proceed with a quote. We'd also like to know about delivery time from factory to our airport in Washington state.

166 I have an aircraft hanger 40x44 with a 42-43 wide. It is a counter wieght door and I am wondering the approximate cost to remove the counterweight and install a Red Power hydraulic pump opener. The hanger is at the airport in the Twin Cities Minnesota. The building is not insulated. Also please add an option for the auto latch closer.

167 Can an operational Schweiss hydraulic lift door be manufactured for a hangar opening to allow a Airbus A320-200 through? Dims: 12m height by 47m minimum opening. Red Power hydraulic pumps please. Please advise asap, for upcoming U.A.E. hangar client presentation meeting.

168 Please provide a quote for each of your Schweiss Doors (bifold & hydraulic lift) for our comparison. Our proposed steel building will be 80ft wide and 60ft deep aircraft hanger. Door opening size need will be 76ft wide and 18ft high. The eve of the building height is 23ft. the door opening will have stub columns with lateral bracing to fit the door needs. Bifold specifics: recessed door layout 76ft x 18ft clear hole straps and motor placement and wedge size to fit. probably 36inches internal truss Hydraulic specifics: Flush mount - H Style External Truss Red Power hydraulic pumps. For now please provide the quotes with not extra options. our desire is to have a clear opening of 76x18, so please size the complete door assemblies to accomodate. thanks for your help NOTE if at all possible - please don't call me here in Kathmandu in the middle of the night!!! Tim C.

169 Bidding Tx Airport Hanger Schweiss is listed as approved for hydraulic lift door provider. 55x16 clr folding door, Red power electrically operated up lift, 5 year materials warranty, 7 year operator warranty. Installation by Schweiss Doors.  Call

170 Please quote a Schweiss one piece aircraft hydraulic lift door complete with Red Power hydraulic pump. The size of the door needs to be 50' wide x 18' tall. Do you have any experienced installers in this area or is this something that erects very easily with minimal adjustments? Please call me in Kansas with any questions. Thanks

171 Looking for a isolated one piece Hydraulic Lift Door with the Dimension 19.10m (=62,33 feet) wide and 3,50m(=9,84 feet) high for a Aircraft Hangar. The door should have a 220 V Schweiss Red Power Electrical Hydraulic System and a Remote Control. The door should have also fixed isolated Windows on the whole length on the bottom half. The Door frame should be outside for a full high. Do you ship to Germany? The installation is no problem for us. If possible we are asking for your Schweiss Doors offer at our location in  Dortmund, Germany. Many thanks for your Efforts Horst Gehse.

172 Need price for one 80'-0\" clear wide x 25'-0\" clear high Schweiss hydraulic lift door delivered to Arlington Airport - Arlington Washington. Please include Red Power and remotes into equations.

173 My building was designed as a commercial building. It is two years old and was never erected. It is 80' X 100' I purchased the building pieces and transported it. I am now working with the Airport Authority for a lease. Do I need to send you the concrete plans for a revision and to get a quote? I assume that I will need to submit your plans along with the Olympia plans. Will one Schweiss Red Power pump easily lift a hydraulic lift door this size? I know the pumps come in various sizes and have good lifting power. It's gonna be your door, or no door.

174 In the planning stage for construction of an aircraft maintenance hangar (to be built this year) and am interested in information and pricing on doors of an approximate size of 65'wide by 18' high. What are the dimensions that cause a price change? I'm under the impression that your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors come with your new Red Power hydraulic pumps as advertised on your web site. The construction would be in central New Hampshire.

175 Hello; I am planning to build an aircraft hangar this spring. I am considering building either a 60' X 60\" with a 55' X 14'high bifold or a 70' X 70' with a 60' X 16' door. I just bought a deHaviland Beaver. It will be on straight wheels for the most part, but amphibs may be in the future. Do you have any suggestions on a hydraulic lift door/building size and could you kindly provide me with a quote for the above two door sizes with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps? I have not chosen a building manufacturer as of yet. Thank you in advance for your help. Tim

176 We are producers of steel self supporting building  construction. Our construction is used for hangars for aircrafts. We have very often a lot of inquiries for hangars with big opening gates which I think your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors would be ideal for. Please could you send me an price offer for gate with clear sizes 7m height x22 width m. We are very interesting to use yours Red Power hydraulic pumps technology in our projects. Is it possible to see some your realisations in Slovakia or Czech? Than you very much. Ingevold Thorsnesvig

177 Cheery-O blokes, I need a one piece hydraulic lift aircraft hanger door, 18m x 5m, I am in Australia, what would it cost me for a complete kit including Schweiss Red Power hydraulics etc... landed in Australia, alternately do you have someone in Australia that can make this door, hear from you soon Josh in Mooloolaba, Queensland.

178 Do you know of a company in the Dallas, Ft. Worth metroplex that could measure and install a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on an existing hangar that right now has metal sliding doors. This particular hangar has eight metal rolling doors 17' tall by 13' wide. The width is approximately 104'. We don't need a door that wide. What is the widest door that you make? Suggestions on what Red Power hydraulic pump to use. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Mike

179 Pricing for an up coming project at John Wayne Airport. Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power backup systems and two remote openers per door. Eight doors total, please give us a call. See quite a few of your quality doors around these parts. Thanks Chuck

180 We are quoting more Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for Carolina Airport. The doors will be similar to existing doors, except with your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. Call if you need to be refreshed on details. Your Schweiss Doors are better than any other I've ever seen. Keep up the good work.

181 Have misplaced the Schweiss installation manual for the 57 Ft. hydraulic lift door bought by the Clarksville Montgomery County Regional Airport Authority.Can you EMail us a replacement? We are ready to install the Red Power pump and lines today and someone did something with the book while cleaning up the hanger.We are going to build another 10 unit T hanger unit this year and would like to put your Schweiss doors on it .We will be in touch as soon as the engineers finish Thank you Robert W.

182 Dear Sir, Our Company has a big hanger in sharm EL shiek international Airport, its dimentions & figure are attached. Because of the vast size of this hydraulic lift door we would kindly request you place your largest Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pump on it. Add a remote opener also.

183 I need offer for large Schweiss hydraulic lifting Red Powered aircraft door W. 14 meters x 3 metes. This door is for new steel buldings we are think to build for one of our cliant in Ice Land.

184 I would like a quote on a 70'x 22' clear height one piece door for an airplane hangar building in Minocqua, WI. Can you make a door this long, how can you ship it. Better yet, can a Schweiss Doors certified crew do the installation. Certainly this will need one of your powerful Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks

185 I am working with a client to furnish a new hangar located at a large Texas, Airport. I need loading data for (1) 60' wide x 17'-6\" high Schweiss hydraulic lift door, rated to 120MPH wind speed. My client and I visited a hangar at this airport to view a Schweiss door owned by Mr. Cary W. My client would like for me to include a door of the same type and size, but suggested that I specifically ask for your new Red Power hydraulic pumps to be put on it. Mr. W. purhcased (2) doors from your company approximately five years ago. Will you please provide the data for your door. I need to provided this to our engineering group so we can properly design the pre-engineered building system. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

186 I own a newly constructed aircraft hangar 66' x 60' down here in Alabama. I want to put your best Schweiss wind loaded door on it. Would that be the bifold or hydraulic lift one piece door. Wind gets pretty hairy down here at times. I also want a door that opens and closes fast, will your Red Power hydraulic pumps do that job for me?

187 I am designing a connection for installing a 58' hyraulic door in place of a 58'slider, for Aircraft at the Airport in Appleton, WI. I want to confirm a few items; the faxed information I have is third hand.. Wind Load transferred to hinges: 2975 # to ten hinges Open position wind load to hinges: 1123 lb/hinge Interior hinges have one bolt per 12\" wide hinge? (into header). Exterior have two or three bolts per 22\" wide hinge? We will be welding a plate and stiffeners to the existing wide flange header and need to know the number and location of bolts in the hinges. Also need particulars on what Red Power system we are needing. Vernon.

188 We are currently building an 80'x80' Airplane hanger w/ a 16' high x 50' wide bay door opening, We will need a Schweiss hydraulic door (and Red Power backup system) for this opening. I would like to send you some PDF's to give you more detail. It would be awesome to hear from you guys a.s.a.p. Thanks! Jerry~

189 I am bidding a project for the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport in Putnam County, Tennessee. The plans and specs can be seen on the McGraw-Hill Dodge Plan Book. I would like you to price the base bid Schweiss hydraulic doors and the Red Power hydraulic pump accessories/alternates. If you have a problem accessing the plans via the net, call my cell number and I will send you a digital set of drawings. This project bids on August 1st so if I could hear from you by the first of next week, that would be great. Thank You Justin.

190 Hi We are in the process of fabricating six hangar doors for the military out here. We are looking for an established company like Schweiss Doors that can offer expertise in the manufacture of Aircraft hydraulic lift hangars doors with good lifting power that your Red Power hydraulic pump offers. Can you partner with us in this venture? 

191 I am wanting to see if a Schweiss hydraulic style of door can be applied in the horizontal vs the vertical and how does that change the design of these doors? Also, to what depth can it be designed? I realize that you are opening doors for planes but when you change it to the horizontal plane will it change any design criteria? With concerns to the Red Power  hydraulyics, with a depth of 4.5 meters, will the hydraulics be self contained or need a separate motor to open the doors? When opening, will it be 90 degrees or be slightly tilted? If you need a sketch of what the application is, I can send you one. Thanks,

192 We have adesgin of sang aviation airport in saudi arabia we need data for desgin of hangar now we prepar working drawing of the project for hydraulic doors. Please send me this data on Schweiss doors and Red Power pump. thank , Mohamed

193 Please advise if Schweiss Doors is bidding on the Ogdensburg International Airport Door project. Your hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system is specified by the Engineer. Thank you. Mr. Adamson

194 We are bidding a renovation to a Hanger at Cherry Point USMC Air Station in Havelock NC and wanted to have you quoting the Schweiss hydraulic hanger doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps and backup systems. Your company came to mind first off when we were considering quality door makers. Thanks, Wilson J.

195 Julie I forwarded you a PO for the Pella Airport Schweiss hydraulic door project. Please let me know that you got this and also forward me all technical data for loads, Red Power hydraulic pumps and bracing ASAP. Thanks Jason

196 I would like to have some idea of possible price on a Schweiss hydraulic door with a Red Power backup system. The building is an S35-15, mostly mounted, I need to keep the full width at a height of about 6', for an LSA airplane. The tail rises to to 8.2' Presently there is no front wall, and I am looking for an economical way. The plane will be pushed in backwards (tail in first) I am also considering using 2 walls under the wings. a sliding door at the center and some other sliding panels. Thank you for giving me a rough estimate range for your 2 types of hangar doors Sincerely, Noel

197 Please send a quote (including shipping) for a 42 X 14 ft hydraulic door with man-door and Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump. I believe you have (or will soon receive) an order from others in this area, and I would like to reduce shipping costs by sharing a load. This is for an aviation hanger at South Caribou Regional Hospital.

198 Today arrived two hangar doors from you at our airfield: the bifold for Mr. F. and the hydraulic one for Mr. A. If I'm not mistaken there should be another Schweiss Red Power driven door on order. I would like a quote for both a bifold and a hydraulic for two hangar doors: 12' by 49' and 12' by 36'. Looking forward to hearing from you. Below are the measurements for the larger door. Can hardly wait to get your super doors operational.

199 M.Premil Kumar Project Consultant Visakahapatnam (AP) India 23/9/2008 I am a Project Consultant and recently a Total Hydraulic Hangar for Aircraft contract has been finalised to my Client. The Roofing and the Hangar Contracts for LNT INFRASTRUCTURE company bases in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. As I need to recommend a suitable HANGAR DOOR SYSTEM, I want your Design and Installation programme for such a Door System with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps 1) Door Height 8 Mtrs x Total Travel Length 50 Mtrs , to part from midway to the sides by Electrically Operated and Electromically controoled System Telescopic Type, Low Noise Level needed urgently for finalisation. 2)The entire building is a Pre Engineered Building and you have to suggest your requirement of Trusses, Columns and Mounting requirements drawing for preparing accordingly before the shipment of the Door assemblies. 3) Your Proposal with Drawings m Descriptions , Price , Delivery of Materials period, Installation knowhow charges , Payment Terms, Installation Completion period , Drawings for preparation of the site requirement to house the equipment and operate , be sent IMMEDIATELY , with a Video demo of such an operational Hangar door. With kind regards M.Premil k.

200 What is the largest Aircraft Hydraulic Lift Hangar door Schweiss Doors has done? What is the largest you can DO? Do you export? I know for sure that you have produced hangar doors in excess of 115 ft. width. We might want one even bigger. Do larger doors require additional Red Power hydraulic pumps?

201 Looking to price a 55' x 24' Schweiss hydraulic Red Power System door and remote openers for an aircraft hanger. The wind speed is 100 mph. It is for a military project in the Yuma, Arizona Area

202 I am bidding out an airport hanger facility near Ames, IA. I would like to have a quote on 10 individual 41'6\" x 14' one piece hydralic doors. I will make the opening for whatever it needs to be. The units will be 42' wide and 40' deep, 5 units on each side of an 82 x 214 structure. Please price me out , with additional options priced separatly. You mentioned that your new Red Power Pumps are included in the price and do not cost extra. Delivered, assembled, and installed. Winter project. You may call me if you have any questions. Will be a wood, pole structure building in Iowa. Schweiss Door should also be insulated and with remote opener. Thanks, Renaldo

203 I am interested in getting a quote on a 54' x 16' Schweiss Hydraulic Door with Red Power Options for an Airport Hangar. Please contact me with a quote and/or additional information. Installation would be in North Carolina. Thanks 

204 Hi, We are considering to build some aircraft hangars. The 4 hangars will stand in a row and the dimentions will be around 40x40feet, the one piece  doors, Schweiss Doors hydraulic with Red Power Hydraulic Pump systems, must be 35x9 feet. Can you provide me an estimated price packed in a 40 feet container ready for shipping to Kolboten, Norway?

205 Dear Sir, We got your Schweiss Doors company name from internet as one of major manufacturers of Hydraulic and Bifold Hangar Doors for most Commercial Air Craft in the world . We have tender to supply and complete installation for the following : Qty (2) Hydraulic Vertical Hangar Doors for Commercial Air Craft Specification for each one as follow : Width : 36 mt and Height : 9 mt Please inform us the possibility to submit complete offer for Turn Key Project : - Supply all doors and Red Power hydraulic pump components . - Complete installation . - Submit your technical offer with necessary drawing . - Submit your commercial offer including:- Price FOB and C F Alexandria .- Installation charges. -Necessary time required for complete installation. - Delivery time FOB . - Guarantee Period. Please study and quote your best price for suitable type for these specification . Best Regards, Mostafa

206 I am building a 40x30 Aircraft Hangar and require the Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. I was investigating the door you sold to my friend Barry and would like a steel door just like it, but I want a Red power backup system and an extra remote opener. Darn nice doors you make.

207 I'm in the process of getting information together so that I can build a hangar in the next couple of months at the Taber airport (Alberta) I am planning on a building with a sidewall height of 14 feet and am considering either a bi-fold door or a single piece Schweiss hydraulic door which when open will allow an opening of 12' high by 40' wide. The hangar will not have power to it, so my preference would be to have a door which could be opened and closed by hand, or by using a 12 volt winch mechanism. I read somewhere that your Red Power backup system will work this way or with a battery or even tractor hydraulic hookup. If necessary I do have a 3kW 115 volt generator that could be used. I'm still looking at building prices but have narrowed it down to either a wooden 'pole' type building sheeted with metal or a 'quonset' style structure. I'd like to get a quote from you on such a door delivered to the Taber airport. I have local contractors who can do the install. Many thanks 

208 I am a Company who builds steel constructions. I made a offer for the construction of an hangar. The customer asked me to complete this offer with the supply and installations of 11 doors. He showed me your Schweiss Hydraulic Doors offer. I would like to know what this price includes (automation latches, door frame, steel carpenty, door panels, Red Power hydraulic pumps) the freight charges to Italy (Venice) and if there is a discount. I would like to know also if it's possible to make the steel carpenty ourself to can economize the freight charges. I have to meet the custemer next monday, and so I ask you if it's possible to answer me within tomorrow. Best regards. Riccardo F.

209 Looking into building a 60' X 60' hangar at Boone Municipal Airport, Boone, IA. Likely to be a steel building or similar.Will probably want a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power pump on it, but will consider a bifold depending on price differences and applications.

210 You installed Schweiss bi fold doors at the Lancaster Airport in PA about 4 years ago. They went onto a row of box hangars. The hangars are 55 wide by 50 deep with I believe an 18' door. We currently rent one of these units but me and another pilot are intent on building our own hangar. Looking at your web site we are curious about installing a hydraulic door. Seems like a big door will operate better with your Red Power hydraulic pumps to lift it better. Can you let me know the cost... Your bifold door served me well.  Thanks, Chad O.

211 We have a100x100 airplane hanger metal building, we need a 60 wide by 16 tall hydraulic hanger door delivered and installed in Silver Springs, Nevada. The specs that we are concerned about are Red Power pump type system, fiberglass translucent material,tinted hardened something in those lines. thank you, Jessey

212 Air First is an FBO in Lagos Airport, Nigeria. We are about to errect a new Maintenance Hangar to accommodate Business Executive aircraft. We will need secure door such as your Schweiss hydraulic one piece with Red Power hydraulic pump that will provide a good locking seal when shut. I will be glad to forward to you the survey plan of the Land for your advice. Gbolahan

213 We need a quote for an aviation hydraulic door size 13600x5000mm (44,6 feet x 16,4 feet) I think it is your Schweiss Red Power door. Judging by an old catalogue of yours dated 1993 the steelwork in place will easily support your door. We would like a CIF Johannesburg price if possible together with your manufacturing lead time. I am quite confident we will be able to install at this end. If you need more detail to quote please be in touch. Regards, Basil

214 We are quoting 2 Hangars in Lampasas, TX. I need a price delivered (and possibly installed) for 1 Schweiss hydraulic steel or aluminum door 18' High X 64' Wide and 1 door 18' High X 60' wide. There is also an alternate for an additional Hangar with an 18' High x 60' Wide door. These will be mounted in the end wall with a top drive Red Power system motor. Have you heard of this project? I also need Loading for these. Wind speed is 90 MPH. Bid date is 7/30. Can you get me a quote by tomorrow noon? Thanks, Sincerely, Milton T. Project Manager

215 This project is the Hanger going to Slidell, LA. I need the door and Schweiss Red Power specs. The Total hydraulic door height is 24'-6\". I am not sure what the clear height would be. Fax or email is fine. Appreciate the help and have a great day.

216 We have just returned from the Farnborough airshow and have been asked to design and provide prices for Schweiss hydraulic doors for light aeroplane hangars. Your doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps seem ideal for our purpose

217 We are leading Project Management Consultants specializing presently in Designing and Construction of Aircraft Hangars in India. We have a requirement of Two Hydraulic Hangar doors (with Red Power hydraulic pump system) of 50 metre wide and 13 metre height. If Schweiss Doors is interested please contact us immediately warm regards

218 I have a prospect interested in a hangar hydraulic door at the Ashland, WI JFK Memorial Airport. Not sure what kind of wall ht. this door would require but I'm thinking at least 18'. Please let me know if a higher wall would be necessary. Also send me some info on your new Red Power pumps.  Brent W.

219 Dear sir, We are 140MUSD company based in Mumbai and are into diversified business.Our Business was started 110 years ago. We have strong presence in oil&Gas, Aviation, Ports & shipyards etc. We are in need of Schweiss hydraulic hangar door with Red Power hydraulic pump for our leading Airlines cutomer in India. Pls. tell us if you are interested in associating with our company for the immediate promotion of Hangar Door Business in india. Warm regards, Jomon

220 Greetings, Schweiss Door representative. I'm working on a hangar restoration project that includes a hangar door replacement, probably a Schweiss hydraulic door and other door upgrades, your Red Power hydraulic pump system, in Sawyer International Airport in Gwinn, Michigan. Please provide a contact for a representative that can assist in that area. Thank you. Juan C., AIA

221 We need for the end of this year a 20 x 20 (metres) Schweiss Red Power Pump Hydraulic Hangar Door, fire resistant. To accomodate the airplane we want to store in this hangar, the size of the door has to be a minimum of 10,50 m, and it's height a minimum of 5,10m. We are currently in negociation with a number of terrains to see who wants to accomodate us; this will be somewhere in South-East France (south of Lyon Satolas, east of Valence-Chabeuil). Can you inform us of how you can help us with this? Thank you in advance for your answer. Francois H. I am in Paris


223 Bidding an aircraft hangar in Jacksonville, Florida. Need to price a hydraulic one piece door that is 100'-0\" x 16'-0\". Will one of your new Schweiss Red Power pumps lift a door this big with ease?

224 I am a structural engineer working for Am. Solutions (Gary Gagnon) on an D/B RFP for a new 7-bay F-22 aircraft shelter facility at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK. The RFP has recently been re-issued to allow hydraulic doors. There will be 14 bay doors total, each 65'W x 24'H (approx). I need Schweiss Door assistance with the door framing and Red Power hydraulic systems so we can begin coordinating with other disciplines. Please contact me ASAP. I can e-mail CAD files and structural design criteria. Thanks, Jeremy

225 Insulation package required on a Schweiss hydraulic door with minimum R20 rating. Red Power Hydraulic Pump with backup system. Two remote openers. Hanger will be located at Josephburg airport. Minimum of 14 ft clear opening desired. Building side wall will be 16 ft and about 1 ft of grade beam above finished floor.

226 We have an aircraft hanger we would like to change the door on from a sliding door to a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump. Total length of the hanger is 39 meters divided to 3 sections. We are interested to put a one piece hydraulic door on the hander. Please give us price for a 3 pc, one piece door, length 13 meter and height 3 meter Please give us offer for the following: 1.3 pc door, length 13 meter.hight 3 meter height one Red Power hydraulic pump unit and other vice reedy to use hydraulic opening system 2 One Red Power hydraulic pump unit and Electric Red Power hydraulic system on 3 doors. (in case we modify the existing doors to your system) Best regards Gunnar J, Reykjavik, Iceland

227 We're planning the construction of an hanger for delivery for September. We'll need a 50 ft wide door. The clearence inside will be 18 ft under the beam. The roof on the door hanger side will be around 26 ft. Would it be possible to install a Schweiss hydraulic door (with Red Power hydraulics) in this conditions, if yes what kind of budget are we looking at? Eric B. Logistic Specialist

228 We need quotes for seven Schweiss hydraulic doors. We are building 6 ea 60X60 hangars and a larger 125 X 60. The 60X60 should be 59' wide with 20' clear height. The 125 X 60 should also have 20' clear height but could be as small as 100' width. All doors to have Red Power hydraulic systems/ remotes and fully insulated.

229 For an aircraft hangar a Schweiss hydraulic door. I want to keep the 10 foot opening. I could go with a 12 foot door with the top horizontal without interference with the gabel end. This is also a wood hangar, do I need any engineering drawings. I would like to have someone look at the hangar and tell me what I need as far as Red Power hydraulics is concerned, and then install it.

230 Structure is an aircraft hangar, duplex configuration, 100'x45 hydraulic door'. The end walls will be 18' high and the center of the roof will be 23'. It is being built on a concrete slab. Please list the additional price of the optional auto latches and remote. I understand Red Power Schweiss Hydraulic Pumps are at no extra charge.

231 I am looking to source a Miltary hanger door - 160' x 40' in Schweiss hydraulic one piece style. Will require adequate or better size Red Power hydraulic pump and extra remote openers Any products for this application? Mike S.

232 I need a quotation on one (1) Schweiss hydraulic hangar door with a clear opening of 19' x 56'. The customer I am working for says that your company has recently supplied this door for them on a project in Tullahoma, TN, and on a project in Lebanon, TN. It's my understanding that I am quoted the same structure as these two companies have already completed, so that may be of some help.Only difference is these doors will have your new Red Power hydraulic pumps and backup system.

233 I have a couple of County Airport hangers that I need doors for. One is 90x20 and the other 80x20. I need all the dimensions for Schweiss hydraulic doors of this side as shown in your details on your web site so I can ensure final bldg hgt and framing etc. Also pricing for each door. Owner is looking at all Red Power pump system options. Thanks.

234 I am building a new hanger at the Cook MN airport this summer. I currently have a hanger there with your door. I would like a bid on a 55'X18' Schweiss hydraulic door. 18' is what I am looking at for the building side walls, although I am pricing 16' as well. Red Power hydraulics, locks and remote, insulated for a heated hanger in Northern MN. I would like to also look at pricing for 50'X18' and 50'X16', bid with installation. the building will be 60X60, is there a cost difference between steel and wood building?

235 I am erecting a steel building to be used as an Aircraft Hangar. Building will be 95'x56'x22' Door size will be 50'w x 18'h This will be a heavy door so am requesting your best Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system for it.

236 Could you provide me with Schweiss Doors specification for hangars type aircraft A-C and D. My company is entering in a new airport project development and it includes the building , among other facilities, that of hangar of the different types mentioned above. Of course we will be interested in reaching a business relationship with you Company to work out this project which would exclusively require Schweiss hydraulic doors with various Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system options. Thanks and regards, Eduardo

237 Need to get additional information regarding your airport use Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors. A client is interested in replacing a 100' wide by 20' high sliding hangar door. The current hangar door is not motorized. Based on viewing your website, I have a couple of questions as follow: 1. Do you supply or install your hangar doors in Pennsylvania? 2. Do your hangar doors accommodate an opening of this size? 3. Do your hangar doors work on a heated building? How well do they hold in the heat? 4. Would you please provide me with an estimated cost for the supply and installation of a replacement hangar door that would include installation, sheeting, and be Red Power pump motorized and replace a hangar door with an opening of 100' by 20'?

238 I have been asked to bid on building 6 aircraft hangars in Juneau, Alaska. They have specified the following Schweiss doors. I would like a quote F.O.B. Juneau and an estimated labor time to install each if possible. (1) Truss hydraulic door M style Red Power pump mount with backup system 64'-5\" x 16'-5\" (3) Bi-fold doors, bottom drive-cable 50' x 18'-6\" (1) \" \" 55' x 18'-6\" (1) Lift strap 46' x 18'-6\". All with remotes. I need to summit a bid by next week, they want to start construciton as soon as it thaws so a prompt response would be appreciated.

239 I intend to build a new home on the East coast of South Africa that will include a hangar for my aircraft. I have an RV-10 and RV-7 and the door, probably a Schweiss one piece hydraulic wind loaded door with Red Power options will have to be large enough for these. Regards, Dave.

240 I am a developer in Vancouver B.C. Canada. I am buiding an 84,000 sf commercial hanger building with 7 strata units at the Langley Regional Airport. I would like you to quote on supplying (seperate price on install) 7 Schweiss hydraulic doors and related Red Power pump equipment. Building is concrete Tilt. All door openings are 19' high to underside of concrete header. 4 doors are 60'wide; 1@50'wide; 1@45'wide and 1@75'wide. Structure is engineered for hydraulic door reactions and loads. All doors are to be insulated and pre-painted. Please also provide delivery schedule. I also have some questions regarding the operation of your doors that I could not find answers to on your web site. Could you please have a sales person contact me by phone which I have listed above. Thanks Best Regards, Ed

241 Greetings, I am soliciting quotes for a 40' wide x 12' high Schweiss hydraulic door to be used on a Quonset type hangar we are purchasing. The hangar measurements are as follows: 50'x50', with 8' side walls, 20' high at the center of the arch. The hangar will be erected in Sudan within the next two months, so we will want to ship the door along with the hangar via surface in a 20' sea container. We need a door that will operate without and with Red Power  electrical backup system, maybe using a chain fall type of lifting device. I will be erecting the hangar and installing the door myself with whatever local talent I can find. We are looking for something as cost effective as possible, aesthetics are not important. The hangar will be shipping from Port Newark, so please include a FOB price from Newark, NJ. Please advise if you are able to accommodate us. Thank you.  Ruggiero.

242 I am quoting an upcoming project for the Airport in Logansport, IN. I would like to request a quotation for a 70'wide x 20'height Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system. Has your company already obtained all pertinent information & drawings for preparing the quote for this project? Please let me know if I need to send required information. project bids to Owner.

243 We have constructed an airport hanger of size 50m x 40m at Gondia in India, we are intrustred to know more about its door of size 40m x 11.5m please tell us about Schweiss Door hydraulic design and Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump mechanisum to be used please ask your Indian partners to contract us by e mail. Prashant V. at your service.

244 We have purchased a 70'x 60' hangar at the Chino Airport in Chino California, an would like to add a electric photo sensor to override the constant hold feature. Also thinking about replacing another hangar door with your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with Red Power backup system. Please call or e-mail a quote to me. Larry W.

245 My construction company is looking for a 32 or 34 foot x 9 foot or so bifold or hydraulic hangar door to be installed  in Ontario. This is a completely new building and we're still working on the design specifics. Any large moving hydraulic door dealers this way in Canada?

246 I have an airport job that goes up to bid soon. It initially specs a one-piece hydraulic door, but the recent addendum allows for bi-fold door specs. Please quote the following sizes for both bi-fold and hydraulic door configurations: 8 - 42' X 12', 2 - 50' X 12', and 2 - 60' X 16'. I can fax the specs to Schweiss Doors if you send me your fax number.

247 I'm in the process of erecting a 50' x 50' hanger on the Collegedale Municipal Airport and am interest in pricing for both a 38 foot and 42 foot door in both your bi-fold as well as hydraulic doors. Please include prices for backup systems for both doors. Oh yes, bifold should be strap lift and hydraulic in Schweiss Red Power pump models.

248 Please provide pricing custom-built 46' x 12' aircraft hangar Schweiss hydraulic door for new wood frame construction. Hydraulic door must match metal interior/exterior finish, preferably R16 to R20 door insulation or better, single phase power, windows near top of one-piece hydraulic door only.

249 Learning. This will be a not for profit aviation building used to store 3-5 general aviation antique/classic aircraft. Looking for a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door for this aviation museum non-profit venture.

250 We are preparing a bid for a new aircraft hangar facility in GA. The door specifications call for (2) 80 ft. x 22 ft. horizontal bi-fold doors or one-piece hydraulic doors. Doors must be electrically operated (there is an option for (2) 90 ft. x 22 ft. hydraulic/bifold doors). We need door structural loading information in order to design the steel building. Could you please provide this for both aircraft hangar door situations ASAP. I apologize for the short notice, but we have to have our bid in by Friday and I just got the invitation to bid today. Thank you.

251 We are working on an airplane production facility here in Oregon and would like more information about Schweiss airplane production facility hydraulic doors. Thank you.

252 Dear Sirs, We are the company from Lithuania, engaged in sectional garage doors. Now we are taking part in the competition announced by the airport. Without garage doors they also need hangar door. The dimensions are : height - 12,5 meters width - 21 meter. Unfortunatelly there are no space on the sides, so the door can not be side sliding. Resistance to wind 1MPa/1 m2. Could you please tell us the price, production terms, delivery conditions. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Kindest regards, Rita B. Import manager

253 Seeking urgent quote for commercial hydraulic or  bifold door for community airport application. Installation will also require electric closer.

254 I would like to know what the best hydraulic one piece door options for a hangar opening that is roughly 42 feet long by 16 feet high. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

255 Please quote 55ft by 17 ft door with remote autolock bifold and one pc. Red Power hydraulic also 65ft by 17ft bifold and hydraulic for aircraft hangor

256 We are putting together a price quote for large steel buildings to be erected at the City Airport. We'll need several hydraulic one piece doors. Do you have quantity discounts.

257 We are leasing 40ftx40ft Hanger from Trinity County on the Airport, and the existing door is made of wood which will be taken down by us. We will be purchasing the door as part of the lease. We are interested in installation as well. We understand Trinity Center Airport 30 miles away is purchasing doors from you. We would like to order at the same time or separately, in either case we are interested in one hydraulic door with extra remote and Red Power backup systems.

258 Hi few years back I got a door from you for a shipyard, maybe you have a record it was a 40 x 40 bifold. Any way I have a request to bid on a hangar door for aircraft, the size in feet is 82' x 26', can you please quote, delivered to the Mexican border by San Diego, as before. just simple hydraulic one piece door nothing else, with sheeting etc. If we got the contract will be installed in Ensenada Baja California Mexico as the one I got from you some time before. Please advice, and give me your best bid Thanks Estuardo Z.

259 Looking for a quote on a hydraulic hangar door. Looking at building multiple hangars here at the Craig Moffat A/P. If I pre-order now, for delivery six to eight months from now on more doors, do you offer any discounts for multiple orders?

260 Building a new steel hangar at Mifflin County Airport in Reedsville PA. Want new Red Power hydraulics, remotes and safety backup system. Do you recommend Aluminum or steel. What is the price difference? Have your door on our hangar in Peterborough, Ontario and love it :)

261 We are looking at Seven executive hangers, approximatly 60x 60 in size with mezzanine floors above the aircraft for office space. Recomended door sizes? Do you have a sheet on aircraft dimensions? or wing spans? strap or cable? Hydraulic Red Power? Walkdoor in door ? Bi fold and wind ratings ? Randy S.

262 Please quote us on Hydraulic and Bi-Fold Door for following project: Aircraft Hanger (80 x 80), Orr Municipal Airport, Orr, MN. Doors to be insulated and bifold to have lift straps. Project is bid this month.  Will need pricing by noon that date. Thank you Dale J. H.

263 We are designing around a new hangar building addition that will include 2 hangar doors. One door is to be 65' by 17' tall and the other is to be 65' by 16' tall. The owner requests the hydraulic type door because of your new Red Power unit and its backup systems. I am working around some height limitations due to existing conditions. I mainly want general information and some assurance that the size of the doors can be done. I also could use some idea of details and clearances needed to accommodate the doors. Give me a list and cost of all accessories available.

264 Please call or email to discuss door type (bifold or hydraulic) and cost. Building is an airplane hanger 60'x40'x14' eave height. Delivery to Columbus, Montana

265 I need a price for 19 doors  42'-0 X 14'-6\" for a project at Umatilla Airport, Umatilla, Florida in Lake County Fl. Base bid is electric Bi-fold, option A is single panel hydraulic lift door. option three would be to split the order, 10 bifold and 9 hydraulic. All doors need to be wind-rated up to 70 mph.   Thanks.

266 Need a quote for a hydraulic Red Power door for an airport hangar facility. How big can you make your steel doors. Please include installation in Edinburg, Texas.

267 I am submitting a budget on a project at the Scottsdale Airport, Scottsdale, AZ. The project is called Scottsdale Jet and four 70'-4\" x 20'-4\" Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors are shown. Please have someone contact me regarding the pricing. Red Power backup systems on all doors.

268 Interested in replacng accordion door on 66 ft by 24 ft high opening, both ends of existing hangar. We want a hydraulic door with Red Power pump(s). Steel hangar. Door needs to be insulated and wind loaded. Delivery to east coast in two months.

269 What is the largest span opening that one of your hydraulic or bifold doors can cover? I am looking at building a hanger that will require a 140'wide x 25'tall door.

270 We are currently designing a 13,000 sf Maintenance Hangar at an airport in upstate New York. The clear door opening is required to be 100' long by 27' tall to accomodate the mixture of planes expected. I have a few questions. 1) What would the electrical requirements be for a door of this size, I would assume that we would need the Red Power 3 or 5 hp motor. 2) How much larger does the door need to be beyond the clear opening dimension, again I would assume the largest dimension of 36\". Also, do we need to go with a surface applied door rather than the recessed due to the size? 3) Do you have CAD details the we would be able to use? We have a short time frame to put together the construction documents so any help would be appreciated as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your time.

271 Looking for a quote on a 60' x 16' (clear opening) hydraulic lift hanger door. Needs to be insulated and I want the Red Power Pump system with the trip backup system.

272 I have an airport hanger on the farm. the opening at this point in aprox 56 ft. with 20 ft of overhead clearance. Since I do not need any more than 35 ft of opening I am trying to figure the cost of hydraulic doors based on width and my cost of enclosing the extra. could you e-mail me an estimate for different width doors with the new Red Power pump.

273 Dear All; Kindly we request to know the price of the Red Power Hydraulic Schweiss manufactured  door. As we have a Maintenance Hangar for Aircrafts. It is located in EGYPT. The door we require for the hangar dimensions are: 1- The height of the Hangar is 2- The width is 80 meter. For more details please Visit our website


275 Hi I also want to get a quote for a 55X18 One piece door (opening must be 15 High) for a larger hanger all doors have Personal Doors and must meet the Florida wind loads of 100 mph Please have someone  call me tomorrow. Al P.

276 I am looking to build a 65X60 hanger on leased land in an airport in Durango CO. I would like as large a hydraulic door as possible but also need to consider cost. In reality I just need a 44 X 14 or so door. But, depending on cost, I would go to a larger door so the hanger would be capable of storing larger airplanes in the future. Can you give a several options with pricing to help me decide. I would also like to know approximate on-sight installation costs Thanks

277 I have a wooden aircraft hangar currently uninsulated. I need a hydraulic door and a floor. Probably the door would be 43-44' wide and 9-10' tall. Currently I have 6\" leeway above the top of the end wall where the roof meets it. I would probably have to cut into the roof eves in order to get your free standing frame to match the building and still provide me with the 9'10' opening clearance. How tall is the bottom rubber skirt where the door meets the floor? Can you please send me a quote for the above mentioned door dimensions and separetly a quote for the free standing frame. And the cost of shipping. Also, will you be at the Alaska Airmen's Trade Show in Anchorage, AK? If so, I'll see you on Sunday. Thanks, Chris

278 Ee are bidding on a project that requires a 80'-0\" wide by 22'-0\" high hydraulic Red Power Schweiss door, furnished and erected. this is for a small 150 x 120 hangar going into a small private airport in the Buffalo, NY area. Please call or e-mail for further information, thanks.

279 HORIZONTAL AND BI-FOLD DOORS WILL BE NEEDED FOR A LARGE AIRPORT ADDITION. Steel horizontal doors with custom metal cladding, Remotes, insulated, and all safety and backup features that come with your doors.


281 I am planning on building a steel constructed hanger this fall and am thinking 50X80 with the opening about 50X14. I will currently store my 170 in there but am thinking of resale value if I ever decide to sell the hanger or renting it someone with a small twin. Do I need to consider a bigger opening? Also, can you give an idea what an insulated hydraulic door would cost me. Please keep in mind that we are just at the beginning stages of this project and we are still trying draw up some plans. Thanks, Paul

282 We need a final quote on a 70'x22' hydraulic door. I also need to set up credit so we can place an order upon final approval. This will be the first of many airport doors to come. The two we ordered from you prior to this have convinced us to stay with your fine company.

283 I have a client looking to have a hydraulic door installed in a aircaft hanger we are quoting him. The building will be 45'W x 55'H x 14'H with a door 40'W x 12'H. Please quote the door to be insulated. Also please include costs for installation in Creston BC, Canada.

284 Dear Sir, Kindly provide the price and delivery time for the followings: Hydraulic Aircraft hanger doors= W x h= 30m x 8m= 3 Nos. 16m x 4m= 1 No. Thanks and regards, Kamal S.

285 Looking to build an aircraft hanger at Airport in Savanna IL. Hanger door opening will be 40 x 14. Door will be customer installed with factory delivery to building site. Please provide quotes for folding bi-fold door comparing lift strap and cable options and hydraulic door. thanks, Jeff K.

286 Dear Sir, We are contacing you because we have specific request from a client in Argentina, wanting to buy a couple of Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for existing aircraft hangars. As stated here, one of the hangars is 49.2 ft x 13.2 ft (measures to be completely confirmed) (15 x 4 mts) and the other is 41 ft x 13.2 ft (12.5 mts x 4 mts). Please we would appreciate your quote, mentioning please not only price but also options on lifting method (mechanical or manual is preferred), and quantity, sizes and weight of packages, estimated freight costs to Americus, GA and any other information you consider interesting. Thanks in advance, Argentina Trade Inc.

287 Sales team, I am quoting a post frame airplane hanger to a local city airport and I need a price on a 50x14 hydraulic Red Power door installed by your crew. I had your company install some a number of years ago for other of my clients and all went really well. This is the first of what sounds like a few buildings they will be adding over the next couple of years if they can get city approval etc. We are in the early stages of planning right now. Please call if you need more info. Thanks Sheldon S.

288 Aircraft hangar existing door opening 60' 1 1/2\" wide and 16' 8 3/4\" high. Not too much headroom at the corners. Picture can follow if you need it. Want remote up/down operation. Like both the hydraulic one piece and the bifold strap idea. What would you recommend for this size door?       Bruce

289 We are looking at building a 60 by 60 hangar and would like to put in a 58' door. What would the difference in price for a side wall vs end wall support structure? We would be ordering an insulated hydraulic door with a walk thru door that has a window in it.

290 We are nearing the dirt moving part of our new 12,000' maintenance hangar construction. I would like sample pricing on both hyd and strap doors of 60' by 12 or maybe 14'. The building dimensions will be established in a week or so, including door openings. Prices on this size will help me swing the owners to an automatic door, I hope. Mack S. construction supervisor

291 To whom it may concern I have received a request for 3 hangars (rather big) and I am just inquiring whether you build big hangars. Either way we are utmost interested in purchasing six of your Red Power unit aircraft doors.   Thank you and best regards Costantino D.

292 Hi, we are a west coast dealer for metal buildings, and currently we have two clients for hangars. One client is probably a few months away, as the project is located at an airport, so there's a lot more permissions required. The second is a private client, for whom we have priced out a 60ft X 60ft hangar. He is interested in the Red Power Schweiss insulated  hydraulic door to fit a 50ft wide by 20ft high opening. Can you give me a ballpark figure so that I can get some working numbers to the client. Won't be long before winter hits British Columbia.    Thank you, Mark T.

293 I have an existing hanger pipe construction that I need to install 4 hydraulic doors on. It already has doors on one end but is open on the other (which they want to enclose) The height of the existing doors is 13' 5\" and the opening between the upright pipe columns is 42'4\". Also they want a walk door installed in the bottom panel. Please advise if you have a system that will accommodate these measurements. Thanks Roger S.

294 Interested in a 30 wide by 15 tall bi fold or hydraulic one piece door for an aircraft hangar. Kind of leaning toward the hydraulic because of the Red Power pump and backup features. Please call with quote.

295 Planning on putting up a 64 x 40 deep metal aircraft hanger with a door openning of 50 x 12 high. Wondering what a hydraulic door that size would be. What options do you offer?

296 Please price the following: For a 100'x100'x24' hanger 88'x19'6 hydraulic door with Red Power pump(s), Insulated Please call or e-mail for more specifics if necessary. Thank you Barney B.

297 I need a quote on 2 - 50' wide x 16'high hydraulic hangar doors w/ Red Power pump operators delivered to Albuquerque. Intl. Airport / Eclipse Aviation. My price to Eclipse is due Friday.

298 We just got a lease on a lot at the Patterson, La airport. We are getting bids on a hanger but most of the contractors want to exclude the door. So looking for a quote on a 50 ft wide hydraulic door for a 60 x 60 hanger. Include safety options and extra remote control. Insulated with walk door.  Door opening will be 12 ft.

299 We are building a hangar for aircraft maintenance purposes and would like to get a general idea of price. We will have a 70 foot opening 20 feet high. (hangar 85 by 65.)what consideration must be taken into account for the door header? What would cost of a Schweiss bifold be for this opening and also for a hydraulic one piece door. We are in a windy location with winds regular to 10 to 15 mph and can sometimes gust to 25. Will this be a factor with either door. We are in the early stages of planning this hangar and will also be building a 120 by 85 hangar as phase 2. how difficult is the installation, we have our own construction crew available. What would we be looking at for delivery time to Penticton BC Canada and what would cost of delivery be? Please also copy any e-mails to Jim.Thanks

300 We are one of three design/build contractors that have been chosen to offer proposals for phase one of a four phase project. Phase Two will go before Phase One is out of planning and of course the carrot is whoever get phase one, will get all other phases. Anyway, Phase one is for fourteen 40' x 40' hangers. It would appear from the information I have that most small aircraft that would fit within the 40' x 40' do not exceed a 10' clear tail height. If that is the case, I need a quote on 14 each 10' clear when open doors, that will fit within a 40' opening. What I need right away is what the net clearance will be for that 40' door and what height do I need to make my building to accommodate the door? I need the information on the required building height so that I can get a quote on the buildings. So, if you can get the information back as soon as possible on the building requirements, I can wait until next week, Friday for a hydraulic door quote. Each door will need to have a walk door in the lower portion of the door. I am leaving this morning and will return on Monday, but if I get the information, I will be carrying both my cell and my laptop, so I can get the building quote working as well. Thanks for the help. Gerhardt P. President

301 I am in the first phase of trying to build a hangar at the downtown airport in Shreveport, La. I am just trying to get a ball park cost for the hydraulic and/or bi-fold doors. Could you send me a list with pricing on all optionals available. I've seen your doors and they are just what I want.

302 I would like to recieve a quote on a 60x20' hydraulic door to be used as an aircraft hanger. I would like it to include the cost of the free standing door-frame, as well as header requirements, dimensions, and loads against the buidling, if that is possible. The building that we are planning on mounting it in is basically a fabric membrane over a steel frame shaped like a quonset hut. If you have had any expereince with this type of installation any suggestions or pictures you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Brian

303 We are looking for a price Quote for a hydraulic insulated hangar door 40'X 16'. We will sheet it with 4\" foam core panels or equal. We need prices by next Wednesday. Freight will need to be FOB Seattle Docks, as the door will be for an Alaska Project. Sincerely, Dave S.

304 I need a sales person to call me. I am putting in 10 hangars with bifold doors in now but I need some other options for the next phase. I need a quote on 20 42' hydraulic doors with 12' open height. The Lone Star Executive Airport is rated at 110 mph. I have seen your bottom mounted bifolds at this airport but was in an endwall. The doors I need will be on the side wall; 10 in a row on each side. After that phase, I will need 10 more for phase 3. Please call my cell. Let's get er done!  Thanks

305 Do you have a canadian distributor ? We are working on a project of four to five hangar unit for Rouyn-Noranda airport in NW Quebec. Need more info regarding steel vs aluminum hydraulic lift doors and cold weather packages. Thanks J-F O.

306 Without measuring, I have a door, approximately 50'wide x 14' tall, possibly 16' tall. It currently has two sectional overhead doors, with a removable center post/track. It gives nothing but trouble, so I am considering replaceing it with either a bifold, or one-piece hydraulic. What would your recommendation be, as well as approximate costs, if I choose to install it myself? This would be on a Municipal Airport Hanger, in which the city, county and state have equipment which could be used for lifting and hanging the door. Would we need 3-phase electricity for it? Thanks in advance.

307 Hello, You've sent me information before. I am an airport board member at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport. I have worked diligently to get a firm to build hangars for us. I hope to see a local firm get the bid. I think we can get at least 4 private hangars committed to. I need pricing on 4 hydraulic  doors 50' x 14' (I need 14' opening). If you could give me pricing on 1 door 2 doors 3 doors 4 doors and 5 doors.

308 I have a customer that builds pole buildings. They are my largest and best customer and I need to take good care of them. The building is being quoted to an airport here locally. They typically try to use overhead doors in these situations but its not financially viable in most cases. I don't have any more specs than what I've given you. The exterior will be covered with painted steel panels. It will be on a gable end and have wood framing. Could you please quote a Red Power motorized unit on a hydraulic lift door and give me anything besides the basic door as an option If you could fax shop drawings as well. Thanks, David D.

309 Need info on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for A/C Hanger. Door will be approx 80'x20'. A/C is a King Air B200A Our Customer would like something Red Power pump automatic backup system/remote operated. Located in East Texas where you've done work before. Impressed with your hangar doors.

310 I have an aircraft maintenance shop with steel structure & steel side panels with a wood roof. The door opening is 10 ft 8 inchs high(clear) by 48 ft 7.5 inches wide(clear).This is the steel support structure dimensions. The floor is concrete. I cannot lose any headroom or width clearance. Can you supply such a door in the Schweiss hydraulic lift style with Red Power hydraulic pump(s)? I am located at the Camden county airport in N.J. Jake.