Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic Doors for Airpark Hangars

1 Bought a vacant home lot at the Heavens Landing airpark in Clayton, GA. I am a General Contractor and plan to construct our own hangar home in the next 2 years. Soliciting proposals now during the design phase to determine the best value for our project. The Owner of Heavens Landing recommended your company, as I believe he has already purchased a couple dozen doors and plans to get a couple dozen more. Look forward to hearing from you on pricing and options. Thanks.

2 I build quality custom airpark homes. Hanger has concrete columns on side with 4 ply truss over top. Truss button cord is 2 by 12. I have been using hifold door company for my doors. Looking for a better quality door for this job. Not sure if I should go with bifold or hydraulic. HOA requires I make the door to match the house, more weight on the door

3 I am about to build a 60' x 60' hangar on an airpark (Hidden Valley Airpark) in Shady Shores, TX. I will need to put a 45' x 12' hangar door on it. (The side walls of the hangar are 18' tall.) Could you please send me an estimate via e-mail? Thanks!

4 In the planning process for a hangar at my airpark home. Looking to price out different options. The rough opening for the hangar is going to be 16' x 50' Thankyou.

5 I am building an Airpark home. Looking to have a 40’ x 12’ hangar opening. Budget is a factor. Can you provide ideas/solutions. Note: I have not decided if building will be wood or steel just yet.

6 Hello, I am building two hangars in ID on an airpark (Greenleaf airpark). I wanted to get some quotes for hangar door. Please let me know what you need and feel free to call me with any questions! Thank you

7 Please text before calling. I need a 10 ft. tall by 40 ft. wide Schweiss single leaf hydraulic door that i can skin to match my airpark house.(horizontal vinyl siding on OSB backing). zi am looking at April-May timeframe. Can you provide that what are the requirements for building bracing? Thanks Tom Butler Wexford Landing Airpark

8 We have purchased from you several dozen doors for the Pegasus Airpark located in Queen Creek, AZ. We are looking at developing three new phases consisting of 5 each 80' x 80 hangars and 14 each 57' x 60' hangars. I believe the past orders had 18' tall doors. Please call me so we can discuss the correct size bi-fold doors for the 57' wide and the 80' wide hangars. Would also like to discuss the option for backup systems, automatic lock systems and glass in the some of the doors. Thank you, Mark Adams

9 Looking to convert my bifold from cable to strap, would like to add the auto latches also. Am also needing a quote on a 45 ft. x 18 ft. hydraulic hangar home door.

10 I am building a house with an attached garage/hangar. Since it is a combination structure, I will be using it daily. Does that pose a problem? If not, I would like a quote for a hydraulic door with photo eye sensors and a remote opener. The rough opening is 30 feet wide by 13 feet 3 inches tall.

11 I am going to have a Hanger/home built at Sugar Springs airpark, Michigan (5m6) early this spring. The hanger will have a hanger door measuring 40' X 12'. I have looked at the various doors and suppose a bifold or Hydraulic would be good. I would like the door to be insulated and probably have three windows. Can you please tell me approximately what it would cost to install such a door. Thank you very much for your help. Jim O'Dea

12 Hello, My name is Scott Jewell and I live in Willow, Alaska. I am a developer currently building a 320 acre airpark, I will have a total of 93 building lots. We are the general contractor and will be building all hangers. I am interested in possibly having a dealership on your doors, give me some information if you will. Let me know the requirements along with the cost savings, also give me some info on best shipping methods you currently use for Alaska. I do quite a bit of purchasing from the states, have an account with Carlisle shipping out of the Tacoma docs. Guessing you have already done a decent amount of shipping to AK, i won't reinvent the wheel if you already have a better method? Anyhow, give me some feedback and we'll go from there. Thanks much, Scott.

13 Need a new hydraulic airpark hanger door, 41ft 6 in. wide and 14ft 6 in. high on wood hangar, need prices for both strap and hydraulic doors, door shipping cost etc. I live in Amarillo, Texas

14 Hi I need a quote for new construction on a hydraulic lifting airpark hanger door, auto locking door, 15 feet clear opening height, will skin outside with metal siding, what door insulation packages do you offer?  

15 Need to price 2 - 30' x 18' hydraulic airpark hangar doors for hangar door project in Texas.

16 I need a quote on a 45'x18' aircraft airpark hangar door and a quote on a 54'x18' helicopter hangar door. Owner priced and found Schweiss to be most economical hydraulic hangar door solution. The 18' is clear door height. He wants remote door  openers on these doors.

17 I need a Schweiss 40 ft hangar home door. Opening is 12 ft high. Hydraulic style Airpark doors shipped to at Sterling, MA.

18 We need a price on a runway living hydraulic door 41' wide x 14' tall. We will want to clad this one piece door exterior in cedar, so use your judgement as to lifting power of door motor, pump and cylinders needed.

19 Looking for several runway living doors at our new airpark. Give me an average door price for Schweiss hydraulic runway living doors that would be 32 ft. wide x 18 ft tall. Shoot me price for remotes and backup systems. 

20 Built a new hangar in West Houston, needs Airpark Hangar Door. Mgr. at airpark highly recommended a Schweiss hydraulic door for the job. Need price on 42 ft. x 14 ft. windrated door with remote openers.

21 Need price for hangar door and installation on 36'x19' hydraulic aircraft airpark door. The door will go to El Paso, IL where you recently installed another bifold hangar shop door. His designer hangar window door is very impressive.

22 Quote for 35 wide by 16 tall runway living door. This airpark door in Schweiss hydraulic door style will require remote controlled door opener.

23 We need 3 Schweiss runway living hydraulic doors. 12,7 X 4,3 M. What is the price? Can we attach our own cladding? Price with remote opener.

24 I have a 14'x30' opening on a runway living door (Hydraulic door) that I need a quote for. Include price for installation and remote opener.

25 We are building a private airpark hangar in Delray Beach (FD08). We are interested in a hydraulic windrated Schweiss door and need to discuss with Schweiss and get Schweiss to work with Architect to make sure construction will support the door. I can forward plans to your appropriate dep't Looking forward to working together on this project. 

26 Building a airpark hangar in 77546.  Design / pricing stage Interested in Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold door, 40-50 x 16. straps. I guess it wouldn't hurt to quote hydaulic also. Cost is important. 

27 I am looking for a PDF of a spec sheet or a product brochure for your bi-fold and hydraulic airplane doors for use at my airpark location. Schweiss is the company that only has the liftstrap bifold doors, right?  If you could please email that to me that would be great. Thanks Carl Lam

28 Can I order a remote opener for my hydraulic airpark door. Is it something that I can easily install myself? Love my door. The Schweiss Power pump lifts this door smoothly and quietly. You've got a great product. Keep up the good work.  Thanks

29  I want to buy the lift straps for my bifold door and also want to order a hydraulic door for my airpark hangar. Door size will be 38'x16.' 

30 What does a 32x18 aluminum Schweiss hydraulic  door cost. Will aluminum frame cost me much more than steel? I'm looking for a lightweight door that still seals well against rain and snow. Also should be windrated for Florida. This is for a airpark hangar home.

31 I'm soon building an aircraft hangar with a house on the side, and I need a good automatic door (length 12m x height 3,3m minimum). I need it to be well isolated because the inside will also be inhabited for a part. I like your hydraulic door model, so could you send me an estimate. Also important: I live in the southwest of France, in an airpark (Biscarrosse LFBS), so how is it possible to mount the door: do you know sub-contractors who can do it, or is it possible to mount by any skilled mechanic or house-builder ? Thanks, Pierre

32 We are looking for supplier to give us a quote for Automated Airpark Hangar, Hydraulic Schweiss  Doors with supplying, installing & maintenance costs. Pl email your brochure and contact person details. Thanks

33 Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door on an existing airpark hangar, steel building, opening 15x50 with one pass through door. installation date; summer. Provide three windows equally spaced across the width of the door in the upper panel. Window size approximately 6' x 2'6"   

34 I'm looking at two airpark hangars in Sellersburg, that we will need hydraulic doors on. We are going to retro fit two existing hangars by adding walls and doors. Buildings 1 will need 9 doors 40' X 10'-6". Hangar 2 will need 10 doors 40' X 13'-4". I would like to get some input on my options on this.

35 We purchased a Schweiss Bi-Fold strap operated door about 5 years ago. By the way your door is operating perfectly. Sure like the straps, much better than the cables. Now I'd like to get one of your hydraulic airpark doors, 36'x18'.

36  I'm building airpark hangar in Watertown Wis. Need quote on 46' wide hydraulic door with 14' minimum clear opening. I priced and shopped and found your door is the best deal for the buck. Door is for spring delivery. I am an EAA member. Best place to initially reach me is my cell.

37 Need a new Schweiss hydraulic door for an existing airpark hangar delivered and installed in the northern Vermont area. Opening 49'x16' Do you have a local distributor? How soon can you get the door to me?


39 I don't know how far back your records go, but I am trying to quote a airpark hanger from plans that are dated in 2000. I'm really glad I waited on this order, because now I can upgrade to hydraulic  doors with your new Pumps and spherical bearings. See if you can find my Schweiss order and then I will get back to you with particulars and other upgrades.

40 I am requesting a quote for a runway living hydraulic hangar door, 45'0"x12'0", for a new airpark hangar. Ordering of the hangar building package is pending a final door selection for coordination. Order will be placed within the next 60 days and quantity will be 1 or 2. I want a hydraulic door, horn and lights and walk thru door.       

41 Trying get an estimate for a airpark hydraulic   hangar door somewhere in the neighborhood of 40'. Do you need more specifics than that? Thanks, John

42 I have a customer with a Schweiss bifold door on his airplane hangar. He loves it. I have another  client with an airplane with a 12' 8" tail height and he says he needs all the headroom he can get on his airpark hangar. Would a hydraulic door be the best bet for his situation?

43 Looking to start building a 60x80 foot airpark hangar next year. Need a price on a door which will allow 16 foot clear height and 40 foot front opening. Hydraulic is my first preference. Unit will be at Howell, MI thanks

44 Working up plans for a 50 x 50 airpark hangar. I am planning on buying one of your hydraulic doors and I want to put a stylish exterior pinewood finish on it. The largest aircraft would have a 42" wingspan and no taller than 12" tall. Not sure on door size needed. Call for more details. 

45 Building to be used as a private airpark hanger at Ohio Valley Airport. Attached is the building framing diagram. Rough opening is 52 X 15 and the header has been designed to support 2000 pounds of uniform distributed load. Please include shipping cost and sales tax. This is a hydraulic door with  insulation, remotes & windows.

46 We are pricing 1-28'x18' hydraulic airpark door. I need a price and specs to price out metal skin. It is going in a 32'x48'-18' tall post frame building. We also need to know about bracing and other design loads to get with our truss company. We made the gable truss a 2x6 top cord and a 2x10 bottom cord.

47 Please provide me some options and prices for hydraulic airpark hangers doors with remotes and backup systems. My building will be 60-60. I would like clear space of 48-15

48 Just trying to get and idea of cost for planning purposes to decide if I want to build an airpark hanger or not. Hanger will be 48 wide 40 deep and 16 foot side walls. Hydraulic door, insulated and with walk thru door and windows

49 Hi, I have a Schweiss 18 ft Schweiss hydraulic door  (number eight on your airpark homes pictures, the one with the log home and the Duke) and just took delivery of a King Air F90 and need 16ft clear for the tail. Can the door open that far? Is there anything special I need to do to make it? Thanks, 

50 We currently are trying to determine an approximate cost for the delivery and installation of a hydraulic door with the following dimensions, 44 ft in length X 14 feet in height. The hanger home airpark building is located in Lake Elsinore, California. This new hydraulic door would replace two existing rollup doors and would require some sheet metal modification on the existing metal building to accommodate the new door.

51 I'm building a hangar on the airpark. This  summer I want to put a Schweiss hydraulic door on it. Information and the price for the hydraulic door needed. The hangar is going to be 14 ft. high and I want about a 34 ft. wide insulated hydraulic door on it with a remote opener.

52 Building a new airpark hanger next spring. Looking at different door options. I'm leaning toward your hydraulic model, but will consider a bifold with straps. What are most pilots putting on their hangars these days. What options do they most often request?

53 Could you calculate please the cost for airpark hangar (one-leaf) hydraulic Red Power doors the size of 12X4 meters with insulation. Thanks in advance, Regards, Nikita

54 I own a airpark hangar and currently my hangar door slides to the side. The owner of the adjacent hangar and I are interested in upgrading to a hydraulic. Could you recommend a contractor to work with in installing your doors? I want to make sure I get the measurements right for these hydraulic doors.  Or how would you recommend starting the process? 

55 I need side mounted Schweiss hydraulic type, 2 for my airpark hanger doors, door height 18 feet. Include extra remotes.  Info and price please.       

56 I need info, specs and a price for 7 - 40' x 12' hydraulic airpark hangar doors with openers delivered to Alaska. I would like to know the price.  Should be well insulated.

57 We are just looking for a rough Idea of what a new Schweiss hydraulic door will cost for this airpark  hangar. Not sure of the exact size, but approximately 30x18'

58  I would like a quote on two 40' x 16' hydraulic airpark doors, insulated, installed in 49201. Just like the other ones I ordered with a walkdoor and windows.  thanks, Bill

59 We need one Aircraft Hangar Hydraulic one piece type door for a new airpark building - dimensions approx. 24 feet high by 12 feet wide. Please forward some prices ASAP. I will call you also. I will fill out your Schweiss Doors questionaire for specs. Love your informative web site. Thanks, 

60 Beginning the design process for a wood frame hangar in an airpark and I would like some technical details for your hydraulic door frame so the designer can create the hangar around the door. I would like footer and bracing requirements so we can do this up front rather than retrofit. Thanks

61 I am building a hangar at my airpark residence. We need a door 60x15 for a large aircraft. I would like to go with a Schweiss Hydraulic door. Can you give me a rough idea of what I'm looking at for a basic door, no walk through, no windows? I'm also interested in what kind of footing a door like that would require. Thank you.

62 I am interested in another hydraulic Schweiss door for a steel hangar at Riverfalls-Airpark in Amarillo. Same dimensions as the last two we ordered three years ago. Great doors. Burt

63 Please quote hydraulic door for airplane airpark  hangar, 58 ft. wide, 15 ft. height. Also quote hydraulic one piece door with backup system. Found out about your company from your informative Internet web page. 

64 I'm a VP buildings Dist. Mgr. working with a builder out of central Tennessee on a hydraulic hangar door quote going to South Fork Airpark. Can you provide a quote and design info for a 45x15 (clear) hydraulic door. List all accessories available.

65 This is for the construction (not yet started) of a airpark hangar-home in Benton, KS. Your hydraulic and bifold doors are on most, if not all, the hangar-homes there at this time. People I've talked to really like them and they are very eye-appealing. I'll call with dimensions, etc. tomorrow. Zeke

66 I am pricing out an airpark house and hangar and need an approximate cost of your hydraulic door. It would be 46 ft wide and 14 ft high. Just an approximate cost including insulation, installation and remotes for now would be great. 

67 Need to get information on your doors to install on an airpark hangar built with wood. Hangar is 44 ft. x 14 ft. high. Prefer Schweiss hydraulic door, safety package and remote opener.

68 Quote for a 40 by 12 foot one piece Schweiss hydraulic door - 130 MPH wind loading for a new steel building which will be going up in our airpark. Include remote opener, walk door, windows and your Schweiss backup system. You make super doors!

69 I want to build a airpark hanger 42x48x14' high I need a hydraulic door 40'x14' with a man door in it and remote opener. can you give me a cost? I am looking to build it out of 2x6 framed walls and truss. Do I need any provisions for a Schweiss hydraulic door? Paul

70 Please provide hangar door proposal for three 40'x12' windrated hydraulic one piece airpark doors in Virginia.

71 We are designing a new hangar-home in Tailwinds Airpark. The hangar will be built with 12" concrete block and rebar steel construction. We are interested in your one-piece Schweiss windrated hydraulic hurricane door and would like engineered structural specifications from you so that we may design and build the hangar door opening per your required door specs. Plans are for a hangar door that is 56' wide x 16' tall. Are there any header or side-wall door requirements that we need to be aware of or is it a self-structurally contained door? We will be building in a hurricane zone so we want to design and build per the hurricane codes. Engineered door should have door wind pins.

72 I bought a hangar with a 40' Schweiss hydraulic  door.  I'm interested in getting a remote control unit for it. What is involved with that and what is the cost? This is a Texas Airpark door.

73 I liked my Schweiss bifold liftstrap door on my first hangar, would like to try the hydraulic door now for more shade on my new airpark hangar. 45x14 to New Berlin, TX.

74 I need a price on a 16' tall by 20' wide hydraulic lift  one piece Schweiss door which will be going on my airpark hangar. Include remote opener.

75 I have a airpark customer that needs a 30' hydraulic door to go on curvet. The door would need to set outside the wall line, is something you can help me with? I see by your Schweiss Doors website that you can do amazing things with your custom made hydraulic doors, straplift bifold too.

76 I am building a large airpark hangar and I need a 16' x 40' hydro powered door. Please give me an installed price for a Hydraulic Door. We need a quiet operating pump system and remote control.

77 Need quote on a schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power pump to David City Municipal Airport

78 I am planning a 50' end x 60' length steel hangar. I would like a Schweiss hydraulic lift one-piece door. It will be located at Sportsman's World Airport in Texas. I have a Cessna 172. Questions: 1.) Does 44' x 14' sound OK? 2.) The planned eve height is 16 ft. Is this right? 3.) What are the power (volt and amps) requirements on the new Red Power electric motor? 4.) Can you recommend an installer for the area? 5.) Quote please.

79 Please quote 3- 50 x 16' and 1- 55' x 16' bifold with lift straps and hydraulic lift doors fob Springbank airport. Please include Red Power back up system, all hardware,motors etc as a seperate item

80 Hello, I need a quote for a 60' x 16' clear hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss door with Red Power backup system in a California Airport. They use the 2010 CBC building code, wind 85 mph.

81 We are designing our next building for Guardian Flight in Alaska. the building will be done soon with steel. The Schweiss hydraulic lift door will need to be 98' x 28'. Can we do that? And will your new Red Power motors have the lifting power for a door this big. Any special conditions? Please advise thanks

82 I'm working as a consultant for a small local airport that has just changed owners. The new owner is completely rebuilding the airport to be sustainable. I am trying to calculate the power needs for the airport and since we always recommend your doors for the hangars we sell here, I was wondering if you could give me an average kw usage (Standard and New Schweiss Red Power Electrical System) for opening and shutting one of your average sized hangar doors. One cycle is fine or kwh a year is fine. Like I said this is a small airport and will probably not have anything with more than a 35ft wingspan if that helps with your calculations. Thank you

83 i am working on a 100 wide x 120 ft hanger for a customer that needs an Schweiss Red Power electric operated system hydraulic one piece lift door for and clear opening of 80 ft wide x 21 ft 6 inches clear

84 Hi, A gentelman at our airpark is having one of your hydraulic one piece lift doors installed. I presently have a homemade bifold in my hanger,,works but I would like to get a quote on your Schweiss Red Power backup system for this door existing frame is 10inch x4 inch channel. flushmount with a full frame to insert into my opening would work.

85 I am researching hydraulic lift one-piece hanger doors and possibly specifiing for new construction at our air park. Can you send me generic shop drawings including clearance and structural mounting requirements as well as information on your Schweiss Red Power backup systems?

86 Dear Sirs: saw your ad in Metal Architecture, and we require a quote for a 22.00 meter x 6.00 meter high, hangar hydraulic lift one-piece door for a overseas project we have in our Airport. It should have two metal access doors. Please e-mail me for further details and explain why your Red Power hydraulic pumps should be used to lift these heavy doors. Send brochures an pictures. Thank you

87 Recently we have put up 25 new hangars at our airport with your new Red Power hydraulics and hydraulic lift doors. The Schweiss Red Power pumps were just what we needed for fast lift of the doors, they have the power! We have 14 hangars that are about 11 years old now with the older style sliding doors that need some maintenace.  Can you help me bring these doors up to snufff again??? Also we have no manuals at all for these doors to help us in any way as far as maintenence goes. Thanks ...

88 We our working on a bid that requires a hydraulic lift Schweiss door for a airport hanger building we are bidding. Please provide an optional price for custom paint to match new building, Red Power back up systems and also could you provide me with a estimate on the required hours needed to do the installation by us and cost by Schweiss Doors.

89 My hangar is in Hawaii. The building is completely concrete (Block walls, concrete header, concrete roof panels) with an asphalt floor, so I don't think we will have any structural issues. None of the hangars had doors when the building was constructed, but many have been added over the years. The airport has no problems with the addition of a hydraulic lift door.  No engineering or permits will be required I believe. The dimensions of the opening is 40' wide by 12' tall. The height of the ceiling inside is a few feet higher. The depth is 30' 8\" and is uninterrupted on the left (looking in) side. The right side has a wall from the hangar on the opposite side that starts exactly halfway back at 15' 4\". I'd like your opinion on which of your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump designs would be the best fit. I have a Cessna 172 and a 150, and will be using this hangar for the 150 and a small experimental. This airport (and the hangar opening) is facing the ocean, and there is plenty of sea spray in the breeze, so please consider which design would best shelter the airplane from the constant breezes. Only 110 volt power is available. Regarding shipping, most everything comes here in a 20' x 8' x 8' cargo container (or a 40' x 8' x 8'). A few of my hangar neighbors would consider getting a door as well, so if you think we could get multiple doors in a container let me know.  All of the other hangars have the wall in the middle on both sides, and I believe they are all 36' wide vs. 40'. Saw that you did some hangar work in Hawaii for Jim Nabors quite a few years back.

90 we are bidding the Gatlinburg airport on Tuesday. Included is a 50' x 16' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with optional Red Power hydraulic back up system. Have seen your sturdy doors at many other airports.

91 We have a project in North Dakota. We need a qoute for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that we are bidding on. The door needed is for Agriculture/ Aircraft use and is to be a insulated door. The size of the opening is 50' wide by 18' tall. If you will, please email to me the door that you can provide with installation of Red Power backup system. In addition, we also will need the spec's for engineering purpose's,Color to be determined. Questions; Call me; Thank You, we hope you will be able to help us on providing the door & Installation.

92 Please provide pricing for an estimate quote.One (1) 80'w x 17'h (clear) hydraulic lift door going to NC-County Airport'09 NC code, 90 MPH \"C\"Please include freight. Please include header height and Red Power backup system information. At this time this is only and estimate.

93 I am looking at purchasing some hydraulic lift doors. I need some prices on: 12'x42' 12'x60' 14'x60' 12'x75' 14'x75' I am looking at starting the airpark hangars May 1st. Your recommendations on having  doors equipped with Schweiss Red Power hydraulics. Do I need that much power? Thanks 

94 I plan to build my dream home on an airpark outside of Dallas sometime this year. Plans include a hangar big enough for a 1956 Cessna 310, a 21 foot boat trailer, and three vehicles. The hangar area will probably be 50 X 50 with a hangar door 11 X 40. Do you have standard sizes for your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors? I want maximum wind protection from severe thunderstorms. I need to know prices, and why I should choose your new Red Power hydraulic system. E-mail is best since I am on the road. Thanks, Mike

95 Looking for pricing on a 40'ish bifold and one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door for a model hangar at our 100 lot airpark development in central Florida. On price, include Red Power backup systems, lift strap design and remote control. Thanks. DAN

96 My wife an I are moving to an airpark community and building a custom home on our lot. The home will have a separate building/hanger reminiscent of the home design but built more like a 4 car garage than a typical hanger. The main hanger door opening will be approximately 8' to 10' tall by approximately 30' wide. Please provide a quote for a hydraulic lift door with Schweiss Red Power backup. Thanks

97 We need to replace sliding doors on our community airpark hangar with a new and better Schweiss hydraulic lift door. The building was built in 1975 and is of all steel I beam construction. We need some general pricing info for one piece door fitted with Red Power backup system.

98 This door will be going on a wood built hanger attached to a the house in an airpark setting.We are looking for a rigid hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power hydraulic safety advantage. The ultimate aircraft hangar door will be on our home hangar and it must be of the best quality. Thanks

99 We are building an aero park here in South Africa and we will building 70 hangars we and want to use the bi fold or the Red Power equipped hydraulic lift door. Please can you quote for 4 m high and 12m wide and 13m wide door please so we can see if it is feasable to import to SA Thanks

100 Need pricing on 2 Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece  doors for front of Terminal at my airpark in New York. Want you to include Red Power backup system and remote controls

101 We are Developing an Aero park in South Africa near Kruger Park and we would like to use your doors throughout. Do you have an agent here in South Africa and if not could we become one. We will be buying over 50 of your Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi fold doors. Can you send literature on your doors and Red Power hydraulic pump systems and any other accessories available?

102 I have a hangar on my Arizona Airpark property. The hangar does not have a door, but, There is really large and strong I beam on the front of it. What is the best way to determine a Schweiss hydraulic lift door retrofit? Because I live mostly in Huntington Beach, it takes time to get over there to measure.Would want Schweiss Doors best Red Power backup system for this door.

103 I am closing on a new \"runway living\" home at an Air Park MO. I would like to locate a 40' x 10' hydraulic lift door within 5' of the right corner of the long side of the hanger. What would be the approximate costs and do you have any literature on Schweiss Red Power System hydraulic doors?

104 I would like a quote on a hydraulic lift door for my \"runway living\" home, the size of our opening is 45' by 15' feet and I would like the remote openers and Schweiss Doors superior Red Power Safety Advantage System as well.We want a fast lifting reliable door.

105 Hello, I am just getting started on a new \"runway living\" home and hangar. The door opening is 40' x 16'. Would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi-fold door with your strap lift system. Hydro-door should have Red Power backup system. Setup and shipped to Vermont.

106 Hi We are building a custom \"runway living\" home and are considering your product. We have an opening of 40' by 14'. Is it possible to get a idea on the cost for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump? Looked at your web site, very informative. Great craftsmanship.

107 My firm is designing a \"runway living\" home for a client and I have a few questions about your doors. Is it possible to apply some sort of wood finish onto a Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift one piece door? Thanks for your help!

108 I am building a runway living home with an opening 40' X 14'. Looking for approximate costs for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door plus Red Power System and installation.

109 Could you please send me your Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift door literature, I am in the process of designing a runway living home and I would like to get the necessary Red Power pump information to my structural designer.

110 I need a ball park cost to buy/install a Schweiss hydraulic lift door on my \"runway living\" home. It's a 45' x 15' opening.Will require adequate Red Power Electrical lift system and should match exterior of home, but not stand out like a sore thumb.

111 Do you have any pictures or examples of metal buildings with side wall hydraulic lift doors for runway living? Door would be quite large, so will require your strong Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump.

112 I am planning on using one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a new hanger to be built on our airpark in north Florida. The door will be 46 ft. x 15 or 16 ft. high. The hanger size will be 60' x 60'. We want door to be fitted with Red Power Safety Advantage System and 2 remote openers.

113 Looking for a price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift (with Red Power hydraulic pump) door for a 45' x 12' opening for a hanger I will be building in Idaho on some airpark real estate I just purchased. Do your Red Power pumps come in different sizes for best lift possible? I hear they are really good.

114 Hello I am building three houses on some new airpark real estate. I would like info on the Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power doors that I should use for a hangar home.Can they be designed to blend in with exterior of my home.

115 I am having a house built on some Florida airpark real estate, and the hanger door opening is 9' ft high x 39' ft wide. Would your Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door work splendidly for this. Can the door match our home?   Elvira Moses Smith

116 New Airpark in Sweden. Gathering information on your Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift Red Power door systems and Schweiss bifold strap door systems. Please email me in one weeks time and I will have specifications and quantities required for your bid. Also timelines for shipment.

117 I live in an airpark in AZ, about 65 NE of Phoenix. Myself and some of our neighbors are considering having Schweiss Doors replace our sliding doors with your hydraulic lift doors. Can you shoot a ballpark price per door with Red Power Systems and remote door openers? Door sizes will vary, maybe you could quote big, little and mid-size door applications and installation. Thanks!

118 Need quote and weight spec for a building. Building will be an expandable shed type roof for an airpark with common ridgeline and door to be installed on what will be a side wall. Other builders will expand the building to the next unit etc.Building size is 40x40x12ft side wall 2x6 ladder construction with steel panels. Requesting one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system. Have seen your doors. We like!

119 14 total airpark hangars 6 with 102'*28'clear opening 8 with 78'*28' opening. Aluminum option? 3\" insulating panel skin by others.All with Schweiss Red Power backup systems. These are one-piece hydraulic lift doors.

120  I am building another hangar in the airpark in which I live. Please quote me a one-piece hydraulic door (with self support frame) approximately 42' wide, and 16' high. Sheeting on the door will be steel. Also, if you can; please quote me the installation price for Red Power hydraulics and for your crew to install it. The building is not built yet (and I still don't have the drawings back from the architect); but I need to choose a door so he can complete the engineering. To be built in the early summer. 


122 We will be needing approximatly 20 hanger doors over a period of 18 months, the houses we are building have openings 14 metres wide by 4.5 metres high, if you are interested in submitting a quote for the project specifying your Schweiss hydraulic doors and Red Power hydraulic pump systems, please contact myself on the above details. Regards from Queensland, Australia, Damian

123 Am interested in a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic  door with Red Power drive. It will be used for a hanger. It will need to be delieved to the Home Acres airpark in Lake City MI. (shipping quote should be easy to figure you have delivered here several times in the past)

124 I have an offer in on a property in a fly in community in Locust Grove Georgia. I was looking more at the aluminum hydraulic Schweiss door with the new Red Power hydraulic pump featured on your web page. The house is a red brick/wood design. The hanger would be on wood on top. I would like a quote though on the bifold type too for consideration and comparison. Also I would like to know shipping/delivery and installation costs. The dimensions of the opening are below but just in case they are 43'10\" wide X 13'10\" high. Thank you very much for your time. Martin

125 This is for a customer by the name of Carl B. at an Airpark in Greenville, Tn. He mentioned you Schweiss Door folks by name so he may have gotten a quote from you, I know he talked to you about your new Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system. This is attaching to a postframe building. Please send a quote and also advise about the additional steel framing needed. This is going into an endwall. Building is 60'x50'x16'. Hanger opening must be 40'x14'. Please price standard and list options, etc. Thanks, Pete Z.

126 I am looking for two one piece Schweiss hydraulic  hangar doors for a residential project. Two identical doors, each 8 feet tall, 9 feet wide. We would also like it fit with translucent insulated panels and have a Red Power back up system and remotes.

127 Looking at building a hanger in Sandia Airpark, Edgewood N.M., I noticed that you have a new and better Red Power hydraulic pump, I want that. I'm looking at about a 40' x 12' door, most likely to fit a stick built hanger about 50'w x 40'd, about what would a door like that cost? Thank you. Jeff B.

128 New construction, wood hangar with brick attached to home in fly-in community. Contract signed, construction to begin ASAP. Need detailed info on concrete floor and footing required, also detailed end wall construction requirements for use by builder. Need preliminary quotes on Schweiss  hydraulic door, steel vs. aluminum, cost of cut corners, door only, sheeting supplied by builder. Also approx. cost of Schweiss installation and Red Power hydraulic pump. Clear opening dimensions are approximate, within a few inches plus or minus.

129 I understand that you have already quoted Mr. Fraser & Mr. Arrowsmith for Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power hydraulic options. We are all building new houses on an airpark near Tarbes in the South West of France. Mr. Bruce R. will also soon be contacting you. I am looking for a budget price at the moment because the drawings for my house still have to be completed and designs approved etc.

130 I saw your ad and I really like the look of some of your photos. I hope to be building on an airpark in Lithuania this summer. Do you supply your large commercial hydraulic and bi-fold doors into Europe? Do you supply plans for homes? What about a large, sturdy, shade providing canopy door for a hangarage? Further information on your services would be much appreciated. Regards.

131 Would like to price a 13' tall x 30' wide self supporting bi-fold door. It is for the Air Park. We are interested in your bi-fold door warranty. We like that we haven't heard of any bi-fold door failures.

132 I would like pricing and availability on a one-piece hydro powered red power motor hydrolic door. It will be 20 ft high by 70 ft wide. Please quote full price delivered and installed at our large commercial airport.

133 Hello, I am just getting started on new home and hangar at Heritage Airpark. I have a quote on the metal I beam hangar. Hangar will be 44'X 38'X 14' height, with 40' opening on end wall. Would like a quote on 40' X 14' bifold, strap door, no window or door openings in door, also quote your hydraulic one piece door. I will not need to place order for a couple of months. Will have slab for hangar poured next month. Most hangars at Heritage have your doors. Or building contractors says that you are great to work with on providing door dimensions/ data and that your door are by far the highest quality on the market. Sales person, Thanks, Don

134 I am planning on using one of your doors for a new hanger to be build on our airpark home near Lake Wales Florida. I think the door will be 46 ft. x 15 or 16 ft. high. The hanger size will be 60 x 60. I need any information you can provide, such as design, cost, shipping, and installation. Thanks: Steve H.

135 looking for a price for a Schweiss-built hydraulic one piece door for a 45' x 12' opening for a hanger I will be building in Idaho on an airpark

136 Designing new home in Airpark located in Shady Shores, TX. Door will face West. Garage/Hangar width is 42'6\" with 38'4\" clearspan opening. Door header and columns will be engineered Gluelams. Will have Hip roof. Currently planning on Schweiss Hydraulic Door.

137 I am in the design phase of an airpark home and hangar near Chapel Hill NC. I would like you input and quote please on a 40 x 18 hydraulic lift door. Do you have any current users in the area?

138 1 ea 40' x 20' hydraulic airpark door, 1 ea 50' x 20' bi-fold cable x std wedge x 20' hinge height, insulated, extra remote with ultimate range, delivered and installed near Devils Lake, North Dakota, both doors on same project

139 I need a hydraulic hangar door for a residential airpark home. It will need 12' open clearance X 40' Wide. We are adding a 30' wide X 60' long hangar to the rear of a wood building. The door will mount in the 60' long section. I need free standing steel mounting frame so I can build around the door.

140 We're getting ready to build a house with attached hangar in an airpark in Edgewood, NM and would like a quote on both a bi-fold and a \"one-piece\" door, 40' wide by 10' high (clear), delivered (about 30 mi east of Albuquerque on I-40). Since the house will be stucco, your stucco sheeting would be a likely option.

141 Hello, About 1 year ago I looked into the purchase of one of your door systems. Unfortunately my local contractor wanted a considerable sum of money to install the door. I would like to explore installing the door myself and thus am requesting a copy of installation instructions for one of your hydraulic doors and bifold doors. I do have another contractor who lives on the airfiled that I also plan to get an installation quote from but my expectation is that I may be the one to handle the installation due to costs. Also, any recent purchases of doors in my area may help me to locate other contractor/installation options. My opening is approximatly 11.5' h x 42.5 w. My home is on an airpark with an attached hangar. The hangar construction is steel frame. Regards, Steven

142 I am having a house built on an airpark, and the hanger door opening is 9.82 ft high x 39.36 ft wide, Please provide me with following. a price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door ( unclad). two Red Power hydraulic cylinders and the power unit to drive it, would you also advise the weight of the door,so the I beam can be sized. 

143 I live near Denton Texas (just north of Dallas), does someone do (install, not build) your doors down here?  I live at an airpark, hangar is on the end of the house. Most interested in your Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic pump for better lifting ability. Can I get a custom exterior to match my home?