Schweiss Doors - Aluminum Hydraulic Doors

1 I am looking to quote aluminum and glass hanging doors for an  indoor/outdoor bar patio. The door needs to seal on the granite bar counter. Sizes as follows; 4' long by 5.5' high 10' long by 5.5' high two at 11' long by 5.5' high. I have some architectural drawings and specs I can send over to further explain. Thanks again

2 Looking for a Schweiss aluminum Frame all glass bifold strap door with an electric Over gearbox motor not hydraulic for an opening of 8 feet 7 feet with all weatherstripping included looking forward from hearing back on a price quote with shipping thanks email me if possible or call

3 Good Morning, I am interested in vertical garage type doors fabricated in aluminum and glass, with concealed hydraulic motor and operable via switch. There are 5 doors for the Club Rooms near pool area of 2 adjacent buildings in a Multi-use project in Santa Clara CA. Door sizes are 2 (8?Wx8?H) and 3 (9?Wx8?H)- shown the 9 only below. We would like the hydraulic Schweiss glass and aluminum doors to open overhead to the exterior as a canopy, they can have one fold or bi-fold depending of clearance of the latter. Please contact me for price and also do you have AutoCAD drawings/ specs that could be incorporated in our DD set that is out for bid end of month. Maria 

4 Dear Sir or Madam, We are looking for a Schweiss corrosion resistance translucent panel bi-fold door for an agricultural project specification. This will be an aluminum framed Schweiss bifold door.

5 Looking for four 30'w x14 aluminum frame glass windowed doors..specs..price..install options. These are hydraulic one piece designer doors for our strip mall shopping center.

6 I am building a structure with two eight foot flush mounted hydraulic Schweiss aluminum frame doors (or one sixteen foot door) on the gable end of a building. I am considering building the structure with SIP panels, with a center load bearing ridge beam with a post in the center of the gable end. Would this design present problems for a flush mounted one piece hydraulic door? What sort of reinforcement would be recommended for the gable end of this structure?

7 Need a price on (1) 80' x 25' single swing hydraulic hangar door for airport in Arkansas. Spec calls for a Hydraulic door with aluminum door frame, walk doors and remote door opener.

8 Need a quote on a 29'8"x 13' 7" Schweiss hydraulic aluminum framed green door. Thanks

9 I am working on a special door project for one of my clients and am looking to obtain a quote for 2 9x8 aluminum frame hydraulic municipal police department doors. Door cladding in cedar, to match exterior elements on the department garage. Please add price for remote door openers, two each for fast opening doors.

10 I'm looking for two one piece aluminum frame  clean room doors 30X18 and 16X18. Have to be extremely well sealing dustproof doors. Can you give me prices to include pedestrian doors, remote door openers and photo eye sensors with any backup door systems you might have.

11 Looking for a quote on a hydraulic door storage shed door that would need to be 32' wide and open up to a height of at least 14'. County salt and gravel storage shed door.  Price with galvanized or aluminum door frames..

12 I am looking to buy a Schweiss hydraulic glass / aluminum frame door for my bicycle store. Could you email me price on a 24 ft. x 12 ft. liftstrap commercial door. Door shipping to Iowa.

13 Need ball park price for lightweight boathouse door. 20 ft wide with 13 opening. Need full 13 foot opening. Aluminum frame hydraulic door. I plan to place hydraulic pump on the floor inside the boathouse.

14 We need to price, delivered (1) 14 x 13 hydraulic designer glass door with aluminum door frame with auto remote opener and photo eye sensors.

15 Please provide door framing options for a Schweiss hydraulic door. I'm interested in aluminum or galvanized door frame due to our location close to saltwater.

16 I am looking for a quote for a 45x16 galvanized door frame door, would like a quote for Schweiss bifold door with straps and hydraulic one piece door. I also need the seaplane door to be installed by Schweiss Doors in Vancouver.

17 Looking for a price on 40' x 17'-6" custom made hydraulic metal building door for Canada. Could you also quote this as an aluminum frame door. Wondering if the lighter door frame will save me door shipping costs. 

18 I want a 20' section by 14' high hydraulic glass commercial grade door. Aluminum frame storefront door with automatic electric opening door with a good backup system.

19 Hello, I need a Schweiss Door hydraulic model price structure in aluminum, and ready to receive a row of glass 24 "high by the length. It'll be isolated, covered with wood outside and inside gyspe. thank you Pierre.

20 12 x 6'9" small hydraulic aluminum/glass retail shop door opening in Bandera Texas. Can you give us information on what it would cost for one of your doors? And do you know someone in the Texas area that could install it?

21 I need budget pricing on (4) 14x15 aluminum and glass cladded hydraulic doors for a project at TCU. Please price only your hydraulic one piece styles.

22 16x7 Schweiss one piece hydraulic door full view/all glass sections with aluminium framing. Residential design with 110 mph wind loading.

23 Looking to get a Schweiss aluminum frame hydraulic door installed onto an existing paint booth. Frame on booth is 6x4x.25" structural tubing. I can provide prints for you if needed.

24 Looking at 16 feet high by 30 feet wide Schweiss hydraulic aluminum door. Would like price and building specs. Thanks.

25 I'm looking for a quote for renovating my restaurant. I have a plan to change my front window to a hydraulic door. Can you quote me how much to include the installation and excluding the installation cost? I'm looking at an aluminum frame, glass door.

26 I am interested in an insulated aluminum hydraulic door [manual] that we can use in our 24x30 metal shed. We will be selling food out of the door so the outside overhang and free overhead interior space sounds very appealing. The finished opening is approx 7'10" wide and 7'6" tall, roof pitch is 3-12, and approx 9' to the first roof truss.The shed has been framed in with 2x6 studs. Also, was wondering if this can be done with a traditional outside raised panel look. Please contact me and let me know if this is possible. We are located in Illinois. I would be able to install myself if we are too far away.

27 I want to install aluminum frame or steel frame 83 inch high 93 inch width hydraulic door like (sample picture number 18, only as a hydraulic door) right side is red brick and left side is aluminium frame next to the opening door if you have any dealer I'd like to contact with him or her or I'd like to send fax picture and exact measurement for codes. 

28 Could you send a quote for a aluminum frame hydraulic door to fit a 13 foot 10" x 18 foot opening. Approximate install cost. Location: Busy business district in Boston.

29 Does your bifold or hydraulic door allow for flush finishes with metal panel both on the buildings and within the system? I am needing a door with Trespa Panel finish on the exterior with a man door within. Aluminum frame hydraulic door. Guess you'd call this a designer door. Please and thank you.

30 A few years ago we contacted you regarding a city hall / fire station project in Key West. We are moving forward with the fire station portion of the project but want to discuss the design for these three bay Schweiss hydraulic aluminum/glass doors. If someone could contact me via email, I'll provide the details we have to date and identify our concerns so we can work through this. 

31 We manufacture timber dryers and currently our insulated aluminium/steel doors are operated on a lifting and sliding mechanism.These type of door is not very popular for single chamber installation due to space restriction. We are interested to incorporate your Schweiss hydraulic aluminum frame doors in our heat treatment chambers. Typical door size: 4m H x 10m L. Kindly give us something to work on. What is the cost for royalty if we were to adopt your design? 

32 Pricing quotes on 16 foot by 25 foot bifold liftstrap door and 16 foot by 25 hydraulic lift door. Both are glass doors with aluminum frames.

33 I need a quote for a hanger door as follows; 40 ft x 16 ft hydraulic door. Wind load: 130 mph FOB: Elizabethton, TN I also need an alternate to make framing galvanized or aluminum.

34 I have attached our take off on a 33'  x 10' hydraulic aluminum door. There are specifications and details for you to review. I need pricing back by the end of the day on Wednesday

35 I have purchased an existing hangar built with wooden construction. It has a pair of rolling doors (each about 18'W X 16'H) with a heavy removable centre post. These doors need replacing. I would like to consider a single aluminum hydraulic door with appropriate electric motor and hardware. Is it possible to mount a steel girder in concrete down the outside of each door with a steel beam across them and mount the aluminum hydraulic door from that to minimize the building loads on the wooden structure? What would the approximate cost be and who could install it? At what estimated installation cost?

36 I am looking for some information on your bi-fold and hydraulic hangar doors like on your web site. What material is used to fabricate your door? Thickness of aluminum? How do we coordinate the addition of a specialty skin? Are there weight limitations? Do you offer a warranty on the door? On the aluminum finish? What kind of finish is provided standard on the doors? Primer? Kynar?

37 Please price the aluminum framed, polycarbonate panel, hydraulic garage door as attached. Thanks and we look forward to receiving your quote.

38 I'm one of the owners of a building company out of Ashland, IL. I am interested in purchasing a 24' x 14' Schweiss hydraulic one piece aluminum frame door. I want you to know up front that time of delivery is a key factor in my decision. 

39 I am putting together a project for a high class bar/restaurant and was most impressed with your designer bifold doors on your extensive website. I would like something similar, only utilizing one piece hydraulic Red Power doors. I want them to open up large aluminum framed windows which are approximately 18 ft. wide by 9 ft. tall. Can you forward me a quote at your convenience.

40 We were requested to provide a budget quote for one pump, motorized (1) hydraulic door opening 17' wide x 12' high. Door is motorized, steel tube frame construction, with aluminum piggy back frame at exterior. Do not include glass or glazing. See attached drawings. Elevation 10/A213. See A323 for details. There is no specification. Please provide budget pricing by 10:00 AM Thursday. A few questions: Will your price include the aluminum piggy back frame? Will price include installation?

41 Hello! I am an architect in Los Angeles, and we have designed a house on the beach in Malibu. We are hoping that your hydraulic one piece glass/aluminum frame doors will work for our application, and have a few questions to see what is possible and how to go about proceeding. Please see a screenshot of what we have pitched to the clients, and they love the idea, but we would love your feedback and to know if we are on the right track, limitations, thicknesses, etc. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you. best,

42 We're trying to fit a hydraulic one piece or bifold aluminum door in 18' sidewall--- if 14'-0 high won't fit, with 8" purlins, what clear height could we get with 40' wide door? Any input from your professionals at Schweiss Doors will be welcomed.

43 Need price on three 42x20 ft high hydraulic doors and two 25ft wide by 20 ft. High bifold doors. Fast  hydraulics, lift straps and auto latches on the bifold, all doors insulated and windrated. Aluminum frame doors.

44 We would like to have 3 designer style aluminum doors installed into a restaurant we are working on. One door is 19' 8"wide by 23' -3.75"2 high and the other two are 12' 1" wide by 13'-9.25" high. If you could provide us with a general quote, spec sheet listing all dimensions, motors, and Autocad drawing for the hydraulic model, lead times and any distributer here in Ontario that would be great. How far can the pump / motors be mounted from the units, how many units can operate off one motor, can each unit be operated separately? The unit dimensions I gave was between 6x6" H.S.S. steel posts. Do the units come with their own support structure. I provide plan, section and elevation drawings. Shopped around, think your hydraulic doors are the best quality.

45 We are interested in using hydraulic doors  at a field house concession area on a new middle school. The doors would be finished in aluminum to match adjacent storefront window framing. The panels would be solid insulated glass with no glazing. Your Web Site Schweiss designer doors got me drooling over the possibilities for our door. 

46 We are interested in the Schweiss aluminum frame hydraulic doors for our motorcycle shop! We would like it to have a glass designer look like you did for Cycle City in Hawaii. Do you have any info you could mail or fax to use?

47 We are looking at needing a hydraulic door that is 35' wide and will leave an opening about 15' high for a commercial structure. Please advise the most cost effective solution and a price. I'd like an aluminum door if that price is in the ballpark. 

48 We are looking at using your product for a cafe in downtown San Francisco. We are thinking of doing a glass hydraulic hangar door on an aluminum frame. Call me at your convenience, please. I think I want to order some upgrades with this door. Seen your doors around a lot - they are top of the line.

49 Would like some information on large Schweiss hydraulic doors for large residential ( 40 - 50' frontage) garage structure. Include windows and locking walk thru door. No insulation needed. Shipping to California. After reading your website, we absolutely want a glass door with aluminum frame. 

50 I'm building a small warehouse to store some commercial fishing gear here in Alaska. I'd like to buy a 16' wide x 7' high hydraulic door, a very standard garage door size I know, but this one will need to be insulated and windproof. I noticed your aluminum doors. Can you quote me a price for the door, lifting hardware, electric lift motor/pump, and remote control. We will build the frame to fit. Could you estimate the weight? Also possible would be to quote the aluminum door stucture itself and let us fabricate the panels. What's your turnaround time from time of order. I understand Schweiss doors are easy to install. 

51 We need to quote a door of 90 ft. wide and 27 ft. height. We want to know prices on both systems, bi-fold and hydraulic, as well pros and cons of each system. This door will go on a concrete building, and we are thinking an aluminum door would work out best. This door will have to be wind rated according to Florida specs.  Kind Regards,

52 On the current door I have 12" of headroom with a 2' overhang. It is a double sliding door and I want to replace this dinosaur with one of your aluminum hydraulic doors.

53 We need one Seaplane Hangar, hydraulic windrated  type door for a metal building - size: 14 feet high by 36 feet wide. Frame quote should be for aluminum and galvanized construction. Remote opener also needed. Shipment to Florida.

54 You sent me a previous quote for a hydraulic aluminum door over a year ago, but I would like a current offer with current pricing. I need a quote for an opening measuring 14' tall and 24' wide. This is for the restaurant designer door I asked about in Houston.

55 Getting ready to build a 60'X 60' building customer wants 56' X approx 12'6" aluminum bifold or hydraulic door. Would like to know lead time approx. $ 


57 I am looking for a price for a 24'x14' aluminum hydraulic door installed on the gable end of one of our buildings. Could you quote and e-mail me back as soon as possible. Thank you, Brendan

58 I need a Schweiss hydraulic door to get a 50" x 18' aluminum door to clear 16'. No problem, right? What h.p. motor(s) can I get for this. I want a fast opening door.

59 Would like to use Schweiss hydraulic glass and aluminum frame doors to place at the front of a restaurant. One rough opening would be 12' wide 14' height and one opening at 6' wide by 14' high. I didn't know if you could make hydraulic doors this small. If so please price for budget estimate.

60 I am investigating the feasibility of using a hydraulic door on the wood buildings used for storing salt for roadway deicing. Our door size is 14 wide x 14 high. The salt makes unprotected metal easy to rust. Does Schweiss Doors make aluminum or galvanized frames. Any other options to prevent rusting?

61 Doing a design build and would like a rough estimate on a hydraulic aluminum or galvanized  frame door that will be used at an upscale restaurant providing outside seating in Maryland coastal weather. 

62 I am looking for aluminum glass doors. To be used in a commercial clothing outlet store. Could be either bifold or hydraulic. What additional information would you need from my end to submit a quote?

63 We are working on some camp structures on the Neuse River in North Carolina. This hydraulic door would be operating in a high salt environment. Can you make your doors with galvanized steel or aluminum frames? We also need some cost information. The doors will roughly be 30' wide and 10' tall with a 8" or more (if possible) clear opening. They will most likely be clad in a corrugated polycarb panels. Glass is also a possibility. Give quote on your hydraulic door with any and all safety options available.

64 We are bidding a project in Napa CA. with carport doors that require four (4) electrically operated Schweiss hydraulic doors with painted aluminum frames and painted perforated metal face panels. Each carport door is 17' 10" (Wide) X 10' 0" (High). 

65 We have a project bidding soon in Michigan that we need a price on two aluminum-framed doors,  Schweiss hydraulic one piece commercial doors for Farmers Market. Project manager sometime ago said you have seen engineered door drawings and quoted it at a very reasonable price. 

66  My name is Keith, I am a Project Manager out of Dallas, TX. We are currently working on a industrial site renovation south of Corpus Christi. Our current scope called for us to replace 6 metal doors. Once demolition began we discovered that the supporting structure was compromised by rust/salt water from nearby Baffin Bay. The end user has requested that we submit a proposal for completely new replacement with hydraulic galvanized or aluminum frame doors. There are now (10) doors ranging in size from 62 ft. to 40 ft. all swing open embedded rail line doors approximately 120LF. 

67 Price: 18 wide x 16 high hydraulic aluminum door. Insulated, electric lift. Also 24 wide x 16 high same way plus a walk thru aluminum frame  commercial service door. Include delivery and installation cost. Opening is 24x16. Quote smaller hydraulic door to see if it is worth reducing size of opening to save $$.

68 Hello, I need a quote on 3 Schweiss hydraulic glass doors on aluminum frames for a commercial venue. Please advise Thank you

69 Looking for info on 36x14 one piece Schweiss hydraulic restaurant door. Glass door with aluminum frame.

70 I am interested in pricing a hydraulic glass door for my art gallery. 14 ft. x 12 ft. insulated glass door. Also price this with a aluminum frame. Who installs and sells these in my area of Indiana?

71 We need an aluminum 11.6' x 8' lid for a project we are working on in Lansing, MI. I have a spec sheet from our engineers that I can send to you also. I think your one piece hydraulic door will work great for this.

72 I would like a price for a hydraulic door to fit inside a 24' x 16' opening. No window or door openings. Include all pump options available for this aluminum door, if more than one available. Please list freight seperately. Thank you, Jerry.

73 Give me a price on a 40ft wide by 18ft high hydraulic door. This will be on a new building that will be a nursing home and hospice. We are looking for a aluminum frame and very specific siding for the one-piece hydraulic door. 

74 I need to get a price on (3) exterior, Red Power electronically operated, insulated, Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Aluminum mill finish, full weather seals and auto-latches. The size is only 8' x 9' per plans, so I'm not sure if you do anything that small.

75 I am starting design and budgeting for an executive hanger and would like some budget and point load information on your doors. I am also interested in your aluminum framed doors as an option. Your form only has lines for one size door but this project will include the 2- 60' hydraulic lift doors as indicated on the form as well as one additional 50'X18' door to add to this quote. I am additionally interested to know about your new Red Power backup system and if Schweiss Doors have approved or certified erectors/installers for your product located in Florida? If so I would like contact information for them as well.

76 I have an existing shop 30x32 with a 24 x14 overhead door with fiber glass panels that are breaking apart due to age and weathering, built in 1979. Interested in a Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door with Red Power motor to replace it. Do you deal in used doors or doors that have factory defects? I am not fussy, just something to lower the price.

77 Request quote for both bi-fold and hydro-lift door for opening: 38 x 14'...please include delivery and on site installation. This aluminum door also needs to be rated for 110 mph winds and needs Schweiss Red Power motor. Thanks

78 I would like a Schweiss Doors hydraulic lift aluminum door, either 50 by 14 or 50 by 18. can you give me prices for each? i am in hawaii. thx, Also need prices for Red Power backup system 

79 I would like to receive your quote for a Schweiss Hydraulic lift Red Power door system. We need to fit the door with flat aluminium panels that match the rest of the building's style. The door needs to be delivered to our premises in Belgium. If you would like to have more information about the project, please send me a mail with your questions or remarks. Your web site was most informative.

80 A quote for 3 sets of Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with the new Red Power motors, aluminium frame, glazed with 2 glass panels. In the quote I need one opener put on it too.

81 Purchased 40' bi-fold in 1995. Very happy w/door and looking to purchase a 50' Aluminum Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system..

82 We need to know about your Schweiss Door products and the prices for the  Schweiss hydraulic power door facade glass or aluminium system, can you send and the documents for your new Red Power Systems. Will you need to know size of door? Do you offer discounts for multiple doors, we may need 14. Best Regards

83 I need quotes and tech info on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift doors. Would like to speak with a sales rep. Three hydro-power aluminum doors to be used for commercial use.. Thanks

84 Please quote the hydro-power lift Schweiss door prepped for 8' high interior liner panels and complete installation aluminum doors with Red Power electrical system.

85 Hi I need a price on a 16'x 30' Door w/ alum. frame Please qoute hydraulic lift straight door & strap lift bifold door. Hydraulic door should be quoted with your new Schwiss Red Power backup system.

86 Requesting a quote on 20' & 24' wide hydraulic lift aluminum door. Must be at least 16' feet tall. Can I get the Red Power hydraulic pumps with it to do the lifting? Thank you.

87 My shop is 28 ft wide. Would like a new end door. The slope is a 4/12 pitch. I'm hoping close to 20 ft wide. About 12.4 ft tall. Would like quote on both hydraulic lift & bi fold that Schweiss Doors provides. Also want Red Power to lift aluminum door.

88 Please send endwall frame reaction info for use with a hydraulic lift door quote.Also send brochure or email more information on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulics. We are looking at installing an aluminum door.

89 We are looking to purchase the new Red Power hydraulic pumps for our hydraulic lift one piece doors. These are not your doors, but assume the more powerful lift motors will still adapt. If not, please advise on price and type of payment required to ship and install one of your Schweiss quality aluminum doors to Canada. 

90 I have a customer interested in a one-piece door. 12' x 10' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Horizontal ribs and Aluminum finish. I believe he would be most interested in the Red Power door for his application. Can you give me a price, including freight to Arizona. We can install it. Thank You

91 Please quote the following: 1-each, 12-6 x 9-6 & 2-each, 14-9-8 x 12-0 hydraulic lift doors, they will have an aluminum storefront attached to them. We will do the install. Include freight. These doors open a student area at a community college so we want your quiet/smooth running Schweiss Red Power hydraulics. They will mount to tube steel.

92 Need an 8-0 x 7-0 Schweiss hydraulic lift door, Aluminum frame with door facing glazed. Operation type is optional, but would like your recommendation on your new Red Power hydraulics and backup system.

93 I would like to have your pricing for hydraulic one piece  aluminum door Opening width : 14000mm Opening height : 10000mm Quantity: 2. With Red Power Electrical System to be shipped overseas to Nigeria.

94 Need pricing on aluminum Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors. With white laminate glass size 16'x 7'. Please include your Red Power Safety Advantage System. He wants a quiet and safe operating door.

95 I have a customer that is wanting a Schweiss  hydraulic lift aluminum door installed on this opening. Please advise of the cost and availability of this product.The opening size 24' wide x 14'5\" tall. He would like a man door and a window in the Red Power style door. BGB will provide the labor for this job.If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks

96 Good afternoon, We currently have multiple large overhead steel doors. They tend to cause us a fair amount of downtime, due to age, and probably size. We are interested in alternative Schweiss aluminum hydraulic lift style doors that open similar to hanger doors. Our current doors are roughly 16 ft wide x 27 ft tall. If you have any alternatives to this we would like to discuss. We have a total of 9 doors that we would like to replace one at a time and all should have Red Power backup systems .I will be out of the office until Wednesday, so please feel free to email with comments or contact via phone tomorrow.

97 More info for the quote:18' x 9' 9\" Custom Schweiss hydraulic lift operated garage door polycarbonate panels w/ aluminium frames. Red Power hydraulics for best lift.

98 Good morning, I am looking for a couple of options for a hydraulic lift door,This is a residential project with an opening size of 36' x 9' 4\" What can you suggest. It would be covered in an aluminium sheet with insulation. It would also require radio controls and safety devices. voltage 220 single phase Schweiss Red Power Electrical System,Thank you

99 I would like to get a quote for a 36' x 16'-6\" Schweiss one-piece hydraulic lift aluminum door. 36' is the width of the door itself  the door frame out can be 36'-5\". 16'-6\" is the height from finished floor to the bottom of the door header.Please include:Prep for an interior liner on the door(2) 4' x 3' Window frame outs in door Remote control with one handheld. Red Power Electrical System. Door will be shipped to Paris, IL 61944.If you have any questions, please contact me at the number listed below or via email.Thank you!

100 Need a price on a 40x11 Red Power electrical system hydraulic lift Schweiss door delivered to Sarasota, FL.Needs 130 MPH wind design and remote control for aluminum designer door across large store front. ThanksMark

101 Hello,We would like to ask price quaotation for hydraulic lift Schweiss Doors gates purpose for cover facade from light, gates supported by metal colums, gate construction from aluminium profiles and covered with metal sheet, look for picture with mail. Gates should be opened by Red Power hydraulic system electrical motors. If you are interested to make price, we would like to send you additional information. Price we want with installation in Estonia.Best regards

102 Looking for a quote on (2) doors (1) Steel Bi-fold door 51ft by 20ft clear (24ft overall) steel hydraulic  lift door the other is (1) Aluminum 46ft by 30ft clear (38ft overall - Aluminum hydraulic lift with Red Power hydraulic door(s)

103 This is a replacement door, and the opening is the finished opening. The hydraulic lift door wedge will be below this opening, as it is now. Aluminum Insulated, Schweiss Red Power Electrical System, remote opener, installed and delivered to WI.

104 Please provide quote for one (1) 35'-0\" x 16'-0\" Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door with full perimeter and base seals. Also build door with Red Power Hydraulic Lift Pumps and include remote opener controls.  Quote for July shipment

105 Have a 42 x 84 Cover-All building with an open end. Considering framing with wood and installing a Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door. 26' wide x 15' high. Red Power hydraulic pumps for good lift. Thanks, Ray

106 I would like a quote on a radio remote and Red Power hydraulic pump system for a Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door for commercial use building. Love the quality of your aluminum doors.  

107 Hi, You sent me a quote several days ago on 3 32' aluminum doors. We are still in the planning stages and haven't settled on exact hydraulic lift door sizes. Could you also quote me on a 48' and 50' door and include Schweiss Door Red Power hydraulic pumps for all doors above. Thank you, John

108 Hi I am looking for 2 hydraulic lift Schweiss doors with opening dimensions of 12' by 16' well insulated with remote control openers and Red Power backup systems. Aluminum doors please. 

109 We need a quote for five (5) 28x24 and two (2) 26x24 aluminum Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for cold storage (boat house) application ; give option for Red Power System.

110 Building is existing brick masonry construction but will be renovated with new steel frame bracing that can accommodate Schweiss hydraulic lift doors (one door end will abut existing brick masonry). Prefer an aluminum frame with glass panels (please recommend spacing and/or maximum allowable sizes of lights). We want Red Power pumps.

111 I bought some commerical aluminum for a Motel project I would like to know if the product meets Austin Texas Fire codes. Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift door product you sold to Brownsville, Tx would like to recieve the information as soon as possible you asswistance would be gratly apreciated. Jose Campa

112 Need specs/costs for 20X40' Schweiss Red Power electric system hydraulic lift door please. [20X40 opening size]. Can I get three remote openers with this aluminum door? Thanks, Gary


114 My customer is planning of buying a 40x14 hydraulic lift aluminum door from you. I will be providing the sheeting. Door will require Schweiss Red Power Electrical System with corresponding remote control.

115 I was trying to get 2 quotes for a 35X10 and a 40X10 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Before you send this quote, please also include price for Red Power hydraulics you recommend for each of these aluminum doors. Also include remote controls for both. Pete in Midland, Texas

116 Please provide door specs for a Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door with an overall opening height of 25'. door width is 90'. eave height of the wood building is 35'. include Red Power backup system and remote control opener.   Linda

117 I purchased 2- 14 x 40' bifold doors from you 2 years ago.Will now need another door, but this time want a Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door for a large steel building. Put your Red Power hydraulic pump on it. Lou, Kenai, Alaska.

118 2 door windows and walk door 14.4 X 13.6 and 20.2 X 13.6 on a Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door with Red Power hydraulic pump. Installation by Schweiss Doors on southern Idaho border.

119 Hi, I'm intrigued by your Schweiss doors, I just found the website! I would like to know some pricing and information about a single, aluminum, hydraulic lift door. My opening is about 9x7ft. Do the doors have double payned, sealed windows? I live in Canada with about 6 months of snow and winter. Would a door this small require your touted Red Power hydraulics? I would appreciate pricing for both types. Thank You,  Anna

120 Looking for pricing on an Aluminum 60' x 20' hydraulic lift Schweiss Door. Assume 125 MPH wind speed for the design criteria. Will be sheeting with 26 Ga. R-Panel with 4\" blanket insulation. Steel building I-beam framing in an end wall. Red Power hydraulic pump and remote opener.

121 Need a quote on a one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulic back up system, have drawings and specs can email to you today. Schweiss Door to go on farm shop and should be made of aluminum.

122 ALUMINUM SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC LIFT DOOR WITH RED POWER SYSTEM: frame 48 feet wide 14 feet clear headroom. What do you need for lead time. 

123 Please quote on the following aluminum door sizes. 59'6\"x18 47'6\"x14 41'6\"x12 49'5\"x14 47'6\"x14. I would like to know the man hours yall suggest on install. These are all Schweiss hydraulic lift doors fitted with appropriate horse power Red Power motors. Only the best for us.

124 Need 18' Clear Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door. Please price free standing header Please list the free standing header and labor to install separately. Also price Red Power hydraulic system if not included in price.

125 Our company is quoting a project for the Government in Washington. and they've requested (4) Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 18'x 18'. I'm assuming they are Alumized or Galvanized as they are for a Large Spraybooth. We want your best Red Power hydraulics on this project. Is this something you guys can help me with? Thank you

126 Give me a range of cost for a 40 foot by 18 high Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System. Also a 30 foot by 16 high.  Both are aluminum doors with an extra remote and fully insulated. Thanks, Keith M.

127 I am looking for a price on your Schweiss hydraulic lift door in aluminum.We will sheet with V.P.26 ga. sheeting. Price to include Red Power electrical system and remote openers.

128 Will be starting construction around end of Spring, would like a quote for a standard 40' Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a seperate quote for Red Power hydraulic pump and shipping. Thank-you... Aluminum Option Adder Painted Frame Adder

129 Please send me information on your hydraulic lift Schweiss aluminum doors that are 18 X 60 for a merlin 111b. i would also like to have some cost information if there is an additional charge to have Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks Kevin

130 I need a price on 24'w x 14'h Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door with Red Power hydraulic system. It needs to have 14' clear opening.

131 I'm interested in a 8'wide x 7' high hydraulic lift door for my shed in white aluminum. A one piece door with/without 36\" man door, but with Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump. Could this size of door be operated with air cylinders as on the hatch of a SUV but comparably larger for the extra weight? I would prefer flush mount.

132 I need a price on a 48'x 12' Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power pump swing door delivered and installed in Louisiana. This will need to be an aluminum door with man door and remotes.

133 Two hydraulic lift doors needed. All aluminum doors one 40ft wide by 20ft tall door two 22ft wide by 18 ft tall. To be utilized in a public storage building. Give me a price on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps for each of these doors as well. I think customers would love remote systems that you can provide with these.

134 Checking out a 9x12 hydraulic lift shop door pricing price with and without installation, with Schweiss Red Power unit. Remotes, and insulated aluminum door. I really like Schweiss doors, I hear they are not priced real high and last forever.

135 Require a price for 2) 55' x 18' high Schweiss Aluminum hydraulic lift doors supplied with Red Power hydraulic systems and installed on a metal building in Edmonton. Extra remote openers for both please.

136 My boss wants a quote for a Red Power operated Schweiss hydraulic lift door unit, 22'w X 14'h. This will be going on an aluminum door. Let me know if there are any further questions. Thanks, Jazmine

137 ATTN JEREMY: Please quote option for (1) walkdoor on the Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door I ordered last week. The customer now wants me to also make sure the door has the Red Power Safety Advantage System that will give it the best lift. Thanks. Burton

138 Interested in a 1 piece hydraulic lift door for my trailer. 12 volt unit and remote control.Can you make a real small one piece aluminum door and still have a Schweiss Red Power motor on it?

139 Hello, I need a price for a 50' wide Schweiss hydraulic lift aluminum door that will, when fully open, create a 12' clear height. I'm wanting the Red Power Electrical System, but I do not need remote opening or a final latching system. Can be a manual latching.

140 Hydraulic lift door header is steel beam. no man door required. low clearance above header. need insulation. prefer outside of aluminum door flush with outside of building. Schweiss Red Power pump mandatory. Please quote budget price on outstate installation if possible.

141 Julie I just talked to you over the phone. I need Schweiss door info on your hydraulic lift doors 46x14 and 60x16 I need aluminum door weights and hinge info. Please give me prices on various Red Power pump options, If this commercial venture happens it will be mid to late summer.

142 Good Afternoon, We are custom Home builders here in LA, in an exterior application, I am requiring a quote for your vertical Schweiss hydraulic lift doors the finished opening is 8' (Height) x 16' (Width). We require a solid aluminum finish (flat sheet) no seam (except at fold) or an aluminum louvered option. Is this possible? What are your cladding profile options? Does Red Power pump automation come standard? Please contact me to discuss - I am available 8am to 5pm (west coast).


144 I have a job coming up soon, Schweiss hydraulic lift \"Aluminum\" door size 20' x 8'. Does it come fitted with Red Power hydraulic system? Do you have a installer? Can I get it heavily insulated and get an extra remote opener for it?

145 Please qoute 16' x 16' insulated Schweiss hydraulic lift door (approx). I would want an aluminum door that lifts fast, so perhaps put your Red Power hydraulic pump on it. Also price out two remote controls. Thanks Alvin


147 Looking for quote on 20 foot high x 52 foot wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door with bottom driven Red Power hydraulic pump gear box. Aluminum door frame. we will skin door with steel matching building.door latches on ends. Thank you Erich

148 I am building a shop at my house and I am exploring different options for the main door, which I'd like to be made of aluminum. Head room inside is of concern to me so I would like to see how your Red Power Schweiss bi-fold doors compare to your hydraulic doors.  Thanks, Steve

149 I need a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic aluminum door with Red Power option and a framed opening of 56'x21'. I have a meeting in the morning and I know you guys start before we do so just trying to get a jump on this. Thank you for your time.

150 Building is standard wood construction with steel I-beam structured door way, 6\"X6\" post & 6\"X12\" beam, to support door. Would like to order a hydraulic Schweiss aluminum door with Red Power Advantage System. How soon can you get it to me?

151 Looking for a price on a 12' X 44' power door, aluminum Schweiss Bi-fold or hydraulic with Red Power options.. Price both

152 Quote for 20x14' open area Aluminum Hydraulic door. No sheeting. Installed and Red Power system materials only prices. Delivered to VA 24315. Need quote by mid week.

153 I couldn't find a standard size chart on your website for aluminum Schweiss bifold or hydaulic doors. We are interested in an 11' by 11' door but are afraid this is special order. what are your standard hydraulic door sizes?What size Red Power pumps go on them?

154 Hi, I would like to get a quote on a Schweiss aluminum hydraulic door with Red Power motor, frame, etc., except for wall cladding. The door opening is 40'11\" wide X 16'6\" high. I will do the installation myself. Is it possible to get a quote on a door done this way. Thanks

155 I have a 30ft wide by 14ft high door I want to replace with a Schweiss alluminum hydralic door. Please give me a installed price and include Red Power backup system.

156 We are looking at a number of options for hydraulic doors for a Fire Department Apparatus Building. Width and quantity of doors (maybe aluminum) will vary as we look at different options. If you can provide a range of costs for doors (34' wide and 50' wide) all with 14' clear opening height.We would require that you put your strongest Schweisss Red Power motor on these doors because we don't have much time to wait for a door to open once the alarm goes out.

157 How much would 4 Schweiss 18'X18' hydraulic aluminum doors cost installed. I am thinking about building a building that is 60'x80'x24'. I want a light door with heavy duty strength, one that utilizes your Red Power hydraulic pumps. 

158 The Columbus Airport Authority has asked me to look into what it would cost to replace two hangar doors they are 61 feet 3inches wide and 18 feet high. We would like to price Schweiss bi-fold/hydraulic Red Power System models with backup systems. These would be aluminum doors.

159 Need quote for 40' by 18' hydraulic aluminum and/or metal door. Need quote for 40' by 18' one piece hydraulic door with Schweiss Red Power pump and backup system. Need to know head room on doors. Please call with questions. Are aluminum prices higher these days.

160 I am looking to purchase a horizontal one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door in the near future and need a quote for a aluminum door covering a 186 in wide x 109 in tall opening. It will need the lifting power of your new Red Power hydraulic pump. How much extra to insulate and add a remote opener?

161 I have a 11'3\" high by 36' wide opening with 9' post spacings. I originally planned for 4 sliding doors but my friends all tell me to stay away from them and order Schweiss hydraulic doors that lift upward, and to make sure to ask you to have Red Power on them for good lift. It could be 1,2 or 4 seperate doors, probably aluminum. Tell me more!

162 Correction to previous quote request. The building is 50 (end) x100x18. The customer gave me a bad sketch. The Schweiss hydraulic aluminum door will be centered in the endwall and have Red Power hydraulics.

163 We have a sliding door on the building now that we want to replace with a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump system. This is a huge industrial door. Maybe we should consider aluminum to lighten the load.

164 Hi looking for a price on a Schweiss hydraulic door 192\"x84\" all aluim. const. with flush 1/8\"aluim. skin front side only automated mounting style n. Also could you price all nessary Red Power hydraulic pump hardware for install and automation we might fab door here thankyou Rick F.

165 I would like a quote on two Schweiss hydraulic one piece Schweiss Red Power pump doors, insulated with windows, aluminum. One is a side door 16' wide x 15'8\" tall opening. The 2nd is an end door 22' wide x 16' tall opening.

166 I need a quote on a quote on a 50'x18' and a 70'x18' aluminum hydraulic overhead door. At this time the door does not need to be insulated however I may need to insulate them later. I am most interested in the one piece door with your Schweiss Red Power hydraulics a necessity. Thank you for your prompt response, Tiny

167 I need the price and time required for Schweiss installation of a hydraulic aluminum door with Red Power Door. I have a 40'1\"X 10'3\" rough opening. Thanks, WR H.

168 What kind of a price range would we be in for a 16'x 30' & price a 16' x 20' Schweiss aluminum hydraulic door? I would like to try to put this on the budget sometime but need to know how much to propose. I would also need a quote on insulation and Red Power hydraulic pumps if not provided as a package deal. 

169 Hydraulic aluminum door to fit on end of 45'x70' quonset bldg. app.17' rise to top, door needs to be app.40'x12', with Red Power hydraulic motor, remote option, walk in door on it.

170 Need a Schweiss hydraulic aluminum door that will span at least 57' with a clearance of 16'. I need specs and pricing on Red Power hydraulics and backup systems.

171 Hello, Could you give an estimate for 1 - 24'-4\" x 9'-0\" aluminum one piece hydraulic garage door. Please include delivery and installation. I am not familiar with your product, but looking at your Schweiss Door web page I see you've come out with a new Red Power hydraulic pump. Would this door have that pump on it, please let me know, if you have any further questions. Regards, Piotr

172   I need a quote on a 35x16 aluminum hydralic door. no windows or walking doors on it. just a plain simple door kit. However, I do want you to make sure you put a Schweiss Door Red Power unit on it.

173 I would like a price on a 60x16 Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump system for an end wall in a new steel building and a 25x16 for the side wall. Is there much difference in cost to have this as an aluminum door?  Billy

174 Please give me a price for the following Schweiss hydraulic aluminum doors. All door should be fitted with Red Power backup systems with two windpws in each. Please also send me information on each so I can give to the building designer. one 34' x 18' two 24'x18' two 20' x 18'

175 I would like to get a bid on a 60' wide by 17' 5\" tall Schweiss hydraulic door with 2 remote entry's. Aluminum door, Red Power hydraulic pump with backup system.

176 I will be in need of a 40 wide by 11 or 12 high 1 pc hyd. aluminum door. Job location is 12 miles west of Wausau Wisconsin on Hwy 29 directly east of Mpls Minnesota.Will want you to put your new Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic unit on it.

177 We have a contractor who is purchasing a 36' x 12' one piece aluminum hydraulic door from you. It has Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system Could you furnish design and installation details. Location is Antrim county in Northern Lower Peninsula, Michigan. Either PDF or DWG format is fine. Thank you. Dave R.

178 I would like a Schweiss Door price on a hydraulic lift door. The fineshed opening is 16.5' high X 24' wide. I would require Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system. This is a aluminum door that will be used many times daily. thanks

179 Hello, I need to know about the prices of Schweiss Red Power Electrical System hydraulic aluminum door. The measures are 66ft x 18ft. Thank you for cooperation and your attention. Dyogo

180 Price for a one piece Red Power equipped hydraulic door - Complete exterior weather stripping frame flush mount continous heater tube 48'8\" x 15'h. This will be a Schweiss one piece aluminum  door for a industrial building. Thank you

181 Hello Schweiss Doors, I represent an aluminum extrusion company. I recently recieved some literature from your company and it interested me. We would like the opportunity to quote some of your extrusions. Please use my contact information provided to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You, Andrew S.

182 Aluminum Door 42X12 use about twice a week.  Schweiss bifold or hydrolic. No service door required. Least expensive Red Power hydraulic pump!! Price w and w/o insulation.

183 I have 2 aluminum Schweiss hydro doors in this building we want to put 1 more on a end wall . You sent us a packet last week would like a price and how long for delivery. Sounds like your new Red Power pumps are really something. Thanks Rahn

184 Project bids 3/31. The height and width of Schweiss hydraulic doors are clear sizes. Please comfirm by email that you recieved this request and will quote this project with your Red Power hydraulic electrical systems and option of one extra remote opener per aluminum insulated door.

185 I require quotes on Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote openers. Aluminium clad. 14 meters wide by 4 meters high. Qunatity 5 18 meters wide by 4.8 meters high Qunatity 2 This would be a supply only as the doors need to be installed in South Africa

186 Could you send me more information regarding Schweiss hydraulic doors 6' wide and 10' high. These are for an aluminum farm shed. There are five doors. One piece, Red Power electrical system. Please include price ranges on upgrades as well Thank you, Robby, Modesto, CA

187 Please provide a quote for a bifold aluminum door, with no windows and no man/walk through door. The bifold aluminum door would be hung from the bottom chord of the wood trusses. I require 15 foot clear height opening, plus the door wedge. Please indicate height requirements for the door wedge. Also, what kind of delivery time can I expect? Please quote supervision and final adjustment options.

188 Hi We would like to introduce ourself as one of the leading aluminium fabricators in Qatar. We are having requirement for one bi folding or hydraulic one piece door for Crysler show room doha. Details given below. Size-3.2m Wide X2.9m Height Qty -1 No With Aluminium framed and glazed with clear glass

189 I called your office from my cellphone, this afternoon, to ask about your aluminum bifold doors for my shop, and I was told that you do not build aluminum doors. I am on your site now again and you offer aluminum doors. Do you build them or don't you? I need a one-piece hydraulic aluminum door 30'wide x approximately 30'high. Hydraulic door height is somewhat flexible. If I want to go 30' door height, what kind of building height do I need? I could go a low as 26' door, possibly. Is their a rule of thumb, for example, let's say I'm at 26' and I want to go 27' can I multiply my door height by some common figure as I go up, to find my required building height? Thanks Much!

190 we have been in touch last year at the hydraulic door presentation. now I am ready to go ahead. We decided that a Schweiss hydraulic single piece door would be best for us. It is a second outside hydraulic door on a concrete block building. which has 2 x 4 rafters and not much of a header. Therefore, please quote us your best hydraulic door price on such a hydraulic one-piece door, check your files for more info. I would like to ask also if I can get an aluminum hydraulic one-piece door. We will need a free stand door header.

191 I will be building a 54X60 hangar and have quoted a price for a door. I would like to compare Schweiss installed price and features. I want an aluminum hydraulic lift door with remote control and insulation. Also, would Schweiss do the installation?

192 Please quote a hydraulic Schweiss Door 34' x 12'. With freight to Tucson AZ. You have quoted us before. This door will require all the same accutrements. It also is for a aluminum building.

193 This hydraulic door I'm wanting will be used as a sunshade device for a building that is now under construction. I would like to use a perforated corrugated aluminum skin on the door - is this something you can provide? Thanks.

194 Need 4 aluminum 70X21 hydraulic Schweiss doors with Red Power pumps, can you do it and how much. Thanks

195 Do you have any Schweiss insulated doors that easily hang on the outside of an aluminum framed building? Either a bi-fold or roll up door? This building will be going to the North Slope in Alaska. Opening will be approximately 16' x 16'


197 I need to price five Schweiss 40 x 12 hydraulic doors for a large industrial complex going up in central Oklahoma. Favoring aluminum doors over steel. Will want these doors up and running about 60 days from now.

198 Looking for a bid/Quote on a  Hydraulic Schweiss Aluminum Door. That is 68W x 21H. Also please provided door specs.

199 I would like a budget price on a 75' x 20' hydraulic one piece aluminum door delivered and installed, located in Conway AR

200 Need a price for two 42X12 clear opening, internal truss, bottom drive, hydraulic one piece aluminum  doors. They will need to come with self suppporting trusses, insulation and extra remote control. Please e mail if any questions. Thanks

201 Each of these four hydraulic Schweiss doors will need a 3068 entry door,with locking hardware,10x10 view lite,frame,threshold. Quote aluminum doors with Red Power pump of appropriate size.

202 I need a 50' X 16' hydraulic door very soon. I need a price and shipping date soon to New Mexico. Door needs to be constructed of aluminum and I want your new Schweiss Red Power pump on it.

203 Please quote 1 piece hydraulic aluminum door. I need the headroom. 46'5\" wide 12'7\" high Delivered and installed @ Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks, Jim

204 I'd like a quote on a 45' x 20' high door. Please provide prices for both a bifold and a one piece aluminum hydraulic door. Thanks Tim.....

205 Please quote a 30 ft wide hydraulic aluminum door 20 ft high. Would consider a \"standard door\" around these dimensions. Thanks, Jim

206 We supplied and erected the building for a Mark N. and installed one of your commercial aluminum doors for him that he bought direct. We have picked up another opportunity this time to supply one of your hydraulic Schweiss doors along with one of our buildings. Please quote as appropriate. Please send more literature on your various doors, as you know one happy customer leads to another in our business! Thanks

207 Are these steel doors? Are these doors made in any other material than steel? I'm thinking an aluminum door might be better because the hydraulic door I'll be needing is going to be a big one. 

208 I need a budget quote for a pre-hung, single piece, Hydraulically operated aluminum door.... 10 Ft. clear open height, 40 Ft. clear opening Delivered to Michigan and installed by your specialists. Thanks...

209 Please email me a quote as soon as possible. Send me the required opening in the building too. Door size 40 x 12 one piece hydro aluminum door. Thanks Peter

210 Need price quote for a 40' wide x 30' high Hydraulic Red Power Schweiss aluminum door.

211 Looking to replace a fabric door in existing metal hanger. Current opening is approximately 72'Wide X 26' High. Can I get an aluminum door and extra remote control.

212 Would like a quote in aluminium if avaliable for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Shipping qoute as well please. Can fixed windows be placed without special supports? Red Power Motor and remote. seals on all sides. High wind area.